It’s Finally Here!!

Finding Cinderella in PAPERBACK is finally up for pre-order! If you want to get your copy, click here. If you missed how this came about, you can read this blog post about it.

Some of you may be thinking, “Why would I want to pay for the paperback when I can read the ebook for free?” Well, I hear you! That’s why I never intended for Finding Cinderella to be available in paperback. It was my free gift to you, my readers, for being so overwhelmingly supportive over the past two years.

Well, Atria Books has gone above and beyond to make this paperback worth your while!

The inside cover of the paperback includes tweets from the readers who were key players in getting this book printed in the first place.

It also includes my “Cinderella Story”, if you will. I wrote a bit about how I got started as an author and the crazy ride it’s been ever since.

Not sure if you want to read Maybe Someday? Well, good news! The first two chapters of Maybe Someday will be included as a bonus at the end of the print version of Finding Cinderella to help you decide.

Finally, do you want more Six and Daniel? Yeah? How about Sky and Holder? Well, it also includes a BRAND NEW, unreleased 5,000-word epilogue. This epilogue will ONLY be available in paperback form.

Want to read the first page?

Here you go.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 6.51.48 PM

I just want to say another HUGE thank you to all of you who made this possible, and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Again, if you want to pre-order your copy, you can do so here.

37 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here!!

  1. Is this something us brits can purchase?? i do hope so miss CoHo :) otherwise i may have to curl up into the fetal position and cry… :'( xx

  2. Colleen I pre-ordered two copies! Will you sign them and send them back if we ship them to you? Thanks so much. Can’t wait to have it.

  3. Mine is Pre-Ordered!!! Thank YOU!!! (I always pre-order EVERYTHING of yours!!) I somewhat know much what you’ve been through from ALL of the WONDERFUL posts you have done and the things Atria has done for you, but I can’t WAIT to read MORE!! I know there are things I DON’T know, so I can’t WAIT to READ ALL ABOUT “your” Cinderella story!! We LIVE you!!!!!!

  4. Pre-ordered!!! I am so so so excited. thank you for having this printed. now I just need to go to a signing you`re at so I can get it signed :) March 18th is going to be a great day: Maybe Someday and Finding Cinderella, seriously can’t get better than that. I’m declaring it Colleen Hoover Day!

  5. I preordered! Anxiously awaiting Epilogue of course, I’ll have to reread the entire book again…………oh well……;)

  6. I have a problem with your post. Um…what do you mean not sure if you want to read Maybe Someday???? This does not compute in my brain. Hahaha

  7. Ok this is all fine and good but what about us who don’t want the paperback (I have hundreds of ebooks and do not buy paperbacks) but would like to read the epilogue?? So much for “free gift” I have read all your books once I found you and love them all. Sorry to here. :(

  8. I want to cry. In my country, we have serious problems with things that we buy in other countries. Most of the time, the custom keep the things and you lose your money and, of course, the item. I already read “Finding Cinderella” in my ebook, but now I want to read the epilogue and I can’t. Of course, this is not your problem, but the problem of my country (or the people in the goverment)

    Thanks so much for everything. You are the best!!

    Greatings from Argentina

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