Holder has a lot to say.

Hey. Holder, here. So, I have this really cool girlfriend who likes to read. You might remember her. Sky? Killer sense of humor?  Incredible mouth?

Well, we’ve been dating for a few months now and, although I don’t really pay attention to her when she reads to me, I still like watching her while she does it. There’s just something about those lips.
Okay, I’m getting sidetracked. Anyway, the first night I ever went to her house she had this book that our friend Breckin gave her. It was called SLAMMED. Heard of it?  Well, this may just be speculation, but I heard somewhere that Colleen wrote SLAMMED from Will’s point of view and has been sitting on that manuscript for a while. Sky is getting really irritated because she really wants to read it. She read a teaser for it here and I swear that’s all she can talk about! If I hear her say one more time how she needs more “Will Cooper,” I’m going to have to send her another ego-deflating text. I know he’s only fictional, but I’m starting to get a little jealous.
So, back to the point again. I was able to find out for Sky when she’ll finally get more “Will Cooper.” Not that I want her to have more Will, but I always tell her I’ll do whatever it takes to make her happy. If she wants to read out loud to me…I’m sure not going to stop her. I just hope it’s a long book so I can watch her lips for hours.
Ugh! There I go again. BACK TO MY POINT!
I heard Colleen was just sitting on this manuscript until…hell…I don’t even know why she wasn’t sending it to her publisher. Maybe it had to do with getting Sky’s story out first in Hopeless. That would make sense, right? It was pretty crazy.
Now this is just hearsay, but I heard Colleen is working with ATRIA BOOKS for the final installment of the SLAMMED SERIES. The third book is still untitled, but people have been referring to it as “Will’s Story” or “This Girl.” Whatever it will be titled, Sky will be happy to know that I found out the e-book will be released this April. She is going to be so damn happy to know that.
At least now she’ll stop whining once she has more Will Cooper and she’ll start reading out loud again while we’re together…in her bed…her head on my chest…book in hand…her lips…Shit! Sorry. I hope Sky never finds out just how much she occupies my thoughts or her ego would grow even bigger, if that’s possible. Hold on while I send her a quick ego-deflating text before she starts to realize how incredible she really is.

Hey, babe.  I’ll be at your house in an hour, so make sure you brush your teeth really well for the next sixty minutes.  Not that I plan to kiss you when I see you because your lips are really unattractive.  It’s all I think about; how unattractive they are.  Seriously unkissable lips.  Not thinking about tasting them at all.  Nope.  

Okay, she should remain grounded for a while with that one. While the news might make Sky happy about Will Cooper, it sort of put me in a funk. Only because I started thinking, “What’s so special about Will Cooper?”

I mean, sure he’s way talented with his poetry and all that, and he seems like a really good guy. But why him? Why not me?
I threw the idea out there for Colleen, because if you think about it, I’ve got a lot to say myself. Y’all already know what I was thinking during the best first kiss in the history of first kisses with this post. But I keep thinking about all the questions that were left lingering in Hopeless. Questions like these:

“What was Holder thinking when he saw Sky in the grocery store?”

“What was he thinking when he saw the bracelet?”

“What did Holder do during the month that he left Sky after the incident in the cafeteria?”

“Why did Holder leave his mother shortly after Les died?”

“Why did he leave Austin on bad terms with his father?”

“What was he like before he met Sky?”

“What prompted him to crawl back through Sky’s window that night after not speaking to her for four weeks?”

“What was going through Holder’s head the moment he found out about what happened to Les?”

Tons of questions, right? I went ahead and answered them all in hopes that Colleen would finally decide to write MY version of the story. If she can write one for Will, she should write one for me, right?


Well, ATRIA BOOKS thought it was a good idea and agreed with me, so now Will isn’t the only one with his own story. I don’t know what I want mine to be called yet but we can get to that later. The good news is, Colleen is releasing HOPELESS from my point of view and the ebook will be available in July. It’s good to know that Sky will have more Will Cooper in just a couple of months and then more of me shortly after that! I’m about to let Sky in on the good news. Knowing her, she’ll probably be more excited about Will’s Story than my story.

Nah. That girl loves me way too much to prefer Will over me. She’s “Team Holder” all the way.

Like, Live, Love

Dean Holder

1,289 thoughts on “Holder has a lot to say.

    1. I. can’t. wait. Hopeless was the best book ever and I even messaged Colleen myself letting her know I want more Holder and Sky!! I can’t freaking wait till July : )

    2. I cant believe it!!this has seriously made my day(and what a crappy day it has been so far) Thank you so much Colleen!! Such a huge fan of yours from little Perth Western Australia. I Adore Holder <3 thank you, thank you!!!

  1. O!M!G! I’ve got chills and I’m all giddy!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing news Holder!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  2. happy happy dance in my office right now….my co-workers have no idea of the real reason…have I told you that I love you yet? I LOVE YOU COLLEEN!!! kisses from Argentina :)

  3. Oh my gosh! So excited! Books with Will’s POV and Holder’s POV is AWESOME! Colleen you are a very talented author, keep up the great work and I look forward to reading many more books from you!

  4. Cannot wait, love it. All of Colleens books are great! She is an incredible writer. I have all her books on my e-reader and read them all in 3 days. Looking forward to Holder and Will telling their point of view. Colleen your post made my day. :)

  5. AHHHHHHHHHH!! YAYYYYAYAYAYYAYAY. I was having a crappy day and this made me much happier. Thank you, Holder you swoon worthy hunk of man. :D <3 I'm so excited!!!!

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you!!!!! My heart is now happy :)

    Best news everrrrr!!!!

    TEAM HOLDER !!!!

    I live this !!!!

    Thank you Colleen !!!!

  7. YAY!!! That is so awesome! I was really excited for Will’s story, but now I am really, really excited for Holder’s story! Love your books…keep writting anything at all, you will make it beautiful!

  8. SO excited! I turned a friend onto these books and she’s in LOVE. I already have my copies, but I’d love to win some for her :)

  9. OMIGAWD!!!!! Best news of the YEAR so far!!!!! We love you Colleen oh so much and we have (not so) anxiously been awaiting this announcement!!!!! TOTALLY agree with Sky…. I NEED more Will Cooper!!!! You’re the best CH!!!!

  10. Omg I’m doing a butterflying happy dance right now, I’m in live with the idea of Holder AND Wills POV’s! You have totally just made my month… YOUR AWESOME!

  11. OH MY GOD!! I Butterflying Love this entry!! I can’t wait for both pov’s to come out. I live you Colleen!! Can’t wait!!you are a wonderful author!! Keep writing! 😃

  12. Reblogged this on Transforming my Voices and commented:
    So excited for this! I absolutely loved Slammed and Point of Retreat. And then she goes and tops it with Hopeless. And now a book from the POV’s of Will AND Holder! It’s too much! April and July can’t come fast enough!

  13. Had a serious book hangover from this, and I feel like there is no hangover cure for this EXCEPT for a book from Holder’s perspective. Can’t wait!!!

  14. This is excellent news! Thanks for working together Colleen and Holder to make our fictional world a much sweeter place.

  15. OMG I am so freaking excited, Colleen. I can still remember the days I spent reading Slammed and POR having tears streaming down my face and trying to explain to my mum why and just not doing it enough justice. I can not WAIT to get inside Will’s head.
    As for Hopeless.. I can’t even explain. Sky and Holder were such perfect characters and their connection was like no other I’ve seen.
    Thank you for writing such amazing books!

  16. Back the truck up! Do I have to pick a team?
    I’m shaking with anxiety over that.
    Can I be a bit of a hoe and have both my men?

    Hurry the heck up Colleen, I need my fix before I lose my shit all over Oz and I will be blaming you all the way to the funny farm!

  17. OMG!!! I can not be any more excited right now!! Thank you Collen!! I can not wait for both of these books!! Also pick me for the signed copies:) lmao

  18. I love Will Cooper but Dean Holder is just…wow. I just have a soft spot for him. And when he says “I know, I know” makes me thing about the Avett Brother’s song “Pretty Girl at the Airport”.

  19. This is the best news ever!!! I love these stories…best I’ve ever read hands down (and I read A LOT!!) can’t wait for them :-)

  20. I am beyond excited about this news! Colleen, you have inspired me to do things I never dreamed I could accomplish. I am a fan for life. I can’t wait to experience these stories for the first time all over again.

  21. Absolutely can’t wait! Just finished rereading Hope and am back to rereading Slammed for the fourth or fifth time. Can’t get enough of these amazing characters!

  22. Super, SUPER excited for both. Sorry Holder, I’m team Will all the way, but maybe if I get to know your inner workings a little better I could be persuaded to change my mind ;-)

  23. EXTREMELY EXCITED!! Can’t wait till July, I just LOVED Hopeless & I bet Holders story is gonna be worth the wait!!! Waiting in anticipation<3x

  24. Holy crapity crap! First Holder tells us about Will then Holder tells us about Holder? I think my ovaries just exploded at my desk!

  25. OMG! Colleen! This is by far the BEST BUTTERFLYING NEWS EVER!! So excited that sweet sensitive sexy and seductive Holder will get his story out! I have been hoping and praying that it would happen!!! I just LIVE that this is happening!! Team Holder all the LIVING AND LOVING way!!!!!! <3

  26. I can’t even put into words how excited I am by this news. Be warned: I’ll probably kiss you so hard when I meet you in Boston. Ok, maybe just a hug, but it’s gonna be the hardest hug ever!

  27. AHHHH!!!!!!!!! OMG my day has been completely made!!! The exclamation point button on my keyboard may break from my overwhelming excitement!!!! ;) I can’t wait to read what these boys were thinking!!! Sooo looking forward to this!!! You are the VERY BEST Colleen!!!!!!

  28. Super excited!!! My sister and I have been talking about the third book for slammed for a few weeks now and have been super giddy! Extra excited for some more Dean Holder! That’s an extra added bonus. = )

    You made my day with this announcement! I can not wait for both!
    You are the best author EVER!!!

  30. Already shared this on my Facebook page, but I’ll go ahead and say it again on here ;)

    So, THIS…
    made my entire day!
    Colleen, I like…
    I live…
    I love…
    you and your butterflyin’ writing!

  31. OMG! Super excited. Although I’m falling for Will (currently reading slammed), I’m already in love with Holder. Can July come any sooner?

  32. Best news today! Holder is my favorite male lead character! Cant wait to hear his side of such a wonderful and touching story :)

  33. Pssh. Totally NOT excited for this… at all!
    Besides, Holder and Will totally aren’t even that perfect boyfriends, anyway… and I certainly don’t love them or anything. . .

  34. Miss Hoover i just want to tell you that you are my favorite author. Also i have bipolar disorder but i not a emotional people like you would think of for having this dosorder.But your three books are the only ones that have ever been able to make me cry, then laugh, be angry, then smile. Thats an accomplishment because my boyfriend has never seen me cry and he asked what was wrong? Im like lyke and will broke up. Keep up the writing i will deffintly be buying these books!

  35. You are the funniest, wackiest, author around! Some of the other authors I like to read write great stories, but they themselves have no personality! This is why I adore you so much! I look forward to your books and your blog postings, almost, equally. Thanks for being so terrific!!!!

  36. You just made my day Colleen! “Hopeless” is one of my most favourite books! I cannot wait for this one to come out! Thank You!!!!

  37. Swoon, faint…ok I ran out if synonyms, but seriously I love, love, love Holder. Will is also freaking amazing. In fact, they are both on my book boyfriend list (mine!!!), but I digress. The fact that we get not one but two books, one from each perspective, makes me want to scream for joy! Oh the hell with it *girly squeal* April could not come soon enough, or July for that matter. Thank you Colleen, from the bottom of my heart, for giving us crazed fans more Will and Holder. You help sustain my addiction to fiction! *waits impatiently for April* is it here yet?!?!?!

  38. Yeah, I so can’t wait! All of your books have been so amazing, love love love them! I have referred these so many times an all who reads them agree!

  39. your very talented, cant wait for the next one I love your writing. It took me a few days to stop crying at your infamous book Hopeless, I didn’t think writing that way existed. Thank you. jusx

  40. I’m so excited about holder’s pov! I tell everyone about these books and would LOVE to have a physical copy especially signed! <3

  41. I’m butterflying jumping up and down! <3 SOOOOOOOO excited!!!! AHHHHHHHH trying not to run around the house like a crazy fan girl, my kids are looking at me like I'm nuts!! Thank you so much!!! I'm pretty excited to read it! :)

  42. Ahhh so excited!! This has got to be some of the best news!! I couldn’t get enough of Hopeless…especially Holder! And for a 3rd book of Slammed/Point of Retreat!!! Can they be released already!!

  43. Omergerhs!!!!!!!!! I’m have a Josie Grossie moment. I can’t even articulate how excited I am. *covers smile with hand and squees*

  44. I am just now reading Hopeless and I can’t wait until I can read it from the other view point! How exciting and I love it when that is done!!! thx

    1. Oh and I can’t wait…super excite with zero patience. This is going to be a long couple of months, Colleen!

  45. OMG!!!!! I am sooooo flippin excited for both of these books!!!!! More of Will and Hunter!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! :-)

  46. Aww! I LIVE Holder! I cannot wait to read more of Holder and sky. I LIVED there story, however damaged and wrong it was. I know I will live Hopeless in Holder’s point of view just as I know I will love Will’s point of view (maybe even more?) Ha! Cannot wait! LIVED IT!

  47. I think I’m almost more excited about the new installment coming in April than I am about the give away. ALMOST. Sure would love to win!! :)

  48. Oh Yeah! Don’t know who I am more excited to read about! More of my two favorite literary sweethearts! THANK YOU for listening and indulging your fans again, Colleen! I can’t wait! =-)

  49. Ooooh. I haven’t read Hopeless yet byt Imd dying to read it and I already know its a wonderful book so its great to hear theres kore.( cuz if ots abyyhing close to Slammed then I sure want a second one) .

  50. Oh my gosh! You just totally made my day! Looking forward to both books! Yay!!! Holders my #1 book boyfriend, haha

  51. Holy hell Batman, I just fell out of my chair from total excitement!!! YES, YES, YES!!!! Can’t wait to get into Will and Holder’s heads!

  52. OMG! Sat here reading through that with a goofy grin, seriously cannot wait, thought of hubby for a moment and how his nose may be put out of joint with me obsessively reading about 2 other fab guys, then realised he’ll be happy to get more Fifa time on his X box so it’s a win win! Now what to do about the kids???? I wonder if they’ll notice if I swap the toothpaste for superglue to get some peace? *wanders off to ponder this dilemma while still smiling*

  53. OK, so first of all that was fun to read. Crazy how these characters are like real people. I have read alllll your books all on my tablet. I need to win these books so I can save them forrrrrrrrreeeeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrr :-) love you and your books, you’re butterflying awesome!

  54. Oh Im so freakin excited 2 more books from my fav author this year. I can’t wait. Counting down the days. YEAH!!!!!

  55. Swoon, faint…ok, so I ran out of synonyms. Seriously though, I love, love, love Holder! Will is also freaking amazing. In fact, they are both on my book boyfriend list (MINE!!!), but I digress. The fact that we get not one, but two books, one from each perspective, makes me want to scream for joy…oh what the hell *girly squeal* April could not come soon enough. Thank you Colleen, from the bottom if my heart, for giving us crazed fans more Will and Holder. You help support my addiction to fiction!! *waits impatiently for April* is it here yet?!?!?!?!!!

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