Thanks and giveaway

I’ve always said writing is not a competition because people read more than one book.

I’ve realized with the release of November 9 that I absolutely AM in competition…with myself.

Every time I write a new book, I ask myself how I can make it different from my last one. BETTER than my last one. And I’m not going to lie, it gets harder and harder. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. But I always try.

I was worried with the release of November 9 because the book means so much to me that I wanted it to mean something to the readers, too. And so far, it’s had the best opening week reviews and unbelievable feedback. Not to mention it hit the New York Times print list, ebook list AND combined list. It’s the first time I’ve hit all three lists the first week. And I can’t thank you guys enough for continuing to support me with each new release.

I’m taking a little vacation over Thanksgiving, but come December 1st, I’ll be diving in to my newest book, It Ends With Us.

I’m excited to start writing it, but at the same time it gets more and more stressful trying to top my last release. And you guys have made November 9 a hard one to top. But I’ll do my best.

Ben asks Fallon in November 9 what her favorite and least favorite things are about reading books. I’m asking you guys the same thing. What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about reading? Comment with your answers to win a signed copy of November 9! Three winners will be chosen!

Winners announced weekly on this blog. <3

November 9 orders

I have good news and bad news. We’ll start with the bad news first.
We are out of paperback copies of November 9. Several people have contacted me as they are trying to find it in different areas and at B&N online and Amazon, but it’s showing out of stock. They are working to get more printed and shipped to the retailers and warehouses, but you guys have bought them all!
And that brings us to the good news. YOU GUYS HAVE BOUGHT THEM ALL!
That’s never happened to me before. I’m really sorry you guys can’t find it, but I’m also really, really excited about that.

Paperback orders

A lot of people are being told their November 9 paperback order from Amazon has been delayed until December. This is due to an issue back in August where Amazon posted the wrong link (they were accidentally selling the UK book on the US site) and the wrong price to the book.
I have posted about it many times, but sadly, Amazon did not notify anyone of their error. You will receive the order if you ordered during the time of this mixup, but the book is coming from the UK so the order has been delayed several weeks. I hate that a lot of you are disappointed, but sadly, it’s out of my control since it’s an Amazon error.
If you want the book sooner, you have to go into your Amazon account and cancel the UK order (blue paperback) and order the orange and white US version. Here’s the link to the US paperback if that helps, and it can be there in a day with Amazon Prime.