Free and new and just for you!

I wrote a short story from Eddie’s point of view.  It’s more or less an epilogue to the Slammed series.  It’s included in an anthology of several other short stories by some pretty awesome authors.  Make sure you download it while it’s free, even if you haven’t read the Slammed series yet.  You never know when you might have the urge to read some short stories, and this book has over thirty of them!  If it’s not showing up for free on your foreign platform yet, give it time.  Might take a few hours or days, but hopefully not weeks.




Harry Connick Jr

Here’s the cover.  Isn’t it pretty?


30 thoughts on “Free and new and just for you!

  1. Just read it about an hour ago. Amazing!! It makes me want MORE MORE MORE!!!!! You’ve set up a couple great storylines for Caulder & Kel. Run with them! Write them!!! We need more😍

  2. Thank you so much! It is so pretty! You are awesome! Thank you for sharing this with us and your fantastic giveaways! I haven’t won one yet…..but I’m sure trying! ;)
    I love all your books and have them in Kindle, Nook, and paperbacks! Can’t wait for Maybe Someday! Is Harry going to join you on one of your tours…..;) I want to make sure I’m there for that one, especially if Griffin will be there too!

  3. I’ve read/own them all and tell everyone I know to read your books! Loved reading Eddie’s POV. I miss the Slammed gang.

  4. Ok – so it wasn’t a teaser to Maybe Someday…but it pacified me a teensy weensy bit! That family will forever be my favorite!

  5. Would absoultley love to win maybe someday! :) thanks for all the awesome give aways, and sharing your amazing words with us

  6. Thanks so much for this great little story. Eddie just loves life and appreciates everyone she has!!!! Thanks so much for telling us about Julia and also all the other characters. You are the Best.

  7. I haven’t read it yet; but, I can’t wait to start it soon. I just entered my first give away contest a few minutes ago.. That would be cool if I won; but, even if I don’t. I tried. I hope you have an amazing day everyone!

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