Book trailers and a half-price pig.

I absolutely love it when people show their passion for books by making book trailers.  I was tagged in a few for HOPELESS on facebook tonight, then got sucked into the world of youtube and found a few I didn’t even know existed.  In case you love them as much as I do, here are a few I found for Hopeless.  And if you made one of these, THANK YOU!  Knowing someone was inspired enough to create something like this is one of the greatest things about writing.  <3


Trailer #1 (This one I have posted on my blog under extras, so you might have seen it.)

Trailer #2

Trailer #3

Trailer #4

Trailer #5

Trailer #6

SLAMMED trailer






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I love all the trailers. Hope this becomes a movie. I’m definitely a fan!!!

I can’t decide if #4 or #6 is my fave Hopeless trailer! But really, they are all amazing :)

Your books deserve to become movies! And I am so looking forward to them! XD

i think it takes this amazing writing to make a movie! and i will be there opening night!

Can’t wait to read your boom Colleen.

I have a best friend who makes book trailers and the amount of work involved is huge. It just goes to show how much your writing means to people.

Those were so amazing! It makes me long for the movie to come out!!! Hopeless, coming to theaters in 2014?

those are really good book trailer, they put a lot of work in them

Your fans continue to amaze me – you have the best of the best!

I am so happy you loved my video. :) And I’m honored to have it listed with all these other amazing trailers. <3

Eep! You posted my vid! I was recommended Hopeless by my friend Rachel (who has yet again introduced me to a new author to fall in love with!) and I couldn’t stop reading it. After finishing it, I knew I had to make a vid to it. Thank you for creating these wonderful characters and sharing their stories with us. :)

Never thought of Steven McQueen as a Holder but yusssss! These trailers are great btw…

Unbelievable Trailers. I am so impressed with your fans Colleen.
Please write some more books.

That’s got to feel good. Knowing people love you books so much they make trailers about them! YAY!!!

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