5,000 reviews? Holy crap!

HOPELESS has just hit 5,000 reviews on Amazon!  After only three months of release, that’s freaking amazing.  Thank you so much to everyone who decided to leave a review after reading that book.

It also got me to thinking about how I heard once that 1% of readers actually take the time to review books.  5,000 readers is 1% of 500,000 people!  So I checked and sure enough, Hopeless has just surpassed half a million ebooks in worldwide sales.  Half a million people have read that book!


A freaking.



That’s a lot of people.  More people than I know or will ever know or will ever meet.  You would have to meet half a person a day for a million days to meet half a million people. That’s like 125,000 whole puppies cut into fourths. That’s like the population of Las Vegas.  Or Sacramento.  It’s like if you counted all the limbs of 125,000 people, assuming they still have all their limbs, you would have half a million limbs.  It’s like 499,000 more people than fans of Nickelback. It’s like a quarter of two million people, which is how many people it takes to make half a million people if a whole lot of them die.

My point is… half a million people!

That makes me feel really nervous.

I think I need to give away my very last, unreleased galley copy of HOPELESS as a big thank you to all you HALF A FREAKING MILLION PEOPLE that read this book.  Lucky for you, I don’t have half a million followers, so your chances aren’t bad. Just comment below with whatever the heck you want to comment with and you just might be the lucky winner of the last galley copy.  <3


385 thoughts on “5,000 reviews? Holy crap!

  1. I waaaaaaant!!!! Please let me win that copy! I’m so inlove with that book and im so inlove with Dean Holder!!!!!! Please!!!! Congrats Colleen! You deserve it. Hopeless is amazing and also your other books! Stay awesome!-Klarisse Bitantes

  2. Colleen, you deserve half a million copies sold and a whole lot more. Hopeless was beyond amazing. You are even more beyond amazing as you wrote it. Congratulations!~ <3

  3. You always manage to leave me laughing with your hilarious blog posts. Hopless was every bit as amazing as the person who wrote it. Congratulations on your mind-blowing accomplishment!

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