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  1. Blah, blah, blah. All I hear about these days, is Colleen this and Colleen that. I love you and all, but I gotta say even though I haven’t been officially inducted in the ‘sister weekend club’, I am already sick and tired of hearing about you. Maybe I would care, if I were an actual sister, but for now, I guess I don’t. Your one iPad short and I don’t want to hear COLLEEN one more time for at least the next 2 weeks. Even if I do hear it within the next 2 weeks, I am certain that will be too soon. Unfortunately, I know for a fact, that I will again be hearing Colleen at least 5 times in each conversation with Lin, and 37 more times on facebook. I heard Colleen today and stabbed myself in the hand. Like the inside of my hand in the meaty part. This is becoming a serious problem for me. In the future, when you decide to finally follow a dream of yours, can you just do it crappily (yes that’s a word, google it). To reiterate: When I become a sister I will give a sh$!, but for now. I don’t.

      1. Couldn’t agree more! One of the only books that I’ve laid hands on thats been so intriguing, truthful, simple, yet so complicated, and beautifully written all wrapped in one. Thank you Colleen for making me realize even more so than ever before how the hardships of life build you up to be stronger than you’d ever imagine possible. And also allowing me to realize just how beautiful the sky really is. I’ll be looking at the stars tonight!

      2. I just finished Losing Hope. Yes. It is totally four o’clock in the morning. You betcha I stayed up just to read it. It was amazing. Finally understanding Holder’s weirdness and learning more about Les? Totally worth the billion pints of caffine I’ll need to consume to remain human-like tomorrow! I loved it!
        P.S. If you wanna write a book about Daniel (and his love interest who better be who I assumed she was in that closet) I would gladly buy a zillion copies. From what I saw from Daniel and the girl I hope that was it could br absolutely histerical! Love your books!

    1. I just read “finding Cinderella,” and I love it. I even think that I’m in ♥♥ with Daniel. Lol! I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m very difficult to please when it comes to novel, but you and that pretty imagination of yours left me all smiley. Keep up the good work!

  2. I read Slammed in approximately 4 hours. It was about 1:45 in the am and my friend had suggested I read your book, so I thought I’d get the first couple of chapters out. After reading over 300 pages I look at the time and an hour and a half had gone by. I put my Nook down and close my eyes…all I can see are the unread pages, so I succumb to it and finish the book by 5:43…just in time to watch the sunrise in AZ. As I looked at the orange and pink hues that tip over the horizon, I can’t help think about my own emphasis on life. Thanks for that.

  3. Finished Slammed last night and started point of retreat! Looking forward to finishing it durning nap time! I loved Slammed and how it was written in first person! I laughed and cried it was great! I’m an oncology RN and you totally captured the spirit of someone battling cancer (the halloween costume, I had a patient that acutally did that for her daughter)!!! Great story!!! Keep writing!!! I havent finished second book yet but would love to see the characters keep developing and growing!

  4. Colleen, I stumbled upon your books via an online recommendation from Barnes and Noble based on my “recent purchases”. Boy am I glad I did, though I think my boss will disagree! I spend the next few days up to un-Godly hours of the night reading, only to show up late to work and read through my lunch for two days until I had read every word that had to do with Will and Lake… Please say there will be more???

    1. Awe, thank you so much Melanie. These are my first two books and I just very recently finished them. I do plan on putting out more, but unfortunately there will be a wait while I write them. lol. So glad to hear that B&N recommended them. I just recently uploaded them there. And even happier that you bought them! Thank you!

  5. Hi there!! I’ve been hearing some great things about Slammed and was wondering why I can’t find it or you on iBooks?? Any insight? Surely apple doesn’t want to leave its faithful to leave it behind because they don’t offer up the good stuff!

    1. I’ve been in the process of trying to get it on ibooks, but I’m having some problems with the formatting. Unfortunately, ibooks are reaaallly picky, so I’m working with someone to format the documents. I’m hoping they’ll be there soon, but I can’t say when. You can download the kindle app for free to the ipad and read it from there. So excited you’ve been hearing good things! :)

  6. Read both your books this week – wow wow wow. They would make fabulous movies or mini-series. Watching this space in anticipation :)

  7. I’ve been searching Amazon for about a week trying to find a good book to read. Today I stumbled upon “Slammed.” It was just the book I was looking for. I finished it in 10 hours and can’t wait to start “Point of Retreat.” Keep on keepin’ on!

  8. Wow wow! I literally spent the last full day devouring these books on my Kindle! I don’t usually share books w my husband because our tastes are completely polar opposite but I was so involved and obsessed at the end of Slammed that I explained it to him in great detail! Know what happened next? As I read POR in bed next to him all happy,sad, anxious, mad he started asking for more details! Even he is a fan!

    I have been reading so many sex crazed books lately,( & I do love them) but I liked that Will and Lake’s love was so enveloping, and real without it! I felt like I was right there with them experiencing their rollercoaster of a journey! So much love for these books right now!

  9. I really enjoyed reading Slammed. It was great!!!! Read it in one day. Finished reading it today at 1am. Right as I finished reading it my 20 month old woke up crying and didn’t go to bed again til 4am. I got up at 6:30am today, got the kids dressed for school and daycare and now I’m at work with just 2 1/2 hours of sleep, but I don’t mind because your book was amazing. I laughed and I cried. Can’t wait to read Point of Retreat. Thanks for writing such an awesome book. :o)

  10. I purchased Slammed and Point of Retreat on this past Sunday, read them both the same day, enjoyed them immensely. Excellent reads. I write 1st person/present and know how difficult it can be at times to keep character “voices” distinct as a result, even when using one POV to carry the whole story. You handle itvery well. Will be recommending you to other readers/authors and looking forward to what you come up with next.

  11. I just wanted to say I LOVED Slammed. My favorite book so far this year, and I read a lot!

    The book resonated with me on many levels.

    Sometimes reading it, I felt it was eerily similar to moments of my own life.

    When I was in college, the gorgeous son of a family friend (an artist named Will, ironically enough), and I would exchange CDs we had burned of our favorite indie artists.

    The first one he ever burned for me was of his friend’s band, a local bluegrass rock band . . . The Avett Brothers. I’ve been hooked ever since, and I Love them in concert of course!

    That same year I fell hard for a guy I met in an athletic class at my college. Only to find out one day, months into my crush, and minutes before I had steeled up the nerve to ask him out to lunch, that he was not the senior I supposed him to be, but a 24 year old lecturer- and my professor for the next semester. Nothing ever came of it after that, but I always think “what if?” and compare other guys to him, so it was fun reading about Will and Layken, hoping for a happy ending for them.

    My mother’s favorite saying is “decide what to be, and go be it.” It was great seeing the lyrics woven into the story, like seeing old friends and pleased to recognize them in an unfamiliar place. It’s like the time I heard “Pretty Girl from Matthews” on the national radio . . . Matthews is such a small town (I went to middle school there). And then seeing “my” boys, the Avett Brothers in a book I just happened upon in my Kindle!

  12. Read both books today…LOVED EVERY BUTTERFLYING WORD!!! Bought 3 Avett Bros. CD’s and have been listening to nothing but them for 2 days!!! THANK YOU for your words and THANK YOU for the music!! It was meant to be…the Avett Bros are on Conan TONIGHT… I say! : ) Can’t wait for more Colleen…

  13. Your books were absolutely amazing! I read them both within two days time. Your writing is superb! Your characters resonated with me as I too lost my mom to cancer in my early 20’s. I can’t find the words to tell you how much I enjoyed your books. Definitely two of my favorite reads this summer. Keep ’em coming!

  14. I just read Slammed & Point of Retreat, and honestly, I can’t remember the last time I read a book that made me feel so much….and I read A LOT!! I laughed (out loud!) and cried……I was mad, sad, happy, frustrated, heartbroken….I could go on all day. I really just wanted to say thank you….these books were amazing!! I wait (impatiently!) for the next one:)

  15. It’s funny to me(not in a bad way) that you love the Avett Brothers so much! I live in their home town! They are just good ole hometown guys! My sisters has cut hair for one of them and didn’t really realize who he was til the end!

  16. Colleen –

    I absolutely love your blog. I actually cried, CRIED! when I read your post from June 27th. Perhaps I am just a tad emotional, but if I wasn’t, what kind of a reader would I be? :)

    I read Slammed and Point of Retreat several weeks ago and both books are still very close and dear to my heart. Thank you for sharing your talent. What an amazing gift you have!

    I am so happy for you and your four boys! Congrats on your real house.

    Waiting (in)patiently your next book!

  17. I read Slammed today. It’s the first book I’ve ever read in only one day (usually after 3 hours of reading I’m too tired to keep on doing it). I fell in love with this book. I fell in love with poetry slam and I fell in love with The Avett Brothers. After finishing the book I immediately downloaded their album I And Love And You; I couldn’t stop listening to them and I even went on a run to be able to listen to them a little longer (I usually hate to go on a run). So, Slammed is probably the most inspiring book I’ve ever read. Can’t wait to read Point of Retreat tomorrow! I hope Slammed will be available in German one day, so my mom and friends can read it too. Until then I’ll probably be your biggest German fan :D

  18. Finished both Slammed and POR before lunch today (freak speed reader) and there’s not much to say except they were both an absolute joy to read. Your books were exactly what I was looking for. I hope you do finish Will’s Story (first chapter looks great, of course) and eventually we will all get to enjoy it. Thanks again for sharing your fantastic characters with the world :) Do you happen to have any other author/book suggestions? Thanks again!

  19. It took me two days to read this book. It would have taken less if I didn’t have to work. I cried reading it. Oh, how I cried. Now most people that know me would roll their eyes thinking that Tara cries at the drop of a pin she’s so damned sensitive. But, I cried for Lake. I cried for Will. I cried probably most for Kel. I cried for the dad I lost when I was 21 years old. He died of congestive heart failure in his sleep. Sleeping next to my mother. Slipping away while she breathed in and out of slumber. I cried for the brother I lost when I was 23. He was being treated for testicular cancer over and hour away from where we lived and he kept the severity of his illness from my mother and I. Wanting to spare us from watching him slip away. He died alone. Well, not alone. I try to imagine a kind nurse sitting with him while he slips away. I’m a nurse. I try to be kind. I’ll be 42 on 7/31. So many years have passed but sometimes it seems like yesterday.
    I read your book on my kindle. I want to start it all over again. I want Lake and Will to be real. I want to watch Kel and Caulder play. I want to see a picture of those Halloween costumes!! What wonderful beautiful characters you’ve created. Thank You.

  20. I finished SLAMMED in hours today and I cried through the whole thing.. it has easily become one of my favorite reads.. and I read a lot of books.. but the characters and the story sucked me right in… i was a little nervous with the whole student/teacher thing but it was done soooo well and there was such an emotional story behind both Will and Lake… I never really experienced SLAM poetry before now me and my BFF want to go to one!! Amazing book .. I started POR right when i finished so i have a feeling i will be up all night reading it…Thanks for writing such wonderful books! xo

  21. Hi Colleen,
    I want to thank you for this story. I do not know what drew me to your book to begin with. I am 42 years old and did not realize that this was a young adult book when I bought it. I also did not expect the emotional roller coaster that I went on while reading it. On June 11 my father was diagnosed with brain cancer. My father has less than a year to live. I realized while reading your book that I have been carving pumpkins this past month. After reading the Death poem I decided it was time that I stop carving and start living with my dad. There are going to be a lot of “lasts” we will be having his last Halloween, Thanksgiving and if we are lucky last Christmas. Thanks again for your book AND please consider finishing Will’s POV. I have gained so much from reading your books. I have also decided I like a new band too!!!

    PS Cancer “butterflying” SUCKS!!!

  22. Hi Colleen,
    I don’t even know where to begin- both books were amazing to say the least. I began reading Slammed late friday night and it’s 8:20am on Sunday morning and I just finished Point of Retreat. I literally couldn’t put them down! There were so many similarities between my life and this story- when I first began reading Slammed I got chills. I admire your talent and thank you for sharing it with us.

  23. OMG!!!! I LOOOOOOVED these books! I came across them by looking at the Best Sellers List, and I was intrigued. I immediately knew I would enjoy these books by the end of the FIRST Chapter of “Slammed.” I read both of your books in less than a day! I just read your extended version of Will’s point of view that is only available on here. LOVED IT! I want more. I have to say that I enjoyed the way you portrayed the sexual tension between young lovers, and the tempations that they faced—but you made them strong enough to be responsible in that aspect. They thought of the “big picture” and even though it all worked out for the best, I was just as frustrated as they were that things kept interefering! LOL. I loved all of it! All of it! Keep up the good work, girlie!

  24. Slammed and Point of Retreat are by far the most amazing books I have ever read. I love the passion, the real life journeys, the characters, the writing, EVERYTHING. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Please keep the amazing books coming. You are such an amazing writer!!!!

  25. I just wanted to let you know that your books completly touched my heart! I loved them both! I must admit I was apprehensive in the beginning being considered a young adult book, but you made me laugh and cry.
    Thank you!

  26. I am 37 years old and a mother of three children. Amazon recommended your books to me. I decided to read them; even though, clearly I am not YA. I think that the label YA is undermining their age transcending message of love, acceptance, selflessness and positive life affirming survival. I am not sure I would have appreciated your words as much had I read when I was 18 without children. I loved them! I have recommended them to all my book club friends, and would like to commend you for writing a “YA” book where the characters are real, responsible and level headed. As a parent I would be elated if my children grew up to have the character and soul that you embodied for Will and Lake. Congratulations on a job incredibly well done, and an example well set.

  27. Thank you for such a refreshing and wonderful story(both)…after having my fill of weekly edited good storied books it was refreshing to read not only a well written story but a well edited one…thank you,thank you,thank you my life is fuller because you and your friends are in it….I will miss them and look forward to any other story you tell! !! Veronica Ps as an established hairdresser just know your sales will go up..all my clients will be reading your fabulousness!!!

  28. So glad I came across your books!! I read both in the course of 8 hours!! Keep working on new stuff and I can’t wait to read it!! So happy that you are with a publishing company now!! Good luck!!

  29. Colleen, I started reading Slammed because I saw it was in the top 10 on Barnes and Noble’s top 100 and I LOVED it. I read it while on my honeymoon. I’m now finishing up Point of Retreat and I’m SO glad that you’re continuing on the story. I love that it’s about young people who are facing REAL issues and are RESPONSIBLE!! I also love that it incorporates poetry and the Avett Bros (:
    I just want to send some encouragement your way to keep doing what you’re doing and know that you have a committed fan who’s spreading your work around central Illinois!!!

  30. In love with Will and Layken’s story!! You have amazing talent with putting together words that create such great story.

    The teasers are great, but torture not to get the whole story right now. Any inkling you can give us on when you will have your next book out??? Just an estimation to have it to look forward too.

  31. Hey there! Just finished Slammed (in less than 24hrs!!). One word….”Ah-mazing”!! In fact, I think even Chuck Norris himself would cry at some parts! Thanks so much for this! Starting to read Point of Retreat now….I see me somehow calling off work for tomorrow….

    Again, thanks!!


  32. OK, so I found Slammed when browsing Barnes and Noble, looking for a new book to download for my beach vacation. First, I am a fanatic Avett Brothers fan – I mean, maybe almost as big of a fan as you, and when I read the dedication on the first page of the book, I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of strange coincidence it was that I picked up this book! Avett Brothers quote every chapter???? How could it not be an incredible book? I LOVED IT – every bit of it! Thank you!

  33. I read Slammed on Saturday and Point of Retreat on Sunday. Yesterday was Monday, and I had my hands full with a new puppy, but today is Tuesday and I have no further distractions to keep me from thinking about Will and Lake. Does it really have to end after just two books? Now that nobody’s calling retreat, maybe they can have a baby and raise it with Eddie and Gavin’s daughter.

    My obsession with your books aside, I have to say that you’re my hero. I know that sounds cheesy, but that’s only due to my lack of vocabulary. I just don’t know how else to express how much I admire what you’ve done. To self-publish a book, only to make a true impact on modern literature is phenomenal. So, again, I have to say… you’re my hero!

  34. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your books! I read them in 2 days because I couldn’t put them down and then I had to go back and reread them immediately after because I couldn’t get enough of your characters. They feel so real and wonderful! Thank you for sharing such amazing inspiration! I have little nuggets of wisdom from your books written all over the place now! I hope you continue to write in this series and don’t stop after Will’s story! I could read about your characters forever! I have already started telling all my friends about your books! I wish you tons of success as an author because someone with your talent and wisdom deserves the best the world has to offer!

  35. I recently finished reading your books and absolutely loved them! I don’t think I have ever really searched for a book based on an author. I usually just search based on genre; however, after reading Slammed and Point of No Return, I just had to read more of your work! And then I checked amazon, and was so sad to see there were no more books! I can’t wait to read your next book! Also, I’ve been a long time amazon book junkie, and I have only ever written 3 book reviews, and yours was one of them. Just wanted you to know that you have a new fan, I’m cheering you on, and I can’t wait to read your next work. Oh, and I’m also a mom of 3 boys, and I know how crazy that can make you feel when you’re trying to work!
    Anyways, here is the review I wrote for Slammed on amazon…

    “Let me first say that I’m a 30-something mom that happens to love YA fiction. And this book was everything I look for in a book. Funny, suspenseful, sad, romantic, unforgettable. I wanted to BE in this story, even though all of the characters suffer much heartbreak. It was very well written. I laughed and cried, and I want more. I’m not sure how a second one could “quench my thirst” for what I experienced with this one, but I will definitely be reading the second one! Kudos to the author! The characters were very real, believable, and had depth. I could really relate to them, even though I have not experienced the heart break that they have been through… there was still just some way I connected, and fell in love with them. I had never heard of “Slam” poetry, and I really enjoyed learning about it, and reading the poetry from the characters. The author did amazing with the poetry! It makes me want to explore this type of poetry. My husband was skeptical when I was telling him about the book and mentioned poetry, and thought it sounded boring. The book is not ABOUT poetry, but it is very intwined into the essence of the book. And it made me appreciate poetry in a way that I never have. Read this book. Even if for some reason, you don’t love it, you will definitely not regret reading this. Good job Ms. Hoover! You have a new fan!!”

    1. Oh, I saw your review and I loved it! :) Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me that you actually searched for more books by me. I just wrote these two this year, they were my first attempt at writing. Fortunately, I loved it so much that I plan on putting a heck of a lot more books out in my lifetime…just takes time. Hopefully I’ll have another out by the end of the year.

      1. Get to writing girl because I can’t wait!! Oh, and based on your suggestion at the end of your books about the “Between the Lines” series, I decided if you liked them then I probably would too. I just finished the second one and am about to start the third, and I loved them too!

  36. I just have to say that I downloaded the sample of your book, Slammed, to my kindle on my Droid. As soon as I saw the acknowledgement page and my FAVORITE quote from an Avett Brothers song…I knew I wouldn’t be happy with just the sample of your book. And I was right…I absolutely loved both of them! The depth of your characters was beautiful. It was a very inspiring story for anyone who has lost a loved one. Thank you!

  37. I am not a reader. I do not ever have time to read nor have I ever really enjoyed it. However, after reading your two books, in 2 days, I am now obsessed. I am constantly trying to find stories similar to slammed …. as in the same type of romance. I had a hard time and have yet to find anything so I am rereading both your books again … I am obsessed with your writing. you have a wonderful talent. It would truly be an honor to meet you. I am anxiously awaiting your third book and would love to know when it will be available! thank you so much for writing these books!! please do not stop writing. sincerely, a huge fan of your work!!

    1. Wow, thank you so much! <3 Not sure when the third will be out, I'm not quite finished with it yet. And a few suggestions on reads would be Beautiful Disaster b Jamie McGuire or Easy by Tammara Webber.

  38. Hi Colleen :)

    I just read both of your books (ebook only though, i still can’t find it anywhere in my country, lol) and both of them made me butterfyling cry. I’m so excited for the third one. Eeep~ :))
    I hope this is not too much of a bother but, I wanted to use your book Slammed for a term paper assignment given to us. Its supposed to be about anything that influenced your philosophy in life and somehow, your book influenced mine. Haha. Sooo, I would need some info about you.. is it possible for you to give me just a short bio of you? :) Thankyousomuch :>

  39. Colleen: I enjoy your website and style; your humor is great too! Can you give me a little advice? I wrote the humorous airline travel book, “Attitudes at Every Altitude” and don’t feel that it has received the attention that it deserves, in sales that is.
    I would appreciate hearing from you.
    Gregg Proteaux
    Author / Flight Attendant

  40. I could not put Slammed down!!! I have told all my friends that these books will be the next “50 shades”. I love your writing style! I cried my eyes out with Eddies story and her beautiful birthday letter from her foster father. I bonded immediatly with all the characters. I just ordered “Point of No Retreat” on my kindle for the sole purpose of my 8 hour flight overseas this weekend.. I just don’t think I can wait that long to start reading! Thank you so much for this beautiful book! I’ve read 50 Shades and thought I loved a book until I read yours.. there is just NO comparison.. please continue to write.. I will be a fan FOREVER!

  41. I have been looking over your blog posts and I ran across a comment where you said something like, “It doesn’t help when I read brilliant novels from David Levithan like Everyday that make me question my place in this profession. ” Self observation or not, your crazy! :) you belong in this profession as much as Will and Lake belong together. And that’s a LOT! you have inspired me and many others in so many ways! Maddie and I created a BUTTERFLYING awesome goodreads page in your books’ honor. Which has lead other people to inspire each other and so on. ALL because of YOU! Don’t ever question yourself. Your bemazing. I aspire to just be able to make an impression on one person, in the way you have made impressions on millions!
    A great friend of mine, as well as myself, ask our families every night, about their suck and sweets. You have brought families closer!
    So thank you. And never doubt your place in the awesome world of writing, your doing more than fine :). <3

  42. I stumbled across Slammed at the beginning of the summer in the Kindle bookstore. I fell in love! Of course I read Point of Retreat as well. I loved the three questions every woman should ask themselves before they commit to a man… Amazing! Been giving that advice to all my friends! I’m also a huge Avett fan and the use of their lyrics and song titles within the story is genius!! I cannot wait for more! :D

  43. First I want to start by saying that I have never responded on any type of blog before. But after finishing Slammed today, I immediately came here to your site to let you know what I thought of your book. I am an avid reader and am always thrilled when I find a diamond. This book is well written, filled with advice that most of us mothers would be happy to give to our own children and is so emotionally raw that your only option as the reader is to welcome the roller coaster of emotions that come with your words. I have laughed and cried with Layken and Will. I feel as though I to have gone through the 5 steps of grief with this wonder girl that you have shared with us. The Avett Brother’s lyrics that you chose were fitting to each chapter and are both heartfelt and inspiring.

    I ordered the Point of Retreat and can not wait to continue this series. Thank you for sharing your gift with your readers.

    Also, have you considered putting a link on your site of your favorite reads? I’ve seen a couple of titles that you have recommended and would love to get some insight to the books that have inspired you.

  44. I read a lot. And I read really, really slowly. I SAILED through Slammed and Point of Retreat in less than 48 hours. That was almost a month ago, and I am still thinking about Lake and Will. Your books will stay with me. Wow. Just wow. Thanks for writing them.

    1. OMG same! I bought two books at the same time and finished reading them in less than 48hours! I’m a slow reader too! They’re just so good!!

  45. Hi Colleen, So a friend told me about slammed and how it made her laugh and cry so i had to read it, Jump forward to today where i have read both slammed and pointe of retreat, cried many times and laughed a equal amount. It is butterflying brillant. Thank you sooooo much for the books and also introducing me to the Avett Brothers(i am currently downloading their albums :) I Cannot wait to read slammed #3 and also any other projects.

    As Kel way of talking : life on emphasis the put!!!!


    Laura in the UK

  46. LOVED Slammed and Point of Retreat. They have made me think a lot about my own life. I loved the words of wisdom left behind by Julia to Lake and Kel. My favorite was, “last but not least, not the tiniest bit least, never regret.” Anyway, thank you so much for the chance to read your stories and for introducing me to the Avett Brothers. So good! And by the way, LOVE the Dirty Dancing reference too! You are hilarious! So true, no one should put Will on a shelf. Cannot wait to read your next book!!

  47. I recently relocated to Texas after a decade of living in NYC. My husband’s job brought us both down here and though he’s been working and liking his new position, I’ve been unsuccessful in finding employment. A lot of my daytime is spent in solitude and being a lover of fiction, I have sought refuge in your stories, both of which have provided an escape and a comfort that I desperately needed. After serendipitously discovering Slammed, I found it difficult to put down. My Kindle barely left my side. Between online employment searches, cooking dinner and other domestic responsibilities, I had Will and Lake and Kel and Caulder keep me company. Without your voice — their voices, I’m not certain I would have had the good days I had this week. I lamented finishing both Slammed and POR so quickly and I envy those lucky readers that have yet to discover the beauty, depth and candor of these amazing characters. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to, thank you for making my mind wander and imagine and dream about life’s sucks and sweets and everything in between. You are a gifted master of words, and my heart is thankful for the solace you have given me. I look forward to sharing these with my niece whom I’m certain will be enamored with your work. She is faraway in Naoribi, Africa currently, but after emailing her my thoughts about the books, she’s already put them on her Christmas list for this year. I’m certain they will both be on many more Christmas lists this year! Congratulations on your success! And thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your gift with so many of us.

  48. I butterflying love your books! I literally read them both in 2 & 1/2 days, I just could not put them down. And thank you for the except of the third book in the series– can’t wait to hear not just about Lake and Will but the others characters as wellaa especially Eddie and Gavin. Have you thought about doing a book using the kids (as adults or pre-adults) voices?

  49. Just bought a couple items from the Butterflying store — would love to see some suck and sweet items. Reading this series was definately my sweet for the week and can’t wait for some butterflying more!!!!

  50. Good morning/afternoon/evening, Ms. Colleen Hoover! I am Sophia and I’m from the Philippines. I just finished reading your book “Slammed” a couple of minutes ago. I loved the effect the book gave me and it will definitely make me see life at a different perspective. The feeling of my love for “Slammed” is ineffable and I’m undoubtedly going to read its sequel. Thank you for writing such great novel!

  51. I would like to start with, you rock Colleen. I read and could not put down Slammed. Finished it in two night shifts. Since then I had visited many stores in search for Point of retreat. Come to realize that the web would give me the answers I needed. My husband was quick to find and order it for me. So now I wait paitiently for it’s arrival.Which has got to be the most agonizing wait ever. I’m hooked, and I thank you for brining the joy of reading back into my life. Deborah

  52. I absolutely butterflying loved Slammed and POR. I have recommended them on to my fellow friend readers. I cannot wait for more of your books.

  53. I butterflying loved Slammed and Point of Retreat. They were bemazing! I read them twice in about 6 days lol. Can’t wait for the third book. Btw…are you from Sulpher Springs? I see that in the contact information? I’m seriously like 40 miles away from you if so :) Gotta love us Texas girls <3

  54. hi ,u just slammed my heart… can’t tell you how i liked this book. i read a lot…a lot….at least a book a day. it is all i do.but,never has a book affected me this much.usually when you read a book you fall in love with the hero or the heroine but in your i can’t say so. i fell in love with the whole book.every part of it.i knew, you were a wonderful writer when i started it but when the plot started turning and what with the poetry and everything…ah!u were too good…just don’t stop writting ..i m counting on it.

  55. I am 42. I was looking for books to read. I read Perfect Game and that author mentioned you. I went to Amazon and looked you up. I saw that the authors who wrote Beautiful Disaster and Easy wrote about your books. I read them this weekend. I cried a lot, but also laughed a lot. I read parts of it to my 6 and 7 year old kids they laughed too. Thank you telling such a beautiful story. I’ m rereading them. I was so happy to hear about the movie
    I can’t butterflying wait. Thanks….keep writing please!!!!!

  56. I have been wearing my Butterfly You T- shirt. Love the looks I get–haha. I immediately know other slammed series followers when they laugh and tell me how much they loved the books too!!!!

  57. Just read a comment about a t-shirt and realized you have merchandise. (So excited!) But just wanted to say that as I was looking at the merchandise, I started tearing up when I saw the shirts that said “I’ll take the Lake”. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve read your wonderful books, and just seeing the quote on a shirt made me tear up as I remembered the poem Will was doing when he said that. At first I thought… ‘Is that bad that I’m still emotionally touched by them?’ Of course not, but I just wanted to let you know (again), that I’m still in love with the books, and still emotionally affected by them months later. Thank you.

  58. I recently read Slammed while I was on vacation. As soon as I got home I ordered point of retreat. I loved them . I couldn’t put them down. They are by far one my favorite book sets. I would love to read more of your books .

  59. I butterflying loved your books!!! they pulled me from my addiction to a few other books ;) So now I have a new addiction to Will and Lake. Thanks for bringing me back to the “real” world for at least a little while.

    Keep butterflying writing because I can’t wait untill your next book.

  60. Colleen,
    I have just started reading again in the past couple of years. After I finished Beautiful Disaster I was craving something as a good follow up. I started Slammed on a Flight from Salt Lake City to Sacramento and needless to say I was hooked. I finished the book that night and read Point of Retreat the next day. I have read them each 3 times and am anxiously awaiting the third one. Congratulations on your success!

  61. I cannot stop listening to the Avett brothers, I think you have me obsessed! Just read both of your books in the matter of a day, plan on rereading them over and over again. It’s eerie how the perfect book can fall in your lap right when you need it.

    1. I agree! I didn’t even know who they were until I read “Slammed”. I checked them out…and dang, they’re a good time! Now I’m branching out to new types of music all because of Colleen! :-)

  62. Hi I’m trying to purchase your new book “hopeless” but is not on Barnes and noble website. Is it exclusive to amazon kindle?

    Please let me know! Thanks!

  63. I have just finished Hopeless. What can I say but wow!!! The characters reach out and grab you and they took me on an emotional ride. I am still processing this mentally, but just had to let you know what a brilliant read you have given me. Thank you.

  64. I’ve never contacted an author before but after reading Hopless I just couldn’t stop myself. I loved Slammed and Point of No Retreat but I must say you completely blew me away with your new book. And while I know I’ll need to mentally process everything for days to come, I also know that it will go down as one of my all time favorites. Selfishly I ask if I’ll be getting to read any more about Holder and Sky;)

  65. Colleen,
    Im taking a leap putting this out for other people to see…but…here goes….I’ve been a fan for a short time having read Slammed and Point of Retreat this summer. I loved those books! I was immersed in them for weeks. now here come Hopeless…which i read in one day. Words cannot express how I feel about Hopeless. I more than loved it! Sky has become my heroine. Her story is my story. thank you!! You are brave to put a story like that out there. I Am a survivor of childhood incest. I healed myself and went on to have a wonderful life. Reading Sky’s story really hit home with me…I was that little girl lost….no, I wasn’t taken away or kidnapped, but my life did turn around with the help of some wonderful people. Nobody wants to talk about incest. Thank you for writing a wonderful story of survival and love….it has just reaffirmed to me that the things that happened to me as a child do not define who I am. Though the story may be made up..I’m sure it’s a true story for more people than you realize. Job well done!!

    1. <3 Thank you for this, Shelly. It means so much to hear from someone who has been through it that it was an accurate portrayal. I'm so glad you related to it and even happier that you let me know. And kudos to you for finding your own inner strength.

  66. P.s– I know you wrote hopeless as a standalone, but I’m hoping that we see more of Sky and Holder in the future….I loved them together!

  67. I absolutely loved you books . My passed away from cancer 2 years ago and one of my favorite memories was listening to my Avett Brothers records with him. No one I’ve ever met even knows who they are it was really cool reading your book and seeing lyrics from their songs went so well with the book! I was a little weirded out at first because the way you describe lake was a lot like me and my life so it was very eery reading it ha ha but I loved it! Thank you for writing these books!!!

  68. Wow! Colleen you’ve done it again. This book was awesome. This book and the Slammed series are on my list of favorite books of all time. Can’t wait for whats next! I just found out you’re a fellow Diet Pepsi addict, didn’t know there was anyone else who took it to the same level. I think I LIVE YOU!!!

  69. Hi, Colleen. I’ve never posted on an author’s website; however, after reading Hopeless, I felt compelled. I have read close to 60 books in the past 6 months and have enjoyed them all, especially Slammed and Point of Retreat. However, I have never been so moved as I was from reading Hopeless. It was so beautifully written, as are all of your books, but what impacted me the most was the subject matter. Like Sky/Hope, I too am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse from a family member. Although my circumstances were different, I could completely relate. That feeling in the pit of your stomach, the numbness that washes over you, and the questions that linger long after it’s over. What affected me the most was when Sky was taking to Hope as a child. She said everything I would have wanted to hear as a child and everything I would have wanted to say as an adult. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Reading those words were healing to my soul. Thank you for having such an amazing way with words and for writing about a topic that is both uncomfortable and painful. I have never been more impacted by a book in my life. Thank you for sharing your gift of words with me.

  70. Collen:

    I have to say thanks to the recommendation of a dear friend or mine, who I playfully dub my “book mother, I just finished “hopeless” and I have to say it’s simply one of the best books I’ve read in a LONG time (and I have read some excellent novels of late). I am telling everyone I know who will listen that they must read this book. Some of my friends are “old school” and not into this ebook business but have promised to read when it’s in paperback, so I’m anxiously awaiting the news! This is the first book I’ve read of yours and I cannot wait to read the others. I have to say, and I mean no disrespect because I’m a lover of this, but in a world of lengthy series’ and lots of “mommy porn” , this stand alone book is absolutely a shining star. The powerful story line, eloquent writing, and truly beautiful characters, I absolutely fell in love with this book. So thank you so much for sharing, and I truly look forward to much more from you.


  71. Please have a follow up to “Hopeless”. What happens when Six returns? What really happens in Holder and Sky’s future? Jack and Karen?

  72. Hi Ms. Colleen I really enjoy reading your books! :) i’m done reading slammed-point of retreat now im looking forward reading hopeless… thank you to my kindle fire coz some of your books are not yet available in our bookstore here in the Philippines. :) since i love your books im getting myself a hard copy of your books once its available already. and im so happy slammed has a 3rd book! ZOMG i can’t wait! — your fan from the Philippines!:)

  73. I couldn’t put my iPad down after downloading Slammed. I couldn’t stop reading! After finishing it at midnight, I immediately downloaded Point of Interest. I read it until I could no longer hold my eyes open and picked it right back up as soon as I woke up this morning. I finished it a little after noon. It did take a handful of tissues, but I loved it.

  74. Colleen, in Hopeless, which I read today, you tackled one of lifes most horrifying tales. Child abuse, sexual or otherwise, by a parent is the most abhorrent concept. Your story had a great feel and lovely ending. It obviously doesnt end that way for most subjected to that but your book, I thought, could at least give hope to those that have experienced it.Great
    Read. PS I was never subject to any abuse of

    any kind but my Heart goes out to those that were.

  75. You absolutely rock! I read Slammed and Point of Retreat and absolutely loved them. (I have already praised your work on those books–just amazing!!) I am currently introducing my high school students to poetry, and crossing this curriculum with Slammed. As a teacher, we don’t read many realistic fiction novels; however, to encourage reading, students want to relate to characters, and I am sure that they will be able to do so with this book! I just finished reading Hopeless, and the only word that comes to mind is HEAVY! Working in inner city schools, I know that my students experience life in ways unimaginable; and even though this book had moments of laughter, the reality of this book was breathtaking. I am just amazed how well you take the reader on this journey and have them feel each emotion. You are incredible and I look forward to what you have up your sleeve next! Thank you!

  76. Have read both Slammed and Point of Retreat…which I finished both in 24 hours…got a little addicted and HAD to know what happened. I would love to read “Hopeless”, but I don’t have a Kindle, so I was wondering if the paperback will be released in Canada as well.

  77. I think you should do a follow up to Hopless, maybe writing from Holders perpective. What’ll happen when Six returns? and what will happen to Sky’s mom and her relationship? What if something from her past comes up that has to do with Holder or Les? So many questions that need to be answered in a follow up book!

    Ps. Loved reading Hopless, it took me approximately 6 hours to read. I just couldn’t put it down! And I also can’t wait to read the third installment of your Slammed series, keep up the good work!

  78. Was Hopeless really a standalone book?? I would LOVE to read more about Sky and Holder. It was truly an amazing book and while you left it with a great ending it still leaves me wanting more…what happens to THEM. College? Marriage? Kids?

  79. Hi Colleen-
    Just finished Hopeless. I LIVE IT. I am a definite fan-girl!
    Was wondering if you purposefully picked the name Holder because it sounds like “hold her” which says so much about this character.

  80. Hi Colleen. I am bringing a car load of friends to Fairview. I made them read your books and now they are as hooked as I am. You will have real dead tree books to sell, right? Can’t wait!!!!

  81. I have fallen in love with your books. I read Hopeless first then Slammed and Point of Retreat. The stories are great. Could not put them down. I was never really a fan of poetry, but have found myself drawn to it. I love feeling the emotions through their poems. I was moved by a poem at the beginning of Chapter 10 in Point of Retreat. Who wrote the poem? I love it! Could you tell me please, was it yours?

  82. I’m butterflying in love with your books! All 3 of them. In the past 3 days, I have spent reading one book a day and I feel empty now that I won’t have a book of yours to read. I have also spent a lot of time telling everyone I know about them. I feel like I can not contain the excitement I have felt over finding them. Where have you been all these years of my life that were spent looking for writing like this??!! I am so glad that my kindle introduced me to you and I will continue following everything you do. You are butterflying amazing! Even though I know you get that everyday. Thank you for writing, thank you for sharing this amazing experience with all of us, your fans. And thank you for making me see life differently. How things can wait, there is no need to rush. And thank you for introducing me to a new cuss word that I can actually say in front of my son without him knowing what it means :) Can’t wait for your next book. And again, you are BUTTERFLYING AMAZING!!

  83. AHEM.
    I was on my friend’s Kindle, looking through her books and came upon Hopeless. I asked if I could borrow her Kindle for a few days so I could read it…she said no. After hours of bugging her, she gave in.
    I read finished Hopeless in one night and holy hell.
    It was amazing and now I am Hopeles(s)ly in love with Dean Holder. See what I did there? ;D What have you done to my heart, Colleen?
    It’s so amazing because I can relate to Sky in so many ways and it’s just so perfectly bittersweet and ahhh.
    I can’t even deal with my emotions right now.
    I just wanted to let you know that Hopeless is a masterpiece and thank you for creating Holder (who I WILL find and eventually marry of course).

  84. I am 45 yrs old and Just…I mean Just started reading last year…my kids are finally old enough where I am not needed 24/7 and thought this is my time…well Now I’m addicted to reading. I think since last may I have read like 30 books….

    My question to you Colleen is..I have read Slammed, Point of Retreat and Just finished Hopeless….I am in love with your characters, the flow of your books, the twists and turns…just everything about them……

    Do you have any other books out there? New or Old? and when will your next one be out?

    I am still thinking about Hopeless…as if I know Sky and Holder personally…lol

  85. I have read Slammed, Point of Retreat and Hopeless: Colleen, you are amazing! I really love the way you write and, please, keep on writing! What I most appreciated is how the leading man does stand out, which is unusual in romances and helps readers fully experience a romantic experience, I think.

  86. I kind of did this backwards, I read Hopeless first and I dont even know how I found it, I didnt even read the info part I just bought it because I had a feeling, I read in in 4 days because my husband since returning home of overseas has band me from my books taking away from “his time” haha. I dont know how to convey my feelings of that book other than, I concur with it and its so real and powerful. Then I read both of the books in the Slammed series and once again, I was laughing and crying. I am a hospice nurse and the twists you pull in arent those of an angree shock like I get from other books but more of a “awwww noo” wow shock. I have A LOT of books and I havent found a book that feels more real than these 3. The dry humor, quick wit, real life situation and beautiful quotes and way the words come, I am very please as are the members of my book club I had to talk to, so I could get my feelings out. I read both books in the Slammed series in less than 6 hours. I can read about 53 books in 3 months, so needless to say I go thru alot hahaha. Thank you and please never stop, I have been trying to find a book that is real and inspiring and I just found 3 (:

    1. oh and btw, I was thinking after each book how wonderful of a movie this would be, I mean you easily rival Nicholas Sparks, just make sure its not a huge production, be those twilight movies they did just insulted the books. These books are way to much of a treasure to do that, oh and I had no idea yall were in Fairview last week, I work in Fairview Tx, and I was so sad ): my fault I work to much during week to pay attention. Thanks again.

  87. Jennifer Lawrence HAS to play Lake if Slammed becomes a movie…she’s who I pictured from the beginning. She would be so perfect!!

  88. I am so excited to read about Hopeless but am unable to purchase it through Amazon on paperback, yet? Any word when I could buy? I am just in love with paperback and it sounds like a book that would need to be read and skimmed through over & over again! :)

  89. Hey Colleen, I didn’t know where to put a comment that stood the best chance of you reading it! Your FB page is fun to read, I love how your best buddies have your back! But anyway, what I wanted to say, now that I’m reading Hopeless, and after inhaling Slammed and Point of Retreat last year is, just, wow.
    I’m a wannabe writer, and I read as much as humanly possible, so I can learn as much about the craft as I can. I read a lot of books. Hundreds. A year. Lots of the books I read are REALLY good, and they make me happy. Your books make me happy that someone out there is THAT good at writing. And also jealous. Yes, your books make me jealous. I love learning things from reading books- things that, hopefully make me a better writer. But when I read one of your books, my overwhelming reaction is ‘DAMMIT – she is so flipping good!’ I’m in awe of your talent, Colleen. And just a little bit cross about it.
    This was supposed to be a highly complimentary post, but I realise it may read as an insult! Sorry ’bout that. ;-)

  90. I have spent the last 24 hours of my life scrounging every possible second to read your books!! I have to admit i feel like i have accomplished something amazing!! Hopeless was numero uno! OMG…is all i have to read ever and i read ALOT!! My husband doesn’t recognize me anymore if my face is not illuminated by my kindle app on my phone. So after such a great experience with hopeless…i seek out other books by said unknown to me author…all i can say is Sister..i soooo know who you are now…and if u stop writing i will be soo disappointed!! You have a way of writing emotion that is truly a gift!! Oh and….i <3 the avett bros now!!
    I am anxiously anticipating book 3…..Note to self….this very excruciating d/t the fact i was NOT blessed with patience!!! Thank you for writing such wonderful books and conveying such lifelike emotions!! You Rock…i would so kick anyones butterfly that says differently!!;)

  91. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing these books! I actually fell asleep thinking about Lake and Will last night! I didn’t want to read Point of Retreat because I didn’t want them to break up! But I am so glad that I did!! I think that it is the best book that I have ever read, and I am not saying that lightly! I literally cried and laughed (and I love laughing…it was like hanging out with friends). Your writing is amazing and I look forward to whatever it is you create for us next. Thank you for writiing such butterflying awesome books!

  92. A huge thank you to you Colleen Hoover!!! I first discovered your writing thanks to the great ratings on Amazon. I read Hopeless first and then immediately reread it, I could not get enough. I did not think I could like another couple as much as I loved Sky and Holder, then I decided to read Slammed and Point of Retreat and then reread them as well, I love them all. In addition I have read the extras on here and am now anticipating the release of your next work, I don’t know that I can wait. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!!!

  93. Colleen Love your books. I was never a reader until i discovered your books on amazon last year. Slammed was the first novel i ever read. Loved it too much so had to go to point of retreat…read both in less than a day…Read Hopeless, couldn’t put it down until i was done…can’t wait for the next ones…keep writing, cuz i love to keep reading, your work especially :-) Your gift to write in one in a million…I’ve read many other books, but none touch me as much as yours do…

  94. ok I am just amazed by the range of emotion I feel when I read your books! I started with Slammed and then Hopeless now I am going to buy Point of Retreat on my ipad. your writing is so detailed I feel like I am experiencing the story myself. Thank you for writing about things that are real in life too. Not everything is balloons and lolipops

  95. So father of four here saying that I loved Slammed. Your excellent writing just grabbed me and shook me hard. I listen while at work and the guys kept giving me weird looks. I am buying Point of Retreat now and I am thinking it will be better listened to while not at work. Thanks for the read and introducing me to the Avett Brothers…….iTunes ought to give you a kick back.

  96. Hi Colleen, I am from Iran and I am a big fan of yours.I just wanna tell u how much I enjoy reading your books and no matter where we live in this world, u inspire us through your magical words and your creative story telling. Thank you so much

  97. Hi Colleen, I just read Hopeless and fell in love with it. I wanted the book to be longer..more of Holder and Sky/Hope. I would love if you even wrote a little sequel..i didnt get enough of these two characters. I am so happy i stumbled across your book today. I love it. I think I have a new favorite book. :) thank you -Jess

  98. I recently read Hopeless and I can’t stop talking about it! You don’t disappoint, will wait for your other books! I hope I have a Holder too. :)

  99. Hi Colleen, as a new fan of Hopeless I did what I always do with new loves and googled you the minute I’d finished the book. You really interact with your fans, in fact you seem to be a real person not just a name on my shelf! I’m off to find the rest of your books. Thank you for giving my reality a lovely escape for a few hours. Love from Australia xx

  100. Hi Colleen, I have read all your books. What is so amazing to me is your character development. I love the switch of perspective in your books. I hope that you follow the story of Lake and Will. I feel like you just closed the door at the end of Point of Retreat. Please don’t leave us hanging. You have created some heart warming characters for your audience. You are a wonderful writer with so much talent. What a gift you have given to all your readers. I see a handful of stars in your future. OX Sheri

  101. Please continue the story of Lake and Will, Kel and Caulder, Eddie and Gavin, Sherry and Kiersten with a third book! You have developed such wonderful characters and it would be fantastic to read what happens next in their lives. I love Slammed and Point of Retreat. Thank you for writing such wonderful books.

  102. Hey Colleen! I read all three of your books, and I am dying for more. I decided to go on your website and see what was new, and that’s when I came across all of these wonderful extras! I was so excited reading from Holder’s point of view on the kiss and Will’s point of view after the honeymoon… I even read them during class! I never get bored when I read your books, and I love them! I’m impatiently waiting for Hopeless to come out in book stores and kept looking for it until I read that it’s not even in stores yet! You are a phenomenal writer, and I feel every emotion throughout the pages. Write more, please!!! :)

  103. Hey! I just finished reading hopeless! it is really good!(: Some weeks ago I read Slammed and Point of Retreat, I have to say that I butterflying fell in love with the books!<3 Some of my friends also read them and we are all fangirling about them.. and about will, ofcourse!(; Well, I just wanted you to know you are an incredible writter! I cant wait for the third book to be out. I read a preview and it looks like it will be marvelous!(:
    Thank you for writting these books and creating characters like Will and Holder.. I mean.. I want a boyfriend like them, either of them.. they are so butterflying lovely!
    love from your biggest fan in the whole wide world, Rebeca(:

  104. Hi! I’ve read three of your books (Hopeless, Slammed, and POR), including the one in Holder’s POV. I am your fan from the Philippines. I don’t know a single person here that knows your name. If there IS someone, I haven’t met him/her yet. I’ve checked the comments on this page, and it turns out there are two other fans from the same country! Yeay! :)

    You’re such a great author and I really adore your work! Your books are few of my favorite books of all time! However, I don’t really have a paperback. I just have an ebook. Haha! :)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that you’re an amazing writer. Please write more books! I really, really, really love your books. ♥

    Sincerely, Carla (your fan from the Philippines) :D

  105. Hello Colleen :)

    I want to just say WOW! I have never read books like yours ever. I have never wanted to let an author know just how amazing their books are as much as I want to let you know. Your books just filled me with such emotion that not even words can describe. I have laughed, cried, been angry, and even been thrown for a loop with all three of your books.

    Continue to write on! The world needs more books like yours!

  106. First if all I LOVE your books!!! I was wondering if there’s going to be a continuation of Hopeless & Slammed…I know you have new ones coming out but they’re from a different point of view. I’m dying to know!!! Thanks for writing such great books!!! Looking forward to reading more of your books!!!

  107. Good morning !!

    As a struggling self-published author, reading your story today on the Huffington Post gave me the jolt (no – it wasn’t just my morning coffee) that I needed to keep going. I’m more of a “soap opera” writer (like Anges Nixon or Douglas Marland) than an actual author (like a Steven King) so my work is somewhat harder to sell and market. Createspace has been a Godsend to my work and I am extremely grateful for it and that self-published writers are now given a chance to express themselves and that they have a chance at great success – like you are enjoying !!

    I grew up loving the television soap opera and always wanted to try my hand creating some soapy goodness myself.

    After becoming basically umemployable at fifty years old, I had plenty of time on my hands to write and create. While I am very proud of my accomplishments and especially of my website – – I am not exactly setting the world on fire with my sales results.

    Yes – my writing is a labor of love – but it’s so nice to see that with a little luck and hard work – people do begin to accept and embrace creative thinking.

    Congrats !!
    Thank you for being an inspiration to me on this chilly Sunday morning in Michigan.

    Much Love,

  108. Hey, colleen
    I just wanted to tell you that you’ve inspired me to do my seminar on you because I’m absolutely in love with your writing and i could not put down Slammed or Point of Retreat. I’ve been waiting for My girl to come out, i can’t wait! I’m just really glad i came across your works because i’m a very big poetry fan and i can’t get enough of your saying’s. You even made me want to start writing more and possibly write a book one day, but i’m still a youngin so i have lots of time. :) I mainly wanted to ask if you could tell me some interesting facts about yourself and what made you start writing, etc. Also, would you be willing to give me pointers? Please reply back, thanks!

  109. I just finished This Girl and it was perfection. Seriously, this book was beautiful. I loved hearing the stories from Will’s point of view and then seeing Will & Lake so in love on their honeymoon. Then the star at the end — wow. I didn’t think I could love your writing / books more until I read this. You are truly amazing Colleen. I wrote a 5 star review on Amazon with the hope that others see it and read this amazing story.

  110. HI! i am so in love with the slammed series! my friend told me about it and decided to read it, i finished slammed and point of retreat in one day, then i realized i can’t believe it’s over that i had to buy the audiobooks for both so that i can listen to it while i work, i promise it’s what keeps me awake and i never get tired of it. i do hope this girl would have an audiobook too! but am currently reading the book! everyone who i recommended the books to loved it as well. the book that made me cry, laugh, love and learn! thanks for writing them! can’t wait for more :)

  111. I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LVOE WITH HOPELESS!! Though i took my time reading it, I read each and every word carefully just so i can take all the detail in. I just so want to read Losing Hope now. I bet it will be so good

  112. Hi! I just wanted to say how much I love ALL of your books. I’m definitely a book nerd but I have never read a story like Slammed. It was perfect. I am constantly checking Amazon to see if you are coming out with any new books. I have already pre-ordered Losing Hope. Please, please, please keep writing. I have read a lot of books in my life but I have never, before you, had a favorite author. Thanks for the stories :).

  113. So I love you and all your books and I want some butterflying merchandise!! I could have sworn I saw a link where you can purchase things once before…am I crazy or just not seeing it?

  114. I’am in need of your books in portuguese because neither one of by best friends can read english very well so I’m damned to be butterflying frustrated because they can’t understand my obsession with your books…I’m already putting them on a The Avett Brothers and slam poetry diet to prepare them…I may start to translate pieces of the story to make them read them, that’s how butterflying irritating it is not being able to share all this overwhelming emotions…I don’t want to go crazy alone xP

  115. Hi Colleen… I’m a Texan as well…(just thought I’d throw that it) :-) love,love, love your writing! I completed the first two books of Slammed in less than two days. In POR…I cried so much, my kids thought I was loosing it. And the Star Jar…that was priceless. I’ve actually adopted that idea for my kids. They are 21 and 15. I thought it was a great idea, but I’m using flower cut outs. It’s a great thing to keep them encouraged throughout life. You rock!!! I’m getting ready to start on Hopeless. I hope I win the autographed books, but if not…I’ll keep purchasing your craft… Thanks again for the characters and the journeys that they take us on…

  116. Hi Colleen,
    I’ve just finished Losing Hope and words just can’t express how much I loved it. I received it from Netgalley and have never been more excited to see a book! Holder’s story was just as intriguing and captivating as Sky/Hope’s and perhaps even more so because it was partially Lee’s story as well. I hope you have one more story to tell because I’d love to hear Karen side of the events. She has a very important story from her own abuse at her brother’s hand to her part in kidnapping Hope. I even have the title for you…Saving Hope. I’ve now read all of your books and thoroughly enjoyed each one..waiting patiently for the next.

  117. Hopless was the first book of yours I read I immedialty pre orderd Losing Hope I’m a little over 1/2 way threw it and can already see the possibilty of a thrid book of Where they start their future and of the possiblity of Six being the Girl Daniel was with in the Janitor Closet. I can’t wait till I get a gift card for Amazon to Order your other Books.

  118. Hello there, Miss Colleen! :) Thanks a lot for being generous, for providing e-books for free :) You might not know how helpful those are and how grateful I am to have read your great books for free. I so liked all your books, even those two I haven’t read yet, since it’s you who wrote them, I am so sure they are butterflying beautiful! You’re being so kind is a big plus! I am so butterflying grateful to you and the rest of your people :)

  119. I absolutely fell in love with ALL your books and read the Slammed series in about a week. There was never a dull moment, I was always on my toes and honestly, out of ALL the books I have read none of them have any comparison to ANY of your books!!! Starting Losing Hope now and am sooooooo excited because I LOVED Hopeless!!! Please keep writing more books! You are so inspiring!!

  120. It is currently 4 am where I am at.. I just finished reading losing hope. there are no words to describe what this book meant to me. you are hands down my favorite author. Thank you for all that you do for us readers.. please tell me there are more books…

    P.s. a few of my friends and I have a Facebook page called one-click addicts.. we review books we have read for others to read.. we would love for you to stop by and check us out.

    Rachel from Nashville TN.

  121. I just finished reading Losing Hope and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t help going back and forth between this and Hopeless to get both character reactions to the scenes at the same time; especially when Sky would space out.
    I also loved Daniel and was wondering if we will ever get more from him and his mysterious janitor closet girl?

  122. I spent the past 36 hours reading Slammed, Point of Retreat and This Girl. Despite knowing I had work to do today I found myself up at 3a.m reading (dammit!). I. Could. Not. Stop. I’ve been waiting a while to read them because I knew I’d have to buy all 3 at once. Best investment ever! Wow! Just…..WOW. I’ve read Hopeless and Losing Hope so I knew they’d be great and of course every blogger out there has them on their Best Books list. But I must admit that I had no idea how awesome they would be. Now that I’m done I find I’m unwilling to let go of Lake and Will (and Eddie and Gavin and Kel and Caulder and on and on and on). Thank you Colleen, for giving me this story. A story I’ll recommend to every friend I know. A story I’ll give to my 17 year old daughter to enjoy. Thanks so much for making my “investment” worthwhile.

  123. I very recently read Slammed. I loved it so Butterflying much, that I ordered in a copy of Point of retreat. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. These are the first books I have ever cried at whilst reading them. The way Colleen writes… Pure poetry. And yes I stole that bit from one of her reviews. But it totally fits. Anyway, I find this when I decided to stop carving pumpkins and check if she had written more books. I now know she has, that make me so butterflying happy. Her writing style is the best I have ever seen, or more like I’m happiest with her writing style. The thing is, I looked in about three or four stores, about three times each before I found Slammed again, I had no money the first time, but the blurb and cover intrigued me enough to spend money on it, first book I ever bought for myself. I just want to thank Colleen Hoover for these gifts, and ask which, if any book is the next installment of Will and Laykens’ story? Please tell me you are at least working on one Colleen. Oh yeah, these books got me into poetry, I even wrote a poem on a poem in the second book. The one titled ‘Write Poorly’, it was awesome, I reread that part two or three times over I loved it that much. I rambling, but I can’t stop… I write in my spare time, so all of this is quite the complement. I even wish to publish my own work in the future. Regardless, Colleen is possibly my favorite Author now. I shall check out more or her works and get back to you. In any case, Slammed is my favorite book to date, followed closely by Point of retreat, and I made the best decision ever when I bought them, I will reread them, many times over. I just wanted to say all of that. So, now I’ll stop rambling and finish wil, I love these books. They had me laughing, crying, laughing again and now that I have finished them, I am seriously wondering what to do with myself. gets I’ll go write, probably poorly. Well, see you Butterflying later.

  124. I have a couple of things left to say…
    So let me start with my head was in a weird place yesterday. To fix that I went a wrote a poem, something I didn’t do until I read the awe-inspiring ones in Slammed and point or retreat. These works inspired me to go for my dreams and desires. They also taught me a few lessons I didn’t know I needed to learn, such as the points are not the point. Regardless of where that is applied it works. They also helped me come to terms with some of my own works, as I am an aspiring Author, the style used in slammed was (I felt) a similar one to that of my own. I know I have much to learn, about life words and writing, along with other things, but these book helped me start to open my eyes more. I really want to get my grubby mitts on everything Colleen has written, as most of the way through both books I was simply gob smacked… I was very impressed with just about every aspect of these books. I even spent the last couple of days trying to find slam poetry night or something of the like in South Australia (as I live there), but it was to no avail. I realised while reflecting on my rather regrettable postings here yesterday and the novels themselves, I have re-read each poem in them at least twice over, And ‘Write poorly’ to an extent where I can’t count it anymore. Every word, every line, every poem, every paragraph, every page and chapter made me want more as waves of emotion crash into me at an increasing rate. With these already unbearably heavy waves being so intense right from the word Kel on the first page of the first book, it was hard not to love the book. They are the only ones that have ever made me cry from simple words on a page, yet they had me laughing along with the characters, and punching cushions along with Will or Lake. They even had me hugging air when Will recited the poem that i can only assume would be called something like ‘I’ll take the lake’, I was doing this too when they their ‘moments of weakness’. I was cheering for them and kicking myself when they did something stupid. It was a rollercoaster of a ride, and it made me think. I have never been so glad that I picked up a book. I didn’t want it to end, but I knew it as all things do, must, I loved it all. No I want to grab my life in the same way Colleen has and I can only hope it works out and that I can inspire people too. I just want to, Once again thank Colleen for sharing these gifts with the world, I wish her the best of luck in the future. With that I’ll stop carving pumpkins and take my butterflying leave, see ya’ll later.

  125. Just finished reading ‘This Girl’, and I only have two things to say.
    Don’t ever write a fourth ‘Slammed’ book, it ended perfectly.
    And secondly… Oh, My, God! That was awesome. I was sceptical about how it would work with all the flashback things, but it was so good. I cried so hard at so many places. And the part where Will goes to the hospital after his parents death, it was so heartwrenching. And that last chapter, only you could have me laughing my ass off with one chapter and almost instantly have me crying with a simple Epilogue. I would have cried until I passed out, if it hadn’t been sweet enough to have me smiling too.
    I’ll say it again, your writing… Pure poetry.
    That is all.

  126. I read HOPELESS & loved it! Not knowing what SLAMMED was about I got it from my library and as soon as I saw the dedication page, I about fell over! My husband and I LOVE the Avett Brothers too! What an amazing book! I couldn’t wait to read POINT OF RETREAT, and I finished it last night! Wow! I can’t think of any other way to describe it! Well done! I look forward to reading more from you!

  127. First timer! :) I am going to amazon to get your free book to check out your work. I love authors who give at least one of their books away for free because I normally read 5 to 6 books a week and it can get very expensive. This allows me to try an author out before I commit to buying. Im always on amazon’s free book page looking for something new. When i find a aurthor i like i go back and buy every book they have written. im constantly looking for new authors to fall in love with. Thank you for the free book. It is appreciated :).

    Jessica Ashworth

  128. i think i may just die if you read this. my mother came in one day once i finished the slammed series, she saw me balling my eyes out & looking at me like im a crazy person because its just a book. BUT MOTHER IT ISNT JUST A BOOK OKAY

    Will is added to my book boyfriends, so is Holder, oh and of course uh Daniel too. He a hottie omg & i loved his book

  129. Hi Colleen! I just wanted to thank you for your WONDERFUL book, ‘Finding Cinderella!’ It has to be my new favorite! You’re an awesome writer, I love your books! I just downloaded Hopeless!! Can’t wait to start!! Thanks again!! Judy from Wisconsin :)

  130. Trying to purchase your book “Hopeless” via the Google Play Store but its only available in Spanish. Help! I can’t find it or will it be available soon? I’m dying to read this one. ;)

  131. Loved Hopeless you are a very talented writer, I can’t wait to read the rest of your books =D And can’t wait of what you have in store for us readers. How do you come up with your ideas and characters?

  132. Love, love all of your books!! Also, just saw you will be in Alba for a signing!! I grew up in Mineola! :) If I had seen it sooner, I would have scheduled a home town visit and come to your signing! Love that area!!

  133. Anytime that you would like a reader and reviews just let me know. ARC’s are my favorite piece of mail!!!! Keep up the great work.


  134. Hi Colleen! I can only read about posts and tweets about your book signings and giveaways at the moment, which is sad. I live sooooo far from your country, I still need to save money to send you my books and have them sighed. And I don’t know how to do Paypal or stuff. Note, I have ALL of your books. Amazing how your butterflying greatness reaches Asia! :) I’m thinking of writing you a snail mail since that one will cost much cheaper than sending you my books right away, but I’ll do that once I meet my postal office. lol. And I’ll keep on pushing my luck on your giveaways too. I was never a lucky woman, but hey, I can still hope, right? Anyway, I’m looking forward to your future books! I already subscribed to my bookstore to reserve me a copy of future Colleen Hoover books. I’m so excited!!! :)

    I hope you and your family are doing fine! They must be so proud of you. :) I’ll e-mail you again once I think I will be able to send my books there. Take care of your health, my favorite author! Hope to meet you someday! :)

  135. Thank you for sharing your books with Such a Novel Idea book blog.
    Also I am right there with you on the Diet Pepsi, my teenage kids even know what places to never buy Diet Pepsi from because “It doesn’t taste right”.

  136. Colleen! I think it has taken me some time to leave a review about your books. It has been a year since I read Slammed and it was a great experience. You are very talented my friend. I cry like a baby through the whole book or the three of them. I loved the no-cliche parts because what I love the most in books are surprises. And, Oh my gosh, you gave a heart-breaking surprise, actually many many surprises. I wouldn’t change anything of the saga. I fell in love with everyone specially Kristen, Kel and Caulder – I secretly would like a story about them in the future, just saying. This book taught me a lot of things, it was beautiful.
    The high-light of them was: SLAM POETRY. Colleen, I…I have to thank you for that. You know…I am a writer. I love words like air and when I read this books and found a new kind of poetry, it was a blast for me. There are momentos in your life that changed your perspective, you wake up the next morning and you are no longer the same person. I started to search for information and found Marty, it was awesome. Something to talk about. I was about to quit poetry, I thought I didn’t have the talent, that I wasn’t good enough to do this, to write. But the point is not the points, is poetry. You and him encouraged me to continue.
    Maybe, someday – that was a concidence LOL – I will write a poem about this books. You are an inspiration to me. I’m just an eighteen girl that loves art and the only thing I want to do is write. I really don’t care what people say. Nowadays people care more about money than relationship, they forget about love (A very long poem kind of way). I think your purpose wasn’t to happen all of this, you didn’t even imagine this whole thing but you made lessons. Every book was a lesson learnt. And it was butterflying incredible. Thanks Colleen, keep writing.
    BTW: I wanted to interview you for a school proyect but I have to deliver the magazine this Friday so I don’t think I will have time to edit it. Anyways, I still going to put your books on it. I am really excited about Maybe, Someday. It is awesome that the lyrics are real. I am happy for you girl. You really rock.
    *I have to read Hopeless and Losing Hope, then I’ll be back.
    – Mai. (a poetess)

  137. Hi Colleen! It’s my birthday today and I was wondering if you had anymore giveaways for winning a Finding Cinderella??? I’m a huge gigantic fan and would love to get a copy for my bookshelf. Much love and greatfullness of your awesomeness 😊

      1. Nice! I was talking with a few buddies on FB we think amazon should print on demand like shelf published books ;) FC is on the top of must have books right now. :) *fingerscrossed*

  138. Oh my gosh, I adored your Hopeless book! I wrote a review that was a little extended but I kind of wish I would forget everything that happened so I could re-read it. It is definitely one of my favourite books, probably even at the top of the list. You also went onto my favourite author list and are at the top and I’ve only read one book by you. Thanks so much for writing such a compelling and irresistible book, Colleen.
    Alex @ Book Chick

  139. You’re books are butterflying awesome !! I’m 15 years old and from Turkey, but Slammed didn’t translated in Turkish. I couldn’t wait and start reading it in English. Then I fell in love with you :)) You affected me a lot and made me think about many things. You made me cry, laugh and smile. Please continue writing. I have great ideas too, but I’m afraid of starting to write it. Because I’m 15 years old like I said. People won’t read my books:( Please answer me. I’ll become happy. You’re books my favorite <3

  140. You are looking so good in this video…keep it up (and that’s just my thought, not”brown-nosing”…hope my”” isn’t too old-fashioned for you to get it!!!)

  141. Hello Ms Hoover
    I m from india( near calcutta). Hopeless is my first ebook ever. I purchased it because of its comments. U know wat people leave fter reading a book. I must say I was hooked from the first page. U know v indians say a book isn’t complete until it has ” navras” in it. That is nine components….joy,pain,love,anguish,beauty,ugliness and milan(I dunno the exact word in english but it is finally the meeting of two souls ) .
    Ur book has navras in it.after that I read slammed n I fell in love with ur writing. U know u r really blessed. Ur poetries/ slams they instantly connect with the readers.I cried with LakeI laughed with Will. I was with them throughout their whole journey.
    Best part bout ur writing is that mam ur characters stay with uslong after the bookis finished n they constantly call to u. U hav to reread the book coz Holder is calling u.
    I have purchased all ur books.rerad them countless times. I wish u just come to india
    once I so want to meet u in person. I wud read anything written by u even ur grocery list;) I LIVE YOU.

  142. Hello Colleen! I found your page today, and I want to say THANK YOU, thank you for all your wonderful books, is thanks to you if I started to read romance again, I don’t believe much in love anymore, but every time I read once of your books, I feel more positive toward love, I’m able to believe that out of there there is someone as great as your wonderful male characters. <3<3
    I hope Italy will release Maybe Someday and Ugly Love as well, because I want all your wonderful books :)
    I wish you all the best from this new year
    Tanti baci dall'Italia :) <3

  143. Hi Colleen
    I just finished reading Losing Hope, that I won on Goodreads over the summer. I just loved it from Holder POV. I am so excited to start reading Slammed. But I have been following your giveaways and saw a few shirts (especially the one Hopeless for Holder) that if I don’t win in the giveaway, I would really like to buy. I can’t seem to find them, I looked on your page, on Amazon, but no luck. Are they for sale? Thanks so much. I hope the root canal wasn’t to bad today.

  144. Hey Colleen, I have read all of your books so far and absolutely LOVE them! A friend gave me Slammed to preview and decide if my teen daughter, a total book nerd, could read it, and I couldn’t put it down! I went out the next day and bought the next 2 in the series to read during the weekend! I think I read all 5 of your books as well as Finding Cinderella in less than a week! It was so cool to read how all this started for you in your thankful blog post and to know that such an incredible author lives so close by! I am anxiuosly awaiting the next one in March!

  145. I just wanted to say thank you – for about the bazillionth time – for being the coolest around and doing an abundance of giveaways, all the time. I absolutely love Maybe Someday. I finished it in less than 24 hours. And, as a mom of three, that’s a pretty difficult feat. But, I did it. Because I couldn’t put the dang thing down! It was beautiful. I laughed, I cried. It was amazing and I loved it! Thank you again! Cannot wait for Ugly Love!!!

  146. Talk about divine intervention! I do not generally write anyone; but I need to say “thank you Colleen”. I am a woman in my 60’s who, for unknown reasons, chose to listen to your book Hopeless via Audible. I could not, for the life of me, understand why I was listening when I have 20 other books I wanted to listen to. I got through part 1 (7 hours), questioning why the heck I was listening to an obvious teen book but kept going. Into Part 2, I hit hour 10 and still questioned myself. But kept going. I literally was listening while driving into town yesterday and had to pull over. Why? My father sexually abused me when I was young (not my siblings-just me), he was the Chief of Police so I couldn’t tell anyone because who would believe me – a kid – over my well-respected/loved father; AND he also abused my very best friend who didn’t tell me until we were in our 50’s and after he had died! OMGosh. When you explained that you can hate someone and still love them? How you would have definitely protected your best friend even though you couldn’t protect yourself? And most importantly, how we can bury it deep, deep inside because it hurts too much to remember? All these memories flooding in; and perhaps the universe/God was telling me its time to deal with this. Yeah, it is. So Thank You, Colleen. For writing a book that will help me move forward. It’s really hurting right now, and I’m angry, and sad, and a wealth of other feelings. But at least it’s movement!

  147. Hello Colleen, i don’t speek english well so i post this in spanish, i hope someday u can read this…
    Eres mi escritora favorita, gracias a ti conocí a mi banda favorita “the avett brothers” ellos me están enseñando tantas cosas como a Will&Layken… Definitivamente “slammed”, “Point of retreat”, “this girl” son mis libros favoritos, los he leído 298837823209323 veces cada uno hahaha lloro cada vez que los leo, WIILL es butterflying amazing ….
    Me encantaría tener todos esos libros en español, porque de verdad son los mejores, Do you think we can have someday slammed series in spanish?
    Amo tu manera de escribir, la manera como me siento identificada con Layken o con Sky (tambien leí hopeless; increíble). la forma en que sus sentimientos los siento parte de mi y no me dejan despegarme del libro.
    Estoy esperando que llegue Hopeless a las librerías de Chile!!!

    Thank u so much.

    pretty girl from chile here, hhahahha not really.

  148. Dear Colleen.

    My name is Fernanda – call me Nanda – and I will turn 17 soon. I am Brazilian.
    And I want. I HAVE. I NEED. To tell you that you’ve completely changed my whole life.
    Don’t get me wrong. That’s good. Great, actually.
    I’ve read some of your books (All the released ones) and it just….. I don’t know.
    It has hypnotized me.
    I don’t think there’s a word to describe what they mean to me.
    Can you create one?
    I mean a BUTTERFLYING perfect word. That will make everyone more than LIVE it?
    So I can make sure that you’ll understand exactly how I feel about the books you’ve wrote.
    They’re just unbelievably amazing.
    You’ve made me fell hard for Ypsilanti, MI.
    And I’m not going out of this life before I get the chance to see this town with my own eyes.
    You also made me rethink the names I wish to give to my children some day.
    I mean, how can I call them “Britany” or “Tifanny” when you’ve just shown up with the most butterflying perfect names?
    These are just the superficial things.
    You taught me the life is unpredictable. Things happens. Shit happens.
    I already knew that. No big deal.
    But you’ve taught me to see the good side of it.
    And all I can ever say is THANK YOU.
    Thank you for being such a awsome author.
    For writting the most incredible books ever.
    For being who you are.
    For breathing.
    Thank you Colleen.
    I more than butterfly live you.
    And your books obviously.

    Yours truly, Nanda.

  149. Hey Colleen!!!
    I just want to shout out and tell you your novels are amazing!!! I also wanted to know if there was anyway we could start purchasing SWAG???? I love the t-shirts in your giveaways and kinda wanna show the world my love for your books. Thanks for all your do!

  150. Hi Colleen!
    I wanted to thank you for doing what you do and inspiring others through your books. Your my favorite author and you inspire me to reach my goal to become an author myself. I love your books and all that you do for us, we enjoy it. Keep it up! We love your work!!

  151. hi! just want to tell you i LOVE the Slammed series.. made me tear up in good ways. thank you. i look forward to reaading more by you :) xo

  152. Hi Colleen! I just wanted to tell you that I’m obsessed with all of your books. My two favorite are Hopeless and Losing Hope. I’ve read Hopeless about five times and I’ll probably read it another five more. In some ways i relate to the characters, which is probably why I love it so much. Hopeless is what keeps me alive and going.. You and your writing inspire me more and more every day. I love them and I love you! Thank you for sharing your writing to the world.

  153. I got my hopeless for holder tshirt and I love it but it’s too big. I can’t find any place that mentions any exchange information…. Can you help me out please!!
    Thank you!!!

  154. I don’t know how many book I have read over my life time. But I can tell you that this it the first time I have ever left a comment for an author before. I just finished reading Hopeless. There is a part when I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. There is something I used to say. ” I’m was not like other children, I was never afraid of the boogeyman hidding in the closet or under my bed. I was afraid of the man that lived in my own house. ” the door knob Wow. I would put my toys and later my knick knacks in front of my door so I could hear him come in my room at night. All I can say is Wow.

  155. Colleen,
    I read the “Hope” series back to back, I think in one breath actually. They were the most wonderful books, such wonderful character development, I fell in love with each one, except a couple that didn’t deserve my love. ;)
    I also read the ” Slammed” series I think in just one other breath. :) fabulous!
    In October tragedy struck my family and I have been realing ever since with family details and taking care of business matters. It’s been such an intense few months that reading wasn’t able to “take me away” which is a first!
    That being said, “Finding Cinderella” was released and I didn’t download and read it because I knew I wanted to save it till the season of intensity and sadness was calmed.
    I downloaded “Finding Cinderella” last night and have not come up for air. It is totally charming and I feel like I am back with my friends again ( ok, I am 57, your books transcend age differences ).
    I have laughed,sighed,shed tears from the sweetness, and turned each page as fast as possible just wanting to get deeper and deeper in to the story of Daniel and Six.
    I just wanted to thank you and celebrate your success. What a joy to read your books and what a perfect book for me to get back in my reading addiction again.
    All the best to you, see you in Decatur!

  156. Last night I was riding in the car from a getaway weekend and I looked at the stars shining above me. Whenever I’m sad I always look up at them now because of Hopeless. Its such a amazing thing that know matter what is going on around us that the sky and the stars still shine. This makes me feel anything but hopeless. So thank you.

  157. Hi Colleen,
    I just wanted to say what an amazing author you are and how I have absolutely loved every single on of your books. I think I read all over them in over 2 weeks. I honestly could not put any of them down. My friend Laura told me about your books and I have been hooked ever since! I cant wait until you come out with more books. I also hope your next book is a continuance of Maybe Someday! I want to know more about Ridge and Sydney and how their lives end up! Thank you for writing amazing books..

  158. I read Maybe Someday the day it released. I absolutely loved it. I know its a stand alone but I’d love to see a second book of Ridge and Sidney. PLEASE

  159. LOVED Maybe Someday. Love the music by Griffin. I’m a fan of all your books actually. Just when I think you can’t outdo your other books, you give us another one I can’t put down (well only to get some shuteye). I would love to see this made into a movie. Now that I’m done reading it, I’m sitting here thinking, “Now what?” I feel like I should re-read it again. Keep up the good work!

  160. Colleen, you’ve truly given me the love of books again . I just finished maybe someday, I cried, laughed and completely fell in love with their story. I work in a salon and at one point at our lunch break we were all reading hopeless, and then slammed and point of retreat . Thank you for allowing us to delve in these amazing worlds these characters live in, I can’t wait for you next book!

  161. I am very privileged to have the opportunity to read your books. Btw, I am a big lover of your books all the way from the Philippines. As much as I wanted to ship my books for you to sign them, I will just patiently wait for you to come here to the Philippines so that I can give you a butterflyingly awesome hug instead, it’s hard to do that electronically :) P.S Can you bring Griffin with you in case you will go here in the Philippines? He’s so butterflying cute :)

  162. Hey Colleen
    I wanted to tell you that I read Mud Vein. I only read it because YOU thought so highly of it. It was just OK for me so I wanted to make sure you know that I think your books are a million times better. This might sound harsh but it’s not at all what I’m trying to do… I just seen where you said you wish you’d thought of something like that to write… well don’t be sorry because IMO your stories are way better!! Thank you for putting a smile on my face with every book you’ve written!! :)

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  164. Hi Colleen ! I’m a fan, a very big fan certainly all the way here from Philippines ! I could just die right now if you read and answer to this but I so butterflying love you. I mean, I desperately want to have a hard copy of each of your books and been searching all over the place to buy one but of no success. I’m putting a publishing company for your books i swear. :) Anyway, please please please try to visit us here in the Philippines ! I mean Puhleeaaaassse *u* Hihi.

    love you butterflyingly sincere,

  165. Hi. I’m from Czech Republic. I want to say you, that your books Hopeless and Losing Hope are amazing! I love there books. I can read it again and again. Thank you for this books. Love you Colleen<3 -M
    And I'm just saying, that i want to be writer, it's my big dream:')

  166. HOW??!!! HOW DO YOU DO THIS??!! I can’t express exactly how this book, (Ugly Love) made me feel. I loved it. It was amazing! I thought I saw what was coming, but I didn’t, at all. The characters, oh the characters! Awesome. I laughed. I cried, and every thing in between.I have read all of your books and I have loved them all. I knew I would love this one too, but not as much as I do. You amaze me. I am completely overwhelmed with emotions. It’s such a wonderful story. I think that is the best description of what I think, but I know it doesn’t cover it. At all. Thank you Colleen!!

  167. Hi Colleen,
    I have just this very second turned the last page, put down my copy of Ugly Love and logged onto my computer. I couldn’t wait any longer to tell you what I thought of your latest book. Reading a lot of reviews before I bought a copy, I noticed time and time again that people were warning it was a real tear jerker and they sobbed all the way through. I got about 3/4 of the way and started thinking I must have had a heart made of stone because as enthralled and entertained as I was in the story, both Tate’s and Miles’, I hadn’t cried yet. Even after the tragedy was revealed. Nothing. It was terribly sad, but it didn’t have me reaching for the tissues. I was hating on myself, wondering what was wrong with me?
    And then one line … one goddamn line brought me to the party.
    “That’s …” He points to Claire’s nursery and tries to speak, but it takes him several tries to get his sentence out. “That’s his sister …”
    Gone. Done. It’s all over red rover. I surrender.
    I’m crying like a little girl now, but much, much uglier.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can not tell you how much I loved the emotion and the pain and the heartbreak and everything else this book stirred up inside me. You have a gift, and I for one, appreciate it.

  168. Hi Collen, Im writing from Venezuela. I just need to tell you that I really love your books. They are so real and amazing.

    Im literally obsessed with them.

    Hope you keep writing.

    Best regards from Venezuela!!!

  169. Love your books. I’m rereading Maybe Someday now. I would love to see this one turned into a movie! Combined with the incredible album to go with it, it would be a hit!

  170. Hello and Good Day Ms. Colleen =)
    Honestly i can’t find the exact words to describe your works… i don’t like it because I LOVE IT. I was obsessed with your books. I loved slammed, point of retreat and this girl. i can’t stop crying until it hurts to cry.. but i learned a lot too. Keep writing Ms. Colleen! GODSPEED
    best regards from Philippines

  171. Hi,
    I’m a big fan of your maybe someday book. I read it in 2 days and after I finished I read it twice and couldn’t stop thinking about the characters….❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I just wanted to say thank you for making this beautiful book. I will never forget it. Now, I’m reading ugly love and likin it so far. Tank you again and keep up the good work.
    Your fan from Saudi Arabia

  172. Hi Colleen! I love you book ‘Hopeless’ ! It’s great! I have question. I want to rewrite this book to Wattpad. I think, people from my country will love this book! Please answer me<3 with love Vicki:)

  173. I’ve already readen Slammed, Point of Retreat, This Girl and Hopeless. They are perfect, especially Hopeless. You are one of the best authors I know. I can’t wait to the others books be published in portuguese here in Brazil. You have a gift! Congratulations for being so incredible!

  174. Colleen!
    I have fallen in love with ‘Hopeless’ and ‘Losing Hope’. Your writing is beautiful and it made me laugh, cry at points and feel touched in so many different ways. I can’t stop thinking about Sky and Holder and their story and how amazing yet tragic it is.
    I really hope they pass it through for film, I believe it would be an amazing movie and could be done really well.
    I just wanted to thank you for giving us all such beautiful books of art and I start holidays this weekend and I cant wait to sit down and read through more of your books, I cant believe i only just found them now.
    Much support xxx

  175. I just read ugly love and I’m in love. I read the book in 24 hours. I couldn’t put it down. The story was the best I’ve read in a long time. Looking forward to see what else you have to offer..!

  176. Hi, im from Brazil, so sorry about the English.
    i’ve just finished reading This girl and love it! All three are perfect!! Loved the way you told us this beautiful storie, from both point of views, and i just want to say that your books (slammed series and hopeless) really touched me. thank you for telling them.
    huge thanks, from a brasilian fan

  177. Hello my Favorite Author :) The very first book that I read is Ugly Love although I’m a 14 year girl and I like to read some random books or any books, when I spotted your books, I tried to read them and then it just came out after reading your books that I really2 love your books and I’m planning to collect your books. :) but for now, I just have the Finding Cinderella and I want a book 2 :)) . I already read your Ugly Love, Hopeless and Finding Cinderella I was just impressed of your works :) Now that I’m reading Slammed, at first I thought it was just like the other books that I read, but I’m wrong, it was just like a story about student and teacher. :D And I want that there will be a confession, november nine and father’s kiss ebook so that I can read them because I can’t find them in a bookstore :) So yeah, I’d like you to know that I like the twists of your stories <3 and I'm your Filipino fan <33

    1. Hi friend! Im ethyl from davao:)
      I also download her book via pdf. I wanted to buy confess and many more of her books but where ? national bookstore? i think. Im a fan of colleen so much!! I hope she will visit philippines soon:)

  178. Hi Mrs.Colleen, i’m Evita from Indonesia and now i’m your fan hehe. I’ve just finished reading Hopeless & this story is very touchy. I think of Hope/Sky, i’m sad to picture her misery. I thought that at first this story was more into a teenage story as we know it so however, after i read it whole pages, i feel sorry to her but i proud of Holder who is being loyal to her :) for example he is always stick with her until she is brave enough to face her bitter childhood memories. i always think of Holder tho over and over i mean, he’s a nice guy and my view is that he’s so sexy hehe. This is what i like about your book. Can’t wait to read your next book, all of your books. so, thank you Mrs.Colleen for all your best books :) (sorry for my english)

  179. I just want you to know that i am so into your writing! I love love your books! Thank you for simply being amazing!

    Looking forward to devouring more of your books! :)

  180. I just want you to know that i am absolutely INTO your writing! I love love your books! You make it easy for us to read and relate. Reading your stories just melt everything into the background that we lose touch of the now.
    Thank you for giving us an escape once in a while and thank you for simply being amazing! I am a fan. Seriously. And this comment is a first for me coz really i dont usually do these stuff! Hahahaha 😊

  181. I want to let you know that your works are like an invention, a machine of improvement of the human being. When we read one of your books, It is as if we enter the machine, and this machine acts on us, on our soul and our heart, it changes our established ideas, boosts our hopes, fills us with strength and courage, amplifies a hundredfold our passion for love, for art, and for life, amplifies faith in us, amplifies our aspiration to becoming better. This machine also stimulates our sense of art, excites it, disturbs it, makes it get out against its will. And we get out from your book and from the machine, out of breath, having had to endure all these interventions, new, sanitized, alive, with a look full of light on us and on life. We can listen to an advice several times throughout a life without any effect on us, but we can live this advice through one of your books, and soak it for life. And that is priceless, more than writing, more than romance, more than the story, it’s that you can not get out all this beauty, if it is not inside you (They’re your words. Words That came from you), and if you do not have that gift of touching others’ souls.

    Bravo, thank you and never stop.

  182. Hello Colleen, first that nothing I am from Argentina. I do not speak Englishman, and neither I write it very well. Maybe this is written very badly. Everything acts of a translator. But with the whole love of the world.
    Only it wanted to be grateful for the book “CONFESS” to my 17 years of age, I felt very connected with the protagonist. The love that we feel to this age we think that they are the strongest, and if they it are. I put to think that I would do if it was happening to me.
    It was a complete record for me, to begin to cry in the first page of the book. Only in spite of reading the first three words you had me to your feet, a book where I felt totally identified.
    It would love to be able to know you, but the distancia it separates me even from your books, I do not want not to think even cuan remote am of you.
    All your histories captivate me, there is no a book that not to read if it takes your name, you take to me to another universe. You made me see my adolescence otherwise, to where alive (vivacious) the one that reads books it is the silly one. But you show me another reality with this book. Thank you for these big educations, that if they did this with me, to many persons must exist it the world.
    Very much love from Argentina. The faithful reading one, which wants to express his major gratefulness.
    You have changed a great part of me, have helped me to grow.

  183. Hey Colleen I loved his books the way of how you speak the words the books I loved most was Metric and Pause, have not had the opportunity of reading this girl. For me read was nothing when I first read his book cried with emotion the love of Layken and Will is very beautiful, none of this happens in real life more in his books everything seems to be real I wanted to have the opportunity to one day you know better, Will poems for the Layken are all wonderful. I can not speak English very well, I can not even describe palavas for your books are great congratulations.
      My name is Michelly I am from Old Town and only have 15 years, when I read his book I saw that this passion of a teacher mecheu me a lot.
    Love your books’m your fan and

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  186. Dear Colleen,

    Hi, my name is Flávia, I’m from Brazil. When they announced that you’re coming to “Bienal do Livro”, I was very excited for that! Then they confirmed that you would come on September 5th, on a Saturday. I also was really excited that Julia Quinn was coming on the same day (I’m a big fan of both of you!) So, I bought plane tickets and booked two hotel nights, for day 4th and 5th, I leave on 6th in the morning. I’m going with my friend and she loves you and Julia Quinn too. So we’ve already paid the plane tickets and the hotel. We don’t have enough money for three nights in the hotel.
    I was so happy, and I literally cried when I saw that you’re coming. But now, they switched the date for day 6th. So we’ll not be able to see you on Sunday. We’ll stay at the Grand Mercure Rio Centro Hotel, cause we live in São Paulo, so we’ll fly 746 km just to see you (well, that’s what we thought.). I hate to ask you this, cause I know that you have a really tight schedule, but is there no way for you to come on day 5th too? We’re so disappointed and sad cause we won’t see you and I know people who are also in this situation.
    We just want to meet the person who wrote these wonderful stories and created these incredible characters!

    Love you.

    With all my heart,

  187. I can’t figure out how to comment on the giveaway post. The $99 gift card one… So if this goes through I hope you will consider it an entry to the giveaway. If not, I hope whoever gets it will really appreciate it! I know I would! :)

  188. good colleen hoover come congratulate you epelo great job having ugly , I am very glad that I can have you right next to me in the Biannual , you know I fell for his Work des the first book slammed the series , his words elvam me a completely different world , I’m addicted to your trablho for each letter I read , I feel a different feeling , however all good , I am a Brazilian fan, and hope to have a good contact with you , kisses of his maiara fan monteiro ..

  189. When can we expect the final book from the Never Never Series? The suspense is killing me! I can’t wait to see how this story ends!

  190. Il suo libro Ugly Love ( L’incastro im-perfetto in italiano) è uno dei più bei libri che ho letto.
    Grazie, continui a regalarci queste emozioni.

  191. Dear Colleen Hoover.

    First of all, my name is Shabrina, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Indonesia.

    I finished Hopeless about 3 days ago. And today, I just finished Slammed. Wow. Both of this novels are really intense and addictive. I couldn’t put them down even for a second when I read those novels. I really loved the poems in Slammed, especially Death by Will and Schooled by Lake. I love the way you write in Slammed. Because, I think it’s more than just about love. It’s about life, family, how you push yourself to be a grown-up, and others things that most people think it’s surreal but it’s really happening somewhere in real life. Thank you for writing such amazing, incredible, addictive, stunning, (what else?) novels. I’m gonna read Point of Retreat and Maybe Someday right now. I just wanna ask something, is there any chance one of your novels will be adapted to a movie? Because, if there is, I’m really looking forward to it.

  192. Please write more on daniel and Six readed the book twice now half way through i started crying did not stop til i finshed the book cry eveytime i think of finding cinderella please write more on them

  193. The first time I read one of your books it was two years ago and I picked up hopeless. I was never into reading before it just bored me until then I didn’t out it down once and 4 hours latte I had finished it. I’ve re read it so many times as well as have read just about all of your other books. I love t re read Maybe someday, confess and slammed because they give me a new world that I can go sit in where I fee%l 100 at peace and happy. no thanks is big enough for how much you have given me. they help me calm down feel emotion and make me feel like I’m in a room full of people when I’m feeling the most alone.
    Thank you so much <3
    I think Maybe Someday would be a really big hit as a movie

  194. I don’t even know where I should begin but I want to say is thank you. Thank you for writing stories that feel like warm hugs, thank you for the messages your portray and thank you for being the author that inspired 37 people in my grade to wonder into the world of reading. Without fail whatever story you weave leaves me entranced and making to stay up to 4.30am. Never doubt yourself because your writing is addictive and breathtaking xoxo

  195. Good evening Ms. Colleen,

    I am Regi Laviña from the Philippines.

    I hope this message reaches you well.

    I have 2 employees under me who are huge fans of your books.
    They are Vanessa and Janea.
    Both of them complained of neck pain recently because they couldn’t stop reading your paperbacks.
    They also lacked sleep. I caught them taking a nap while at work.
    They also told me they already have pre-ordered your November 9 book.

    With that, I would like to ask for your help.
    Could you send me a video greeting from you for Vanessa and Janea? Just to greet them Merry Christmas?
    That would be my Christmas surprise for them.

    I hope you could accommodate my simple request.
    Thank you to your generous heart!

    P.S. They will lend me your “Ugly Love” book tomorrow, and I am excited :)

    Thank you again and looking forward to your response.


  196. OMG! I just finished November 9 and I absolutely LOVED it! I started reading your books when you first came out with Slammed. I almost didn’t read it because I’m a high school teacher and I thought the subject matter might have been too much and potentially definitely not okay. But I’m SO glad I read it! I have read every single book you’ve written since then (except Losing Hope…getting to that soon) and I plan to read everything you ever write. I am a bit concerned about you writing more adult type books and personally hope they don’t get place in the erotica genre.

    CoHo, I love your books, your down-to-earth personality, and I have really enjoyed “growing with you.” LOL As your fan I have to take a little credit for your success. LOL

    Keep on writing…I only have 14 years to go before I’ll be in that 80 year old book reading group who will read your books. LOL (Hope I live long enough!)

  197. Hello: My daughter is absolutely in LOVE with your books! She would like an autographed hard copy. Can you please tell me where to order? Thank you!

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