Questions, anyone? Preguntas?

Do you have questions regarding upcoming releases?  Past books?  Characters?  Free pigs?  Nothing is off-limits (although I may choose to plead the fifth on some.)  I’ll be posting a vlog in a couple of weeks that will also become a video q&a for my blog, so I’d love to hear from readers.  Just post your question here in the comments and I’ll be answering them all soon.

And even if you don’t have a question, just make one up.  I’ll be choosing from a few random comments for signed copies of all three books.

166 thoughts on “Questions, anyone? Preguntas?

  1. Where did you get the idea to write Hopeless with all those twist that came full circle at the end? Where you at some point thinking of going on a different direction due the context of the about sexual abuse and how your readers will react?

  2. Are you planning on writing a stand alone book,no connection to Hopeless or Slammed?Even if I worshiped Hopeless,I am really looking forward to a fresh story.

  3. Good morning sweetheart from a cold and dreary north west if England UK,

    I just want to say/ ask, your book hopeless had be so enthralled and I loved the story behind it. What inspires you to write so elequantly and I would live to express my sexual references in a way that can make toes curl, faces blush and hearts beat faster lol. Xxx

  4. My question is :

    If you could vote one character out of your books (like the tv show Survivor), who would you choose and why??


    1. I like the way this woman thinks….but my question is, if you took a character out, would it not change the whole movie?

      1. I know I would want Hope’s father voted off the “island”. He ruined so many lives. Better yet the guy deserved to be suck on an island by himself. True Dana, the story would be completely different.

  5. I love the idea of Hope Less. How did you come up with it? It was so sweet to find the meaning behind the tattoo and how significant it really was to Holder. He broke my heart and I cannot wait for the story told in his POV!

  6. Dang these are some good questions! My question is: I know you have another book coming out in the PoR and Slammed series and Holders POV, but do you have any other projects in the works that you could tell us about?

  7. I only have one question. And, well… I guess it’s kind of rhetorical: Why are you such a butterflying bemazing writer and all around awesome person in general? lol

    Okay, I DO have a question. Where do you find the inspiration for your books? Experiences from your own life, things you’ve observed in the world, magical plot faeries?

    ps. I live you. <3

  8. I’m a newbie – just found you. (LOVE YOU!!!! LOVE Hopeless. LOVE. Holder.)

    Ok, when I’m reading a book, I try to think of an actor/actress that resembles the characters in my mind, so I can better visualize them. (then I go look up pictures of them on pinterest or imdb to even further enhance my experience, haha!)

    So, sorry if this has been asked but anyway… my question is: What actor most closely resembles Holder in your mind, if you had to choose?

    Thanks! :-)

  9. Well I was really sad that i didn’t get chosen to win your signed book of hopeless but I’m happy for the super lucky people that did won :D Congrats!
    OK so here is my question… Can i be the next winner for a signed book of hopeless??? :D
    thats a question right? haha
    anyways… you are an amazing writer, I’d love to see upcoming works

  10. Will the pig make its debut in your next book? Also will there be any book signings in or around the Tennessee area?

  11. Are you caught up with signing books yet? I would really love to send you slammed and point of retreat to sign for my best friend… Love your writing!!!!

  12. I can’t wait for your upcoming books from Will’s and Holder’s POV! My question is, is Atria publishing these in paperback? Or if not, can you – and if yes, will you – publish printed versions yourself?
    Also, what are the chances of you coming to Australia for a tour?
    Will the cover for Hopeless change when Atria prints it?
    Yep, I think that’s it for now :)

  13. Have you been put in a position to read a fellow author’s book and be expected to give a review and/or statement about it, but you didn’t really care for it? How do you handle that? Are you honest? Do you force yourself to find something positive?

    1. You did say questionS…
      Given how you indulge your readers in sneak peaks, extras, giveaways, submitting poems, etc…would you ever be willing to let your readers name a character in a future book?

      1. Would you ever consider letting a fan read an unpublished rough manuscript of a book you are writing? Would this be a legality risk? Could they sign a legal document ensuring they won’t steal it?

  14. Your characters always seem to have a great struggle that nearly pulls them apart. Do you imagine the turmoil and create your characters around that, or do you normally come up with your characters first and see where you can take them?

  15. Who would you say is your favorite character you’ve written about? What was your motivation for creating said character?

  16. I have a question! Will we ever hear more of Caulder and Kel and Kiersten? Like, are you planning a special or bonus chapter about those three? Because seriously, those three are so cute they always make me laugh in the book. I’m really hoping to hear about what happened to those three.. hahaha!

  17. I have a few questions :-)
    1. Have you learnt anything from writing your books? (and what?)
    2. Do you have a fun fact about ‘Hopeless’? (something crazy that inspired you to write a specific scene or .. anything really) :-D
    3. In what way do you hope your books affect your readers? (I’ve only read ‘Hopeless’ so far .. shame on me! And I was VERY affected by it)

    Thank you :-)
    And I LOVE Hopeless (And your other books are VERY high on my TBR list, because I L-O-V-E your writing style, it’s so magical!)

  18. How come you’re so butterflying awesome and so kind and so good-hearted, Colleen? You have inspired me in so many ways and I want to thank you for that :)

  19. Do Skye and Holder have kids in the future? If so, gender(s) and names? lol :p

    Oh, and while I’m at it…. Do Will and Lake eventually have kids of their own too?

  20. I love the unusual names in Slammed and Hopeless. Where did you come up with them? (Caulder, Layken, Kel, Holder… though I know Holder’s first name is Dean)

  21. Here sre my questions:

    1. When did you start writing?
    2.Do you see or compare yourself to one of the characters of your books?
    3. What’s your inspiration behind all of your works?
    4. Will you ever visit the Philippines? :)
    5. How do you see yourself 10years from now? :)

    thanks Colleen! you’re the best!

    love from the Philippines! :)

  22. Other than contemporary, are you planning on doing a book on other genres?

    Not that I’m complaining or anything. I actually don’t mind reading your butterflying awesome books. I’m just curious.

  23. Do you get any input on who will play your characters in the movie of Slammed? Do you know any more details about the movie? (If you are taking suggestions for Will I vote Skylar Astin by the way. I loved him in Pitch Perfect.) :)

  24. 1. what really made you to want to publish your books?
    2 do you think you’ll consider writing a sequel to hopeless (considering how popular it became in such a short time) because alot of people would love to read it.
    3. do you plan on writing another book (other than this girl) this year?

  25. I’ve always wondered whether or not authors plan all the different scenarios out before they start writing them, do you know exactly what you want to happen and how you want your books to end from the start? Also I would love to win signed copies of your books! You have become by far my favourite author and plan on making a film trailer and short film clip of slammed for my final college piece! Can’t wait for your next books!

  26. Supposedly, my questions for you are the same as theirs, so I’ll just ask would you rather questions, which btw, one of my favorite parts in Slammed :) (the would u rather game during their date <3)

    Would you rather have all you dreams come true but have a 10% chance of instant death or be completely average with nothing special about you?

    Would you rather have free unlimited diet coke for a year or free books for life?

    Would you rather have a pig that talks and dance or a pig that follows all your commands ?

    Would you rather live in a world where there are no problems or a world that you rule?

  27. Back on the deserted island. If you could only take one person with you and it had to be a character from your book, who would it be and why?

  28. Hi Colleen :)

    I still haven’t got the chance to read Hopeless but Slammed and Point of Retreat are on my list of favorite books.
    How do you pick the names for your characters? They are awesome and quite unusual. Do they feel immediately right or is a process that takes a lot of time?
    Oh and i always wondered many times if authors make “bios” of each character. Do you?
    One last question, how did you discovered the Avett Brothers? Well i did through your book and i just love it!!! I do think it’s amazing when music have such an important role in a story. Music = Life :)

    I butterflying love your books :D

  29. Oooh! This is fun :)

    If Will/Lake and Holder/Sky could each be best friends with one other book couple, who do you think they’d pick and why?

    If you weren’t a writer, what do you think you would you be doing? What did you want to do when you were growing up?

    What was one of your favorite reads of 2012?

    What’s one of your favorite book covers out there?

    If you could have one day to do absolutely anything that you wanted, what would you do?

  30. Hey colleen, how did you come up with the idea for hopeless?
    One of the best books from 2012!!!!
    And where can I get me a pig!! :-D

  31. Who is your book boyfriend (either from your novels or from other authors’ novel)? Also, are there celebrities that most resemble your characters…I’m always trying to visualize characters as I read. Absolutely love your novels by the way…can’t wait for more!

  32. Hopeless is so so good. Would be great to have it extended in another book and do with other characters in with them…but keep them together haaaa. thanks for a great book and how do you come up with so many twists and turns?? keep it up..

  33. In hopeless.. I was wondering what ever happened with Sky’s two friends in the end. I was confused with what happened. I just like their characters were getting build up so strongly too and i felt connected with them both too..

  34. Are u working on any new stories? I loved all 3 books and can’t to hear what’s next. Also where does your inspiration come from?

  35. Would love to read another book about Will and Layken and how their lives end up as well as the other characters. They’re all so young, there’s so much more for them to experience – as long as they stay together :-). I love happy endings. There really aren’t enough in the world. Thank you!

  36. Do you ever find yourself really emotional to the point of having to walk away when you are writing? I can’t imagine the mental process of writing something like Hopeless. Everything fit together so very well! Do you ever catch yourself off guard??

  37. It’s not just one question:)
    How do you find balance in your life? Between being your amazing creative self and super-mom?

    Your characters all have faced some kind of tragedy in their young lives are any of their stories autobiographical? You can plead the fifth here, sorry if that’s too personal. But as a survivor of abuse I know how common it is amongst women.

  38. What gave you the inspiration to write slammed and point of retreat? Will there be another book in the series with Will’s POV??

  39. You know the signs on restaurant/store doors? No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service? what if someone has no pants? Would they still have to serve them? Would you serve them? These are the questions your readers care about.

  40. I have to know… Since we’re all reading your books… What books are YOU reading? Also… when you and Katja Millay hang out, (I’m picturing unicorns and rainbows surrounding you btw) what/who are you talking about? LOL

    Thanks for the giveaway and I can’t wait for the vlog!


  41. What was your husband’s and children’s reaction to you becoming a New York Times Bestselling Author/getting a book deal from a major publisher/Colleen Hoover being a household name?

    Have you ever been recognized in public? What is your weirdest fan reaction experience?

    What has been the most stressful circumstance since becoming an author?

  42. I’m sure you have more book ideas in your head, so my question is: When you get a new idea, do you make note of it, or just start another book? And, how many books have you started but put aside to complete later?

  43. Bacon or sausage? (I’m not sure why I feel the need to divulge this bit of information but one of my most favorite Spanish words is “tocino” – BACON! El tocino…it just rolls so succulently off of the tongue…ahem, I digress.) Chocolate or vanilla? Beach or Mountains? Will or Holder? ;) And speaking of Holder, he reminded me of an Emily Dickinson poem, “Heaven”:
    “Heaven” — is what I cannot reach!
    The Apple on the Tree —
    Provided it do hopeless — hang —
    That — “Heaven” is — to Me!

    Or maybe it was Will…hmmm…imagine if Will had performed this poem in “Slammed” and Sky had read it aloud to Holder…

    Do you have a favorite poet (fictional or non-fictional)?

  44. Hello Colleen,
    My question is from one mother who writes to another – and you just happen to be butterflying awesome. With a husband and children, how do you carve out the time to write? Do you set goals based on completing scenes or do you try to knock out a certain number of words in a day or by the week? Do you outline everything or just write and see where the story takes you?
    An Aspiring Groupie

  45. Hey Colleen! I absolutely LOVED Hopeless! I would love to see more of Holder and SKy even though it was a stand alone! Which, I must say thank you for! While I love a good series, the cliffhangers are brutal! Any chance of more from them? Also, I wanted to add that every time I hear the song “Stars” by Grace Potter I think of Holder!!

    All those times we looked up at the sky,
    Looking out so far,
    We felt like we could fly.
    And now I’m all alone in the dark of night,
    The moon is shining,
    But I can’t see the light,
    And I can’t look at the

    They make me wonder where you are
    Up on heaven’s boulevard
    And if I know you at all,
    I know you’ve gone too far
    So I, I can’t look at the stars

    Thanks for giving us Sky and Holder!!

    1. Same here whenever I was reading the book I thought of the Grace Potter and Nocturnals song “Stars” !! Such a haunting song.

  46. Hi Colleen,
    i know you will be releasing Will’s point of view pretty soon and then Holder’s but is there another book that you are working on that has nothing to do with Sky and Hope?
    I really want to start reading on different characters i love your books and i think i am ready to learn about somebody else. Not that i mind Sky and Hope specially Will and HOlder love them but i think i want a different story now.
    You need to come to Houston and do a book signing.

  47. Hi Colleen! My question is, what kind of books do you plan to write in the near future? I know you mentioned writing from Will and Holder POV’s. Anything else I should be keeping an eye out for? Whatever it is, I can’t wait!

  48. Will you ever write more books for hopeless??? How bout a story of Six?? Why did you make Will a teacher in the first book??? It ruined it ish for me. How do you write awesome books?? Am I asking too much?? Do you believe in God?? Are you really funny in real life?? Too much question?? Do I have a chance of winning those books?? Probably not??

    1. I thought Will being a teacher was SO realistic! It happened in my High School! For me it was SO believable because I watched it happening! It was heavenly! They got married the summer she graduated!
      I think that probably does happen quite a bit, especially with the Student Teachers, too! The ages are pretty darned close.
      It’s a can’t have, but I want to have, but I have to wait . . . UGH!!! Frustration!
      I LOVE the New Adult Genre!! It’s GREAT! LOVING reading it!
      Any chances of coming up to Michigan? We are kind of out of the way! Not to mention, you’re probably getting tired of all the flying! Although, I don’t think I would ever tire of it – my favorite part of flying is the take off! When your stomach just drops!
      Keep writing what you write best! LOVE!!!
      L O V E it!!!

      1. Oh really?? Well the teachers in our school are old and ugly so thats probably why i dont like student teacher relationships. Its really a disturbing thought to imagine a teacher in my school with a schoolmate so…

        Yo Ms. Colleen,
        Will you ever try traveling out of the Us?? How bout you try coming to the Philippines??

  49. First, Thank you most of all for the end of Point of Retreat. If I could rewrite my past that’s exactly how my accident would have happened. Live through the worst night of my life AND get the guy. But some days you can only be happy for life and love will come later.

    Now for my question: Where did Butterflying come from? I just love Kiersten!

  50. Oh, no questions , just butterflying prayers that u finish a third book to the Slammed series, write book 2 for Hopeless, and I will be in my butterflying glory. Can’t wait for both of our sexy guys P.O.V., how awesome will that be. So I am begging here, Please consider, Pretty Please.

  51. I remember reading in an interview that you where thinking of an edgier adult story that you might use a pen-name for. Any updates. If so, I definitely want to read it!

  52. You used song lyrics from the Avertt Brothers at the beginning of each chapter in Slammed. Did the songs inspire the chapters, or the chapters inspire the choice of song?

  53. I have no questions but I just wanted to say again how much I lived your books and how much I enjoyed reading them! They were truly beautiful stories that touched me. Please keep writing and I promise to keep reading, liking and posting:) I would love a signed book, anyone of them!!!! I’m sorry I missed you in Orlando last weekend:(

  54. Do you think that one of your sons (middle child in particular) will have your writing ability?
    Do you see yourself in any of your children?
    thats all, carry on

  55. You have been asked so many amazing questions so I don’t think I have any additional ones so I will just praise.

    You are an amazing author. I have never felt so connected to a books characters. You are inspiring. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to read anything you have to say…even your funny fb posts! You seem so down to earth. Thank you for all you do.

  56. I really loved the poems from Slammed and the oragami advice notes from Layken’s mom in POR. Did you come up with them (poems and advice) yourself? The poems were great, and the idea of the oragami notes (advice) left behind for her daughter to turn to in hard times was such a fantastic idea. As a mother, that was so touching. Love your work!!!!!

    And any news on your tv interview?….or did I miss it?

  57. I wonder what Sky’s POV when she knows how much Holder downplayed. I wonder how Holder ‘moved on’ from the kidnap nightmare and start falling or open up for new girl since Hope seems to have impt place since young.

    For this thought, i think it will be whole new story but i hope no harm to think what will happen if Sky was not rescued by her aunt, what possible development will there be btw them.

  58. Hi Colleen, I love your books, they are so beautiful! And I think I’m in love with Will. :)

    I didn’t know about slam before reading your book. Can you tell us how did you discover slam and why did you put this in your book?

    There are so many heavy topics in your books, how can you write this without being overwhelmed by emotions. Because I was devastasted while reading Slammed or Hopeless.

    Will you come in Europe? I’m French so I’d love to meet you in Paris, or I can travel in London :)

    Thank you so much!

  59. Is there a song that began the thought process for Hopeless?
    (Because every time I hear February 7 it makes me think of Sky & Holder.)

  60. Okay so this is kind of a silly question but will you write a book with a character named Adrienne so I can say that Colleen Hoover named a character after me? Also, will you please come to Minnesota for a book signing? I promise it isn’t always ridiculously cold and snowy here.

  61. You have a plan to release 3rd in Slammed series in April, right? What date? Can I preorder on Amazon? And I read that Jamie McGuire will be at A Real Bookstore in April for her sequel to Beautiful Disaster. Will you be there with her? Friends of mine in my book club are planning to go see her and want to see you as well…

  62. It looks like most of my book related questions have already been asked, so I’ll ask you some fun/random questions so that we can get to know you better :)

    What is your favorite Harry Potter book/movie (assuming you’ve seen/watched them)?

    What is your favorite fast food place and what do you order there?

    If you could have dinner with 5 book characters (not your own), who would you choose?

    If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

    What is your favorite store in the mall?

    What type of kid were you in high school (nerd, popular, sporty, etc.)?

  63. I know that you are currently working on Will and Holders POV’s, but besides those (that I am very excited about) do you have any new story lines you are working on?

  64. After you right Will’s and Holder’s POV will you be writing more books?? You are a wonderful author and I look forward to more!! :)

  65. Is Will’s character inspired by a real person?? If, so is he single?? Thanks for your entertaining blog and your amazing books!!

  66. Would you ever consider writing a book about Eddie/Gavin’s story? They are a really cute couple. It would be nice to see more of the start of their relationship. Gavin’s pre-proposal to Eddie in class was so sweet. Plus, that would mean even more of Will and Lake since they live across the street and are BFF’s. Also, Eddie’s having a baby so it would be nice to read about all of them adjusting to the baby. Gavin’s a really great guy too so I think that he might deserve a story of his very own. He has been a good support system for Eddie (so has her adoptive father). It is not easy for Eddie to let people in but it says a lot that she trusts Gavin. I think Gavin could be as swoon worthy as Will and Holder if we saw more of Eddie/Gavin. It’s just food for thought. I think you should consider writing a story that is in Eddie/Gavin’s POV.

    Are there going to be any flashbacks in Will’s story of the time between Slammed and Point of Retreat with Lake’s Mom? I was a little surprised when I read Point of Retreat and Lake’s Mom was already gone.

  67. Is the cover for Hopeless going to remain the same even though it has been published? I really like the origional cover. I got the kindle version and planned to get the paperback.

  68. Okay so I heard from you from samantha young the author from the book ” On Dublin Street”. She had wrote on her blog that your book hopeless was one of the books she couldnt wait to read. So my question do u is have you ever read the book “On dublin street” by samantha young?

  69. How did you come up with the idea for the Dinner Quest and Suck/Sweet games? Do you think you’ll include games like these in your future books? Did you play games like these at dinner growing up?

  70. So this is totally out of the odds, but I figured I would share anyway being I’m a huge fan and all…
    My best friend and I call each other Sister Wives, simply because there just isn’t a possibility that we could compromise on who gets Will Cooper. So, in the depths of our imagination, we have locked him up in the basement(Don’t worry, we take good care of him). Eventually, she began wondering what would happen if she were Amish(I honestly don’t know why..). That lead to her thinking and thus we are near to my question. I quote “Just imagine…Will being locked up in my basement when BAM! I walk in wearing pilgrim clothes! Awkwarddddd….or kinky?(;”
    I have no idea if you will read this, but I’ll ask the question anyway, what does he think about this whole situation? Most importantly: Kinky, or Awkward? Haha(;
    We really appreciate your work(: And she wants you to know that she “Lives” you(: never stop writing, you make millions happy!

  71. This isn’t a question but there was a song featured on the show Pretty Little Liars and the song is called “Between Us” by Peter Bradely Adams. I think it is a good Sky/Holder song. Some of the lyrics really line up. It’s a beautiful song.
    Here is a link to the song:

  72. Hi Colleen! When you write, do you go in order of the story itself or do you write in pieces (start at beginning then write the end and then decide the events that happen in the middle)? What scene in Slammed series or Hopless was the most difficult for you to put into words? Thank you so much for being so active with your fans…you are butterflying great!! 🐷

  73. In the Slammed series you used the word butterflying to replace a curse word, and in Hopeless, Holder used the word “live” because he wasn’t ready to say “love” yet. I was wondering how you come up with these words? They’re quirky, interesting, and incredibly refreshing. I live it! I tried making up a word of my own to combine life and love: I got loaf ——> as you can see, I’m not very good at this.

    On a side note: *fangirls* all THREE signed books?! I hope I win!

  74. Have any moments in Slammed/POR and/or Hopeless happened to you in real life?
    If any of your books were to be made into a movie, who would be part of your dream cast?

    Will the published cover of Hopeless have the same cover as the self-pubbed one? Thank you Colleen!

  75. Will you be touring the U.S. at some point soon/in the future (but hopefully soon!) ? If so, will you PLEASE make a few stops in Michigan? :) You’re from Michigan, right?!

    If you aren’t going on a national tour, I have a proposal: my school’s librarian is like a super librarian. Literally. She does everything in the world for our school and has won us grants and contests up the wall…some that have allowed us to have Michigan authors come and speak to us and then do a writer’s workshop with selected students!

    Is there any way that you could come to my school and do something like this? Any way that my librarian could contact you or something? Because I’ve raved about your books to so many people at school, including my librarian and I told her how AMAZING it would be if you ended up being one of the authors who visited our school and she said that I it could be a possibility if it was looked into. O.O

    Question 3ish: What are YOUR favorite books?

    Question 4ish: Why’d you write Slammed & Hopeless? Did anything inspire you to write those stories in particular?

    Question 5ish: Have you read the Tiger’s Curse series by author Colleen HOUCK? I discovered you and Miss Houck around the same time and fell in LOVE with both of your writings!!! The Tiger’s Curse series involve YA romance, adventure, mythology, and religion, and I’m in love with them, but in a different way that I am in love with your books :)

    Question 6ish: Have you announced the winner for the poetry entry contest for Slammed #3?

    Hehe, sorry for the explosion of questions :D

  76. I think everyone have asked all of the things I wanted to ask, so I’ll just make one up, All your post are always soo funny!! Have you ever had the idea to write a book of a comedy romance?
    Oh and by the way can I finally win one of the many giveaways you do? LOL

  77. I love your story along with your books. How did you get your first book to the point of self publishing. Who did edits, did you do all of it yourself? You inspired me to write a story of my own.

  78. 1. Does anyone know whats in 8 days?!
    2. What provocted you to write Slammed then continue with a series?
    3. Should we read into the content of your books as a show of charecter or is it purely innocent?

  79. Why do I have to wait until May to read Hopeless??? (Because I’m too cheap to buy a Kindle…) I guess I kinda answered my own question there, so…
    Any news on the movie versions of Slammed and Point of Retreat? Will they be regular theater releases, or more Indie types of movies, like ones that would play at Sundance, or a similar film festival?

  80. Have you ever wake up in the middle of the night with a character idea/plot and what do you do about it? Do you jot down the idea or get up and start writing immediately?
    Also, other than Hazel, what are your pet peeves? ;)
    I think the idea of Hopeless may have started from your previous job and things that you heard/dealt with at the agency, but what inspires you on a daily basis?

  81. you definately brough boring poetry into the modern age, I had never heard of slamming before your book, and if I ever saw somewhere where I could and listen to slam I think I would go, so for that I am thankfull that you brought it to my attention.
    I would love to know how you came about knowing about slamming and is poetry one of your activities that you enjoy doing as in writting, or is it something that you enjoy as a pastime, keep up with the writting you are amazing

  82. Hello Colleen! I know that you were reluctant to share your books with us, but thank you so much for doing so. You have also said that you never thought your books would take off the way that they have. What advice would you give to aspiring authors? What would you tell them to help them get over their own fears and uncertainties? How would you convince them to sit down, start writing and to let the voices of their characters inside of their head free to tell their stories? You never know who will take this advice to heart *Hint, Hint* ;)

  83. I know there have been a lot of books coming to the big screen lately. What are your thoughts on this? Do you want any of your books to become movies?

    More importantly, will you be doing any signings in New York? Haha ;)

  84. Is Will a peanut butter or Nutella kind of guy? If it’s peanut butter, chunky or smooth?

    I discovered The Avett Brothers because of Slammed…and time I hear I and Love and You I scream “Brookyln,Brooklyn take me in” simply because my daughter’s name is Brooklyn. She looks at me like I’m nuts :)

  85. What’s your favorite cereal?
    Mine is Cinnemon Toast Crunch BTW :D
    Sorry I’m so terribly bad at making up questions. But winning a signed book sounds NICE! You’re amazing!

  86. My question is this: If ever any of your books will be made into a movie, would you allow the scriptwriters to change the plot or any other details written in the book? I have always been a books over movies type of person, so I often don’t like it when the movie has changed so much compared to the book. Loved all your three books! Hoping I could win all three signed copies :) also looking forward to Slammed #3 and whatever it is you’re planning to write in the future. You’re one of my favorite authors. :)

  87. In watching some of the fan trailers to your books I really like the idea of Steven McQueen as Holder. Which actors or actresses would you like to see portray any of your main characters when your books are made into films?

  88. How did you come up with the story line for this book, had you actually been able to attend a slam night, and decided to introduce it too society, so to speak?

  89. What inspires these epic love stories and amazing, heart breaking, and brilliant lives of your characters??? also will we ever get a hot LoOove scene from Will and Layken? :o :p // and finally hablas espaNol? (do u speak spanish??)

  90. I have several questions for my favorite author (love your writing style, love your books):
    1. Where did you come up with the “suck/sweet of the day” in Point of Retreat? Loved it.
    2. What made you choose “Butterfly” to be the ‘swear’ word in Point of Retreat? Very clever.
    2. Will there be printed copies of Hopeless at the Boston signing in March?
    3. Will the books that are coming out this year be available in print?
    4. As a few others asked, are you working on a separate story that does not have to do with Hopeless or the Slammed series?
    5. What is your all time favorite book?
    6. What kind of stories do you mostly like to read?
    7. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

  91. What advice could you give to young aspiring writers who want to write stories like yours? That are a little dark, but with good intentions, but do not know how to go about the subject because they don’t want to offend the readers. Coming from an aspiring writer! Thanks!

    By the way, your my inspiration to finally put my stories–that play like a movie in my head all the time–on paper. Er, I mean a Word Document. :) Thank you for your books! Love them!

  92. Hi! Oh my god! I love your books and I’m glad you wrote such wonderful and inspirational things to share! You helped me become stronger because I was physically abused when I was child I felt I could relate to some things, like growing up without a father, trying to block bad memories! :)
    Anyways it feels like an honour to just know you’ll read this! Yay! I love your books and am just really curious about…
    1) Are there going to be anymore sequels to hopeless and slammed?
    2)If so when?
    3)Where did you get the inspiration to write such mind blowing stories, which glue your hands to the book!?
    I love you so much, your stories kind of saved my life and don’t think I could ever actually thank you enough for that! And one thing I will alway do is ‘never regret’-Julia.

    Thank you so much for what you did without even knowing! :)
    God bless you!
    Love always and loads

  93. I don’t know if i still can make you a question… I’m a little late i think but i really want to know :D

    Do you plan or do you know if your books would be translated to spanish? :D Because some of my friends want to read your books but they don’t know much english. :(

    Just finished reading Hopeless and i have one word: Wow. Amazing book!
    Hugs from Peru :3

  94. No Questions Off-Limit? Thanks! I have a Poetry Book ready for publishing. Where do I start? Amazon? I have the copyright and ISBN’s and artwork for the cover. I am ready to go after just seeing your interview this morning with Gayle, Charley and Nora…nothing like a good shot of inspiration in the morning. Thanks, Colleen!

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