Video surprise and huge giveaway! Don’t want to miss this one.

If I haven’t said it enough, I am SO excited for the release of Maybe Someday.  I want everyone else to be just as excited as Griffin and I are for this project, so we put together this little video to help spread the word.

If you want to be entered into the giveaway, just share the link for this blog post on Facebook or Twitter and come back to comment on this post with where you shared it.

Three winners (One grand prize and two runners-up) will be chosen from the blog comments on Friday.  All three winners will receive a print copy of Finding Cinderella and a signed print copy of Maybe Someday.  (Upon publication)

The Grand Prize winner will also receive their choice of a Kindle Fire or an iPad Mini!!

Also, let us know in a comment on the youtube video how excited you are and I’ll be choosing one winner from the youtube comments to win a copy of Finding Cinderella.

Once again, thank y’all for the support and sharing in our enthusiasm.  And Merry Christmas!!!

741 thoughts on “Video surprise and huge giveaway! Don’t want to miss this one.

  1. Very anxious to read your book..I also liked and shared on Facebook as I don’t do Twitter.I also noticed that I miss out on 5 points because I already follow your blog and the giveaway is asking for new members only or how does that work…Thank you either way for letting me be part of your giveaway…

  2. Thanks for the opportunity. This is an amazing giveaway. Love you Colleen! Would love to win this!! Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please Pretty please??? With a cherry on top? :)

  3. I Shared on both twitter and facebook – Does that mean I get double the chance of winning ;-) I’d love to win as I never win anything and what a Christmas present!! x

  4. When you put your words in your novel, there’s also soul in it. Like making a lyrics and want to come out. Be bare with it for everyone you want inspire. You inspire me Colleen. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known Avett Brothers. Their lyrics taught about friendship, life, lost and love. and Griffin. Damn he is HOT. He’s giving me eargasm. Not just he is hot but like You and Avett brothers, He puts his soul to his songs. Shared on both facebook and twitter!

    1. Absolutely can not to read more of your words!! I have read and re-read all of your books and they get me every. single. time. Must have more!!!

  5. Reasons why I’m so excited for your book to release? AND get a chance to win them?
    Let’s see….
    I FAILED one of my finals. I think i wasted a year because of it.
    My ‘best friend’ abandoned me for another girl. My best friend since FIFTH GRADE.
    I’m down with the flu!
    I don’t get to celebrate Christmas or New Year!! :O :O
    This is the best news I’ve gotten this whole week.
    I’d love to win.
    I can’t wait for it to release in India! Like,live and love your books!
    Thank you for the chance at winning all these amazing books! You are butterflying awesome!
    I hope YOU had a great week =D
    I posted it !! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me? I wanna feel what it feels like to win something. :(

    1. Wait, WHAT?! Did i read that right!? =O
      A kindle fire or an iPad Mini are PLUS your books are up for grabs?
      I must be in a fool’s paradise.

  6. You deserve a standing ovation! You are such a brilliant writer! My sister was the one who introduced me to you. She was injured that time and she was so devastated of what happened to her, but then she read your books. She started with the Slammed series and fell in love with it. She wrote you a letter to compliment your writing. You replied to her and that made her happy. She started regaining her energy to be well that time. I was surprised to see how much she loved reading books now cause the last time I checked she was not even a fan of reading unlike me. She knows how much I love to read books so she recommended it to me. I read it. I loved it! WOW! Then we both read the Hopeless series and that’s the time we realize that we were really in love by your writing. Reading your books became my stress reliever after work. I’m really excited for the new one, but I know it’s worth the wait. Keep doing what you do best. Believe me, you’re worth it! More power to you Colleen!


    I Tweetered But My Phone Won’t Let Me Copy The Link So I’m Crossing My Fingers I’ll Still Be Entered, Plus I Tagged You So Hopefully You See It!!! Twitter Name Is @Glandavazo

  8. I just watched the YouTube on the album corresponding to the book!! What a fabulous idea Ms Colleen!! I love it!! And I am one of those readers who look up your songs and artists mentioned in your books as well as the other authors who do the same!! :) It does add to the scene/characters/emotions being expressed or experienced by the reader!! I think it adds so much more “personal” connections to our fictional favorites!! :) Having the links available in the e-reader form just makes it so much easier for the reader to experience it simultaneously!! Thanks again for being an awesome author and allowing us to get lost in the worlds/characters you create for us!!! Can’t wait for Maybe Someday!! Merry Christmas xoxoxo

  9. You’ve given me so much
    to remember
    you’ve made me feel like
    we’re going to live
    happily ever after.

    But I want you to know,
    you’ve made me so happy.

    For all the wonderful things
    you’ve shown me,
    and the good memories
    you’ll be leaving for me.

    Maybe someday, let us see…

    and this poem is for you colleen

    in short it means thank you

    i shared it on Twitter

    (That would look totally dumb if the
    would not work)


  11. Shared on facebook – I am not the only one excited – you have some HS students that cannot wait to read your new books and I love when they come to the library and we talk about your books and your writing!!!

    Ana Grubac
    I am SUPER excited for the upcoming release of Maybe Someday – written by no other than Colleen Hoover. And not only that – I might get signed copies of her new books – the only ones I haven’t read so far!!!

    Like · · Share · a few seconds ago ·

  12. Great video. I love the whole concept! There have been books that I’ve read where characters in them write songs and there are song lyrics included, but you can’t really understand what the song is supposed to sound like simply by the lyrics. So this will be awesome! :)
    Shared on Twitter.

  13. Thank you so much for another amazing giveaway! I have loved all of your books so far and can’t wait to read Maybe Someday as well as meet you in St. Louis next year!! I shared on FB and twitter!

  14. 😃📖 (Facebook) shared! Please Colleen! I’m having big time withdrawals I started reading slammed again!!! I love you!! <3

  15. Yay!! So excited. Such a beatiful idea. And the chance to listen to the music while we are reading the book. Briliant!! I can’t wait for you to swept me away one more time. Thank you :-)

  16. shared on FB… loved the video, so professional and you look amazing…. No one else post cause your looking at the grand prize winner… lol…. good luck to us all…. Merry Christmas Colleen

  17. Oh my god Becky!!! I love big giveaways and I can not lie!! You other contenders can’t deny when Colleen post a new blog you get sprung ha … I’m so excited this is so cool thank you babe

  18. Funny I saw the YouTube video on Griffin’s twitter and immediately shared it on Facebook tagging a few friends without twitter I know can’t wait for Maybe Someday! THEN I saw the sharing contest!!! Lol. I cannot wait for the music/words to fill my head and make me happy!!!!!

  19. So excited for You Colleen and for Griffin! Looking forward to more original music and Maybe Someday! March 18th – I won’t forget (it’s also my grandfather’s Bday). Posted on facebook (clworkman4) and Twitter (@clworkman) and will keep posting until March! Thank you!

  20. Shared on FB and Twitter..! I freaking love this video so much.! And i can’t wait for Maybe Someday to come. 2014 will be the best year..!

  21. This is butterflying awesome! Thank you so much for the chance to win! Wishing you & your family a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!! ( shared on Facebook)

  22. I love the idea of a book and music going together. Even more so that the music in Maybe Someday will be the music of the characters! Music and reading are the two outlets in life for me. I can’t wait to read and listen to Maybe Someday. Shared via Facebook

  23. OMG! I don`t if I`m more excited for Maybe Someday or Griffin Peterson`s album! THANK YOU Colleen for introducing him to us! His voice is pure perfection. And he is sooooo cute <3 LOL :D

    I shared this post on FB, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest :)

  24. Sharing on Facebook. I cannot get over how addictive your books are. Rereading Hopeless today for her birthday celebration.

  25. Wow! Another amazing giveaway! Finding Cinderella was my favorite book this year! I would LOVE to have a copy for my shelf! The concept for the Maybe Someday book/album is brilliant! I can’t wait! I’m one of the readers who found & loved the Avett Brothers through Slammed & think it’s awesome to see Griffin’s success grow along side yours! Merry Christmas to you both!! *crosses fingers for that grand prize! Have wanted an iPad for a while*

  26. Shared on twitter. Can’t wait for it to come out! I always love books that have songs written in them! I can’t tell you how many times I listened to fallen too far over and over again. I love when you guys have people write original songs for books :)

  27. Not sure if i’m supposed to comment here or on Youtube, so i’ll do both. I shared the link on Facebook. Can’t wait to read Maybe Someday. Love the music so far that i’ve heard from Griffin.

  28. Shared it on facebook!!! I’m sooooooooo loking for march to arrive alredy, can’t wait to have two of my favorites things rolled up in one!!! A book by Colleen and music by Griffin!! Just.Freaking.Amazing!!!

  29. I just shared again via e-mail with about 70 friends we are big readers and music lovers. Hope it helps spread the word. This is so exciting for all of us.

  30. Also shared on twitter! 📚📚📚📚📚📚💁 Colleen you are the best! Thanks for doing give always all the time!

  31. Shared on Facebook! You never cease to butterflying amaze me! I’m so pumped to read and listen to Maybe Someday. The anticipation is driving me crazy! Thank you so much for this opportunity. Merry Christmas, Colleen!

  32. I shared on Facebook. I’m beyond fricken excited for this flipping book to be out already. You’re killing me Coho and it’s a slow oh so slow and painful death.

  33. Shared on FB.

    I can’t wait for the new singles to be released in a few weeks! I’m in Trouble is still playing on repeat for me daily, and now I’ve already got Maybe Someday stuck in my head, just from the clips you’ve shared. Sooooo excited!

  34. I just shared the link on Twitter! Can’t wait for Maybe Someday (the book and CD)! Also, I might hyperventilate if I won a copy of Finding Cinderella. It would be the best Christmas present EVER! :D

  35. Shared on both my twitter and fb profile! I’m so excited for a chance to win printed books especially Finding Cinderella. That was so intensely emotional.

  36. I am so incredibly proud of how far you and Griffin have come. You both are incredible role models for the genre you write for and show that you can do what you love and be successful.

  37. I nearly cried watching the video. I am a new author and when Griffin said there would be links where the songs went with the book I shook. I had been thinking alot about adding music to go along with my book. I have a soundtrack up on YouTube for it and everything! You are brilliant and I know that this book is going to make one heck of an impact! Reading is such a huge part of my life and so is music so the combo seemed natural.

    I know it’s going to be a great success! Congrats Colleen!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity with the giveaway! It’s amazing!

  38. I love every single one of your books and I’m sure Maybe Someday will be no different!!! I love the fact that this book is I guess you could say interactive?!? Can’t wait, I am so excited!!!! Great job to you and Griffin both on bringing our readif experience to a whole new level!!

  39. I seriously can’t wait till January to hear the rest of Maybe Someday and Hold on to You. And I can’t wait till March 18 to purchase the whole album and listen to it alongside the book. You and Griffin are so butterflying awesome!!!!! Oh yeah, and I shared this on Twitter

    MAYBE SOMEDAY by Colleen Hoover Video surprise and huge giveaway! Don't want to miss this one. via @wordpressdotcom— Jenn R (@4rpr3volution) December 18, 2013

  40. Shared on twitter/FB… I am very excited for the release of Maybe Someday. Thanks for the chance to win :) Happy Holidays!

  41. I cannot wait to read and listen to Maybe Someday. Combining music and books is one of the most genius ideas in todays book market. And I think it is fantastic that Griffin has specifically written this soundtrack for the book – I cannot wait to hear it!

  42. Shared on Facebook and Twitter but anyways I’m so excited for you two and this seems like a really awesome consent I love the links that will go straight to the song as well as the barcodes if you get the paperback well anyway wish you guys the best of luck!!! I love me my music and books so this is like the Holy Grail for me.

  43. So excited about this give away! My son, who is 5, sings and LOVEs Griffin Peterson’s songs. I adore the music and the books. Counting the days Til march 18!

  44. Ok, I love the give aways and it’s beautiful. I’m commenting because I have to comment. This is the best IDEA EVER!! I’m super excited for this book and how you brought us a little closer to the characters by having access to the music that reflects the character and how they communicate. Beautiful , Beautiful and BRILLANT!!! My calendar is set and I’m preordering ASAP!!

  45. Shared on Facebook, from Griffin your page! March18 cannot get here soon enough! I can’t wait to read this book and listen to all the songs!!! So excited!

  46. I shared it on twitter. I am so excited for this book and album! I love love love that we’ll be able to listen to the music while we read along.

  47. I shared on fb and twitter! I am so excited to experience this book/music!! Also, thanks for the chance in the giveaway!

  48. Shared on Facebook. I am so excited for all of this!! I think I just might have to get the ebook and paperback on this one. Colleen and Griffin are the greatest!!

  49. Shared on Twitter! Can not wait to read and listen! I can only imagine what an amazing experience that will be! Soundtrack for a book?!?! YES PLEASE!!!

  50. Oh my goodness! I can not wait for this! Mrs. Colleen Hoover, anything you write I will read even if the book had no cover or synopsis. And Griffin, I’ll buy your album and I’m so excited for this since watching you on American Idol.

  51. Not sure how you keep topping your genius but you have done it again. I shared it on twitter and FaceBook. I’m also going to send it to The Ellen Show.

  52. Shared on Facebook!!! I’m in constant awe of you, Colleen Hoover and I. CANNOT. FLIPPIN’. WAIT. to experience more of your brilliance!!! Griffin is lucky to have you as the champion and cheerleader of his talent (as were The Avett Brothers!)…and to be a collaborator with you on Maybe Sunday!!! What a fantastic idea – you freakin’ ROCK!!! Much love <3

  53. Just shared on Facebook with the link and posted : For all my friends who loved Losing Hope and Hopeless, Colleen Hoover has another book coming out with a soundtrack to go with it too! So excited!

    I can’t stop recommending the books! I loved them! Even my friends who are not big romance readers, loved them too!

    1. Btw….if I need to post a link to my fb page, I’m screwed. I am not technologically savvy at all. But I promise I shared. Lol

  54. I shared on twitter. Video surprise and huge giveaway! Don’t want to miss this one. I am excited to read this book and even preordered it Love having music to go with the book. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

  55. I am so excited for this. What an amazing idea to have Griffin sings songs that will go with the story! Now only if the book would come out sooner. I already know I will love this!

    FYI shared on twitter :)

  56. shared it on Twitter and FB
    When I was in a bookstore and saw Slammed I think the cover was really pretty so I quickly bought it, when I was really into it, I didn’t make any second thinking to buy all of your books so now, here I am waiting For Maybe Someday with comes with Music, which I am excited for! The Story and Music excites me! can’t wait and Thank you :)

  57. Shared on fb. This is so exciting. I think this concept is going to launch a new branch in publishing and cross marketing!

  58. I love the idea of a story and music going together. If you think about it, the best songs tell a story and make a connection to a listener just like a great book. Thank you for thinking outside the box and being brave enough to make it happen.

  59. Also I shared on both fb and twitter. Seriously cannot wait for this books! Itching to read it now but I know it will be an awesome book and well worth the wait!

  60. Shared it already on my FB and twitter and I will on the other social media site I have!! Anyways I am excited about this one. I love the way Colleen Hoover writings, I love each and every character she made! I love the story and the drama of all of it!! ;) … and I love most of all how each words drawn me all the time. So now I am very ecstatic to grab a copy of this new story she made and the MUSIC “Oh my freaking GOD!! i be I will not just love it, but maybe I will “LIVE” it!! … Can’t wait! Thanks Colleen for sharing your beautiful amazing story to all of us!!

  61. I BUTTERFLYING LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!! shared on twitter and fb…. can’t wait for Maybe Someday to be out! i need a Hoover fix LOL

  62. Just shared with everyone on my Twitter list! So excited about Maybe Someday! As with all of your books, I’m gonna love it!

  63. Eek so excited. It will sure be worth the wait! Can’t beat getting lost in a good book and I have a feeling this one will be the best yet!! Will be counting down the days! Such an awesome writer!

  64. Shared on Facebook and Twitter! I didn’t see the part about a signed Maybe Someday too, so exciting!! I hope to win, you know how much I LOVE your books. Griffins voice is pretty freakin amazing too! 💜💙❤️

  65. Every story you write is filled with angst, romance, and the right touch of humor. I’ve enjoyed every thing I’ve read by you and can’t tell you just how excited I am for Maybe Someday. Also, wow. Griffin’s voice sounds like a blend of Jack Johnson and John Mayer (listening to their voices helps me to relax). I’ve happily shared the link to this blog post on my Facebook account and I’m keeping my fingers double and triple-crossed!


  66. So excited!!
    I shared on both Facebook and Twitter!!
    I really really want a copy of Finding Cinderella!! Fingers crossed! 🙌 😊

  67. I am so excited about this book I love music and reading so there is nothing better then both in one book can’t wait to read it

  68. Ok – wrote the date down, March 18th is in my calendar now too. Looking forward to this book, love what you are doing with the music/links/QR code! Very exciting time! And shared on Facebook and Twitter too @maryannarch

  69. I tweeted and shared on Facebook! I can’t wait for the book to release! And I’m still waiting to hear when you are coming to Nashville for a book signing……”Maybe Someday” soon…….see what I did there?! I’m a little giddy!

  70. I shared this on Twitter and commented on Youtube! Congratulations on this book collaboration! I can’t wait until March 18th!!! Love you guys!!!

  71. Can’t wait to read this one. Love your books Colleen! You introduced me to the awesome The Avett Brothers by using their lyrics in Slammed. ❤️

  72. Ahh I love you guys so much!!! Griffin is just a cutie!! Thank you so much for all of your awesome giveaways and I hope you guys have a safe and Happy Holiday!!!

    Shared on my Facebook page!!

  73. I shared on twitter!! I am soooo super uber excited for Maybe Someday! <3 I listened to the music samples and fell in love!

  74. Shared on Facebook AND Twitter!!! Hope to get on YouTube later for an extra entry!!! Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!!!

  75. Shared on both Twitter and Facebook Ms. Coho! I can’t wait for this book…:D I just finished Hopeless and I love the idea of writing an original song for a book…<3's you so very much. Thank you for be so giving of yourself to us readers…!!!

  76. Shared on Facebook! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway! Hope you and your family have a very happy holiday and a happy new year!

  77. Shared it on Facebook! I cannot wait to get my hands on this book! I’m ready to buy it on my kindle but the book worm in me wants it in my grubby little hands, to have and to hold and make my heart warm!