20 thoughts on “Nightline segment link

  1. Oh my gosh! That was great! Way to represent my favorite genre! I loved the Bow-chicka-bow-wow music going on in the background when they would describe the books. You guys did so great~

  2. That was wonderful, and I was super excited that the segment not only featured you prominently but actually featured you predominantly! A well-deserved kudos! I hope your sales continue to go through the roof. As far as I’m concerned, the more people who read your books, the more people who get to experience the joy it brought me. Who knows? You could be the catalyst to world peace! Okay, that world peace bit may be pushing it, but the rest is all 100% genuine.

  3. I loved seeing you in your new writing cave, but I saw it before. Anyways, what I didn’t like was that they were calling our genre things and comparing to 50 (you know I just hate the comparison of anything with those books). I hate hate those references. For me the books were about faith and family. What happens when poetry is introduced to high school-er kids and they are taken by it. It was also what happens when a parent/parents pass away, how teens deal with loss and how resilient they are. I don’t think the books were about sex and deserve to be showcased differently. I hope I am not alone here. I think exploring how a couple being together without sex and another couple together who are expecting a child act.

    I think the same goes for Easy. It was family and hope that our beginnings humble us and not force us in a bad direction.

  4. Just watched it, got to say I was proud to say I have read Hopeless, loved it. I have to read your others now…way to go. Makes all us Moms out there feel really really good about what you can accomplish when you put your whole heart and soul behind a vision. I have become a huge fan of your work and independent authors out there, including Jamie, ypu ladies truly Rock!!!!

  5. Wow, congrats Colleen! I loved getting to see you talk about your books. You are such an amazing author, and you write incredibly “real” characters. I cannot wait for your next book!

  6. I don’t think comparing your writing to 50 is a fair comparison at all. I also don’t think your writing is for teens or is limited to 20 somethings. I am decades older than that. I just appreciate a well written book. Rock on Colleen! Thanks for posting link. As I crawled in bed at 2am after reading all night I realized I forgot to set the DVR and hoped someone else was on the ball.

  7. My favorite part is when that dumb asian bitch asks, “How do you respond to the criticism that this isn’t really literature?” while rolling her eyes.

    “This is just…,” she continues, “…Oh! You’re offended!” she spouts, perking up, with a twinkle in her eye and her first (only?) genuine emotion of the interview (smirky is an emotion, right?).

    I’m sure Colleen’s response to the question didn’t make for good sensationalist television, so instead hard cut to an adorable young adult superfan: “Oh yes! I am. Because, it’s like, what was I reading? I don’t understand…”

    Neither do I, superfan. Neither do I.

    p.s. you can’t be an adorable young superfan unless you’ve read all of Colleen’s books.

    p.p.s. pretty fucking rad though, Cools ::))

  8. Fantastic segment!
    The only thing I got annoyed with is that it started with 50 Shades. I see no reason to involve that “series” with anything that is original and honestly earned. Also, not the same genre.
    Regardless, well done, Colleen!!!

  9. Congratulations on the Nightline interview. You looked amazing and I am proud to have read your wonderful books. Enjoy your success and please keep writing!

  10. Congrats on your success! The Nightline segment was very inspiring. I’ve been working on a novel off and on for the last few years but like you, I looked at the industry and felt like I wouldn’t succeed. Then I realized, it wasn’t about that. It was about doing something I love and putting it out there, no matter what. Now I’m a few months away from self-publishing my first novel! Thank you so much for being example for everyone who dreams of sharing the people in their head with the world, haha! :)

  11. Thank you for that segment! I love the New Adult genre and you are officially my new favorite author! Slammed and Point of Retreat were great but Hopeless took it to a whole new level and completely blew me away! I can’t wait to read your upcoming books. Please don’t EVER stop! Congratulations on all your success and for sharing with us a part of your personal life.

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