5,000 reviews? Holy crap!

HOPELESS has just hit 5,000 reviews on Amazon!  After only three months of release, that’s freaking amazing.  Thank you so much to everyone who decided to leave a review after reading that book.

It also got me to thinking about how I heard once that 1% of readers actually take the time to review books.  5,000 readers is 1% of 500,000 people!  So I checked and sure enough, Hopeless has just surpassed half a million ebooks in worldwide sales.  Half a million people have read that book!


A freaking.



That’s a lot of people.  More people than I know or will ever know or will ever meet.  You would have to meet half a person a day for a million days to meet half a million people. That’s like 125,000 whole puppies cut into fourths. That’s like the population of Las Vegas.  Or Sacramento.  It’s like if you counted all the limbs of 125,000 people, assuming they still have all their limbs, you would have half a million limbs.  It’s like 499,000 more people than fans of Nickelback. It’s like a quarter of two million people, which is how many people it takes to make half a million people if a whole lot of them die.

My point is… half a million people!

That makes me feel really nervous.

I think I need to give away my very last, unreleased galley copy of HOPELESS as a big thank you to all you HALF A FREAKING MILLION PEOPLE that read this book.  Lucky for you, I don’t have half a million followers, so your chances aren’t bad. Just comment below with whatever the heck you want to comment with and you just might be the lucky winner of the last galley copy.  <3


385 thoughts on “5,000 reviews? Holy crap!

  1. I waaaaaaant!!!! Please let me win that copy! I’m so inlove with that book and im so inlove with Dean Holder!!!!!! Please!!!! Congrats Colleen! You deserve it. Hopeless is amazing and also your other books! Stay awesome!-Klarisse Bitantes

  2. Colleen, you deserve half a million copies sold and a whole lot more. Hopeless was beyond amazing. You are even more beyond amazing as you wrote it. Congratulations!~ <3

  3. You always manage to leave me laughing with your hilarious blog posts. Hopless was every bit as amazing as the person who wrote it. Congratulations on your mind-blowing accomplishment!

  4. That is so exciting! Your book deserves to be read by half million people it was amazing and I loved it!! Def one of those books that I will re-read throughout the years!

  5. Huge congrats!!! Doesn’t surprise me at all though – you are an amazing writer and I have recommended Hopeless soooo many times.

  6. Do you have a tattoo on your wrist?!? What does it say?? It looks like: and go for it. But I can’t see that well. Anyway! Sooooooooooooo want to win this. Pretty, pretty, pretty please? Promise I’ll give it a great home on my fav bookshelf.

    1. It says, “And go be it.” It’s a lyric out of an Avett Brothers song called “Head full of doubt, road full of promise.” The whole lyric says, “Decide what to be, and go be it.” It’s what made me start writing SLAMMED.

      1. Such an awesome inspiration for a story!!! Does this band know how much you love them and what this has started?!? Cause they should :)

  7. Congrats on all your success, you deserve it. I have read all of your books and I love them! I was never really into reading until now. Can’t wait until your new books come out… I have already pre-ordered them!!

  8. One of the most amazing books I have ever read.. and one of the hardest to read. I cannot say enough about how the book both touched and changed my life!! I love all of your books!! But then, your from Texas right.. We Texans can do some amazing things!! And BTW… I grew up in Sulphur Springs… my aunt and uncle as well as my dad still live there, and we still have a farm in Paris!!

  9. you really have great books that teach me about life. and thank you for introducing me to the avett brothers in slammed and POR. and in hopeless? I’ve learnt to look at the sky when i’m upset because i know that it’ll always be there and beautiful

  10. It’s an UH-MAZ-ING read!! My heart flutters when I think about it. *swoooon* mmmmm Holder!! I need to go pick me up a Paperback copy it has recently dropped in Australia. But a sign copy from you would be the ultimate!! And would make my YEAR!! Just saying… No pressure… Anyways have a great Easter !!

  11. Wow! You should be elected as president and all the readers will elect you. Your books are really good-great-greatest-best-awesome nd mindblowing! Love lots Colleen!

  12. Well deserved Colleen, Hopeless was such a wonderful story. Can’t wait for Losing Hope! Congratulations on all your success!

  13. I waaaaaaant!!!! Please let me win that copy! I’m so inlove with that book and im so inlove with Dean Holder!!!!!! Please!!!! Congrats Colleen! You deserve it. Hopeless is amazing and also your other books! Stay awesome!

  14. My name is SUNDAE for crying out loud! I need this book! I have the ebook but I need the actual copy. I plan on reading this again on the plane to Hawaii for my honeymoon so can I have this book! This book for THIS GIRL to read on the plane! Please!


  16. I’m so happy for you!!! You deserve it, your books are amazing. I cannot wait to read hopeless, forcing myself to wait until it’s released in paperback, so I can have a copy of it on my bookshelf. I know I’m just gonna love it. Congrats!!!!!!

  17. Congratulations! Your book is amazing and one of the best I’ve ever read! I have it on Kindle but since I love it so much I want a hard copy too! Lol :D

  18. Congrats rockstar!

    By the way, so sorry I said I loved your boobs!! Unless.. you want me to love your boobs? Whatever it takes to win that last copy ;)

    In my defense though, your last post was totally titillating. Ok, I’ll stop with the boob talk now.

    Congrats again Colleen =)

  19. First of all a HUGE congratulations to you and your fabulous book! 2nd I’m actually in the middle of reading this FABULOUS book and crying! I’m freaking crying!!! (Best first for me!) 😂 I think it’s amazing you care about your fans enough to do this fabulous giveaway and took the time to thank us! You, dear are wonderful and deserve to have over a million people read this book! The story is amazing and nothing like I’ve read! I get a lot of books (that I still love) but the stories are so much a like I get them mixed up! But Hopeless Is defeinietly a story I will never get mixed up with, with any other book! Thank YOU for writing this book!! AMAZING!!! If I could text you right now I would tell you ” this book was the worst book I’ve ever read! It was so easy to put down!)” in holders voice of course hahah. Sooo for anyone wanting to read a book that’ll have you laughing, crying, and adding a book boyfriend to your list, this is defeinietly the one!!! Congratulations again!!!!! ❤ p. s. I LIVE this book 💋

  20. Woohoo!!! That is amazing!! Though now I feel bad for not writing a review… Guess that is what I’ll be doing when I get up in the morning.
    Congrats Colleen!!! You deserve 5,000 more!

  21. Most people I know that have read it, have read it multiple times. Soo … your book has been read a lot. A. Freaking. Lot. Congrats, Colleen! You deserve it.

  22. I knew from the moment I read the first sentence I would be in LOVE with Hopeless. You are a fantastic author and truly an inspiration. You deserve ALL the success in the world and I’m so happy, proud, and excited for you!! Congratulations on Half. A. Freakin’. Million. Readers!!!!!! (*squeal of joy*)

  23. You’re the cutest!!
    Hopeless deserved all the reviews and more! It was seriously by far the greatest book I’ve ever read. The amount of goosebumps and tears it left me with was countless. You’re amazing!!!

  24. That’s a huge number, but small for such an amazing book. Hopeless is the first book I have ever told friends they HAD to read, not that they should read if they were looking for something different. Thank you for being you and telling beautiful stories. You have given me that last kick in the ass to seriously sit down and right. I owe you girl. :)

  25. I am HOPELESS without Colleen Hoovers books! ABSOLUTLY the BEST AUTHOR!! She is ” THAT GIRL” with her there is no “POINT OF RETREAT” The rest of the world is ” SLAMMED shut when you get lost in a COLLEEN HOOVER BOOK! Get all of her books you won’t be left disappointed!

  26. Your story is absolutely amazing. I’m.glad so many people have been smart enough to figure that out. Is be lucky to.win buy if not ill still remain a fan of your work!!!

  27. Oooo…to get my hands and eyes on that copy of Hopeless…that would be one butterflying awesome thrill! I think I’ve told half a million people about that book…okay, at least my 400 FB friends, all my coworkers, and anyone else who will listen… I love it so much. What a wonderful, wonderful read!


  29. Holy cow! That’s freaking awesome! This gives new meaning to the ass spanking intro on Nightline! Who’s holding the whip now!!??!! ;)

  30. If I feel strongly about a book, I write reviews. I do this as a courtesy to my fellow readers. I know I rely on reviews others have left to choose the books I read. I LOVED your books, so naturally I left reviews for them, on both amazon and goodreads. Some super smart person should create an app the allows you to write one review and post it to amazon, goodreads, and Barnes and Noble with just one click.

  31. Congratulations!!!
    I can only imagine how exciting it would be to have your very own creation read and loved by so many people over the world!!
    Would love a book number 2 though..

  32. Omgg. Congratulations. Hopeless deserves more than a million readers, Colleen! I’m so happy for you!

    Can’t wait for Losing Hope and This Girl! <3

  33. Congratulations :) you deserve every bit of praise and recognition. Hopeless was such an awesome book-I laughed, cried, yelled and had my heart stop many a time! Thank you :)

  34. Congratulations! It is such a wonderful, moving story! Can’t wait for Losing Hope! Hopeless is one of my all time favorite books!

  35. Congratulations! You are an amazing author, and this is one of my all time favorite books! Can’t wait for Losing Hope!

  36. Since its your very last copy, how about i just give you my address and we can forget about this whole giveaway idea?? ;) lol Seriously though – CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  37. Congratulations! Gob bless you and may He continue blessing you with more talent to share with those of us that follow you and enjoy reading your awesome stories!…Keep up the great work cuz as long as you write the way you do, I will keep reading and enjoying your books, and spreading the word of how great of an author you are! =)

  38. OKAY SERIOUSLY THIS IS SUCH AWESOME NEWS!!!! I’m so happy for you right now. I really like cows and Hopeless and I think it would be so great if you would pick me because then at least I’d have one of those things. My Mom won’t let me get a cow. ): Congrats, Colleen! <33

  39. Best book ive read so far. Hands down. I hope i can meet my own Dean Holder someday. Congrats! Stay awesome!

  40. Must be an amazing feeling! Congrats. Love all your books. I hope that more things inspire you to write more novels.

  41. I am not surprised considering how many butterflying visitors you have on this site!! More than half a million. You deserve it, this book is awesome, but I think we need to deflate Holders ego because half a million people reading and fantasizing over him my go to his head!!

  42. I’m one of the 500,000 people who read your book and left a review on Amazon. Your book is amazing. It was so amazing that I recommended the book to my cousin and she loved it too. I’m waiting to This Girl to comes so I can start reading Slammed. Love love love.

  43. –I’m not surprised so many people have read hopeless because its fantastic. One of the best books i’ve ever read and i tell everone about it!!! Keep up the good work – we want more books! X

  44. Hot damn! That’s a lot of reviews! And we’re all still waiting for Holders story to come out! So add another half million :)

  45. You’re such a talented and amazing writer…Thanks for sharing with us the story of Holder and Hope… it is one of my favorite books ever. So. thank you again for creating this amazing characters and for let us, as reader, transport to their world

  46. Thank you so MUCH! And CONGRATS!! I lived Hopeless and it was amazing and awesome and wonderful and tragic and sad… wish I could go on but my fingers would soon fall off! :D Again congrats and hope Hopeless surpasses that and into those MILLIONS!

  47. Congratulations. I didn’t write a review on amazon but I did on goodreads. I will copy and paste in on amazon and barns and nobles. Continue to write stories worth reading.

  48. Awww, this book is so amazing! And, um, whoa. That’s A LOT of reviews. But I’m so happy for you!! Eeeep! And I’ve already seen the comments about your tattoo, so I’m just going to say that I like it, since I’ve already read what it says. I love when tattoos have meaning instead of just being totally random. More fun that way. :)


  49. Congratulations! I hope you can visit Philippines someday! Im just one of your filipino fans. I adore all your books <3

  50. Congratulations! I’m kinda sad that I never got a chance to meet you and have lunch before you became a mega, mega NYT best selling author!! I can’t wait to read more of your work though.

  51. Wow! Colleen I can’t imagine the feeling of this but I must say that it’s well deserved! Congratulations!!! Thank you for writing such an amazing story one that I will treasure always!

  52. Congrats!!! You fully deserve such Honor’s and are a truly gifted author. Love your amazing books and looking forward to Will’s story.

  53. Amazing! Incredible! Fantastic! WOW! Awesome! And SO VERY deserved!! LOVED this book so much! Congratulations Colleen … And here’s to many more wonderful books and many more millions of readers!!! Ps hanging out for This Girl and Losing Hope .. Can’t wait!!

  54. Half a million, MILLION. – that’s A LOT. O_O
    Now I’d usually say I’ve got my fingers-crossed to win this thing but heck, I’ve got my fingers broken from too much crossing and I still haven’t won anything. oh sigh, so I’ll just say congrats to the winner.. Sheeshhh, you’ll be really lucky and I hope I have that kind of luck. (and yep, this is me still trying to be hopeful to win this one)

    Thanks Ms. Colleen! :)

  55. Congratulations!!! Why are you surprised? The book was F’ing awesome!!! I would have been surprised if less people then half a million would have comment.

    Thank you for bring us such an amazing story. You do rock Colleen!!!!

  56. that is totally amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeballs! woohooo, half a million congratulations Colleen, just imagine how many of those lovelys are going to be itching ‘like me’ to read Losing Hope! I mean seriously SERIOUSLY, July cannot come fast enough but that has just about as much to do with the fact that im turning 34! eekk, but yay for your 1/2 a million, and to your next million! woohoo and yippee!

  57. I have to say the whole “puppies cut in quarters” was a touch criminal minds but hey, that’s some spectacular maths!
    Anyway congrats, that’s a truly amazing accomplishment! :)

  58. Congrats, Colleen! You deserve this and so much more! Loved Hopeless and Slammed and am soooo anxious for more! Keep writing, you are the best!)))

  59. Congratulations! That is fantastic! I’ve read all your books and loved them. Keep writing and we will all keep reading! :-)

  60. WOOOOOW!!! That’s AWESOME!! like really AWESOME! congratulations. I’m very ashamed to say I still haven’t read the book. But really congrats, and I’m looking forward to read it :) You deserve all the best. If Hopeless is close to the greatness of Slammed then yeah you sure deserve it.

  61. Holy crap lady!!! That’s amazing!!! It’s awesome what word of mouth about a freaking fantastic book will do. I know I shamelessly tell anyone who even says the word book that they need to read you. CONGRATS!!!

  62. Congrats Colleen! I thought all your books were freaking amazing! Just retread Hopeless last week and couldn’t put it down like the first time I read it. Can’t wait for more from you!

  63. I absolutely butterflying loved this book and I can’t wait for July for Losing Hope! Congratulations and thank you for writing such amazing books!

  64. Ok you literally made me laugh out loud! Congratulations Colleen! I know you’re surprised by how popular Hopeless has become, but I’m not! I think all of your books have been incredible! I recommend them to everyone! Thank you for writing such amazing stories, and for keeping me laughing with your hilarious blog!

  65. Half a million is too much for me to imagine!!! Awesome. You totally deserve it, Colleen. Hopeless is such a wonderful book, I can’t wait for Losing Hope, which I’m sure will be amazing as well!

  66. Congratulation Colleen! That’s amazing. I won’t be at all surprised when 1 million people have read Hopeless cause it’s that awesome!! How many people have read Slammed & POR?!

  67. Congratulations Colleen, what an incredible accomplishment! Though I’m not surprised, it’s an amazing book (my favorite EVER!). Pretty soon it will be well into the millions. Keep doing what you’re doing — can’t wait to read whatever comes next!!

  68. Congratulations, Colleen! I’m not surprised-Hopeless is an amazing book. Can’t wait for Losing Hope!!

  69. Wow that’s an incredible number of people to have read the book in just 3 months! Congratulations :-) Hopeless is an amazing book & I can’t wait to read the next book!!

  70. I am so excited for you! You deserve it! The Nickelback comment….pure genius! I am hoping and praying I am healthy enough to make it to book bash and meet you. I suffer from kidney disease and kidney failure and am a frequent flyer at the hospital. Fingers crossed!!!!

  71. Holy Moly Guacamole!!! Congrats Colleen!! So well-deserved!! Thank you so much for the giveaway and have a Happy Easter weekend!! :)

    Tess xx

  72. Congrats! What am amazing and well deserved honor. You’re most definitely my favorite writer and I eagerly await every release (as I know many others do too)! Continued success.

  73. Congratulatons!!!! This is butterflying AWESOME!!!! Good thing you’re not cutting puppies into fourths ;) Crazy thing is…. It’s not over…. many more fans to come.

  74. That’s amazing and you so totally deserve it. Hopeless is an awesome book. I think i read it in less than 36 hours.

  75. How awesome would it be to win Hopeless? Butterflying amazeballs amazing, that’s how much. I LOVE Hopless & tell everyone I know to read it! Well, actually I tell them to read anything that you’ve written & since you wrote it…. You quickly became my favorite author after Slammed & POR & only reinforced it with Hopeless.

  76. OMG! That’s too freaking exciting! I am so glad to have stumbled upon this book. It is the best book I’ve read in years, and I’ve read a lot of books! I talked about this book so much, all of my friends had to read it, too. They loved it. We all live this book! LOL! I want to win this book in a huge way, pick me, pick me, I say a HALF A MILLION TIMES! PICK ME!

  77. That’s insane Colleen Congrats. You ate a fantastic writer and its really exciting to be one of the 500,000 who read Hopeless. Its a really awesome book and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a heartbreaking heart moving intense emotional rollercoster..I mean all of this in a good way of course. But it means the world to know that I’m one of the half a million people to have read your book. So Congrats Colleen!! Oh and just some advice take a deep relaxing breath and be proud you cab say you wrote a book that half a million people have read! :) <3

  78. It’s an amazing book, I’ve read it three times already… So if all of the people that downloaded your book read it as much as I have that would mean its been read 1.5 million times ;)

  79. That is soo awesome though not surprising. I have told all my reader friends to read it, I loved it and wanted to spread the word!! Yay you!!

  80. Congratulations! I think tha’ts awesome! Since I was lucky enuogh to win a copy of your book on goodreads, if I win this I will give it to my friend who’s obssessed with your book and was the one to recommend this amazing book. :D

  81. I’m commenting not to win, I already have a signed copy. But, I just want to tell you that someone with your talent deserves that half a million or and 499,000 non-nickleback fans ( the 999 fans are coming, they are just slow to the party). I hope you never stop writing and I’ll most definitely never stop buying your books!! I’m even thinking about getting some type of “hopeless” tattoo. And I only save my tattoos for books that have really made an impression on me!! Just gotta think up the design.

    1. I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for this book, too. You know, since it pretty much changed my families life. lol. I thought a tiny star on my pinky? You know, for the stars and the pinky-holding? I don’t know, though. Still contemplating.

  82. Your amazon and it was a well deserved amount of people to follow you! Keep up the amazing work! And I’m so happy for you!

  83. Congrats Colleen!
    I bet it’s even more people than that! Anyone that hasn’t read your books is completely deprived-they’re so amazing!

  84. Hopeless is simply amazing! I ranted and raved about your book and convinced tons of people they were missing out if they didn’t start reading your book right away. Once they read, they couldn’t agree more. You are an amazing author! I can’t wait to meet you at the Orlando Book Bash!!

  85. I am hopelessly in love with Hopeless! The book was amazing! Everyone that I have told to read it has always came back to me in tears thanking me for having them read the book. Colleen Hoover you truly are an amazing and gifted writer…. Thank you!

  86. Can’t wait to have that puppy in MY hands!! I was so floored by this book, I pre bought 2 copies to give away. Your words are truly gifts to all of us! Thanks & Happy Easter!

  87. Colleen, this is all so well-deserved!!!! Hopeless was beyond amazing… certainly the best book I read all last year! :) Your Slammed series was phenomenal, and I’ve already pre-ordered your next two books. Can. Not. Wait.
    Please never stop. Seriously. Never. You are a genius.

  88. I just love you Colleen Hoover! I love the way you write, you make me laugh and I love how excited you are. 5000 frickin reviews!!!! Frickin Fantabulous for you!!! Whoot Hoot!

  89. That is awesome and congrats. I yet think you should a write a book like your blogs…they are so funny, I would imagine I would laughing out loud with an entire book ( just something to think about…hint hint)

  90. Congratulations on the success of Hopeless. You certainly deserve it. Hopeless was AMAZING…definitely one of my favorites and a book I will read again. I cannot wait for Losing Hope.

  91. Congrats Colleen! That is super awesome!! I loved Hopeless and can’t wait for your next books. I need a Will and Holder fix!

  92. Wow! That’s so freaking awesome!!! I’m glad my girls&I are included in this #. Love HOPELESS & SLAMMED. Can’t wait to read what the boys have to say ^.^

  93. CONGRATS!!!!! I am not surprised, i knew there would be so many who would go from i live this book to i love this book.

  94. Colleen, this does not surprise me is the least bit….I tell everyone about “Hopeless” It is such an AWESOME story…I love it. I can not wait for your next book. :~)

  95. No kidding! That is a crap-ton of people! But a good book deserves to have as many people read it as possible – well deserved! I’ll continue to recommend your book and, who knows, in 3 more months you may double that number! Here’s hoping for Hopeless!

  96. Wow that is awesome!!! You deserve it for being such a great author! Literally can not wait for Will’s story :)

  97. “Hey, I will probably never meet you, cause HALF MILLION is crazy, but here is my comment, so make me win Hopeless MAYBE?” (I don’t know why I started thinking of this song but I did). I am curious about your tattoo though. will you show it to us sometimes? I haven’t left a review on amazon for Hopeless, but I left one on Goodreads.

  98. I LOVE all of your books!! You keep writing and I will keep reading. I’m not surprised you have that many reviews. Once someone reads their first book, you get a reader for life. We just want others to know what we already know, that your books ROCK!!!

  99. The above posts are going to inflate your ego so much, you’ll explode! We need to rectify this situation before you start suffering from delusions of grandeur.

    Your books suck ass. And your posts are really not that funny.

  100. Colleen, Congratulations! Your success is very much deserved! I am looking forward to reading more of your words!!! You are such a special person. Enjoy your weekend!

  101. I absolutely loved this book! It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. :)
    Congrats on the wonderful success, and to much more to come! I’m definitely going to start the Slammed series soon, for sure. :)

  102. That’s what you get when an amazing author writes an amazing story! Loved it and cannot wait to read more of your books.

  103. Imagine if you had continued with your thought of NOT writing. Congrats! Let’s just hope a whole lot of half a million people don’t die so we can replace them with a quarter of two million people. It wouldn’t be so nice ;)

  104. wow that’s amazing! Congratulations!! I love this book & I’m glad so many other people have read it and obviously loved it as much as I did!

  105. Thanks to some random oldies radio station, Peter, Paul & Mary won’t quit with their jam session in my head. So, here’s my comment:

    So kiss me and smile for me,
    Tell me that you’ll wait for me,
    Hold me like you’ll never let me go.

    I’m leaving on a jet plane
    I don’t know when I’ll be back again.
    Oh, babe, I hate to go.

    There. I hope you all get that stuck in your heads and we can all be doomed together. Toodles!

  106. That is amazing Colleen! OMG, I loved Hopeless, can’t wait for Losing Hope! And a copy of Hopeless would look mighty fine on my shelf next to my Slammed Series!!! As always, you are amazing <3

  107. You deserve every review, every word-of-mouth referral, every single copy purchased. Hopeless and the Slammed series OWN me and I’m so excited for the new releases this year. Congrats on your success!!!!

  108. I typically don’t review books because I never know what to write. I may give them a “star” rating but that’s about as far as it goes in the written format. I do give verbal recommendations to friends though – and yep, everyone has heard about all of your books. :)

  109. OMG!! That’s amazing, and its all because YOU ARE AMAZING!! This would be the best thing EVER to win!! So happy for you <3

  110. Congratulations! This is the first book I’ve read of all of your books, and I simply loved it. I adored Dean Holder, and I wished all through the book that I was seventeen again and I was Holder’s girlfriend! I was very pleased to write my review on Goodreads, because I wanted the whole world to know how much I loved this book! I’m looking forward to reading more of your books!
    PS loved “the best first kiss” written in Holder’s POV. :-)

  111. Congratulations!! After this novel you have officially been put on my shelf of favorite authors. Sometimes your writing made me jealous, because half the time I was thinking ‘I wish I could’ve thought of that’. :) Seriously, this book was SPECTACULAR. :D

  112. Congratulations!!! That’s really amazing and totally deserved. Wishing you many, many book success in the years to come :)

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