Happy New Year!!!!

What an incredible year!  I’m so happy to announce that I have some great friends with even greater hearts that decided to donate a portion of their proceeds as well.  We are closing out the last 30 hours with $30,000 to be donated to the three groups I listed in this blog post! I can’t be happier about that.  What a great year and an even greater start to a new year.  May 2013 be at least half as good as 2012.  But while we’re wishing, let’s hope it’s TWICE as good.  Thanks to everyone.


First I have to say this is one of the best books I have read in 2012 and I read at least two books a week. Your book was so well written with so much passion and understanding of the challenges many of us never think about. I find your writing style captivating. It is a true love story but is not the typical love-dovey style many of our well known authors are wrting. Your story telling exhibits a truer picture of the complexities of life situations and real people. I can’t wait for your next book.

I read. I read alot. Rarely do I force books upon my friends… but Hopeless will be the exception. What a fantastic novel!!!! I do not have enough good words to tell you how great I thought it was and how glad I am I downloaded it on my Kindle. Because it was so awesome I bought your other two books as well. I read Slammed today (yes in one day- my kids had to eat take out) Another excellent book. Thanks so much for writing them!

I cannot even describe how my heart felt reading this! Hopeless made hope even more real-everyone I know has had something in their life that they needed to get over or work through to find a way to just live – you helped us remember that we need each other! I will be a faithful follower – looking to reading more from your heart…Thank you!!!


So Mrs. Colleen Hoover, you’ve just made the first day of 2013 the most significant day of my life. I just finished reading “Hopeless” and words cannot fully express how it’s changed my view of just how fortunate I am, and have been throughout my life. I know it’s a work of fiction, but the sad reality is that there are very real people out in the world that have to deal with what was written in “Hopeless” as their reality. I was extremely impressed with your previous works of literary excellence and recommended you to everyone within my small scope of the world. Now that I’ve read “Hopeless” I’m gonna push your work onto my friends and family even more. To the point that they’re gonna have to beg me to stop. Thank you, there are no other words that I can think of right now to tell you how much I appreciate that you took that leap and become an author!

I already thought you were awesome and then you go and do this! Colleen, the world needs more people like you. You did not have to do this, but you did. You are an amazing lady. Thank you for giving back. I’m sure you made a lot of people very happy, but you already make many if us happy with your books. Please keep writing!!!! Happy New year.

That is a phenomenal amount of money for these charities…fabulous! Thank you Colleen for being such a generous soul!

That is so awesome!! What an amazing donation!

Awesome Colleen! Hope you have another fabulous year! Keep writing your wonderful stories!

Wooo Hoooo !!!!

Colleen I loved all your books so much, and have them on Nook. My daughter wanted to read them too, so I purchased the book versions of Slammed & Point of No Retreat, because she likes to hold a book & to also help you with your gracious generosity. Good luck to you in 2013.

Absolutely wonderful! After reading this post I felt the warmth and happiness run through me…corny – I know, but true! What a beautiful way to start the New Year!

That is so amazing Colleen! Happy New Year <3

That is amazing!!

Happy New Year:))

Happy New Year everyome!

That is amazing! Happy New Year

Awesome sauce!

wow!!!!just WOW… happy new year hope it starts right and ends happy

Wow! That is amazing! It’s a win win for everyone and a great way to start off the new year. You are a true inspiration and a wonderful person with such a kind heart. Good for you :)

Wow, what an amazing total! Well done you! xx

Such a wonderful thing you are doing , happy new year to you to and may 2013 bring you more than 2012 :-)

Happy New Year!!!!! You are such a great writer…keep ‘em coming

Happy new year!! Love the new book. Hope to read a lot more of your material in the new year…keep on writing:-)

What a blessing…….especially to Saltillo and the teachers!

That’s wonderful. Happy New Year to you!

Thank u for the awesome books this year! :D

You are so much more than one of our nation’s best authors, you are a truly good human being. We don’t have enough of those in the world.

You are an amazing person! You deserve every good thing that comes your way. We are blessed that you decided to write books. I know 2013 will be great for you,and us :)

Colleen, that is AMAZING!! You are such an inspiration- you have a fan for life right here! Lots of luck and love in 2013!

That’s fabulous!! Wishing you the best for 2013! Looking forward to more of your works :D <3

What an awesome gift! You are truly an amazing lady!

Happy NewYear Colleen! Wishing you many more creative moments!


All the best in 2013!!!

That is amazing!!!! God bless you! Looking forward to more Colleen in 2013!

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