Maybe Someday on audible

Maybe Someday on itunes


Hopeless –

Slammed –


Point of Retreat –


This Girl –

Losing Hope –


32 thoughts on “AUDIOBOOKS

  1. Read Hopeless on Thursday, had to keep reading more of your books because i butterflyingly loved the first. Finished Slammed by Sunday morning and finished POR by the end of Sunday. Keep writing, you have me hooked!

  2. I just finished reading Hopeless & I never get bored in the story . Oh, I loved every inch of it.:)) , seriously I enjoyed reading it. I can’t help but fall in love with Dean Holder. While I’m reading it, I felt how much hurt Sky has gone through with, yet I can relate how she’s in “LIVE” with Holder. It’s like I’m in the scene & even in my dreams I certainly felt their love connection. It’s as if I’m sky in the book . lol! .Thanks Ms. Colleen for writing this book. I’m starting to read SLAMMED series now.. God bless You & more great books to come!..

    1. Another thing I’m excited for the Hopeless – Audiobook , so I can listened to it everyday in the office while I’m working.:>> multi-tasking ofcourse!..

  3. I just finished Hopeless and cannot stop thinking about! I already want to re-read it along with Slammed and Point of Retreat. AMAZING!! Please keep writing so I can read more of your books!

  4. i finshed POR this weekend & have to say I love your books!! please keep writing bc you have a way of sucking me in to the book and allowing me to feel all the emotions of the characters. Thanks again for Hopeless, Slammed & Point of Retreat!! ALL GREAT!! I butterflying LOVE THEM!!

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