My new writing cave…and a lil’ bit o’ Hazel.

I’m sort of strange, but I love it when my friends post pics of where they write.  So I thought I’d share this video of my new writing cave.  Take note, there are a few things I’ve received that I’ve yet to hang up because I ran out of nails.  So I have much more awesome things to add.  Also, I covered up the microphone when I was talking about the signed mat, but it was from my sissy who threw me a surprise party and all my friends and family signed it.  :D

Caution: Didn’t realize the background music was so vulgar until it was too late.  My bad. :/




46 thoughts on “My new writing cave…and a lil’ bit o’ Hazel.

  1. Holy hell. I had to pause this immediately upon hearing your music! OMG. Seriously, one of my favs. Dynamite Hack. Reminds me of my fun, younger years of cruising around in my ’93 blue lumina…ha. ew. Ok, now I shall continue w/ this fab tour. :)

  2. Colleen – you could read the phone book and I’d never get sick of hearing it. LOVE your voice/accent! So fun to see your cave as well.

  3. It’s beautiful! I have always wanted a little shed out in the yard that is just mine. No tractors no shovels no mess! Just someplace cozy and cute that is all mine. Good luck with your writing cave!

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