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Hopeless –

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This Girl –

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When will Finding Cinderella be out on audio?

I have listened to maybe someday audiobook and I loved it! I like zachary and angela’s narration. The best narration of all colleen hoover’s audiobooks. its indeed a must have.

So the Maybe Someday audio is pretty good… it would have been super cool if the music could have been played in the audio version instead of listening to someone saying the lyrics. That was kinda odd. And whispersync would be nice, too. I can haz pleeze? Really dig Zachary Webber’s voice as Ridge. He did an awesome job!!!

Will there be a Finding Cinderella audiobook?

When can we expect Losing Hope on Audible?

i liked the point of retreat, he sounds so smooth, although he talks really fast. I liked him than the one who did the This girl! couldn’t finish listening. I wish they brought back the guy who did point of retreat. slammed was not bad, layken just sounds old. but it would grow on you.

really don’t like the narrators for slammed and point of retreat. they made me not want to read the book. sorry

I got an email today saying the Hopeless audio book was on sale for $1.99, but the link isn’t working :(

I love how honorable Will Cooper is

i got ‘this girl’ pre ordered in audible…should come out on june 11th

Also querying about ‘This Girl’ on audiobook, please!!! Can’t wait! :)

When will This Girl be out as an audiobook?? Soon please!!!!

Will “This Girl” be on audiobook?

Any update on the release of Hopeless in audio format?

Loved all your books. Waiting for more.

I would like to know if they are going to do an audiobook of Hopeless.

When will hopeless be out on audio book? :)

i finshed POR this weekend & have to say I love your books!! please keep writing bc you have a way of sucking me in to the book and allowing me to feel all the emotions of the characters. Thanks again for Hopeless, Slammed & Point of Retreat!! ALL GREAT!! I butterflying LOVE THEM!!

I just finished Hopeless and cannot stop thinking about! I already want to re-read it along with Slammed and Point of Retreat. AMAZING!! Please keep writing so I can read more of your books!

I just finished reading Hopeless & I never get bored in the story . Oh, I loved every inch of it.:)) , seriously I enjoyed reading it. I can’t help but fall in love with Dean Holder. While I’m reading it, I felt how much hurt Sky has gone through with, yet I can relate how she’s in “LIVE” with Holder. It’s like I’m in the scene & even in my dreams I certainly felt their love connection. It’s as if I’m sky in the book . lol! .Thanks Ms. Colleen for writing this book. I’m starting to read SLAMMED series now.. God bless You & more great books to come!..

    Another thing I’m excited for the Hopeless – Audiobook , so I can listened to it everyday in the office while I’m working.:>> multi-tasking ofcourse!..

When can we expect Hopeless to be on Audiobooks??

Read Hopeless on Thursday, had to keep reading more of your books because i butterflyingly loved the first. Finished Slammed by Sunday morning and finished POR by the end of Sunday. Keep writing, you have me hooked!

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