Rebecca Donovan dancing? #1 NYT’s Bestseller? Paperback Giveaways? Free pig? GET IT ALL HERE!

If you follow my facebook, you probably heard me screaming earlier because of this.


NUMBER ONE!!!  <<<The world doesn’t make near enough exclamation points.  When I found this out, I just wanted to dance, but dangit…I don’t dance!

Luckily the universe brings me friends that DO!  I just got this amazing congratulatory video from the lovely, beautiful, talented author Rebecca Donovan!

AND SHE DANCED FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (See? I’m using up all the exclamation points.)

IT’S REALLY HER!  I was with her when she bought those shoes!

Awesome, right?  So awesome that I’m giving away a set of signed paperback copies of both of her books. (CONTEST HAS ENDED)

This one right here >>>>REasontobreathe

And this one right here >>>>>>barelybreathing

And the winner will also receive this one right here >>Hopeless NYT AMAZON


Oh!  And since people all over the world love to watch Rebecca dance, we’ll make this an international giveaway.  :D

Yay for today!!!!  (Oh and Husband put his foot down when it came to that mean little pig, Hazel, and the pig giveaway.  So sorry.)


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