For questions, interview requests, appearance requests, and any other related inquiries that require a timely response, please email Fan mail sent to this address will not be read by Colleen.

If you’d like to send a personal message directly to Colleen about her work, you can email her at and she will do her very best to get back to you when she can.

Please DO NOT send your email to both email addresses.

She also thinks her post office has the best postal workers in the whole wide world, so let’s help keep them in business by sending her snail mail, too.  She loves snail mail and thinks it’s highly underrated.

PO Box 1400
Sulphur Springs, TX

For foreign or film rights information, please visit Dystel & Goderich Literary Management at


315 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I say Hello from Japan. I read your book, Ugly Love. Some romance novel fans in Japan are now campaigning, asking publishing companies to translate it. Your works are worthy to be read more worldwide. Thank you for the book.

  2. The first book I read of yours is Never Never, and it will be the last. It’s so frustrating that part three will not be available until January. It’s never taken almost a year to finish a book.

    1. You should have Ade the choice to wait until part three was out before reading the series. If this makes you not read her works then you are being very short minded and a depriving yourself from adventures worth millions that her books take you on

  3. She is by far the best Author ever. Her books are all my favorite. A great story teller. Her books are Red Light worthy! (I look forward to red lights so I can read a page or so)

  4. I know obviously you dont read this, Colin, but I try my luck. I just wanted to tell you thank you for “Hopeless.” This book has become very important to me. Thank you for Hope, thanks for Sky, which was able to go through all this. Who taught me to let go of the pain. That explained how to survive it all. Thanks for the Holder, who is always there invisibly. I am infinitely grateful to you for what you have written a book saved me. I was at an impasse when it came across. I dropped her hands, but she seemed to breath life into me. I left my little Hope and learned to live as Sky, sorry that’s Holder away from me there. I hope I have something I can talk to you, I think you would be able to understand me, I have been able to listen, because there is nobody to listen.

    With gratitude and love, Marina.

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