Movie Update

Most of you have heard the great news by now.  The news that was announced when Nick Bateman posted this teaser-whopper of a pic:


Getting movies into production takes a lot of time, a lot of people, a lot of hoops that need jumping through and a lot of asian food that has to be delivered.  But despite everything that needs to magically fall into place, I’m confident with the guys behind Hackybox Pictures.  They’re moving forward with the project and last week, Nick released another teaser on his instagram.

✈️🎥 #UglyLoveMovie #MilesArcher

A video posted by Nick Bateman (@nick__bateman) on

As soon as I have more news on the project, I’ll be sure to update.  I can’t wait for you guys to see what Nick and the team have planned for this adaptation of Ugly Love!