Jamie McGuire, Tammara Webber, and Colleen Hoover will be answering your questions and signing books at A REAL BOOKSTORE in Fairview, Tx on January 20th at 2pm.  Click on the above picture for the link if you are planning to attend.


YAY! I’m so excited! Can’t wait! :)

Butterflying sucks that I live in Holland now……but if I still lived in Texas I sure as butterfly would be there!!!

Three of my favorite books – too bad I live in New York. Have fun everyone

Wish I could go. Texas is too far of a walk.from Utah but read and loved all 3 of those books!

Now, if only I live in the right Fairview, I would definitely go there but it’s not Fairview, Texas… it’s Fairview, Philippines. :( Anyway, I’ve read and loved them all. You guys are amazing! Congratulations to all three of you. :)

Well I’m happy for my favorite authors to be signing book but i CAN’T go! :( But tonight I have a dance at my school and i got to vote for the top 25 song and i vote for “I And Love And You” by The Avett Brothers and it got on the top 25! Can’t wait for the dance! P.S. You guys should really come to Oregon. to be more precised you should come to Salem or Portland, Oregon. :) Just an idea

Oh My Gosh!!! 5 Hour Drive?!?! If I can find someone to keep my lil man, I’m so game!!! Three of my faves!! Yes indeed!! You guys rock!

Please come near South Carolina! :)

I wish I was close by I would love to meet these Authors. I love all of those books. I so wish this signing was close to OHIO

So effing amazing!!! And so close to my birthday (24th). Too bad I live NOWHERE close to TX. Do you think all three of you would want to make a surprise visit to northern Indiana? What a birthday present that would be.

I’ll be there! What time do I need to start getting in line? Do you stay until the last person leaves or is there a cut off time? So excited!!!

WOW I wish I lived in/near Fairview, TX, what a GREAT group!

How I would love to take a day trip to Fairview!! Two of my favorite writers!!! Yay, I’ll have to read Easy so then I will be able to meet three of my favorite writers!

YEA YEA YEA YEA one more time Hell Freakin YEA!!!!! one of my favorite book stores and it it’s 5 minutes from house. You delievered just like you said you would Colleen!!!! I am going to peee my damn pants.

UGH!!!! I’m soooo bummed I don’t live anywhere near this book signing. Just sounds so amazing to have 3 great authors in one place. I have enjoyed all the books from these authors. Please, please, please come out to the Michigan area for a book signing!!!!

Seriously 3 of my favorite books!!! Please come to Phoenix,AZ!!

What an amazing Trio of women! So wish I could come to this event! Enjoy!

Oh my gosh! Three of my favorite authors! PLEASE come to Oklahoma for a signing TOGETHER … Please!

I so wish I lived close by! That would be amazing to meet all of you! I love your books!!! (i know too many exclamation points but I would be super excited!!)

YES!!!! I GET TO GO!! Where is Fairview?

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