Check this out.

If you aren’t on Goodreads, you should be.  I’ve said before, it’s like Facebook for readers on crack.  I was contacted by Goodreads a couple of months ago, wanting me to answer a few questions about my experience since publishing earlier this year.  Check out the article they posted today.  It’s really interesting seeing things from this perspective.

To celebrate such an amazing year, how about an e-reader giveaway?  Winner gets the choice between a Kindle Fire, Paperwhite, or Nook.  All you have to do is comment on this post. :)  Winner will be announced Friday morning.

Edited to add:  Well, hell.  Let’s show Goodreads some love, too.  I’ll do TWO e-reader giveaways.  One for comments on my blog post, and one giveaway for comments on the Goodreads article here.  Leave a comment on the Goodreads post and say something positive about why you love Goodreads for a chance to win the second e-reader.  They deserve some sweets.  <3


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    1. Hi Colleen,
      Its so heartwarming to see how generous and humble self published authors are. They’re so willing to share their stories of success and offer assistence to those authors who are struggling to have their voices heard and story told. Thanks for just being a nice person.

  1. Am I going to be #1? Goodreads like Facebook for readers on crack — Agreed. I am on there just as much as I am on FB, looking for more amazing books to read. I am addicted. Thanks for the giveaway Colleen! and congrats on all of your success. You 100 percent deserve it!


  2. I went to B&N this week (@ The Grove in Los Angeles) and I squealed when I saw your books on the shelf. Squealed. Out loud. Lots of staring. Aaaand I had to take a picture! I’m sure you probably already have one from there after the contest you did awhile back, but if you’re missing one from LA, I’ve got you! =)

  3. Thanks for the link to the article. I am addicted to Goodreads, as well! I wouldn’t have found butterflying amazing books like yours without Goodreads!

  4. This is me commenting. I hope you pick me. I would love to win something. It would make me feel less like “striking out in the bottom of the 9th when the bases are loaded…” or something. :) PS – great article!

  5. I loved loved loved Slammed and Point of no retreat! Never have I read a book that made me laugh out loud, cry, and gasp out loud all in the same book. I never knew what to expect with each page turn. These are BY FAR by favorite books today and I tell everyone about them. Can’t wait for more!! Hugs! Lisa

  6. Amazing year is right! Congratulations on all your success! I like to brag to everyone that I liked Slammed back when you were an indie author :)

  7. Congrats on such a successful year, Colleen!! Goodreads is VERY addicting – I love it! And if it weren’t for GR…I’d have never found your awesome books!!

  8. Great article! Love your books. I voted for you on the Goodreads Choice Awards. Congrats on making it to the semifinals! Hope you make it all the way!

  9. Hi, Colleen, love your books AND your book reccomendations that are going to get me in butterflying trouble with the hubby ;) oh… Pick me pick me!!!!!

  10. I love Goodreads! And I’d love to have a Kindle Fire! :) Winner winner! :)
    Oh – thanks for the Sea of Tranquility recommendation. It was a WOW wow WOw book for me. So good.

  11. Deffinitely agree with your about goodreads, thats where i saw your book to begin with. I fell in love with your books!! :)

  12. I love goodreads Colleen and I love your books and I am so in need of an ereader :) Thanks for having such awesome giveaways for you fans :)

  13. Just started reading sea of tranquility was hooked after the first chapter. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Congrats on such a successful year!

  14. Wow. That WAS a good article. I’m just so happy to see your career zoom toward outer space. It’s the dream of every author out there!

    (And no need to put me in for the giveaway. I already own a Kindle and would rather someone who doesn’t know the addiction of owning an e-reader have it — plus, they’ll spread the word about how the things rock, which means more e-reader sales and eventually book sales for all!)

    Keep up the great work and the even better attitude — I would warn you about taking it for granted, but I’ve read your story and don’t think you ever have to worry about that!

  15. I’m insanely obsessed with goodreads. Have been for a few years now. If it wasn’t for goodreads, then I wouldn’t have found the many books I have come to love, or friends.


  16. Very interesting article! Quite honestly I use Goodreads reviews more so than reviews posted on B&N or Amazon! Colleen, LOVE your books and can’t wait for Will’s book!

  17. Great article. I personally love Goodreads. I have met so many new people, authors included through Goodreads and social media like FB and Twitter. I now have read over 200 ebooks this year!

  18. i love these books, like i have said befor i have connected with these books in such a way that for me it was a nice help getting on with my fathers passing. i have read these books 4 time and they never get old. to me its a book that will always be a fav of mine and on my shelf.

  19. I loved Slammed and Point of Retreat and CANNOT wait for Will’s story! I am also absolutely addicted to Goodreads; I am constantly checking to see what else I can add to my “to read” shelf :) Goodreads is where I found Slammed and PoR, so thank you Goodreads and thank you Colleen Hoover for writing those fantastic reads!!

  20. Oh that is what I tell everyone. Goodreads is the best and it is like facebook for readers. I am on goodreads more than facebook… :-) I love it and love your books as well!!

  21. Colleen, I really enjoyed Slammed and.Point of Retreat, and I can’t wait for your next book! (and I’d live to read it on a new Kindle!) :)

  22. I found your books on goodreads and am so happy I did. Ever since I have been following you and it is so exciting to see your success unfold. Wishing you many great things in the future! I tell everyone I know they have to read your books because they are butterflying amazing :)

  23. What an interesting article!! I loved seeing the correlation between author efforts to how it was received by readers!! This has convinced me, I’m going to have to do a goodreads contest :)

    Thanks so much for sharing, Colleen!!

  24. Great article! I was surprised by the numbers how many books are published a year!
    Loved both of your books and congrats on your success! Can’t wait to read Will’s POV!

  25. I adore goodreads :) I’ve found so many great books, great authors and great friends thanks to that awesome website! It’s always left open in my browser ;)

  26. I’m on Goodreads more often than any other website! I absolutely LOVE it! The recommendations, the author bios, the book listings and reviews, the giveaways….it’s a wonderful website and I am grateful I was “nudged” to join

  27. OMG I can’t wait for the next book, the wait is killing me! I am addicted to Goodreads! Love seeing everyone’s reviews!

  28. As a writer working on her own first book, I found this piece fascinating and really enlightening, but as someone not swept up in GoodReads chatter or past giveaways, I was relieved to see that the author of this article DID finally acknowledge the most important aspect of your success with SLAMMED: it’s a butterflying good book! :)) I’m trying to remember how I first learned about your book. I think for me what has been most helpful in discovering authors “new to me” is the “what others who ordered this book are also reading” section on As I’ve gotten attached to this wonderful genre of contemporary romance, many of the fans who similarly fell head over heels over Sylvain Reynard and Jamie McGuire characters, were reading your book, so I too had to check it out. And lo and behold, now I’m infatuated with one Mr. Will Hooper. Sigh. Thanks for sharing this article link. Oh and btw, I’m one of the dinosaurs still reading books in their original form who hasn’t moved into the e-reader age, so yes, please add me to your pool of potential giveaway winners for it would transport me into the 21st century to join everybody else. :)) Cheers! ~Chris Kuhn

  29. OMG! I loved this book. Seriously. And what a great article. I never thought about it that way. Although I will have to say, I think Amazon was where I first heard of Slammed. But, I just recently started to really get into goodreads. I can’t wait for more from Will and Lake~

  30. I love Goodreads! I recently started reading again back in January with Hunger Games and then my husband bought me a kindle (which has become almost like my boyfriend!! Sometimes he says I give it more attention than I do him!). Since then, I’ve connected with some of my friends on Goodreads and they have given me suggestions on books that they love. Which led me to your books, which I instantly fell in love with! The other good thing about Goodreads is, not only can you get suggestions from your friends, but they suggest books based on books that you’ve already read! I’ve read about 35 books since I started reading again and I have enjoyed every single one of them!! I forgot how great reading was!

  31. Oh Colleen these books are indescribable. One must read the books because nothing short of that does them justice. I love Will and Layken’s story. The crept into my heart, made a little nook and have firmly stayed there ever since. I can’t wait for the next book and anything else that your creative mind would like to put on paper. You will always have me as a fan. I lent this to my younger sister as well, she is 12 years my junior, and it’s great we connect and love it all the same :)

  32. Great article! And I love I have gotten great suggestions for books to read through my friends on the site.

  33. I love goodreads, discovered it about two months ago, good job, not sure I’d be able to keep up with all my books!!!! oh, and loved your books, I actually got the paperback shipped to the uk…couldn’t wait for them to make an appearance here!

  34. I Love your books, I can not wait for the third one, you are awesome writter. I discovered Slammed in the listopia of goodreads so I love the site and I say without a doubt: I am a reader on crack

  35. Just getting into Goodreads!! Also reading Sea of Tranquility like another commenter : ). Recommended Slammed to about 2 new readers just this week. Keep em coming!!!

  36. I LOVE your books, Colleen. I love them so much that I “made” my sister, who NEVER reads, read them and she LOVED them also. :) I am so happy for all of your success, you deserve it. Can not wait for the movies!!! :D

  37. I love both of your books. My sister is reading them right now. I kept insisting she read them until she finally caved. She is lovin’ ’em. Can’t wait until next year for Will’s book! Yay!

  38. LOVE your books, Colleen. Can’t wait for the next one!! I have never won one of these giveaways but it doesn’t hurt to try!! Thank you for your wonderful words.

  39. Love your books colleen!!! Cant wait for the next one!! I have read slammed and POR twice and got my paperback copies the other day!!

  40. That was an interesting article! Loved the visuals…really shows your successes! So proud of you, congratulations for all that you have done and looking forward to seeing your name on that Goodreads winners list :).

  41. Incredible article! =) I am addicted to Goodreads.

    I JUST read Point Of Retreat last night- (I’ve been putting it off for a couple weeks, because I know Will’s Story won’t be out for a little while, and I don’t want to wear out my copies of Slammed and PoR TOO badly waiting for its release. =p) I was trying to fight off the tears, but by page 33, they were already flowing. Books don’t usually make me cry… I BAWL everytime I read yours. But, I consider this a good thing. =}

    Also, I need to thank you… for inspiring me to pick up a pencil and start writing again.
    You’re butterflyin’ amazing!

  42. Goodreads is a great app/website for those of us who treat books like crack. It’s a great way to discover books through different people. I’ve come across books thu goodreads I may have never found myself and fell in love with the story and characters. And I continue to read other work by those authors. It’s a great way for us to share great books and stories, talk about them and the characters and the writing and how it all made us feel. And it’s also a place you can say maybe that book wasn’t a fit for you, but your goodreads pals don’t start firing off about how wrong you are. I feel like everyone’s opinion and interpretation of books is respected.

  43. What a great article! Just finished Slammed and Point of Retreat…..cannot wait to read more of your writings! Thank you so much for bringing Lake and Will to us!

  44. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. You’re books are awesome! I would really love to read your next book on a new kindle ;)

  45. Congrats! That was a well-deserved feature. Thanks for writing 2 great books and thanks, too for the great Sea of Tranquility recommendation.

  46. Great article Colleen!

    Congrats on all your success this year. I absolutely love your books and I can’t thank you enough for sharing Will and Lake’s story with us. I am looking forward to seeing their story on the big screen and reading your next book!

    I recently joined Goodreads and I’m happy I did. I would love to win an e-reader.

    Happy Holidays!

  47. Congratulations, Colleen! Your books have been nothing short of amazing. I cannot wait for Will’s Story to be released. Keep up the amazing work! And, thank you!

  48. I am OBSESSED with goodreads! The one negative is that my TBR list is now up to 250! I’ll be 80 years old by the time I get through them all! Congrats on all of your success :)

  49. Goodreads is pretty amazing! I loved both your books and can’t wait for the next one to come out. It kinda sucks reading from a phone or my computer so I would love a paperwhite/Fire.

  50. Nice article and amazing to see how much has transpired and so little time. Great books, loved them both. Can’t wait for more!

  51. I’m on GOODREADS more than anything, i love it and suggest it to all readers. Congrats to you because It’s been an amazing year for you! I also voted for Slammed and hope you win, i truly love your books

  52. Loved Slammed and Point of retreat! Looking forward to more of your books :) Ps, your name is awesome too, but I’m biased ;)

  53. Colleen please finish your upcoming book soon im desperate for a book thats gonna leave me feeling after I read slammed. I dont know if it is because i just read too much ( ive read like 130 books since january) but i cant find any really good books who leave me wanting more and thinking and dreaming about them. By the way is loveeeeee goodreads im still thankfull to my friend who found it by surfing google. Im planning on buying the kindle paperlight but as far as i know they dont ship them to my country yet so it would be awesome to win one. So i can read while my hubby sleeps without him getting annoyed by me :p

  54. I think you are a great writer and I believe you put your heart into you work. I have recommended the Slammed series to so many people we have formed a Slammed group and we talk about how we cant wait for more. My sister just texted me about a book she just finished and she said it was good but not as good as Slammed! (exact words) :-)

    I would like the Fire! I have been reading books off my Android phone for over a year and every time I save a little bit on money to put towards and actual Kindle I end up needing it for something else like bills :-(

  55. Colleen – YOU are amazing! Love your books AND the fact that you love The Avett Brothers as much as I do! :) I am just getting into Goodreads and LOVE being able to see my friends recommendations. You made me the happiest woman alive when you liked my *review* of “Slammed.” I almost choked on my coffee and when I explained why to my husband he just laughed and shook his head. I also read “Sea of Tranquility” based on your recommendation – and loved it, too. :)

  56. Honestly I find myself in a love/hate bind with goodreads. I swear I’ve turned into a junky and can’t get enough of it. It’s taken over fb’s place in my daily life.

    I enjoyed your article. Thanks for sharing!

  57. Love Goodreads! I have found so many new books and authors to fall in love with. I love the interaction with fellow readers and the book authors.

  58. There are no words to describe the emotional roller coastal your books made me feel. But in a good way. Congrats on your awesome year! Keep them coming for 2013!

  59. WoooHooo Colleen!!!

    After reading you’re books I can see why you are up for awards on Goodreads. And since reading them you have turned me on to some great new things which I must say a big Thank You. The Avett Brothers, Goodreads and finally a book called The Sea of Tranquility. After seeing your blog post about the book I had to read it. Just like with your books I was up at all hours underneath by blanket reading so I wouldn’t wake my husband up. I just loved how she wrote it from both perspectives of Josh and Nastya. Just a beautiful all the way around. So again Thank you Colleen. I can’t wait for your next one to come out so I can dive in and get lost.


  60. Great article Colleen! I actually found Good Reads by fluke a couple of months ago. That’s how I found your books with amazing reviews. Once I purchased Slammed and Point of Retreat I couldn’t put them down. So excited for the third one. You are an awesome author. Congrats!

  61. I love goodreads! I have been a member for a little over a year and it saves me tons of time browsing for new books! It also helps me find new authors that I might not have read otherwise :)

  62. So, I read Sea of Tranquility and did not expect it to be like that. Overall, it was really good :)

    I love going on goodreads when it comes to exploring for more books. I need reviews before picking up a new book and REALLY enjoy the contests that random ppl post.

    patiently waiting for your next book Colleen!

  63. Colleen please finish your upcoming book soon im desperate for a book thats gonna leave me feeling like I felt after I read slammed. I dont know if its because Ive just read too many books (I’ve read 121 books since january) but I cant find any really good books lately. The ones that leave me wanting me and thinking and dreaming about them. By the way.. I LOOVEEE goodreads. Cant do without. I always search for the next books to read there. Its my best discovery of the last 1 or 1.5 I dont remember when exactly I signed in there first. My best friend found goodreads while surfing google for books to read because we wanted to read. .
    Im planning on buying the kindle paperlight but as far as I know they dont ship them to my country yet. So it would be awesome to win one. I could finally read in my bed while my hubby sleeps next to me without him getting annoyed and moody :P
    Im in big need! anddd my hd river story has a defect on its screen… Im in need!! :D

  64. Loved Slammed. Loved Point of Retreat. Loved your recommendation of Sea of Tranquility. Love when authors get involved and their readers feel like they can personally relate to them on some level. Thanks for sharing your stories and thoughts…can’t wait to see what the future brings. Will’s story will be a good starting point. :) Congrats on your success!!

  65. I’m so addicted to Goodreads. I’ve discovered many new authors there, especially ones you and other of my favorite authors have reviewed.

  66. Butterflying Awesome article :) I love Goodreads, I am on there every day! You are just amazing though! I loved reading and reviewing Slammed and will be doing the same for Point of Retreat. Thanks for yet another great opportunity to win a fabulous prize. I hope I win and can expand my book reviews! =D

  67. That article is really interesting! Crazy to see in a graph all that happened on goodreads! I’m addicted to goodreads – it’s a problem, really. Congrats on all your success! I loved both books, recommend them often and will read them again for sure! Thanks for all you do! <3

  68. Congrats Colleen! I loved your books and I’m constantly looking at Goodreads and i’ve found such great books there. Thanks for the link and happy holidays!

  69. i see the ripple effect is very important for self publishing authors. the one thing that got my attention to read your book was its blurb. i think it’s such an important strategic marketing tool, authors must use this to their advantage. never underestimate the power of word of mouth. look at what a great success story you have become! you do what you love AND you have something to show for it. so once again congrats on the much deserved success your writing has garnered and continue on to become an even greater writer, if that’s possible.

  70. I just purchased a Paperwhite.. I would like to enter my Dear Friend – Kelly Parmenter – Should would love one of the Kindles

  71. Only discovered Goodreads a couple of months ago, it’s a treasure trove of information. Favourite feature is ordering my ‘to read’ folder by average star rating, which helps me determine which book I might read next. Can’t wait for your next book!!!

  72. (This is exactly what I said on the Goodreads post)

    WOW! That is facinating! I’m so happy for Colleen. She is AMAZING. She always gives away books and e-readers on her blog – which also generates interest and buzz around her books. I know in my case, it was my sister that had heard to Colleen’s books. My sister won a signed copy of Slammed and a signed copy of Point of Retreat, BEFORE it was published again by Atria. Then, my sister recommended the books to me, and I was hooked. I eventually won Atria-published signed copies of both books from Colleen, which is amazing in itself because SO MANY PEOPLE love Colleen’s books and want to get signed copies. I think that Colleen has done a fantastic job with self-promoting her books, and obviously, it has really paid off. I mean, come on. Slef-published to publisherd to MOVIE?! That’s crazy-awesome. I totally commend her efforts and her talent as a writer. I supposed none of the self-promotion would have really worked out if the books weren’t that great. And I love that Colleen, as well as Tammara Webber, Jamie McGuire and Abbi Glines are pioneers of the New Adult age level! I love that right now, it’s just about perfect for me (I’m a little young for this age level actually).

    Thank you for the amazing post! I love the spread of information you have here. I think other self-published authors should read this!

  73. Congrats Colleen! Love Slammed & Point of Retreat, and, I’m officially addicted to Goodreads! My TBR list is a mile long! I’d love to win a Kindle Fire! PICK ME! PICK ME!

  74. Great article on Goodreads!!! Looking forward to the next book. Keep up the great work Colleen, You are my best author by far :)

  75. Just joined Goodreads the other night after voting for Slammed, in round 2 of voting. I downloaded the app to my Kindle, but have not played with it much. I am looking forward to figuring out how and where to find recommendations from readers who like the same type of books I do. =)

  76. Well deserved! I know right after I finished reading Slammed, I wrote my review on Amazon, then spread the word on goodreads, and bought the book for friends as well. I love a good book, and I love sharing good books even more! Keep them coming along with your awesome book recommendations too:)

  77. I remember reading Slammed for the first time. I just bought my kindle and began downloading ebooks. Slammed was a book that amazon recommended to me and I figured why not. I sat down and read it and finished it that same day. I bought Point of Retreat the next day. I recommend your books to everyone! Hoping to see you sometime soon at a book signing. I only buy books of my favorite authors for my personal library. Getting them autographed always makes them that much better.

    I wish you luck in the future and I can not wait until your next book!

  78. I so wish these AMAZING books were out a few years ago~better late than never :) they both inspired me to better deal with the back to back loss of 2 of my parents and living for the moments! Sorry…didn’t intend to go there. Keep up the great work!

  79. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I knew as soon as I joined Goodreads it would be my home. It’s always nice to meet some great new people who have the same passion for reading as I do.

  80. Yes. GR is cracker for readers. I troll it at work for great books (until today that is). Do know they had the nerve to block it?!?!?!?! I guess my boss prefer that I actually WORK instead of read……

    Congrats on all your well deserved success and thanks for sharing Will and Lake with the rest of us!

  81. Hooray for Goodreads! I loved that they picked Slammed to explain that. I have everything crossed for you for the Goodreads awards. To see you win one would be amazing x

  82. That’s a great article and pretty much shows my personal relationship with your book as well. Saw it as a newer release, said, “huh, maybe I’ll check it out at some point.” Then I started seeing reviews from others with similar tastes and they were ALL 5 stars. I said, “I must read this!” and got myself a copy. Then I myself rated it 5 stars and have recommended it to EVERYONE I know.

    I’m so happy for your success and can’t wait to see what’s next. :)

  83. I’m addicted to Goodreads! I’m so very happy for you! I started reading over the summer and I have probably read 40+ since then. I have got to say that Slammed and POR are still in my top 5 and after your recommendation The sea of tranquility is right up there with them! Thanks!!

  84. I just started on goodreads. I read your books based on Jamie McGuire plugging you. :)
    I recently read Sea of Tranquility per your suggestion. It was a fantastic read. Over the past 6 months, I’ve become an addictive Indy reader! I can’t seem to get enough so don’t butterflying stop!!! 😜

  85. You’re epically amazing with your fantastic books and uber wonderfulness as a person! Thank you so much for this giveaway. It would be crazy cool to win this :D

  86. I absolutely loved Slammed and Point of Retreat! I actually am a follower of Goodreads and that is how I found your books and became a follower of you. Can’t wait for more of your books!

  87. just found out recently about goodreads and I have you on my to read by Dec list – I think I get to see you in Seattle YEAH!!

  88. Really good article. You have the best giveaways, Colleen, but I never win them … lol :-) Maybe this will be the one for me :-) I loved both Slammed and Point of Retreat. Good luck with everything!!! Stay true to yourself throughout this craziness :-)

    Nicoleta D.

  89. Congratulations Colleen! It has been a great year for you and your books have made my year a whole lot better too. Reading your stories inspired me in so many ways. It has awakened my senses and emotions I thought were just for a bunch of saps. I have read all those other books running against Slammed and yes they are good too, but after reading Slammed, nothing else compares! I cant wait for the next book!!!

  90. I love how these blog owners interact with each other. Self promotion can only get you so far. With that said the blogs love some Colleen Hoover. As so do I. :)

  91. Goodreads to me is like IMDB for BOOKS! Before I even think about purchasing a book I check its rating, review and what they say about in the groups I’m in. BN kept putting “Slammed” on the top of my screen yelling at me that I would enjoy it. You had just published the book and I don’t think many people read it yet. I said what the heck let me give it a try and two nights with less than 4 hours of sleep later I was left with a severe book hangover. Since then I have told every person I see or talk to about how butterflying amazing it is. I actually just bought a copy yesterday for a friend as a birthday gift. Besides being obsessed with your books I also thank you for making me OBSESSED with the Avett Brothers!! I dont know how I lived my life before without them :) Keep writing!!

  92. Goodreads is seriously my most used discovery of this year. SO many books so little time. It’s how I discovered Slammed and Point of Retreat. I seriously cannot wait for Will’s POV ahh!!!

  93. I discovered Goodreads from a good friend a few months ago. I love how you can track and rate the books you’ve read. Its also nice that they can give you recommendations.

  94. I love Goodreads! Have met so many people who have similar tastes as me through that site and have discovered books that I never would have heard of otherwise.

  95. I love your books and am so glad I heard about them! And Goodreadsmakes reading even more fun and enjoyable. I love that my reading friends and I can find others that share our love of reading and that we can see not only what everyone is reading but find lots of good book recommendations!

  96. Congratulations Colleen! That’s the best news and richly deserved. I remember reading that you were really busy when Goodreads asked the question yet you took that extra step, went that extra mile, just like you do with your readers. Maybe you’ll honor the UK with a visit next year?

  97. This is awesome. I loved Slammed and Point of Retreat and I’m looking forward to Will’s story! Congratulations on such a successful year and many more to come! You definitely deserve it. I LOVE GoodReads! I’m on there all the time, getting awesome book recommendations from a ton of people! Thanks for this awesome giveaway, hope I can be lucky enough to win! =)

  98. I love your books!!! I cannot wait for Will’s story and anything else by you as I fell in love with your Slammed series and look forward to reading more by you! Congrats and keep up the great work cause your readers like me enjoy it so much!!

  99. Love your books Colleen. I toggle constantly between fb and gr when I want to stay in touch with the latest books and get my recommendations on what to read next.
    Needless to say I am anxiously waiting for your next book :)

  100. If it weren’t for GoodReads, I would have been much less likely to find out about your awesome books. My age doesn’t fit into the Young Adult category, so lucky me that I have such a great source to help me find so many books to read and authors like you to connect with. Not possible without them and the service they provide to help all of us! I am a hopeless romantic and LOVE the story of Will and Lake. I read them both in 3 days and I work full time and have 2 kids. Obsessed!! Thank you Colleen, for giving me some fun time away from daily demands, much appreciated. :)

  101. I loved your books and I can’t wait for the next installment!! They had me on emotional roller coaster! Sobbing one minute then laughing the next! I have recommended them to my friends and voted for Slammed on Goodreads Choice Awards! I completely agree about Goodreads! I’m on there more than Facebook now!

  102. I really enjoy your books! I came across them one day on amazon as a “recommend for you”. I am so glad that amazon knows me so well!

    Keep the books coming!

  103. You are an Amazing Author! I loved your books! By the way you are absolutely right about Goodreads it is like crack for readers : )

  104. That’s so flipping great. I am on Goodreads already. It’s great to see your books getting so much love also. They’re absolutely fan-freakin-tastic.

  105. Reading books from relatively new authors is, well, relatively new to me. Your book was my first and now I am hooked. A whole new doorway has been opened to me with so many more choices to read. And they are GREAT reads! I love how goodreads knows exactly what to recommend and organizes those choices into nice neat categories. Thank you!!!!

  106. I love your books so much!! And I am also reading the sea of tranquility per your request and I am breezing right through it, it is so good! Thank you!

  107. Goodreads is my happy place! Love being able to keep track of my books especially my e-books. Love seeing what my friends are reading! LOVE the recommendations! Best site and app!

  108. I’m so happy I discovered Goodreads last year! I discovered so many great new books to read, including Slammed :) And congrats Colleen, for the amazing year!

  109. I love Goodreads – it is my “go to ” website when I am in book withdrawals and need a new one to read ! Keep up the good work Colleen – I am looking forward to your next book.

  110. I’m just getting into Goodreads….and I LOVE it! Thanks for the chance to win…I feel I’m missing so much without a digital reader these days! Your books were amazing!

  111. I am addicted to Goodreads and that is how I found your books!! Awesome giveaway and thanks for giving us your books to enjoy…………

  112. Yay that they choose your book to illustrate it! I discovered Slammed and PoR via Goodreads so I know how big of an influence Goodreads really is. Every book I’ve read during the past year has been found via GR. So props to them for getting that running so smoothly and getting us readers into one big place :)

  113. Colleen! I’m so thankful I took a leap of faith and started reading … ESPECIALLY your books!!! You helped turn an “uninterested in reading person” into a “CANT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN person”. I am starting Sea of Tranquility this weekend per your recommendation.

  114. Congrats on all your success!! I love your books and can’t wait for more! Goodreads is like crack? Well I’m already addicted to Facebook and books so maybe I need to do that too! ;-) Keep up the great work!!

  115. Morning,

    The first thing on my schedule every morning at work is come to your web site and look for new posts. It’s become a ritual since I’ve read slammed and point of retreat.

    Ah! Goodreads is also a new discovery of mine. The recommendation of books it gives you according to what you’ve read is what drew me in! I LOVE IT. While at times I am hesitant to read the reviews because I hate spoilers, it is also great to read about how others view books.


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