My new writing cave…and a lil’ bit o’ Hazel.

I’m sort of strange, but I love it when my friends post pics of where they write.  So I thought I’d share this video of my new writing cave.  Take note, there are a few things I’ve received that I’ve yet to hang up because I ran out of nails.  So I have much more awesome things to add.  Also, I covered up the microphone when I was talking about the signed mat, but it was from my sissy who threw me a surprise party and all my friends and family signed it.  :D

Caution: Didn’t realize the background music was so vulgar until it was too late.  My bad. :/




46 thoughts on “My new writing cave…and a lil’ bit o’ Hazel.

  1. Holy hell. I had to pause this immediately upon hearing your music! OMG. Seriously, one of my favs. Dynamite Hack. Reminds me of my fun, younger years of cruising around in my ’93 blue lumina…ha. ew. Ok, now I shall continue w/ this fab tour. :)

  2. Colleen – you could read the phone book and I’d never get sick of hearing it. LOVE your voice/accent! So fun to see your cave as well.

  3. It’s beautiful! I have always wanted a little shed out in the yard that is just mine. No tractors no shovels no mess! Just someplace cozy and cute that is all mine. Good luck with your writing cave!

  4. Love your writing cave!!! I want a cave to escape to. And I need that old copy of Point of Retreat to match the old copy of Slammed that you signed to Krissa (and left at Vivian Fowler). Oh, and LOVE the reading chair. Thanks for sharing! So excited for you about your success! I still haven’t gotten mom to read Slammed yet, but it will happen one of these days. You know how she is…

  5. Your writing cave is awesome! I hope that I can have something like that to write in. That chair looks so comfortable! And I almost died when I head you listening to Boys in the Hood. Haha. Amazing. [Also, I want that John Green box set!!!!]

    Thanks for sharing! :]

  6. OMG. You’re precious. I love the accent. Love the room. (I’m totally gonna rip off the cuss word sign.) Thank you for sharing!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing :D I love your accent and you’re writing cave (its beautiful and the perfect place to write.) I think I love everything about you ;) I am totally going back to the video to watch it all over again :P (I want a copy of Slammed and POR hehe. o.O)

    Love the chair it’s something I am always thinking of getting, maybe soon. I would love to sit and read there.

  8. I love, love, love your writing cave. So butterflyin’ awesome! I need one of those chairs (and an old copy of Point of Retreat to match my old signed copy of Slammed :) Hell, I even want a pet pig now. haha She’s too cute.
    Thanks so much for sharing Colleen!

  9. Very cool! I love your picture of the Avett Brothers…I could look at them all day, too! :-). Keep writing! I love your stories!

  10. I love Love LOVE your cave! I would love to have something like that that is JUST mine! I, too have three rowdy rambunctious boys, and a sweet little girl (that is just as rowdy and rambunctious.) I’m not a writer, but reading is my own private vacation from reality, and after the week I’ve had, I need my own private vacation! But, what I really want to know is: What do I have to do to get copies of the original Slammed and PoR? I Love your writing and am very (un)patiently awaiting what ever, and everything, that comes next!

  11. Colleen, that was inspirational to see your cave. It makes me want one for myself. You are an amazing person, and I enjoy following your blog. Thanks for the video! Keep on reading and writing! XO

  12. It’s really nice! I need a cave myself not necessarily for writing but to have some uninterrupted mommy time : I know that you’re probably crazy busy but I was wondering if you’re still receiving books to sign? I would like to get mine sign if you are.

  13. Ha ha my husband came in while i was author stalking you and he was impressed by the music and told me to continue on. Lol.

  14. Very cool to see your cave. Would LOVE someplace to hide from my rowdy trio! I especially liked the cussword wall hanging your mom got ya! Great taste in music too! Fun. :-)

  15. Creepy old man head curtains, haha. Love that you did this video! I wish I could have participated in that highlighting Slammed thingy Melissa did, it is so cool and I’m proud of being a part of this fandom :) Love love love ya!!

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