Me. Candid. And a little bit speechless.


I don’t have very many of them, which is unusual considering I’m a writer.  But after tonight, I’m finding it hard to find them.

I have five published books out now and two more on the way.  You guys made them all New York Times bestsellers.  How does an author repay that?  How does an author thank the readers who made five out of five of her books NYT’S FREAKING BESTSELLERS!?

I wanted to show you my thanks, so I wrote you all a free novella, Finding Cinderella.  After my publishers got word that I was putting out a free novella, I expected their response to be, “What?!?  WHY? You can get MONEY for that! SELL. IT. YOU. IDIOT!”

Instead, they offered to edit it for me, make a full cover jacket and distribute it online themselves, knowing they would never make a penny off of it.  Why?  Because behind the name ATRIA BOOKS lies a group of fabulous, generous, honest people who I am proud to call friends.

When you think of Simon & Schuster, you think of a huge corporation.  You don’t think about the individuals behind the name.  Since signing with their division, Atria Books in 2012, I’ve seen that they genuinely care about their authors, their readers and the books they distribute.

Tonight, they held a “town hall meeting” to discuss putting Finding Cinderella into print. Why?  Just check out this awesome explanation they put together.

I just spent the last hour and a half watching something incredible take place on Twitter.  Hundreds upon hundreds of tweets and pleas from readers, begging for this book to be put into print and Atria agreeing to do it.  Preorders will go up soon and the book will be ready March 18th!  Lots of extras in this book.  I’ll give you a little sneak peek at the end of this post.


When I write a book, I still have that fear that no one will like it, no one will read it and people will throw eggs at me.  But you guys continue to amaze and surprise me. Atria Books continues to amaze and surprise me.  This life continues to amaze and surprise me.


If any of you see me at the New Orleans signing this weekend and I looked shocked, amazed and surprised…you know why.  Because my life is awesome and I just don’t know why it’s my life.  I also don’t know why I’m lucky enough to have people behind me, supporting me, like the entire Atria indie team, with emphasis on LeeAnna for the hard work she put into getting Finding Cinderella in print.  Not to mention the support from all the CoHorts.  And you Weblich girls (and guys) who make it hard to get anything done in real life because you’re so damn funny.

Thank you for making today one of the greatest days ever.



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79 thoughts on “Me. Candid. And a little bit speechless.

  1. You are one of the most generous authors, by far. You are blessed because you know how to give back. More power to you! (That means more books for us to savor and enjoy… from you!)

    1. You are so amazing and so happy I get read all of your work! You are BUTTERFLYING amazing and so so so happy you decided to be an author!

  2. You know why all these wonderful things are happening? Because you are amazing and deserve EVERY bit of it…and so much more!

  3. Aside from all of the amazing books that you have given to us, you remain shocked and humbled by your success. Karma and fate are cool. You, Colleen Hoover, must have done something awfully good. Something completely from your heart. You get back what you give! I’m so happy for you!!!!

  4. Congrats to you and hooray to us! You think no one will like your books?! Crazy talk. You are amazing wrapped in awesomesauce. Thank God you listened to your mom when she encouraged you to write. Mama CoHo is a smart lady.

  5. I’ve read every book you’ve written, some more than once. And we are reading Hopeless for book group in May! I will be in New Orleans and can’t wait to meet you in person!

  6. Congratulations!

    We may continue to amaze you; but then, we are constantly amazed with your work. You have a gift for making dynamic, relatable characters and intense stories that we are drawn into. Keep doing what you do best!

  7. So happy for you and my fellow cohorts. I won’t be in NOLA but I can’t wait to finally meet you at Penned Con:)

  8. All well-deserved praise and rewards. Keep up the great work.
    And maybe a few book via a contest for your fans again??? Hummm. Please…….

  9. Colleen you are seriously the best. Yes I agree that Atria moved mountains for you, for us, but you got the ball rolling. What NYTBS author says I want to give back so I am going to write a novella and give it away? I’m hard pressed to find one. You are generous and have a heart of gold, and we all love you for it.

  10. Ok. You can’t delete me now. I changed my mind.
    *on a serious note*
    You freaking deserve this. Like, for REAL!
    CONGRATULATIONS on your success. Our lives are fulfilled because of the madness spinning in your brain that you somehow turn into such beautiful literature.
    *back to the real Kim Shady*
    I know you’re going to NOLA this wknd BUT, please tell me you’re coming to RT??????
    I must have Finding Cinderella signed asap!

  11. Congratulations on living a good life! You make it fun to be in your circle. You’re an awesome author, blogger and fun FB friend! The Weblich are awesome and you make it so fun to check in everyday. Shed a tear if you must (I know, you won’t) then relax and enjoy the ride. We are so excited for everything you write. Don’t worry. You won’t disappoint us! Congratulations – good things happen to good people – yes, that’s you. It really really is!

  12. Any chance the ebook will be updated with the extras? While I can appreciate that others love paperback books, I’m an ebook girl–I like to have all of my books in my pocket with me at all times.

  13. Okay, no. Stop. I had to leave a comment- and this may be one of a hundred billion trillion but I have to say this or I’ll burst.

    That gratitude you feel? I speak for myself and every other fan of yours out there that we feel the same exact way. I cannot even begin to grasp what my life would be like if I never downloaded “slammed.”

    You have a gift. One that is often attempted but never mimicked. The elation and the joy I feel when I get so
    much as a tiny snippet is one that I treasure so deeply. I appreciate you in so many ways and I could never find the right words to say.

    THANK YOU for sharing your stories, and for giving me smiles, laughter, and yes even tears.

  14. *HUGS* you did great answering questions & everything. you rock! and you’ve got the talent. and the heart. and… did i mention you rock? be safe in NO & HAVE FUN! :D

  15. You are an amazing writer, your stories are awesome…. We love your books because of that.. We love you because your a fantastic woman who is funny, smart and loving! That is why everything you have is well deserved! Congratulations!!

  16. Congrats!!! (((Hugs)))) I’ve met you twice and both times were an honor. You are an auto buy author for me. Can’t wait to read more of what you’ve got crankin in that diet Pepsi filled mind ;)

  17. I genuinely believe that you GET what you GIVE! I don’t know you personally and I don’t know anything particular about you as a person, but I know that you’re a generous, caring, sensitive author who makes readers happy. You deserved every bit of it. <3 <3

  18. I almost cried when I read this blog post, because I could feel your happiness and I am so happy for you! Congrats on the success with your books and I can’t wait to buy Finding Cinderella in print, counting down to March 18th.

  19. I love all of your books and you are one of the best authors out there that I have the privilege of meeting. I am not shocked that you have a multitued of followers because you are just the BEST!!! I can not wait for Finding Cinderella to come out on print because after reading it, I just have to have it on my shelf along side Hopeless and Losing Hope. I have already preordered Maybe Someday but I might have to get it on paperback as well so that when I have the chance to see you again, I can get your signature and brag to everybody that yes, the amazing Colleen Hoover and I met yet again. And I can’t wait for Ugly Love to come out as well. More power to you and thanks for giving us your readers a lot of awesome books.

  20. So exciting and I truly hope these moments of outpouring love and support stay with you in moments of self doubt, headaches, diet Pepsi shortages and the anticipation of how your next work will be received the night it goes live. When people I meet ask me for book recommendations (since it’s common knowledge in my little town that I’m a book junkie) any of your five are at the top of my list. So many come back for more recommendations solely because they loved yours too. Just extending the CoHo fan club. Blessings.

  21. You are amazing! You deserve your wonderful life! You are so generous and give us so much! Thank you for your hard work and your awesome writing! I love all your books, and can’t wait for Finding Cinderella in print and Maybe Someday! You are hilarious and have so many wonderful ideas. You make your readers so happy! We enjoy all that you share with us! Congratulations! <3

  22. Q: “How does an author repay that? How does an author thank the readers who made five out of five of her books NYT’S FREAKING BESTSELLERS!?”

    A: By giving us a TEASER to Maybe Someday! (I’m annoying, yes, I know!)
    And if there’s one already posted, I will insert foot into mouth while trying to beg for somebody to hook me up with the link!

    Congrats Colleen! There’s nuthin’ better than good people.

  23. Congrats! I love your books. I love your blog posts and I even love your quirky family that you put on display. It seems as if you (and your book characters) are my best friend, so here’s to wishing you more success. P.S. just so you know you picked a perfect day for Finding Cinderella to come out in print. March 18th just so happens to be my birthday. Coincidence, I think not. You must have been doing some internet stalking :)

  24. ACCCCKKKKKKKKK !!!!! I am SOOOO doing the HAPPY DANCE!!! & to get it so soon!! Thank You Atria for spending the $$$ & keeping us happy & so much gratitude to Colleen for her heart exploding writing – I will read ANYTHING you write – it is that good.. ( alright I don’t know about grocery lists but you know what I mean!) HUGS TO ALL!!!! WE WON READERS!!!!!!

  25. A new-to-me-author is always fun to discover BUT when that author’s books turn out to be the bestest of the best reading discovery in 2013 — that’s worth shouting the good news!! So, I’ve LOVED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF COLLEEN HOOVER’S BOOKS AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE IN 2014!!!!!!

    Congratulations to you Colleen and best wishes for many more successes on the horizon.

  26. You are an amazing author! Your story telling takes us to another world, to be part of the story you’re writing! You open our eyes to.much more about life, love and in between! So this is why all your books and the books to follow will.always be #1!! Thank you for your talented, story telling! I’m going to find a way to get one or all of your books, mail it to you, get your autograph and display it in my library collections!

  27. THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER TO WAKE UP TO :’) Congrats, Colleen and I guess congrats to all of us too *throws confetti* My collection will be complete on my shelf now *sobs of complete happines*

  28. Your are the BEST ever! And that’s why you have the BEST fans!! We love you Coho! Weblich united, forever!! Woohoo :-)

  29. I am so happy for you! And so freaking excited! I can’t wait! Thank you Colleen for being so damn amazing! And a huge thanks to Atria too! Forever a CoHort!!!!

  30. colleen…you do all the hard work work….we just get to sit back read and enjoy!!!
    Thank you soooo much for all your hard work, we really do appreciate it!!!!

  31. You are amazing! I just recommended “Slammed” to a lady in my book club and “Hopeless” to another. Your work just makes life a little bit brighter!

  32. The moment you realize that the book your reading right now…is total crap. I can wait for Maybe Someday. I think I need to go read Hopeless again for the 10th time.

  33. OHMYGOODNESSSSS!!! AHHGHKDJDKJBJKEEHFDKJFLKSJFKSH!!!! THIS IS FREAKING CRAZY!!! Yayy Finding Cinderella print books! I can’t wait to meet you on Saturday! (And maybe even get a picture taken with you? And will you pretty please sign my books?) Lol!

  34. Wow! Wow! Wow! That is outstanding news! Good for you and us! I loved, loved, loved Finding Cinderella (and your other books too!) but now I can have them ALL in print and give the whole butterflying set to my sister, sister-in-law, and best friend for their birthday’s this year! Thank you to all the persuasion to make this happen :)

  35. Love it! You rock! You are SO my idol right now…well not really because the whole ‘idol’ thing creeps me out and nobody should let someone else be their idol…I mean be your OWN idol for gosh sakes. But I digress….there was a breath and some sort of proper punctuation in there somewhere. Love it–can’t wait for the extras! Kinda mad at ya right now. Want to know what Daniel’s gonna say next…congrats!

  36. Congrats! You are such an amazing author. Not only did you make me look really cool when the kids at our High School, that I have this amazing job getting to work there with our great students, when they start talking about Slammed poetry and I just went with it because I had read your books and could get into the conversation with them. They were in awe of this “old lady” who got it. We wound up having a “Slammed” assembly! It rocked!!!
    Now my husband has done the most amazing thing – I get to meet you and go to the concert!!!! Holy cow!!! He bought tickets for my daughter-in-love to take me because I will only be a couple of weeks post op from major surgery but they didn’t want me to miss it!! Like I said pretty amazing but that’s what they do when you have been married for 35 years and they don’t want you disappointed. I can’t wait until March when you are finally here in Portland. I love every single one of your books and can’t wait for the next one. You take really hard subject matter and make the most amazing stories. Thank you for everything you have written and you deserve all that you are reaping!! See you soon ;-)

  37. OMG!!! So it is going to get printed, OMG that’s the best news I’ve heard all day!!!

    How can we not read your books? You are so amazing! Thank you so much for giving us Finding Cinderella, I even had my brother reading it and he loved it. I can’t wait to hold he actual book in my hands. Thank you so very much!

  38. Safe travels to New Orleans. It’s a great place, I should know I spent about 15 years of my life there!

    So what does this edge of my seat epilogue mean for us readers who already received a copy of Finding Cinderella? Will we get a Kindle update?!

  39. I won a copy of Finding Cinderella in NOLA, but I am not going to miss out on this Epilogue!! I just pre-ordered!! Thank you for everything Colleen!

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