Holder has a lot to say.

Hey. Holder, here. So, I have this really cool girlfriend who likes to read. You might remember her. Sky? Killer sense of humor?  Incredible mouth?

Well, we’ve been dating for a few months now and, although I don’t really pay attention to her when she reads to me, I still like watching her while she does it. There’s just something about those lips.
Okay, I’m getting sidetracked. Anyway, the first night I ever went to her house she had this book that our friend Breckin gave her. It was called SLAMMED. Heard of it?  Well, this may just be speculation, but I heard somewhere that Colleen wrote SLAMMED from Will’s point of view and has been sitting on that manuscript for a while. Sky is getting really irritated because she really wants to read it. She read a teaser for it here and I swear that’s all she can talk about! If I hear her say one more time how she needs more “Will Cooper,” I’m going to have to send her another ego-deflating text. I know he’s only fictional, but I’m starting to get a little jealous.
So, back to the point again. I was able to find out for Sky when she’ll finally get more “Will Cooper.” Not that I want her to have more Will, but I always tell her I’ll do whatever it takes to make her happy. If she wants to read out loud to me…I’m sure not going to stop her. I just hope it’s a long book so I can watch her lips for hours.
Ugh! There I go again. BACK TO MY POINT!
I heard Colleen was just sitting on this manuscript until…hell…I don’t even know why she wasn’t sending it to her publisher. Maybe it had to do with getting Sky’s story out first in Hopeless. That would make sense, right? It was pretty crazy.
Now this is just hearsay, but I heard Colleen is working with ATRIA BOOKS for the final installment of the SLAMMED SERIES. The third book is still untitled, but people have been referring to it as “Will’s Story” or “This Girl.” Whatever it will be titled, Sky will be happy to know that I found out the e-book will be released this April. She is going to be so damn happy to know that.
At least now she’ll stop whining once she has more Will Cooper and she’ll start reading out loud again while we’re together…in her bed…her head on my chest…book in hand…her lips…Shit! Sorry. I hope Sky never finds out just how much she occupies my thoughts or her ego would grow even bigger, if that’s possible. Hold on while I send her a quick ego-deflating text before she starts to realize how incredible she really is.

Hey, babe.  I’ll be at your house in an hour, so make sure you brush your teeth really well for the next sixty minutes.  Not that I plan to kiss you when I see you because your lips are really unattractive.  It’s all I think about; how unattractive they are.  Seriously unkissable lips.  Not thinking about tasting them at all.  Nope.  

Okay, she should remain grounded for a while with that one. While the news might make Sky happy about Will Cooper, it sort of put me in a funk. Only because I started thinking, “What’s so special about Will Cooper?”

I mean, sure he’s way talented with his poetry and all that, and he seems like a really good guy. But why him? Why not me?
I threw the idea out there for Colleen, because if you think about it, I’ve got a lot to say myself. Y’all already know what I was thinking during the best first kiss in the history of first kisses with this post. But I keep thinking about all the questions that were left lingering in Hopeless. Questions like these:

“What was Holder thinking when he saw Sky in the grocery store?”

“What was he thinking when he saw the bracelet?”

“What did Holder do during the month that he left Sky after the incident in the cafeteria?”

“Why did Holder leave his mother shortly after Les died?”

“Why did he leave Austin on bad terms with his father?”

“What was he like before he met Sky?”

“What prompted him to crawl back through Sky’s window that night after not speaking to her for four weeks?”

“What was going through Holder’s head the moment he found out about what happened to Les?”

Tons of questions, right? I went ahead and answered them all in hopes that Colleen would finally decide to write MY version of the story. If she can write one for Will, she should write one for me, right?


Well, ATRIA BOOKS thought it was a good idea and agreed with me, so now Will isn’t the only one with his own story. I don’t know what I want mine to be called yet but we can get to that later. The good news is, Colleen is releasing HOPELESS from my point of view and the ebook will be available in July. It’s good to know that Sky will have more Will Cooper in just a couple of months and then more of me shortly after that! I’m about to let Sky in on the good news. Knowing her, she’ll probably be more excited about Will’s Story than my story.

Nah. That girl loves me way too much to prefer Will over me. She’s “Team Holder” all the way.

Like, Live, Love

Dean Holder

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  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! I just read Holder’s POV for the best first kiss AGAIN and now THIS. I am so excited! Can’t wait! LOVED THIS BOOK

  2. Colleen, I don’t know how many times I’ve said this but I am just in awe of your books and writing! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this announcement because there are not enough words. And seriously, you are the coolest chick ever. Thank you for bringing Holder and Will into my life! I hope you had a blast in Vegas!

  3. As you already know, I’m so utterly excited for this new book, you have no idea! And by the way, thank you so much for answering my e-mail, Colleen, it meant a lot. July, please come sooner!!!

  4. THUMP…I have no words to express my excitment on this grand news. APRIL AND JULY CAN’T COME SOON ENOUGH!!. Thank you Colleen!! what an awesome treat.

  5. OMG, I can’t wait for both!! I’m reading Hopeless again right now, even though I have lots of other books I haven’t even begun. Squeeee! Will and Holder’s POV? I’m really looking forward to them! Thanks, Colleen!

  6. So I am not sure if my post went through. You are awesome Colleen! Thank you for the giveaway opportunities and for writing these amazing books!

  7. This is do Awesome! I have read MANY books in the last 8 months and of course Holder is my all time favorite book boyfriend!!!!

    I want to make a shirt that says “Team Holder” now. lol.

  8. this was seriously ADORABLE. I LOVE when authors take their characters and make them so darn real for readers, even outside the original book. it’s perfect fodder for the die-hard fans, and I’m pretty sure we ALL appreciate it! :) thank you colleen!

  9. I loved this. I little bit confusing at first, but loved it lol. I can’t wait for your new releases. I’m so glad you have get this far. I know you will be even more. Enjoy this! Because you deserve it!

  10. OMG, YES!!!!!! I cannot wait for both of these stories! I am seriously in love with both Will and Holder, and cannot wait to read both Slammed and Hopeless from their point of view!! Thank you Colleen!!!

  11. ummm OK so I started HOPELESS yesterday and was up till 2 a.m. reading.. yes i have to work today but OMG … i couldnt put it down yet i dotn want it to end …
    I guess I’m just intense about your book ;)

  12. Okay. wow. oh my.

    *fangirlish voice on* THIS IS SOOOOO AMAZING, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO SO MUCH COLLEEN. Seriously, you should have seen me dancing through my kitchen when I read this. Un-fucking-believable!!! :D :D *fangirlish voice off*

  13. My brain just nearly exploded from the amount of excitement I’ve just had reading this. Although, I’ve read the excerpt from Will’s side from a previous post quite a while back, I’m very excited to know that it will be out very soon ! It will also be a wonderful birthday present to myself when Holders story is released being that it seems to be planned for July ! This is an absolutely wonderful idea you’ve had Colleen. I’ve always had so many questions after finishing books, but you seem to be the only one that has plans to answer them. I’ve very excited to read them. My calender is marked and I’ll be waiting patiently.

  14. OMG-I can’t tell you how excited I am right now. I’ve been waiting to hear when the third Slammed was coming out and now to find out that there will be another Hopeless, I’m lost for words! I know the 3rd Slammed will be available as an e book in April but I really hope it becomes available in book too to join the first two on my book shelf. I will still be purchasing it via e book regardless. Colleen Hoover-you have become my favorite author and am incredibly excited for these two books. You’re writing is phenominal and am so looking forward to more of it!!!

  15. I can’t wait! I love hopeless! I’m reading it again now. He totaly should have gotten number one book boyfriend! <3

  16. Today’s “Suck” is that I’m up at 6:30am on a Sunday morning. My “Sweet” is that I just read this awesome blog and I AM SO FREAKING excited!!! Colleen Hoover, you have ruined me! Since reading your books, I can’t find another one that makes me hold my breath while I’m reading b/c it’s so good. Keep writing and carry on… see you in Orlando!

  17. Ooh my gosh!!! This makes my whole year!! I’m sooo freaking excited!! I was just telling a friend of mine I needed some more colleen Hoover writing in my life. :) and I JUST finsished rererereading slammed and point of retreat! Perfect timing for this amazing news!!!

  18. The moment I opened my inbox this was my first news, I viewed this after 3 hours it was posted, and what joy! I’ve linked this to my facebook and tweeted it :) I was so giddy! Then at school, yeah, my friends can’t stop my ranting! HAHAHA =))

    DEAN HOLDER, YOU SHALL ANSWER ALL MY INQUIRIES WHEN YOU VANISHED WITHOUT ANY REASONS *well, I do get the reasons, it’s just I wanna pretend that I didn’t know why* :)) I’m excited for the 3rd book (HELLO WILL) And for your very own book :)

    P.S. Stop staring at Sky’s lips and raving it. ;)

  19. Uhh Dean Holder,
    I have a brilliant idea for you! If you really want to make Sky happy, give Collen a writer ninja, who does all of the long parts after the writing bits for her, so that she can get more books out faster. Like now. Because I butterflying cant wait, and if I cant, neither can Sky. I checked.
    Thanks-and best of luck, though I’m certain you dont really need it.
    P.s. if she ever does go team Will, you might try writing her poetry, it seems to work well for him:)

  20. I like live love the story of Lake and Will… as well the story of Sky and Holder.

    ColleHoover is just plan Butterflying awesome she is myvor new favorite writer… hopes of an east coast book signing.

  21. OMG. I love Holder and Will. Each are unique in their own way! I am SO EXCITED for Will and Holder’s POV! When i first read Slammed, I finished it in 2 days and moved right on to Point of No Retreat because I just couldn’t get enough of Will and Lake! and when Hopeless came out! I couldn’t drop that book either! It was such an amazing book, my all time favorite! I recommended it to a couple of my friends and they all enjoyed it too! I butterflying love your books! :) I shared this link on facebook, twitter and by word ! All 3 are must reads!

  22. It took me a good couple minutes to get down here so I could comment!! I am SO excited for this! I typically don’t LOVE it when author’s right the same book from another POV because they never seem as genuine as the first book, like they’re made just for profit, but I honestly love your writing SO much that this will definitely be one of those exceptions for me!! I cannot wait for Holder’s AND Will’s POV!

  23. Will I butterflying like you so damn much! and Holder – I am so so so in LIKE with you,.. more more more,.. those words just arent enough for how much we need to read about you both!

  24. Great news about the continuation of Hopeless and Slammed series I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Holder!! Sky and Dean’s story was amazing the way you wrote it. My favorite book hands down can’t wait to see things from Dean Holder’s POV. There are a few questions that have been left unanswered, but now can be answered.

    The Slammed series is great as well and I enjoyed reading Will’s POV in the Point of Retreat. Can’t wait to see what happens between Will and Lake in this new book??

    You’re a great writer Colleen and thanks for being there for your fans.

  25. ER. MA. GERD. BEST POST EVER. I don’t know how I didn’t see this, since I subscribed to your blog through email, but OH MY GOD! Holder! Will! I am so excited! This comment is hardly coherent. I’m stopping now. I love you Colleen!

  26. OMG.. is this.. i mean are these real?!!! The two of my favorite book boyfriends will finally have their own version of their story… This is the highlight of my day. I feel so happy I can feel the Sky~~ (I’m being ridiculous… I’m kind of shaking from this good news.. freaking good news)

    You are really my favorite author! again CONGRATULATIONS for the success of your books! and again these installments that will come for the next months. This is unbelievable, especially I thought there will be no more Holder.

    again Thank you!

    and Thank you Holder for convincing Ms. Hoover to have another one~~ I’m so Excited!

  27. Holder is so adorable! OMG I can’t wait for his POV and Will’s story too!!! Now I’m too excited to sleep :) Colleen you are such an amazing writer!

  28. If I had to describe you, Colleen Hoover, in one word…it would be INSPIRATIONAL.

    I started writing my first book last year (wanted to make space in my head, turned out I ended up filling it with more ideas than I started with), and after reading “Hopeless” closely followed by “Slammed” and “Point of Retreat,” I am in awe. AWE!

    Hopeless has everything an engaging novel needs. It has a strong if imperfect main character to draw in the reader, a charismatic best friend to break the tension…and of course it has Holder.

    To me, a really good book is one where I AM the main character. I feel her heartbreak, her happiness and everything in between. Never have I felt so close to a fictional book character before. It was truly something.

    While reading “Hopeless” for the first time (late at night while I was supposed to be studying for exams) I literally found myself smiling because I couldn’t believe I was reading something so….I can’t even find the word. “WOW” would probably sum it up.

    “I need the lamp. And the ashtray. And the remote control. And the paddleball game. And you, Colleen Hoover. But that’s all I need.”

  29. Thanks Holder for the awesome news…
    It will be absolutely fantastic to have your POV…
    And I can’t wait to have more of Layken & Will.. yay :)

  30. Colleen Hoover!!! I love you!!! Live you!! Love you!! Live you!! Love you!! Love you!! Wait, it was supposed to be live…ah whatever….I LIVE LOVE YOU!!!! :)

    And Dean….*dreamy sigh* don’t you worry….we’re all “Team Holder” all the way…..LOVE You!! Live you!! (multiplied by infinity) :D

    And Will…in case you’re reading this too…let me tell you we’re “Team Will” all the way…What? A girl can’t cheer for two teams at the same time? Well, this girl definitely does! Can never discriminate between you and Holder. :P LOVE you, Will!!! Butterflying LOVE You!! :D

    Can’t wait for both of your POVs!!!! *freaking out* Dang! How am I supposed to wait for so many months now? *deep breath* Patience, patience….it’s only 2 months…4 months….Ahhhhhhhgggggghhhh…….

    A huge fan, A.C. , cooler, D.C., and everything else that basically says “I’m so glad that I read those books!! Love them, live them!” (ok, enough babbling…going a little overboard here, aren’t I?) :P


  31. LoveLove Hopeless! I have recommanded this book to all my girlfriends. The only thing now is that we all want to find a Holder but were all married lol

  32. OMGosh Colleen! I am so freaking excited and can’t wait! You have ruined me with your books! I can’t even pick up another book to read since Hopeless because I just know that nothing will be as good as the books you’ve written! I have to share this good news with mom now!

  33. This was such amazing news! I can’t wait for the third Slammed book to be released, I loved the first two and I know I’m going to love this one as well! I’m so EXCITED that Holder is getting his own book too! Thank you Colleen for giving us such amazing books already, and now you’re adding these two which makes it even better! Awesome giveaway, would love to have Slammed, Point of Retreat and Hopeless!

  34. Oh I can’t wait such great news Holder and Will hold a special little place in my heart. Your books just delight and inspire me even gave my 14 year old daughter a jar full of paper cranes with messages from me in them for Christmas which seemed to really touch her so I owe you a big THANKYOU !!

  35. Omg! I loved the Slammed Series and cannot wait until the next book is published. I am having withdrawals. I am in love with Hopeless too and cannot wait for more Holder and Sky!

  36. I am so excited, I am looking forward for both stories, because who can choose between Holder and Will? Actually it is impossible

  37. I love that we will get Holder’s point of view. Your writing is so descriptive. The reader can truly become a part of the characters’ lives. I can’t wait to read the next book. I too had questions about Holder that I would love to get answered.

  38. I love your work, Colleen! I am also looking forward to you publishing both of your new books.
    The way you structure your stories are amazing! The little twists that just pop right in there without us seeing it.

    Keep writing and I will keep buying :)

  39. Oh how wonderful, the boy telling how he feels. We need more like that. It might encourage more boys to read … reading is sexy :)

  40. So exciting about the new upcoming sequels! I loved all the books and am very excited to read more about the characters I’ve grown to love! I hope in the future to see more from the girls POV’s too!

  41. I can’t remember if I already commented or not and I can’t find it if I did – so I’m going to post just in case! lol I can’t wait!!! I love Slammed, Point of Retreat and Hopeless and am so excited we get more! :)

  42. I lived Hopeless! Best book ever! I’m in love with Holder, everything about him is amazing! I wish he was fo real!!! :))))

  43. I can’t wait!!! I keep going back and reading my fave parts of the book, which end up with me reading from start to finish lol…

  44. Eeek!!! I’m so excited! My mom and I both read and loved your books, so as I was reading I freaked out and called her about Willa’s story and we freaked out together!! When I got off the phone and kept reading and saw we’re getting Holder’s too I had to call her back! Lol we love your books, and cant wait!! Congratulations on becoming so big!

  45. Jeez! I can’t wait for these books. So much to look foward to. Seriously love all your books so far! Can’t freaking wait!

  46. This is amazing news! I was beyond excited to see Will’s book but Holders – I almost fell out of my chair! YAY!!!

  47. Hurry up April and July!!! Super excited for more of Will and Holder!!!!!!! I think they should all meet up at an Avett Brothers concert!!!!

  48. omg! omg! omg! im so excitedd i really cant wait for both of these books … will is an adorable character and holder is amazing i think im gonna die waiting for these books they cant come soon enough

  49. Colleen you are a author rock star – love your characters so much!!! Can’t wait for Will’s story, but there is just something a little more I am looking forward to now – that is Holder’s POV :) Cannot wait for both to be honest! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!!!

  50. I am sooooooooooooooooo excited to hear that will’s and dean’s books are coming out I can’t wait. Colleen love your books I have re read them a couple of times.

  51. I AM SO STINKIN EXCITED!!! SQUEEL! I butterflying loved these books! Holder and Will are both so dreamy! Cant wait to read their POV’s. U rock Colleen!

  52. Yayyy I’m Sooo excited!!!! I have been waiting for such a long time for more Will Cooper and the fact that I get more Holder makes this all even better!!! Ahhh I can’t wait!!! :)

  53. One of my favorite books of the year! I can’t wait! Since I had a fire at my house, I lost my entire book collection. Winning this contest would start me off on rebuilding my new collection. Thanks for opportunity!

  54. I can’t wait to hear Holder and Will’s stories <3 I love both characters so much!! And new releases from yourself always make me happy :)

  55. Oh my, the only better news would be that these books were available now, I am going to need lots of reading material for this lovely blizzard- can’t wait til April!!

  56. I LOVE Colleen Hoover she has such talent and I love stepping into the world of Holder and Sky even though I envy Sky’s lips being my are so thin lol. I have read all of the books so far including Hopeless and can’t wait until April for a new book to emerge myself in. I have even turned family and friends into C.H groupies! Keep up the great work Colleen and NEVER stop writing!

  57. I seriously CAN NOT WAIT! I read Hopeless, Slammed and Point of retreat all in 4 days. Might even read them again. Getting to read Holders AND WIlls POV is going to be awesome and intense! I might have to read them again!
    ….and again and again

  58. So I just read this and let out a couple of rather loud eeks! My boyfriend just said to me ‘are those noises coming from you?? What’s wrong with you’ LOL I can’t help being so excited, your fault Colleen :D

  59. Colleen, I loved Hopeless, I read it in one day, couldn’t put it down!! I hope we get to see more from your wonderful characters!!!

  60. OH.MY.GOD!!! I am SOO exited!! April come on!! Hurry along now. Than June!!! LIKE, LIVE, LOVE YOU COLLEEN!!!

    In April its my birthday. (April 22nd) I wonder if its before, or after or on the day! Best birthday gift for me. LMAO. All books I have been waiting on is releasing in April. How amazing is that?! Can’t wait!! <3 :D

  61. April and July can’t get here fast enough! Thank you so much for giving us what we want! Could you just include a life size blow up doll of the guys?!?! You truly are the best! We love Colleen, keep up the good work!

  62. Geez Holder and Colleen you two are butterflyingly phenomenal. I live you both and cannot wait to read Untitled Hopeless from your POV, Holder!! <3

  63. You’ve made my year!!! I CAN NOT wait to get my hands on both books!!!! I’m so glad I found you!! Team Holder. Who am I kidding? I’m Team Will too.

  64. I am so excited! I’ve hated reading my entire life (for real, for school I would read cliff notes instead of reading an actual book). That all changed when my husband handed me his Kindle and said “here, read this. I bet you will like it”. Little did he know that I would LUURRVV it (yes, lurv, not love) That one moment has changed how I feel about books. Probably for forever. I have read all three (Slammed, Point of Retreat and Hopeless). Possibly more than once but I won’t admit to that. Thank you for changing my view on books, reading and giving me the chance to share something with my husband (who loves to read).

  65. I read all three books in a few days! Great books. Granted the house is a mess, the laundry is piling up, and I’m not sure my kids ate, but I really enjoyed your books! Looking forward to the next two!

  66. Thank you so much for writing, I really enjoy reading your stories and sharing them with my co-workers! I can’t wait for more Will and Holder! Thanks again keep writing…

  67. OMG!!! More Holder & more Will, who more can a girl ask for????? <3 You have just made my day/weekend/month and I can not wait!!!! You are truly amazing Colleen!!! :) :) I love all your books!

  68. OH MY GOODNESS!!! That was a whole lot of Excellent news! Thanks Dean for the informative blog. I am super stocked to read more about Will and Lake…and Holder and Sky!….super super stocked! =)

  69. One question You (Holder) forgot to mention is how you felt the night you took off after Sky asked you to “take it away from him” in the least romantic of circumstances. I think you side of the story is just as unique as hers and should be told, yours is a story that can be significant, fun, and entertaining without revisiting “Hopeless” in too much detail. Maybe the title would simply be “Hope”…

  70. Apparently Ms Hoover you have made an awful LOT of people happy ( especially me!!) with these new books. See how easy it is for you to give joy & excitement to people !!! THANK YOU…. can’t wait til July, as I just finished reading HOPELESS for the 2nd time & plan on buying it for gifts when it is published in paperback soon!! Slammed is on my “To Read” list, just before Will’s book comes out! You are so kind to do this for your readers who wnat MORE!!

  71. I can’t believe you’re going to write a book for Holden!! I loved him in Hopeless and I can’t wait to see what’s been going on in his head during everything. Thanks so much!!!

  72. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! So excited!!!!!! I’m at work so I have to let out my excitement through this comment. AHHHHHHHHH!!! I think this has made my day and it’s Friday so really excited!!! I think this makes for some great news for a great weekend!

  73. Whoohooo!!!!!! Can not wait…love your books. I am in my 40s and a mom of a “new adult”….great reads for all of us!!!!!

  74. Waaa!This would be a great year!! I can’t wait for those books coming out! Can they out be sooner?haha!
    I just have to say your post is so witty! I haven’t read Hopeless yet but I’d love to meet Holder. Hopefully soon!

    Thanks so much Colleen!Your books are amazing and so do you!
    <3 <3 <3 from the Philippines.. :)))

  75. Oh.My.Gosh!!! You’re killing me!! OMG! My heart will burst! and am shaking right now. Speechless. I can’t wait! (marked my calendar)
    Holder is pretty funny talking about Will like that. Gosh, I can’t pick between them! </3
    My roommate is torturing me to pick only one as my boyfriend. What am I supposed to do? They finally know about each other.. I love them both <333
    Thanks for making my day Colleen :)

  76. It’s a great birthday gift! Well actually it’s my son’s birthday in April but who’s to say I can’t use his birthday as an excuse to celebrate this gift! Thank you Colleen!!!

  77. Oh my gosh I cannot wait for the third book! And i loved hopeless! This blog is great :) you are an amazing author, one of the reasons I started reading again.

  78. I absolutely cannot wait ! I’ve been having Hopeless withdrawals ever since I finished reading it ! I just wanted more~ Thanks for the news Holder, reading from your perspective will be so interesting! You’ve been the highlight of my day :)

    (P.S Colleen, you rock! Never stop writing!)

  79. OMG i’m sooo excited! Can’t wait to read both Stories :D <3

    BTW: is there any chance that the paperbacks of Hopeless are available at Amazon EU?

  80. Happy April wedding present to me!! :) Just release it before the 27th because I think my fiance would get pretty mad if I was reading your book for half of our wedding day ;-)

  81. I think somebody has to send Holder an ego-deflating text. He seriously needs to put a shirt on who wants to see those abs while running! And just like Sky WE ALL need more Will Cooper 8D

  82. OMG! I am seriously dancing with excitement and joy(my two boys are staring at me with their curious eyes :-) ) I cant wait to read these two books. Love your work Colleen.

  83. Oh my God! Hopeless from Dean Holder’s POV! Bring it on! Wow! I am so super duper excited for this! Go Team Holder! Oh, and Sky loves Will too, eh? Well, no girl can resist Will! ♥ Holder and Will forever! :D :* Just this one post from Holder has me smiling… Imagine what a whole book will do? :P

  84. Omg! I’m soo excited and can’t wait for Holder’s POV book and of course I have been waiting for Will’s story!!! Yay!! Thanks Colleen…keep them amazing books coming =]

  85. This is probably the best news ever! I am so excited for both of these! April cannot come soon enough!!!! so many good books to read this spring! Thank you Colleen for your wonderful stories!

  86. Best News Ever! I’m Team Willand Team Holder, because there both amazing, I cant wait. So many great books coming this spring from you, Sylvia Day and Jamie Mcguire!

  87. I’m doing cartwheels right now!!!!! My favorite characters are coming soon!!! I can’t freaking wait. Best news ever!!!!!! Thanks Colleen & Holder of course. Would love for hopeless to be turned into a movie but I guess that’s just wishful thinking.

  88. Uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm….HOLY SHIT!!!! That’s the best news ever…can’t wait for Will and I surely wasn’t expecting Holder’s POV!!!!


    Hopeless and Slammed are some of my favorite books, they were amazing stories and getting the POV of both Will and Holder is going to be even better!


  90. Holder cracks me up. yeah, i get sidetracked too. If Will and Holder will stand in front of me, i’ll be in seriosly dead. I would not know who to choose.

    Haha! Im so excited :)

  91. I can’t wait! I’m so happy that I found Colleen, Sky, Holder, Layken, Will, Caulder, Kel and the list can go on. Great writting and I can’t wait to go back to my Hopeless POR Slammed reading.

  92. OMG SO HAPPY! WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS MY EMOTIONS! Was so sad when you stopped selling Hopeless cause I wanted it in my hands and turning pages! But happy it will be on bookshelves in stores soon! Thank you, you are sooo amazing! (:

  93. Omg omg omg, i soooo can’t wait!!!!! Super excited!!! Aboslutly like, love, live all your book!!! Holder ,Will, Holder love love love!!!!!!!! :-)

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