Merchandise giveaway and a free pig.

To celebrate the launch of the new website design and merchandise store, I want to give away some merchandise.

I’ll be choosing seven winners at the end of next week to choose from any of the items in our merchandise store.  A t-shirt, a soundtrack or a signed book of your choice.

All you have to do is comment on this blog post to be entered and winners will be listed next week on the book a day giveaway page.


In case you missed a few things this week with the transition of the website, check these out:

Maybe Someday Book Trailer

Griffin Peterson has signed Maybe Someday soundtracks up for sale!

Harry Connick, Jr. swag?  Yes, please!   Hashtags really do pay off!

Only three more weeks until the paperback release of Finding Cinderella (only $8,99 on Amazon right now) and the release of Maybe Someday!

Also, check out my tour page for info. on a few upcoming events that were recently announced.

An about me section was added to my website here, where I list 20 useless facts about myself.

And to see something neat, watch this.   

Don’t forget to comment below to be entered to win the giveaway!





1,288 responses to “Merchandise giveaway and a free pig.

  1. I couldn’t help but get excited when I saw Harry Connick Jr. send you all that stuff. I feel like all of your fans knew how much that meant to you, and were so happy for you when it happened! You are one lucky girl! I wonder what he would’ve done if you did change all the male leads names to his! :)

  2. OMG you’re AMAZING!
    I really want one of your books! i only have the e-books, because in my Country there are not aviable yet :<

    i love you and i love your books there are unic!

  3. That Maybe Someday book trailer is killin’ me. I cannot wait! Don’t make me wait. Please? Okay… I’ll wait. Winning this giveaway would be an awesome way to make it up to me ;) Much love.

  4. Yoi totally rock Colleen!!! And Murphy Rae does too by the way ;)
    I hope some day i’ll be able to come to one of your signings.
    Amélie xoxo

  5. I’d Always thought it would be when pigs fly I would win one of Colleen Hoover’s giveaways …. then Bam! I won the ultimate prize (1st) basket chuck full of all Colleen’s goodies! Message Keep Trying You can win too!!! <3 <3 <3
    I would love the Soundtrack too…. Just sayin…….

  6. HAHAHA! A free pig! Pigs makes me laugh :$
    I love ur books Collen and I have 3 friends reading Hopelees (so now I can fangirl with them) :3
    I’m so excited for more books from you! And also saving some money so I can buy maybe someday and the disk! :3 xo

  7. You rock CoHo!!! If you’ve got any spare copies of Slammed, feel free to send one my way!!! I’m counting down the days until Maybe Someday and the paperback release of Finding Cinderella!!!

  8. Absolutely love the new site. And I did miss the Harry Connick, Jr., swag post, so thanks for sharing that here. How awesome! Off to check all of the other links in case I missed something else. :O)

  9. You are the BEST! We had book club last night and have Maybe Someday ready on our to read list! I cannot wait!

  10. Can’t wait until March 18th, (not that it’s my birthday or anything), but that my preorder of Maybe Someday will be downloaded on my Kindle!!

  11. sO excited for the new book. You do giveaways frequently, but I am never able to win anything hahaha, lucky me. Anyways, I love your books and everything. I happily read all of them even without winning heheh :-D

  12. Wow! That’s great! Congrats on the new design for the website! Btw, I know it’s been said before but what does pig stand for? Or maybe I’m imagining hinge and it doesn’t stand for anything but I swear it does! Lol =)

  13. Thank you so much for the chance I love your books.
    You are a very giving person with all the giveaways you do thank you so so much x

  14. Can’t wait for Maybe Someday! Congrats on everything going great for you! Thanks for the chance on this great giveaway :)

  15. Love the new website! Especially the tag line. Can you teach me to be a ninja? You’re so generous! Thanks for all of the awesome giveaways!

  16. Thanks for yet another giveaway!!! :D
    Can’t wait for the Finding Cinderella paperback and really looking forward to Maybe Someday!

  17. Wow! It looks completely different over here now! I had gotten so used to the ‘old’ design, it was a bit like going round a friends house, and feeling right at home. Now, I feel like a first time visitor and wondering if I should take my shoes off! Lol! I do LOVE this new design though. And I’m sure I’ll enjoy finding my way around here too ;-)

  18. You’re like Mary Poppins with your bag of tricks. I love it. And thank you so much for being so great to your Fandomnation!! You seriously rock ❤️

  19. You sure do love giving away free pigs. ;) This is awesome. Thank you so much!

    P.S., I love the new website format. ^_^

  20. This would be awesome :) as I’m struggling to find a job and as much as I want to buy your merchandise can’t afford it!! Your give aways are awesome :)

  21. Love all the giveaways you do for your fans (even though I’m never selected):) Congratulations on the new website & all your past, present & future successes!!

  22. WOOOO! ^_^ I’m so excited for your new books!! Thank you for this amazing give away, you are too generous!

  23. you are doing so many giveaways!!! Its awesome showing appreciation for your many many fans! Cannot wait for release party :)

  24. Would love to win!!! (but minus the pig, please. We don’t have room for another thing that just eats and never picks up after it’s self.) ;)

  25. I would absolutely love this!! I’m ecstatic and humbled that you are doing this for your fans!! Your writing is amazing, I’m pretty sure I can speak for the rest of us and say we are truly grateful!! Thank you

  26. I like the new layout. And the 20 things about you made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the chance and I’m jealous of your HCJ swag. Haha.

  27. I’m SO commenting…. You rock! Thanks for signing 2 books for my boss…. I LOVE you and all your crazy ass posts (and FABULOUS books of COURSE)

  28. You are awesome Colleen! Love how much you connect with your fans and share so much of yourself with us! I’d love to win.. I’d get a t-shirt :)

  29. I would be ecstatic to win anything!!! Hope to be a lucky winner. I have heard some of the songs on the soundtrack and they are amazing.

  30. Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve read all your books, and to kill time until Maybe Someday I’m reading one of your recommendations, Archer’s Voice; so far it’s good!

  31. A pig! Is it alive, stuffed or the kind you find in the grocery store! LOL!
    Thanks, Colleen.
    PS I really enjoyed the Griffin Peterson post. Sounds like a great collaboration.

  32. Love the website and have ordered a signed copy of your Hopeless and Sound track of Maybe Someday, really looking forward to it, Take care and keep writing love your books, Hugs

  33. Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway! I can’t wait for Maybe Someday and Ugly Love! You are the best Colleen!!

  34. I was on the website the other day and showed it to my friend and I was like I want one of those shirts! And she just laughed at me.

  35. You know one of these days you are just gonna have to give up the pig and quit teasing us with the poor thing. LOL Congrats on the new book. Can not wait to read it.

  36. I LOVE the new website! Especially the merchandise store.<3 it! I already purchased the soundtrack… but would love to win an autographed book from one of my all-time favorite authors, Colleen Hoover… She's just AWESOME! =D

  37. The new website looks great! Since I already live with 3 little piggies (my kids) I would love to win something from your mechandise store. Thanks for being awesome :)

  38. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick me. I have no shame and will beg :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway and I LOVE the new site!!

  39. Ahhh! I hope I win this time. Can’t wait for Maybe Someday and Ugly Love! Already in love with Maybe Someday by Griffin P. <3

  40. I’m loving the new website design & merch store, can’t wait until I have Finding Cinderella and Maybe Someday in my hands! You are so sweet to always have these giveaways CoHo! *smishes*

  41. Thanks for another giveaway chance. Hope I’m lucky enough to win… Maybe Someday! Yeah, I know….. You’ve probably heard that before!!!

  42. I really hope I win this time!!! Third time is the charm!! You’re awesome, and I really hope I win. Love You Colleen Hoover!!!!!!!

  43. Trailer was amazeballs!
    Griffin Peterson sounds like a lovely guy and is such a talent!
    Harry Connick, jr…..HOT! Hurry up American Idol to Aussie tv!
    Only 3 weeks, that still seems so far away, this year has gone so quickly already though, hopefully it comes around soon.
    Saw the tour schedule, no November dates listed, you know Sydney Author Event is around then, you have lots of Aussie fans!
    Maybe Harry Connick, jr should call you more on the cell and offer to take you swimming, although that might make both those things a little scarier if they were to cause hyperventilation.
    Woah…that neature walk was pretty neat! Reminds me a little of a guy that really loves the Aussie outback, his name is Russell Coight.

  44. oooo i would looove to win a Butterfly shirt & a signed copy of Maybe Someday. you recently a review saying it maybe one of your best books yet, im totally intrigued since Hopeless and Slammed are hard to top. but i didnt think you could do better then Slammed but you blew my mind with Hopeless. if you can get better then that then im totally hooked.

    ps, this would be an awesome prize as a “welcome back to the work force” gift. i did the stay at home mom thing for years and the kids are 11 & 10 and im ready to get back in the grove of things. Monday (2/24) is day one!!

  45. This is awesome! I absolutely love your books and this is amazingly generous of you as an author to giveaway free merchandise. Fingers crossed! :)

  46. Oh my lord, I can’t even decide which I would want more if I was chosen to win. I need to find a rich guy with a dodgy ticker so I can spend all his money in your merch store :-D

  47. Love you Colleen!! I can’t wait until Finding Cinderella comes out and maybe Some Day!!! Maybe Dome Day I’ll win one of your giveaways! 😋

  48. I totally love all your books! And one of my wishes this year is to have a complete copy of your books.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Btw, love the new site :)

  49. You are so generous with giveaways! Can’t wait for Maybe Someday! I don’t see the option of a signed copy of Finding Cinderella in your merchandise. When can you preorder it signed?

  50. I’m hopelessly hooked on t-shirts. You should see my closet it’s crazyiness…and by the end of this week it will be 18 days till maybe, someday comes out ahh… I approve of the updates website and the addition of a merchandise store. #harryconnickjrrocks
    Thanks for the giveaway 😊

  51. Wonderful giveaway! I can’t wait to meet you in Portland, Oregon. Bringing the hubs ;-)

    PS: I’ll take the pig! :-)

  52. So freaking excited for the release of Maybe Someday and the paperback version of Finding Cinderella, which I loved.
    Colleen Hoover, you are THE best. Keep up the amazing work. :D <3

  53. I knew you changed your website layout. I like it. I am also glad you have more books coming out this year.

  54. You truly are one of the most generous authors with your giveaways. Whether I win or not, I’m happy to say that you are truly one of my favorite authors. Your writing style is fun, interesting and emotion provoking. Thank you! :)

  55. Great Giveaway!!! Thank you!!
    I hope i am one of the winner’s I would LOVE one of those GREAT Shirts!!!!
    Pickkkkkk meeeeeee ;)

  56. A pig, that is great. I don’t think our condo association will allow it, but maybe we can put a leash on it and call her/him Rover if we were to win it. :) I am waiting for Finding Cinderella in print and will read and review as soon as I can. Glad that things seem to be going so well for you. Thanks for the giveaway and keep up the great writing and music. You are such a talented person. And your musical genius is fabulous as well.


  57. Awesome giveaway!!!! Congrats on the new website, new books releasing, and one becoming a paperback!!! Now, where’s my pig?!?!?!?

  58. <3 you Colleen Hoover! You are such an awesome author and how it all happened for you, it's such an inspiring story, keep writing amazing books and Ill keep buying and reading!

  59. Thanks for the giveaway…so the pig…er bacon? or are we talking about a live pig? I’ll take the bacon (sorry if you love pigs! but I really like bacon).

  60. I absolutely love your Books they are truly amazing and are perfect for my ME Time!! Even if I don’t WIN this (fingers crossed) Thanks for the chance and always giving back to your Fans your a Great person..

  61. I saw the ARC of Maybe Someday at work the other day (I work at a BN) and I got so excited! I told several of my coworkers about it and now they all want to read it too! :)

  62. I basically refuse to buy another book until march 18th I’m so excited for Maybe Someday and Finding Cinderella ! This broke college girl is saving her money for more Colleen Hoover books! Can’t wait!

  63. I keep buying all the things before there are giveaways! Oh well, I still need Finding Cinderella, like bad. Just saying.

  64. Awesome! I’ve always wanted a pig! I mean… A t-shirt from you! Thanks for the giveaway, and live the new site!!

  65. Thank you for your fabulous give a way every day, can’t wait to win something! Great new look! The Maybe Someday book trailer is awesome! Love the store. Love the shop, I bought a signed CD! Most of all I love you, your writing is soooooo good! Can’t wait for the new books. I’ve preordered, of course. I have all of the old ones, and can’t wait to read a new one. You are one of my all time favorite authors! Would love to have more merchandise in the store with favorite quotes from Slammed series and Losing Hope series, and your new books! You are awesome. We find ourselves quoting you a lot. I and love and you!

  66. OMG!!! Colleen you are the best!!! Congrats on your new website design and you up coming books… Can’t wait to read them.
    And thanks for the opportunity

  67. Awesome, thanks for the chance to win some cool stuff from your store!!! You are incredibly generous to your fans Colleen. Thank you.

  68. It’s so nice of you doing giveaway every week, and I’d love to win one of those. All of your books are incredible, honestly they’re always made me cry, the cry of happiness definitely. And the important thing from your books is they always thaught me something. Well done Colleen, very very well done xx

  69. OMG! I looked all your new design! It’s awesome like you! I was thinking where should I commend about the design and this is a great chance! THANK YOU so much for this giveaway! Your giveaways so cool,I hope I could win <3 <3 LOVE YOU!

  70. I’ve had a crap day. Maybe I’ll win. Or not.. lol. All I need is to read your two new books coming out, to bring me back to life!! :)

  71. Why do i always lose on this kin of contest! Should I being out my secret weapon already?? Should I call my long lost father Harry Connick Jr. Just to convince you Colleen that I should be bringing home something from this contest? Mmmmm I might let you touch him or smell him if i win this one! Hihihi

  72. Dear Ms. Hoover!
    You’re one of my favorite author, and I love the fact that you love giveaways, but will love it the most if you’ll pick me. I’ve read all your books, and waiting for another three that I wish will be publish this year :) Even a simple Hi on twitter will made my day complete. Thank you for all the good reads and more to come. Please take care of yourself. My addiction to your works is like your addiction to Harry Connick Jr. Lol, wish you could read this :) <3

  73. Love ya and your books – Hopeless is my favorite so far with Finding Cinderella coming in second. Can’t wait for Maybe Someday, plus you give the best book recommendations – loved Archer’s Voice.

  74. Awesome! I love bacon…. almost as much as I love your books! :) Can’t wait for Maybe Someday and also to see you at Book Bash in Orlando!! Congrats on the new website!

  75. Ahh, I don’t even know what I’d want to pick!! All sound absolutely amazing! <3 <3 Thanks for the chance! xx

  76. Wah, you’re so nice! Thank you SO much for the giveaway! And I STILL can’t believe you got all that from HCJ! That’s so weird! But yay, you deserve it! :P Now if only I got things like that from you… ;D

  77. You totally crack me up. Iff i wasnt 10 years older than you i would think we were separated at birth. Can’t wait till the 18th 😁

  78. Thank you for the chance! ! To have a signed book by you would be so awesome!! Crossing my fingers! ! :)

  79. I would love to win! The new design is very chic and homey! Thank you for giving us heartwarming and life changing stories.

  80. I recommended all of your books to a coworker on Friday!! Looking forward to Maybe Someday and Ugly Love.

  81. Yeah! So happy for you on your site, looks great. Love your books, keep writing please. Have a great week!

  82. Your writing style is so unique, Colleen. I am happy I have found your books! Now, I have to read Slammed series. And thanks for your giveaway! So nice of you, like always ;)

  83. Would most definitely want to win this, I’m such a huge Colleen Hoover fan, and I’m so keen for Maybe Someday to be released :)

  84. Winning this is like a 1 in 1 million chance and that would be crazy if I win because I never win. I think it’s amazing what you are doing. Not many authors do giveaways. You are suh a surreal and sweet and caring author! Love the books. Love the author. Love with characters! Hope I get a chance to win! And good luck to everyone else!

  85. Woohoo! So much exciting stuff! Can’t wait for Portland!!! Oh, and I love Harry too. Men who can sing make me swoon ;)

  86. Congratulations on your new website! I’m waiting very impatiently for Maybe Someday to be released! What a fantastic idea to combine a book with the songs’ embedding links!

  87. What a great giveaway! You’re really an inspiration to me, an aspiring author. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your work. I love reading your stories and am looking forward to Maybe Someday…loved the trailer. Congratulations and best wishes on continued success!

  88. So excited for you and all your success, Colleen! Sooo looking forward to the new book! It would be awesome to win something from one of my favorite authors!!!!

  89. Your new website looks great! I’ll be pre-ordering my paperback of Finding Cinderella once my shopping cart qualifies for free shipping, which I will probably be finalizing within the next week. Thank you for the giveaway, you are so generous!

  90. So I’ve never won anything…😞 (hint, hint)
    Anyway, I love all of your books (and the Avett Brothers too)! I can’t wait to read Maybe Someday!

  91. Thanks for the opportunity!! Love your books! Looking forward to meeting you at Penned con in September:)

  92. The website looks great! It looks bold & crisp, and it’s easy to navigate. Thanks for giving us a chance to win an item from your merchandise store. I hope I’m one of the lucky seven winners!

  93. Anything from you Colleen would make me happy! Thank you for everything that you’re doing for your fans! <3

  94. Can’t wait for Maybe Someday and more Griffin Peterson. Thank you so much for introducing me to his amazing music.

  95. Even a bookmark of yours would make me the luckiest avid reader alive *fangirl mode* Hahahaha thanks for the opportuntity! :)

  96. Oh merchandise and books!!! Seriously wanting to receive something from you! ♥ This is your year Colleen. You own it. Sending you lotsa loveee. ♥

  97. Love love love the new merchandise page, I have already made a birthday wish list of ideas for my hubby. Takes the risk out of whatever he thinks might be a good idea!

  98. Congratulations Colleen on your merchandise store & new website design! Thank you for this generous giveaway! You are an amazing and talented writer & i’m so excited for the release of Maybe Someday! God bless you always Colleen!❤️❤️❤️

  99. Lots of great stuff happening for you right now. Love the new site and am enjoying watching all the success rain down upon you. Greatly deserved.

  100. I think Harry Connick, Jr. is really neat, too. I love your list of useless information, especially the part about being aloof and unemotional. I totally get that.

  101. wow! new blog layout! Nice and neat! Love it! Also, is the merchandise store already up? where’s the link? I hope you are selling for international buyers too. :) Can’t wait to check the items!

  102. one month from today I will be sitting at home finishing Maybe Someday… unless you want me to show you around Portland on the 23rd

  103. Omg…what a fantastic treat! Thanks so much for the chance! Can’t wait to meet you in St. Louis at Penned Con in September!

  104. Wow what to say your books amazing ! Waiting very impatiently for Someday maybe ! Hopeless melted me.

  105. I think the new website looks great! Professional looking and friendly, cool at the same time. Can’t wait to read Maybe Someday!

  106. You’ve become an all around big hit! I still remember my “ah” moment reading Slammed, Point of no Retreat, and, of course, Hopeless-still my favorite of all time!

  107. New look for the blog. Another great giveaway. And really really hoping (**in bended knees) to win those freebies….Sweet CoHo, lemme win…… :)))

  108. damn, giving away a free pig, that stuff is expensive!!! i know, we did that this past year,

    but i will take a gift from your shop :D that is much cheaper!

  109. Congratulations on the new book and the soundtrack from what I have heard he has an amazing voice and I plan to get the soundtrack as soon as I can you were so lucky to find someone with his talent. Thank you for another amazing giveaway I think you have to be the queen of them by now, you could be Queen of giveaways Hoover LOL.

  110. Congratulations doll!! Thats awesome. And very good for me since I love to get little gems from my favorite authors. I almost have all your PB’s. I cannot wait to go shopping in your store!! 📚

  111. Thank you for writing such amazing books! Loved Hopeless and Losing Hope….and Finding Cinderella :) Can’t wait for your new reads!

  112. You should have called it: 365 REASONS to giveaway. Already all your introductions to your giveaways are worth trying. Voilà, i give it a go.

  113. I really hope and pray that I get to win your books. I wanted to buy your Slammed series and Hopeless series but they’re not available in my city, so I read them in ebook format.. We only have 2 bookstores here and they sell 2nd hand books, they don’t sell recently released books. Anyway, thanks for the awesome giveaway!! Much love and Goodluck xx

  114. I really love the list of 20 useless fact about you! :) Thanks for the chance! You really give the best giveaways. If I won (hopefully. *crossing fingers*), I would have a hard time picking only one in your merchandise store. LOL =))
    And I dig your new website. I wonder who made it? I’m dreaming of being your web developer, wouldn’t it be cool? Just wondering what would it feel like to work with you, is all.

  115. Hope you come out to Australia soon! Love love all your work… You are very talented! Would love to win this….. Maybe someday!!!!!!!

  116. Hi
    OMG I would love to win especially since it was my birthday. Please this would make me the happiest girl in the world!!!!!!!!
    Loads of love

  117. This is awesome!! Thank you so much for doing this, us readers really appreciate it, and I love your writing style and well, all of your books, specially “Slammed” <3
    Can't wait to read MAYBE SOMEDAY :) !!

  118. You are absolutely hilarious! I loved reading all the random facts about you! I, too, am addicted to Diet Pepsi; am terrified of water yet love being on the beach, right at the water line; “… Harry Connick, Jr. IS neat. Really neat.” — yep; and I hate shopping, too! I worry about that last one, though… ;)

  119. I’m so excited for Maybe Someday, you have no idea!!! Reading while listening to the soundtrack is going to be an amazing experience.

  120. Teasing us with the pig again, eh Colleen? Hmph. I’ll believe THAT bit of generosity when I see it! I kid, I kid ;) But seriously. Love the redesigned web space. Great job! And I can’t wait for Finding Cinderella to be available. As always: love your work, love you, and can’t wait to see what other greatness you have in store for us CoHorts ;)

  121. FREE PIG?!?!?!?!! OH YEAH BABY!!! I’M SO IN!!!!!!(I may be hyped up on Red Bull as i write this though..)

  122. you had me at “free pig” (i have a collection of all things piggy). :) congratulations on the website makeover! ♥

  123. I love your new website- looks so neat and crisp. Why aren’t you just a busy lady?!? Thanks for all the giveaways. Such a great feeling to share the love with others.

  124. I’m a massive fan, love your books. The new site is much easier to use. Thank you for the opportunity to take part of the giveaway. I hope I’m in with a chance even though I’m in the UK.

  125. Well, he finally got the hint !!!! I’m glad you got your HC Jr stuff…… Maybe Someday I’ll be a lucky and get something from one of my fave authors (hint, hint!!!) 😁😁😁

  126. I can’t wait for Maybe Someday and Ugly Love! I have all of the nurses on my unit reading Hopeless and/or Slammed right now!

  127. Looking forward to Maybe Someday & Ugly Love. I’ve been listening to Getaway & I’m in Trouble by Griffin, a lot. If is I was younger I’d need to buy a new cassette (hehe)

  128. After scrolling down the ever growing list of comment, you can see that we all love your new website and of coarse your books! Can’t wait for the next one!

  129. Hi Colleen! I won a giveaway from you before and I don’t want to sound greedy by joining or trying my luck in here again.. but in case I win (which I doubt will happen), I will give the prize to my best friend. She really wants a signed copy of any of your book (specially Finding Cinderella) and she is a solid CoHorts, we both are actually and I feel really bad for having signed copies of your book but I can’t give one to her since it has my name on it. Anyways.. I love your new site. So classy and fab!

  130. I cannot wait till Maybe Someday. I absolutely love everything you have written so far! I work at a bookstore and anytime a customer wants a recommendation I give them one of your books. Your amazing!

  131. I don’t know of any other authors that are as giving as you!! YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!! (even if I don’t win!)

  132. Wow my thumbs now suffering from repetitive strain injury after scrolling down all those comments.
    We will try not to crash your new site.

  133. I want in on this one :) Love that it is simple here on your blog. I really think it is awesome that you change it up and offer it different ways. You rock sista!!!!

  134. I love the new website! I’ve already pre-ordered some of the upcoming releases! I’m so excited I could squeal! Thanks for the giveaway!

  135. Thanks for another chance to Win!! Cant wait for Maybe Someday and Finding Cinderella to be on my shelves with the rest of their family! :)

  136. You are awesome!!! thank you for all the giveaways, can’t wait to see more from you (not just giveaways – but books!! absolutely love your writing!!). Good luck to everyone :)

  137. OH this is amazing!
    Maybe Someday I need to read.
    You’re an excellent writer, your books have stolen my heart, each of your characters to love me, and whenever I read one of your stories I do not sleep or study to finish the book.
    In other’re amazing, I can not believe we cache des win one of your books, or the soundtrack, or a t-shirt, really thank you!
    Hopefully one of these days has a chance to win something, let me tell you a few months ago my friend won Hopeless signed by you and others, could only say how wonderful and lucky, really would be amazing if I won something, in my country any insurance comes up next year, and although i’m red, would kill to have it in Spanish (which is my language) or English who also understand and speak a little.
    Anyway … thanks!

  138. Can I just tell you, Colleen, that I watched the Maybe Someday book trailer a dozen times this weekend and it gave me chills. I love it so much! I cannot wait for this book to come out and I am so impressed with the idea of combining music and writing like this. Amazing! And don’t worry, I know sucking up won’t give me a higher chance to winning, I just love it and wanted to share because hearing positive things is nice : )

  139. This is awesome I am so butterflying excited! I need a t-shirt, if I do not win I am going to purchase one!! Live it!

  140. Love the songs I’ve heard so far for Maybe Someday and can’t wait to read the book! 28 days and counting til I have it in my hands. I’ve gotten my husband and numerous friends to read your amazing books! And get the print version of Finding Cinderella!

  141. Awesome…Who doesn’t love giveaways?! Thanks for the opportunity and looking forward to the next book. Can’t wait!

  142. Thank you , thank you, thank you! You are awesome for all of these possibilities to win :) I am so excited for Maybe Someday!