Pretty darn good start to 2013. <3


Just wanted to give an update on the status of the paperbacks.  I received my proof copy a few days ago but there were a few formatting issues so I should receive another revised proof by mid-week.  I’m *hoping* paperbacks will be ready to order by the 12th.    Hopeless will not be available in paperback in stores, but it will be available to order through Amazon.  I will also be selling signed copies through my website.


In other news, look what Bigger sister and Littler sister got me for Christmas!  A 2012 commemorative blanket.  Seriously, could they have done any better?  I think not.




In other, other news…Hopeless made it a whole week at #1 on Amazon!  That is un-freaking-believable.  Not only that it hit number one…but that it stayed for several days.  I’m still in shock and a little bit overwhelmed.  Okay, I’m a whole LOT overwhelmed.


In other, other, other news…I’ve been taking a few days off the past week so I’m quite a bit behind on authorgraphs, emails, etc.  But I’ll get to them!  Promise.

Next time I post a blog this week I’m hoping it’s to say my paperbacks are ready so I can give that 32GB Kindle Fire HD away that’s been sitting on my shelf.  He’s lonely.  He needs a good home.  <3


47 thoughts on “Pretty darn good start to 2013. <3

  1. That kindle fire will have a good home in my hands. It will be put to a good use while i re-read Hopeless just like how I reread Slammed and POR countless times ;)

  2. That blanket is awesome!! What a great idea! Can’t wait for your post that paperbacks are ready…looking forward to ordering one of your signed copies!! Speaking of signed you still sign Slammed/Point of Retreat books if we mail them to you with costs for postage to send them back?
    I wish you all the best in 2013, Colleen. You deserve it.

  3. Oh and by the way congratulations! I left a comment in your fb page but I understand how busy you are and may not find time to read each one. I am a huge fan. I love your originality. The plot is unpredictable, lines are smooth and realistic and there’s always that sense of humor in your characters. If i am to read a novel without knowing the writer im pretty sure I can pick out yours. You have that certain Wit in your writing that sets you apart from most that I’ve read.

  4. Read Hopeless on my Kindle and loved it. My copies of Slammed and Point of Retreat are waiting for Hopeless to join them in the bookshelf.

  5. Totally not surprised with being #1 the whole week!! Just wait until it hits #1 on the NY times best sellers list, because it will!!! 2013 is going to be amazing and you deserve it all! X

  6. I can’t wait for the Hopeless paperbacks! Congratulations btw and lovely blanket! Still waiting for my Slammed and POR paperbacks even though I’ve read them on ebook format already. Will u be offering signed bookplates someday? *crosses fingers*

  7. Can’t wait to see it in paperback!! Congratulations again!!! All of it is so well-deserved!! 2013 seems to be shaping up to be as good as…if not better than 2012!!!

  8. Guessing this means Hopeless won’t be available for purchase during the signing on the 20th. I’m sending my sister in law to grab a couple and yet another reason to envy her because she’ll meet you first!

  9. You deserve the time off! I would buy a signed copy so please keep us informed :) I do have on my kindle which gives everywhere with me and I’m glad I helped getting it to #1! Love the blanket, great idea. Have my friend slammed and point of retreat and she loved! Thanks for the beautiful stories!!!!

  10. Congratulations Colleen!

    The blanket is fantastic! Love it!

    I’m looking forward to buying a signed copy of Hopeless. I can’t wait.

  11. Love the blanket! Heck with that Kindle, I would to have Hopeless in paperback. I need to get a paperback so I can add it to my copies of Slammed and Point of Retreat. Oh and an autographed one would be totally awesome! I hope 2013 is an amazing year for you!!

  12. First and foremost I’m as excited and happy for you as ever. I do hope that the Holidays were good to you and your family. You sisters rock for the gift they gave you. Lastly…that Fire can come live with!

  13. Congratulations to you and your success! I was recently introduced to your work via Amazon recommendations and so thankful! Hopeless is an incredible story that even after reading it twice I still catch myself thinking about it while I am doing all of the mundane momma chores!!! Thank for sharing your gift and creativity!

  14. <3 so excited for Hopeless to be #1! I was thrilled to open my kindle and see it twice on the first page of suggested books!

  15. Congratulations on your book being #1 but I wasn’t surprised. It was a great story….also loved the blanket, your sisters are butterflying awesome. If your kindle is looking for a good home, look no further. It will be well pampered with me:)

  16. As I’m writing this I literally just put down my Kindle from reading Hopeless. Thank you! I never expected the journey that you took me on. I didn’t stop once I started it this morning. This should be on everyone 2013 must read list.

    1. p.p.s. i’d like it to read: “my dearest mister fluffers, if it were not for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song”

      p.p.p.s. and if you could sign it as “Carl Perkins” that would be super. thanks!

  17. Exciting! I am not one bit surprised that Hopeless stayed that long at number one! I am sure those who read it were sharing their love for it like wild fire! I know I did! Sisters do make the best friends and give the best gifts. Looking forward to more happy news!

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for selling signed copies on you website. Can`t wait to order one. You don`t how much this means to me. I am not from USA and I can olny dream about tours&signings <3

  19. I just finished Hopeless and loved it. Never expected the twists you came up with. Really loved the characters. I will be uploading your other books ASAP. Thank you for entertaining me on this rainy weekend.

    My kids killed my Kindle but I use the Kindle app on my phone to read, when I need to kill time at work. So much easier than storing a bunch of books in my truck or lunchbox.

  20. I usually don’t post things but just had to say thank you for writing such a beautiful, sad, funny and overwhelming story that I won’t soon forget . I’ve spent the whole day reading Hopeless and you are now one of my favorite writers! I look forward to reading all of your books . You are awesome! Christy

  21. I normally buy digital books, as I do not normally read them more than once. In the case of Hopeless, I am making an exception. It will have a special place of honor on my shelf, due to the fact that it was once an obsession on mine. I truly enjoyed your work, enough to say Hopeless resides among my all time favorites. Thank you for the sleepless nights, excessive wtf’s as the story continued to throw me for a loop, and the day off work to devour Hopeless–even though finishing meant coming to the end.

  22. I am so excited for this to be released on paperback as I have to have all your books not just in digital format…I have shared Slammed and Point of Retreat with so many people that the binding is coming undone…I thought I would also share that the people who I shared these books with had to have their own copies and went out and purchased their own copies and then started sharing with all their friends. You are such a beautiful writer. Thank you for always touching my heart with your stories.

  23. Colleen Hoover you are quickly becoming new my favorite author. You have wow’d me again with Hopeless. This is the first novel that has had me laugh out loud a lot and then realize I’m still grinning as I continue reading. The story was an original and breathtaking and sweet and sad but at same time PHENOMENAL!!! I love Holder, I love Sky…but mainly Holder. lol. I just finished reading this and without finishing it I was recommending this book to other people today. Just thinking about some of the parts made me smile and laugh today at work. I’ve read Slammed and Point of Retreat which are seriously in my top 3 favorite books. You have a true gift and am so looking forward to your future books. Especially the 3rd of the Slammed series, which by the way, when is that getting released??? I’m super excited for you that Hopeless will be released as a paperback and am super excited to order it. I read it on my Kindle but still want the paperback. I just love books and this is one I want to be able to keep on my book shelf forever. Thank you for persuing your amazing art of writing and sharing it with the world. I wish you a continuous successful future in writing. Congratulations on Hopeless being the #1 buy on Amazon…extremely deserved!

  24. Do I see the Avett brothers holding Slammed on that blanket?! That’s it, I’m writing a book and quoting Jimmy Eat World in every chapter.

  25. I have to say you keep my daughter and i coming back for more. She just finished to AP Lit review (3 pages each) on Slammed and POV. I just finished Hopeless I have to say awesomely written, I LOVE how you used same tragic enter and show how people deal with them differently (I know this from my own 12 years of childhood hell) I could go on but I will spare fellow readers. Julia Roberts says to best in Pretty Woman, ” Well done, Wooh, Wooh Wooh!!!!)

  26. Dear cousin,

    I would just like to say that I LOVED Hopeless and that I am ready to have my very own signed copy. And I thought you should know that you have inspired me to pick up on writing again. Don’t really know what genre but so long as its good, right? I love you oh so very much and I hope you have a fantashnish amazeballs day!

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