Okay.  So I guess Atria is taking this to the mattresses.  The “mattresses” being a public town hall meeting.  Nice.

I’ll be there.

Atria will be there.

I hope, oh I hope, I hope all of you will be there with LOTS of meme reinforcement!

Let’s settle this once and for all.

Who will win? (This is a rhetorical question.  Of course the CoHort’s will win. I’ll make sure of it.)

Join me next week, share this flyer, share this post.  We’ve almost got this in the bag.  Oh, and I have a SUPER EXCITING announcement I’ll reveal during the town hall meeting.  Don’t miss it!  Harry will be there waiting on the DVR when we’re all done and we finally get our way.  ;)


Sarah Grace Maglanque January 29, 2014 at 4:40 PM

This is awesome! :)

I’ll be there…. I don’t have any MEME’s …. but I’ll BEG them to print it!!!
Here’s the deal Atria… Colleen Hoover’s books SELL in digital and print formats and the READERS WILL CONTINUE buying her books for prices greater than they usually spend because they are HER books and we KNOW WE WILL LOVE THEM! We NEED FINDING CINDERELLA! I’ll be there to BEG! :)

butterflying love this!

I finally joined twitter just for this!

I’ll be there!!! 😃

Well after their tweeted reply to me today I would say they are at the end of their rope. #findingcinderella #cohortsaremilitant

I will be there ;)

Sandy Roman Borrero January 24, 2014 at 2:27 PM

Posted it on my blog. I’ll be there!

I am such a book nerd! Literally – like literally broke out in goosebumps reading this!

I love your attitude. You just get it done.

Amazing!! Now for twitter live lessons!!

Wow awesome! Atria is the perfect publisher for you! I live you and them SO much! That live was a typo, but SO fitting so I left it! ❤️ You guys! Can’t wait!!

I have nothing printable to say to them.

Lol. Will be there, CoHo. How cool. You’re just like a JoLo, etc. Wow!! You are a celebrity!!! But a much nicer one!

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