Audiobook links and family pimpage.

I’m adding a link at the top of the website for the audiobooks of Slammed and Point of Retreat.




Point of Retreat/Audible

Point of Retreat/iTunes

Point of Retreat/Amazon

Also, for those of you that are local and are heading out to Canton this weekend, check out‘s booth!  My mother, sis and aunt will be there selling their all-natural products, soaps and kits.  (Sorry, nothing illegal.  This isn’t California.)  Check them out.


4 responses to “Audiobook links and family pimpage.

  1. I think that I’m coming from McKinney. Who doesn’t love Canton on a crisp fall morning. I will swing by and check out their booth.

  2. I have not been our your page for ages and ages!!! Wow…how things have changed. I forgot how much I adore your humor and directiveness. Is that a word? Anyway, when I read this comment about Canton…I gasped. I grew up in a town in PA called Canton. Then I remembered you live in TX. Booooo I wanted to come meet u. ;(

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