Giveaway winners and HUGE (okay medium) announcement.

Alicia Elwood and Melissa Tawil, congrats!  You’re both winners of the latest e-reader giveaway.  Email me at with your mailing address and your preference of a NOOK Color or Kindle Fire.  :D  Thanks to everyone for all the entries.

And Okay Creations has just released the cover for a standalone YA book I’m hoping to have out by the end of December.  To see it, check out her facebook site.  Then check back on 11/28 for the full jacket and blurb.

Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!


The Blurb is out! Loved it and the full jacket! Can’t wait!

Just saw the cover for Hopeless! BEAUTIFUL! Man do I love Sarah and her work!!!!

LOVEEEEE the cover for Hopeless!! I can’t wait to pre-order/order it!!!

Cover looks fantastic, Colleen. Congrats and Happy Thanksgiving!

Very nice! (Not-so) patiently waiting for the blurb!

WIN WIN WIN! I don’t care for the blurb, honestly. Whatever you write, I’ll read. And I can’t wait for this book! YES!!!!

Hope this gets released in Australia in December too! So excited

I don’t even know what Hopeless is about but knowing that you’re writing it makes me excited to read it. Cannot wait.

Yay I’m so excited thanks Colleen

I’m sooo excited, and can’t wait for the blurb/book :D

Melissa… NOT PEREA!!! boooo oh well :) Excited about the book. Congrats!!!

Love the cover! Can’t wait for the blurb! Is this listed on Goodreads yet? :-) November 16, 2012 at 4:33 PM

Oh I love you. Love your writing!!! Can’t wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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