Rebecca Donovan dancing? #1 NYT’s Bestseller? Paperback Giveaways? Free pig? GET IT ALL HERE!

If you follow my facebook, you probably heard me screaming earlier because of this.


NUMBER ONE!!!  <<<The world doesn’t make near enough exclamation points.  When I found this out, I just wanted to dance, but dangit…I don’t dance!

Luckily the universe brings me friends that DO!  I just got this amazing congratulatory video from the lovely, beautiful, talented author Rebecca Donovan!

AND SHE DANCED FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (See? I’m using up all the exclamation points.)

IT’S REALLY HER!  I was with her when she bought those shoes!

Awesome, right?  So awesome that I’m giving away a set of signed paperback copies of both of her books. (CONTEST HAS ENDED)

This one right here >>>>REasontobreathe

And this one right here >>>>>>barelybreathing

And the winner will also receive this one right here >>Hopeless NYT AMAZON


Oh!  And since people all over the world love to watch Rebecca dance, we’ll make this an international giveaway.  :D

Yay for today!!!!  (Oh and Husband put his foot down when it came to that mean little pig, Hazel, and the pig giveaway.  So sorry.)

292 thoughts on “Rebecca Donovan dancing? #1 NYT’s Bestseller? Paperback Giveaways? Free pig? GET IT ALL HERE!

  1. So awesome! Sharing this post and telling people about the awesomeness of Rebecca Donovan – the woman, the writer and the dancer! :D <3 So epically amazing. Congratulations seems like such a small word for the happiness I feel for you!

  2. Congrats Colleen!!! I’m SO happy and excited for you! SO deserved. You are my favorite author :-). Keep it up, girl!

  3. Wooooohoooooo I knew it from the very first week I’ve been saying it!!!! Number 1 awesomeness!!! Congrats from New Zealand!!!

  4. Girl, you crack me up and so does Rebecca. Now that is a true friend. Congratulations. I will tell all my friends and I’ll start by tweeting right now.

  5. Yeah!! I have read both of Rebecca Donovan’s books and can’t wait until out of Breath is released…If you have not read it…go do so now.

  6. Shared on my Facebook for all my friends ( and Facebook stalkers/creepers) to buy Rebecca Donovan’s books (and yours too)! I actually read your Slammed series and Rebecca’s Breathing series back to back. Talk about emotional overload!! Amazing work ladies!!

  7. LMAO! Rebecca must try out for the next season of “So You Think You Can Dance?” JK!
    Seriously, congrats Colleen!!!! You deserved it!

  8. Congrats!!!!! I’m so excited and happy for you :) I have been telling everyone to read these books especially Hopeless! I even got my sister in law reading it and my god sister!!! I know they’ll love it as much as I did :)

  9. I already told everyone to read them but I have reminded them again! Both great books can’t wait for her next one!


  10. I just shared Rebeccas book on my personal facebook page. I absolutely love all things Colleen Hoover so if you recommend Rebecca Donovan of course I am going to listen :) Thank you

  11. I squealed myself when I saw the post on Facebook!! I’m so happy for you!! And Rebecca is so darn cute and amazing as well!! Shared her books on FB again!

  12. I made everyone in my office read your books, Colleen! And now they are on Rebecca’s and we can’t wait for Out of Breath! Both of you are amazing!!!!! Congrats on #1!!!!!

  13. Congrats!! I told all my close friends at work and family about these books awhile ago and they all loved them just as much as I did :)

  14. Dammit Colleen…gotta buy stock in Poise…you keep making me pee myself with these posts!! Anyway…posted on both of my FB pages for you and my other girl Rebecca!! Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  15. How super fantabulous! I must give props to Rebecca for her endurance! If it were me sending the dancing video, it would have been ummm 20 seconds tops? LOL
    Shared on my Facebook Wall.

    Have a huge party and celebrate,

  16. I’ve told and even emailed to my book club!!!!!
    I even texted my friend who has my slammed and POR books so maybe she’ll give em back (she knows who she is)!!!!! I would live a signed copy of hopeless( almost done w it on my little kindle ;))

  17. Both of you are AMAZING writers (and I’m hoping your dancing skills measure up to Rebecca’s too…?)

    Anyways, congratulations on the NYT 1 spot! I devoured Hopeless in about 6 hours – work the next day was a killer but it was SO worth it!

    Keep doing what you’re doing. I hope one day I can be as successful as you :)

  18. You rock Colleen! Totally deserved because it’s a totally awesome book! You deserve all the props you’re getting!! Congrats!

  19. It’s great to have good friends. I will gladly recommend Rebecca’s books since I loved them so much! While I’m at it I’ll also tell them to read the New York Times #1 selling book Hopeless. Congrats on your continued success. 2013 is looking great for you!

  20. I have read Slammed, Point of Retreat, Reason to Breathe & Barely Breathing. I am looking forward to Hopless and Out of Breath. I would love to have signed copies of these books to add to my collection. Thank you for writing great books and for this giveaway.

  21. I have read all three of the above books, and loved loved loved them. I am impatiently waiting for Out of Breath!

  22. You’ve got the moves Rebecca! Way to support yr girl! I told all my peeps to read the breathing series and now they’re ticked cuz book 3 isn’t out. You both are very talented and I will continue to recommend your books:)


  24. Yay!! Congratulations Colleen!! I am so glad that I found you amazing authors!! You guys are the best! Tarryn too!!! :)

  25. Can you believe this is happening to you Colleen? #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<<I would've used more !!!!! but don't want to be obnoxious! Gonna go spread the word…some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<< For good measure!

  26. #1!!!! Not surprised at all!!! Thrilled for you!!! I love using excited marks as my 7yr old daughter calls them!!! You can never use too many in a situation like this!!!!
    Also, because of you I now have a new writer to love! Shared this on FB & loaded the 2 Rebecca Donovan books on my kindle! Wooo hoo!!! Dance party!!!

  27. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!1 so love RD’s Books, so can’t wait for BB3!! 5 months til June. Do not own her paperbacks. WOULD LOVE ‘EM! Love u tooooo! :)
    CONGRATS Colleen! Shared on FB!

  28. YAY!!!! That is awesome. LOVE all your books…couldn’t put them down. Finished each of them in two days and kept wanting more!!! The same with Rebecca’s books!!! You two are both very talented writers!!! Have referenced your books to friends and commented on other’s blogs as well!!! Keep on dancing Rebecca!!

  29. Just amazing for you! So well-deserved…that book is indescribably WOW! Love Rebecca’s books too! TOTALLY PIMPING the both of you! :-)

  30. Wow! Congrats Colleen, you deserve it. I have been telling everyone about these books. Three of my favorite reads ever, everyone should experience them!

  31. I have told all my friends about these books. Thank you for this contest. Congrats on your accomplishments, you deserve it.

  32. I tell and will continue to tell anyone who will listen that those books are MUST read!

    Colleen, congrats you simply rock!!

  33. Excuse that–jumping ahead in time–I meant Barely Breathing & Reason to Breathe–hope that didn’t freak anyone’s shit!! Haha

  34. I’m very lucky to have had the pleasure of meeting both of you ladies. I just want to say that I LOVE your sisterhood and the support that you guys lend each other! Women ROCK and you women are rocking all the way to #1….BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I loved all of your books!! I’ve been telling all my reader friends to get your books too! I would LOVE a kindle fire so I can do a happy dance too! :) Thank you for writing such awesome books! Have not read any of Rebecca’s books but definitely want to!!

  36. Love Love Love both of you! I’m dying waiting on Out of Breath. I’m constantly carrying on about both of yall to all of my friends. Congratulations on all of your success!!!

  37. Love it that my favorite authors are so awesome! I am such a fan and share your works with my friends and family, especially my sister who never stops hearing about my your books! Thanks for a chance to win!

  38. Congrats Colleen! Just finished Hopeless last week and was practically crying like a baby at the end (happy and sad tears). I can’t wait for your next book to come out and impatiently waiting for OOB to come out this summer of course. I know that your success will continue (Rebecca’s too).

  39. I have been a book pusher for you Colleen since I read your first books! I’ve never read the breathing series, but definitely will be soon (hopefully by a signed paperback) and will be glad to push those books too:) I REALLY need a signed Hopeless to go with my other AMAZING Colleen Hoover books!!!

  40. Congratuations Colleen!

    So awesome of Rebecca Donovan – she has some fancy foot work. I’m patiently waiting for Out of Breath to be released.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win her books and Hopeless.


  41. All the girls from work have now read RTB and BB!! After reading Slammed and POR they have all now fallen in live with Hopeless!!! Congratulations Colleen!! You deserve this!!! P.S. Tell Rebecca great dancing!!!

  42. Congrats on #1 e-book read list! Love all the books from both authors! I told everyone of my friends to buy the book.Thanks for the chance to win the awesome books out there bonus if they are autographed!


  44. OMG!! I would love to win!! I love both of you guys.l :-) I actually bought Reason to Breathe and Barely Breathing for several friends for Christmas already. Yay! Off to share on facebook right now.

  45. That is awesome. I can’t say congrats enough! You are a true inspiration for me. I have my first book due soon. It is in final edits now. If you want to watch how I grow by emulating those who have successfully come before me (aka – YOU)…follow me at Thank you, thank you for leading the way so wonderfully. I am dancing a jig for you now!!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!!!

  46. I absolutely adore the Breathing Series!
    I have such an emotional attachment to each of the characters which has lead me to re-read both books 4 times each (and I hardly ever re-read books!)
    I’ve reccomended this amazing series to all of my friends and family, as well as raved about it to my English teacher!

    It would mean the world to me if I won signed copies of her books!

    And congrats Colleen, Hopeless is an amazing book and you totally deserve No. 1!

  47. I just loved all three of these books. I told all of my friends about the book. I can not wait for the third book.

  48. Congratulations!! Another amazing goal met!! Cha-Ching!!! Spread the word about Rebecca Donovan’s books!! So excited to discover new authors, finally with some time to read!!! Youngest son to be 4 tomorrow!!!

  49. I shared on Facebook! Reason to Breathe was actually one of my first foray into contemporary YA fiction. I love this series so dearly! I’ve read both books in your slammed series and cannot wait to read Hopeless. Congrats on being #1 and getting a funny dance out of Rebecca!

  50. Have told everyone to read barely breathing and reason to breathe and of course hopeless too!!!! Congrats on #1!

  51. Congratulations Colleen!!! I would say that it’s unbelievable but it’s really not, it’s totally believable because your books are AMAZING!!! So I told my two sisters, my cousin and a close friend who all love to read that they should buy Reason to Breathe! (I’ve also been telling EVERYONE I know to buy Hopeless because it’s my favorite book and I can’t stop raving about it to anyone who will listen.) Thanks for doing all these give-aways and thanks for writing incredible books :)

  52. Telling all my friends about Rebecca Donovan’s books and how awesome they are! Congrats on being #1. It is well deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I love exclamation marks too)

  53. Oh yeah, oh yeah, it’s my birthday… it’s my birthday! (Wait, it isn’t my birthday) but it mine as well be! Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway Colleen!!!! Yay!


  54. You should come to Pittsburgh, PA, call me up, and we’ll learn how to dance. That way you can dance for the success that is your amazing books! I totally am going to buy those books! Thanks for the suggestions! Oh and the book “Vain” that you recommended the other day…holy bejesus! It’s not what I expected! It’s amazing!

  55. Congratulations on Number 1! When I read Hopeless and saw the cover, I knew you could do it! I told posed about Rebecca Donovan on fb.

  56. LOVE Rebecca. LOVE the breathing series. I have bought and gifted no less than 10 copies of each book to people because I LOVE these books more than anything. They are my number one all time favorite books! I have yet to read anything that has touched me as much as the breathing series! They are the only books I have ever reread in my life and I’m dying waiting for book 3!!! Ok going to share link to twitter. Facebook. And will even reblog! And I tell everyone who will listen that they NEED to read these books like they need air. When I come across someone who hasn’t heard of them I go to amazon and gift them to them :)

    Krystal Marlein <3

  57. Congratulations!!!! That is super huge. Read both of Rebecca’s books and dying for Out of Breath (June is so far away!!). Loved Slammed, Point of Retreat and Hopeless.

  58. Yeah, love give aways! Going to buy Rebecca’s books for my IPad today!!!! Congratulations on Hopeless! It was awesome and I told everyone to read it!!!!

  59. SHared on FB!!!! Love the breathe series and not so patiently waiting for the third to come out. Just recently read Hopeless and LOVED it!!!!!!!!!! Thanks :)

  60. I’m so thrilled that you had & continue to have so much success for Hopeless. It was a wham bam thankyou ma’am emotional read. I couldn’t put it down. Best ever first non kiss to ever grace a page.

    As for Ms Donovan – those books rock my socks. I am eagerly awaiting OOB. Counting down.

    You are both the bees knees and the dancing was pretty awesome too xx

  61. Looooooovvvvveeeeee you both!!!!!! please pick me pick me pick me….. I talk constantlyabout all five of these books….. the best year in book history was 2012 when I stumbled upon slammed. love you snd can’t wait for ur next book!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Yaayyyy! I have been telling everyone to read Hopeless why not tell them about 2 more great books! Congratulations!!

  63. Absolutely awesome! It’s wonderful to see how you and other authors support and encourage each other! As well as cheer each other for your accomplishments! It’s refreshing to see people treat each other with such kindness and utmost respect! WTG!

  64. Congrats!!! I have read all 3 of these books and they are so good!!!. I tweeted and put the links of facebook. :)

  65. There are seriously awesome books. I would tell my friends to buy the books, but they were actually the ones who recommended them to me. :)

  66. Wooooohoooo so knew your number 1 was right around the corner!! It’s time!!! Prepare yourself for international stardom Mrs H!!

    Shared on Facebook and twitter! Have personally read both of Rebecca’s books which I must add are amazing too!!

  67. OH YEAH! actually my friends recommended to me Rebecca’s books and now we are waiting for the third installment of The Breathing series (Out of Breath). I can’t find paperbacks of these amazing books here in our place in the Philippines so when you said it’s an international giveaway, i’ll be very grateful when i win those copies!! :D

  68. I have been sharing and recommending to all. Hopefully is amazing. Rebecca’s books are amazing too. Can’t wait for the 3rd. So excited. 2 Great, Amaxing, Wonderful and talented authors!!!!

  69. Congrats Colleen!!! Loved Hopeless! I loved the Breathe series also! Cannot wait for the next book in the series. I have already recommended both your’s and Rebecca’s books to all of my friends and family that read…….Dangit! I really wanted to win the pig! :)

  70. That is awesome! I am such a fan of you both and it is so good to see authors supporting one another! I have already read both of those books and have already pimped them to my friends who read them as well! Great job Colleen & great dancing Rebecca!

  71. Congratulations! I suspect we will be celebrating the same status in paperback in the near future. It truly deserves to be #1!

    I have shared and recommended Reason to Breathe… Can’t wait to read it myself!

  72. OMG Congrats Colleen! Hopeless is AMAZING to say the least. And Rebecca that was awesome!! Breathing series is also one of my all-time favorites so you can only imagine how much I want those signed copies! Of course I’ve already recommended them to my best friends. :)) I can’t wait for Out of Breath!!!

  73. Already bought her books and looking forward to falling in love with them just as I have your books! My sister and I have a small little book club between the two of us and I already got her to buy all three of your books as well as Rebecca’s! She loved your books and we are about to start reason to breath today!

  74. Huge butterflying congrats once again Colleen!! This is so well-deserved!! <3 Rebecca is such an amazing and fun friend!! Check out those dance moves!! ;) I love the Breathing series and can't wait for OOB to be released!! Both of you are awesome authors and I highly recommend your books to my friends!! I just tweeted this too:

    Thanks for all the amazing giveaways! You sure we can't have Hazel? She's sooo cute! :P

  75. LOL. So nice of Rebecca to dance for you! Yay!
    I’m not that surprised that you topped the NYT coz in my mind I already considered Hopeless as #1 after I read it. :)
    You deserved it. Congratulations again! <3

    and Thanks for giving us chance to have those amazing books!
    I haven't shared the good news and recommendation yet.. :(
    (We cannot access social networking sites inside the campus)
    But I text messaged my friends:
    Guys!! Told 'ya Hopeless will make it in Top1 on NYT Bestseller! Yay :)
    4 those who haven't read it: LOOZERS! U guys r missing out :P
    New recommendation: Reason to Breathe and Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donnovan

    There. I'll definitely share it when I got home.. Laters! <3

  76. I just shared this on my page! I absolutely LOVE The Breathe Series and I LOVE Hopeless. I currently have them on my kindle but would really love to have them in print! Great books ladies! Looking forward to reading future books. s

  77. I read Reason to Breathe and Barely Breathing over the Christmas break and I absolutely loved it! I told my closest friends about Ms. Rebecca Donovan’s books and they all got hooked as well! I’ve contacted a few bookstores here in the Philippines and asked if they have the series in stock, but unfortunately they don’t. I always make sure that I also get the paperback copies of the books I read on e-Books. Win this giveaway or not, I’m still gonna tell the world about Rebecca Donovan’s awesome books! Thank you for writing a beautiful series. Can’t wait for Out of Breath! Thank you also to Ms. Colleen Hoover for always being so generous to her fans. These two authors are simply amazing.

  78. YAY!!! Congrats!!! So happy for you. Loved EVERY one of your & Rebecca’s books. They are always the first books I recommend. :D

  79. YAY! I keep telling to everyone to read these books! They’re amazing!
    Congrats to you for the #1 spot!!!! Well deserved!

  80. Ooooooh my God!!!!!!! I just scared my sister when I screamed while reading this post!!!!!! Please..PLEASEEEEEEEE let me be the winner!!!! This series is like my number 1!!!!!!! I swear !!! And each time a friend asks me what to read next I say “Reason to breathe!!!!!!!!!” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please let me be the winner!!! I am not kidding when I say I NEED them in paperback!!! Thanks for the amazing giveaway! This just made my day!!! (Even if I’m not the winner).

  81. So happy for you! Congrats…all your books have been amazing! Would love to get Rebecca’s books. They have been on my TBR list. Happy writing!

  82. Awesome! I’m so butterfling happy for you!!! Love Love Loved Hopeless!!! Please never stop writing and I’ll never stop reading! Promise? I do!

  83. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…!! I want the signed copies badly for me and my friends!!

    Rebecca Donovan’s books are in my to read list and I would love to read them!!

    I really really reallly reallllllyyy want Hopeless signed copy.. As ur books are not available here I have no other option to win other than giveaways!!!

  84. Awesome – I loved Hopeless even more than your first two books!! I have heard great things about Rebecca’s books from my goodreads friends and would love to read them.

  85. Congrats again Colleen! 2013 really is your year. Would love to share Rebecca’s “Barely Breathing” and “Out of Breath” books as I read them about 3 months ago and was impressed at the clarity of her voice or should I say of Emma’s story. Violence in the home is sad and horrendous yet she beatifully makes us root and fall in love with Emma. Can’t wait for “Out of Breath” to complete the story and (hopefully) see Emma and Evan get their happily ever after.

  86. WOW!! “Hopeless” is #1!! I am so happy, Colleen! This was LITERALLY the best book I have read in a very very long time. I would be totally honored to be considered for this giveaway.

    I just bought both “Reason to Breathe” and “Barely Breathing”…I have not read any of Rebecca’s book yet but I plan to start the first one tonight!

    How exciting! Great dance, Rebecca!!

  87. Tweeted!! I absolutely loved ALL of these books…beautifully written and very emotional. I have them all on my Kindle but would LOVE the paperback versions! great giveaway :)

  88. I push all three of these books like a drug dealer! Love you both and can’t wait to meat Rebecca Donovan in SF in June, only thing better would be if you were there too, hint hint! Shared on fb!

  89. Told all the ladies here at the office to read REASON TO BREATHE — I love that book! Congratulations on your current #1! HOPELESS was amazing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You are the new “great American novelist”!

  90. I tell everyone about your books anyways Colleen. At book club we talked about both of her books last night. We are all on the same track!

  91. Congrats! I’m always spreading the word about you fabulous authors! Thanks for all wonderful words you’ve shared with us.

  92. All posted on my Facebook! I loved these books and can’t wait for Out of Breath in June! You too keep me in constant suspense waiting for your next wonderful books to come out!!!

  93. So happy for you, absolutely loved Hopeless and can’t wait to read Rebecca’s books. Already shared with my friends her greatness!

  94. CONGRATS!!! Reason to Breathe is on my wishlist on Amazon I can’t wait to read it! Huzzah! Ps I retweeted your tweet and shared the love!

  95. I read both of Rebecca’s books last year. They are on my list of top ten books I read in 2012. My list in no order is
    1.Slammed 2. Point of Retreat 3.Beg for Mercy by Shannon Dermott 4. Waiting for Mercy by Shannon Dermott 5. Reason to Breathe 6.Barely Breathing 7. The Boy who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley 8. Butterflies in May by Karen Hart 9. The Raft by S. A. Bodeen 10. Easy by Tammara Webber. I also should say The Brenna Blixon Series by Liz Reinhardt is in my top too.

    All of these books I have shared with my daughter, friends and my reading group as the best books I have read. They all touch a part of me like they were written just for me.

  96. Omg that’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See, I’m using a lot too ;) yay!! Also I told a bunch of my friends when we were all out shopping and two already bought it <3

  97. So love both of Rebecca’s books and waiting impatiently for the third as I love all of yours as well Colleen. Just loved Rebecca’s congratulations dance too! I have shared this on my FB page……everyone needs to read Rebecca’s Reason to Breathe book, her Barely Breathing book and check out all of Colleen Hoover’s books. So great

  98. I have been recommending Rebecca’s and your books to my friends like crazy since I read them! You are both amazing. Can’t wait for Out of Breath and whatever your next book may be! Thanks for another give away!

  99. I loved Rebecca Donovan’s books and loved Hopeless I’ve been recommending all of them to family and friends and will continue to. Thank you for this awesome give away and congratulations!

  100. I loved Rebecca Donavan’s books and loved Hopeless, I’ve recommended all of them to friends and family and will continue to. Thank you for this awesome giveaway and Congratulations!!!!!

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