Pre-order your paperback now.

Thanks to you guys and this amazing story, Finding Cinderella will now be in print!

Click here for more information on how to order.

Click here to pre-order a signed copy.


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Hi Colleen! Since so many of us are TRUE & LOYAL fans of yours, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE print the Epilogue of “Finding Cinderella” on your website or your FB page? I am absolutely DYING to know what you added to this amazing, brilliant story. We will be sooooooooo very grateful!! As always, THANK YOU for your awesome books!! Life would be so dull without the BEAUTY of your unrivaled, wonderful books!! :)

so will Finding Cinderella, Maybe Someday and Ugly love all be a signed option? Trying to figure out the best order option. :)

Your site is all fancy now. I don’t like it!

I don’t see Finding Cinderella as an option we pre-ordered it on Amazon and we want one from here too but I don’t see it!

Not seeing Cinderella as an option here…

I want to pre-order a signed copy! But it’s not in the merch store when I follow the link. Help!!

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Support our fellow authors.

I preordered it on Amazon last week. Does it mean I am not going to be getting a signed copy of Finding Cinderella since I went to a different site?😔

Pre order complete Fist bump!!!

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