How do I ever get to The End?

Most of you probably already realize how disorganized and scatterbrained I am. I don’t know how I can possibly sit down and focus long enough to make it to the end of a book. For those of you that don’t know, let me enlighten you.

I needed to be in Orlando today, so while I was in Vegas a few days ago I booked my flight.  Now, this wasn’t a last minute trip.  I’ve known about it for a few months.  Most people would have booked their flights weeks ago once they found out they’d be in Orlando.  Not me.  Nope.  I have to procrastinate or I’ll feel productive, and we can’t have that.

Yesterday I was curious why I had not received the 24-hour check-in email, so I log on to American Airlines and check my flight info.


I booked my flight for March instead of February.  I was so annoyed with myself I rolled my own eyes at me.

So I call AA and tell them my mistake and it turns out, the only flight they can get me on is an eight o’clock flight for THAT DAY.  Which was yesterday.  So, I pack.  In a hurry.  I didn’t even get to tell my boys bye and it’s my Beckham’s birthday tomorrow.  But…it’s all my fault for not knowing what February and Boston and Orlando and March mean.

In my haste to pack, I decided to take a carry-on with copies of all three books for the signing.  Well, that carry-on was a small suitcase and weighed over eighty pounds.  So I did what anyone would do who is too lazy to carry around eighty pounds worth of luggage.  I checked it.

BUT!  Here’s the great part.  I didn’t think about the hair products that were in the inside zipper and how if I checked it, the suitcase would be manhandled and thrown around and quite possibly, being as though it weighed eighty pounds, placed on the bottom of the dog pile.  So when I made it to baggage claim and saw my lovely purple suitcase was soaking wet, I knew.

I knew that I just took the crown for biggest idiot ever.

Eighty pounds worth of books are now covered in both Pantene mousse and leave-in-conditioner.

At least they smell good.

And no worries for those of you coming to the signing, I still have some good ones.  I just might be handing out IOU’s.

43 thoughts on “How do I ever get to The End?

  1. Sounds like me when I travel. My logic is it’s them and not me. I wish WISH you could come to my neck of the woods, but until that day comes I will be your ever faithful reader and fan ♥

    1. I usually do a google search of the top NY Times books to fine my next read. Read all your books Colleen thus far and I must say you are very gifted in your art! Keep them coming!

  2. Awww! That sounds like a pretty hectic day! I’m glad you at least got to your destination although I’m sad about the books and the fact that you now have to go buy new shampoo and conditioner!

  3. Like you said atleast they smell nice…dont you hate it when we have to learn a lesson after the mistake happens..we should have someone one say are you sure that you luggage is packed correctly, no liquids and paper in your bag…my cream exploded once on my clothes….

  4. You have THE BEST blog posts ever! So sorry this happened to you, but I love how you found humor in Pantene getting on your books.

  5. Sounds awesome! These types of things only make life interesting! :-) Your children will grow up thinking that you are truly one of a kind…and thank God for it! :-)

  6. Dry them out sign them and give em away! They are part of a great story and I’m sure your fans would appreciate them just the way they are!

  7. Sounds to me that you are in need of a personal assistant or a college intern to help you out.
    I love to procrastinate too, it irritates my husband to no end. He likes to be early and on time.

  8. Well it sounds like you need a personal assistant. If you don’t mind me working remotely from my home, I will take the job! Hope the trips gets better.

  9. Awe. Bummer about the fiasco. I went to Germany as an exchange student and was so nervous about getting my bag from baggage claim that the sudden relief that washed over me when I noticed my familiar pjs didn’t dawn on me instantly that I shouldn’t be recognize my luggage from my pjs and a huge hole was made during the international handling of it. Yikes!

  10. I absolutely love your blog posts and I am sorry to hear what happened but I am glad you hear the humour of it!! You are not alone in procrastination, that is my middle name. LOL. So what happened definitely sounds like something I would do. ;)

  11. LMAO! :P Oh dear! So sorry to hear about this!! Glad you arrived in Orlando safely and I’m sure your readers attending the signing would be more than happy to purchase the nice smelling Pantene books :) Wish I could be there! Have a blast and safe travels!!

  12. I would love to volunteer to take one of those sweet smelling books! :) just so you don’t have to keep so many copies, of course…yep! A purely selfless act! It has nothing to do with the fact that I LOVE your books and, well, I love it when things smell good, so, really, it’s like these books are meant for me! LOL!!!!!

  13. Can I just say that I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN MARCH! Squeeling and jumping for joy. Believe me…it could have totally been worse.

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