Psst! Come here.

Thanks for the patience, guys.  I’ve been really sucking at the blog posts lately, but the latest winner for the Kindle Fire HD has been notified.  :)

Okay, now for today’s blog post.  You’re gonna want to read this, so don’t give up on me.  I’ve been staring at my computer for half an hour, trying to think of how to word this, but I can’t.  I guess they call this writer’s block?  So I’m just going to make it short and sweet.

Very short and sweet.

I’m not going to drag it out at all.

Or keep you guessing.

Or annoy you with having to scroll down a lot…

Because I just got a Mac and it’s the hardest thing in the world to figure out how to scroll down.

I can never find the scrolly bar on the side of the page. It’s extremely frustrating.

So if someone posted a blog post where I had to do a lot of scrolling it would piss me off.

Unless I got one of those magic mouse pads for the mac.  Not sure how they work, but it would be cool if it helped.

Because then when authors make long posts about how their book was optioned for film, people wouldn’t have to scroll down so much.

Did you get that?

:)   Both SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT have been optioned by a film producer!!!  I wish I knew how to increase the font on this thing, because I would write this sentence SO FREAKING BIG!!!!!!!!!

315 thoughts on “Psst! Come here.

  1. SQUEEEEEE! YAY! Congratulations! Oh man, this is such amazing news! I can’t wait!

    p.s. I have a PC, so scrolling is a non-issue for me. No worries! :)

  2. HOLY SHIT OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! I have been saying it from the get go!!! This book MUST be a movie!!!! I have even imagined the actors the soundtrack and the film location! (Yes im a little obsessed) This just made my day:)

  3. YAY! That would be awesome! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    BTW – Mac’s are awesome. . . use the two finger scroll instead of the sidebar – much easier and faster!

  4. OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS THAT’S LIKE GAZILLION BUTTERFLYING AWESOME!!! Both for you having a Mac and for the two books to be optioned by a film producer! Seriously, I’m praying to the heavens for it. :D

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! I got my daughter and her friend to read it and now her friend is doing her 11th grade English Honors presentation on them!!!

  6. OMG, Colleen!!! That is so freakin’ awesome! I can’t express how much I LOVE these books and what they have meant to me. I can only imagine how amazing it feels for you right now. So incredibly proud of you and the journey you have undertaken to get where you are! I don’t even know you personally, yet I’m on cloud nine for you and your accomplishments…maybe because I can’t wait to see these books come to life (although nothing will ever do justice to how I imagine the books in my head). Wow…this is so fantastic! Congratulations :)

  7. Haha Colleen. Love your crazy ass! That’s awesome! I was just talking to someone the other day I wish they would make a movie from your books. So proud of you :)

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is sooo awesome. I’m totally excited! (and your blog could never piss me off…even if I have to keep scrolling:)

  9. O……M…….G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got the chills!!!! Congrats! I know I along with many others would stand in rain snow and whatever else to see it. It would be an amazing movie because the story was AMAZING. I can’t wait to see it!

  10. It’s amazing how something so small turns into something so big, you had an idea, and you ran with it, and wrote a book, and look at where you are now, and all the amazing things doing this one small idea has done for you and your family. pretty surreal.
    Congrats Colleen! How do you butterflying feel?!?

  11. OMG OMG OMG like you got to be kidding… that is Fricking Butterflying amazing….. That must be so super exciting for you my dear!! Congrats!!! amd the scrolling not so bad… :) :)

  12. I’m so excited for you!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Keep us posted! CFuz ya know we will be the first to buy tickets!!!!

  13. That is sooooo freaking awesome!!!!! I’m super excited for you!!!!! Wow I would love to see Slammed and Point of retreat on the BIG screen!! Woohoo!!

  14. thats AWESOME!!! Ps. if you use two fingers instead of one on your “mouse” thing on your Mac it will scroll down so you don’t have to find the pesky thing on the side

  15. Ahhhhh! That is so awesome!!! I just posted on your fb page not ten minutes ago that I hoped your books got picked up for film as Divergent and Significance had!!! That is kinda freaky…I also posted a similiar comment to Tina Reber…so Tina if you are reading this…any news? ;) So butterflying happy for you and us your fans, yeah yeah yeah! :)

  16. Ahh!! Totally have goosebumps!! Congrats this is so amazing!!!!! This would be a movie I would be willing to stand in line for at a midnight premiere! So, if this happens are The Avett Brothers going write and record the sound track?!?!

  17. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! Friggen awesome for you and for US – THE FANS! As I was reading both books I kept thinking that they would make great movies. I sooo hope the movies live up to the books. (Hate it when the movie doesn’t, you know what I mean?) Is there an anticipated date when things will begin? SO EXCITING!!!!!!!

  18. My actual, out loud response reading that was AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m so excited! I hope it gets made into a film QUICKLY!!!!! I’d be there opening day, first showing, no doubt to BOTH films!

  19. Congratulations!! OMG I am so excited- already texted my friend who was the one to introduce me to your books!! Butterflying fantastic!!!


  21. it’s gonna be a movie… it’s gonna be a movie… #happydance… it’s gonna be a movie… #ignoreMe… it’s gonna be a movie… Butterflying great news!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 :)

  22. AMAZING!!!!!! this is nerve wrecking though, because I don’t want them to ruin the story with a movie that is nothing close to the books.
    But it’s awesome news!
    Oh and once you get a hang of your MAC you will love it! I had the same issues with mine.

  23. HOLY BUTTERFLYING AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT…. I AM CABBAGE PATCHING AROUND MY DESK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M WITH NIKKI…. SHOUTY CAPS AND EXCESSIVE SWEARING ARE TOTALLY APPROPRIATE WHEN SOMETHING THIS EFFING INCREDIBLE HAPPENS!!!!! LET THE CASTING BEGIN!! wait…. am i going to have to wait for the next book even longer now…. cause that is kinda not ok. ;) LOL

  24. Omg! Congratulations! It was bound to happen sooner or later! So excited for you! I bet Diego (I think that’s the name of the guy you want to play will..) is going to be hounding you now ;) . Sending out a prayer that everything works in your favor! Good luck!

  25. Butter flying amazing!!!!!!!

    Tip for scrolling: out middle and pointer finger together on laptop mouse pad move up or down.. Scroll magic! Just remember 2 finger scroll! Hope it helps!!

  26. Woop Woop Woop….Fan…Bloody…Tastic. A massive massive CONGRATULATIONS. I’m so so please for you xxxxxxxx💗💗💗💗💗💗

  27. That is soooooooo amazing!!!! You totally deserve it, I have read both books multiple times and would be at the theater opening weekend!!

  28. Can I get a WHOOP, WHOOP? That is SO exciting!!!! And amazing!!! And must be a “pinch me” moment for you!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

  29. OMG!!!! What great news!!! I can’t wait!
    Btw, on a mac, first, you can change the direction of your scrolling (it’s backwards now) go into those little gears and press mouse or trackpad. If its a laptop, just drag two fingers down, if it’s an iMac, drag one finger down on the mouse. You should never have to touch the scroll bar. That’s why you can’t find it. :)

  30. WOW!!! I am so butterflying excited for you!!!! Isn’t it amazing sometimes how fast things work out?? So cool!! Will def. be there to see movie.

  31. Congratulations! I loved both your books. What a butterflying cool thing is that? Have some chocolate milk on the rocks to celebrate!

  32. That is awesome news!!! Very excited to see your characters onscreen! Although in all my personal instances, the book is ALWAYS better than the movie : )

  33. Omg this is so amazing I seriously got teary eyed I’m so excited for you!!! Ahhh keep us updated a big butterflying congratulations is in order !!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  34. THAT’S SO AWESOME! I’m so excited for you. Congratulations! I love both of these books and it would be wonderful to see them both “on the big screen.” Again congratulations!

  35. So excited for you. MY dreams for you are all coming true! We deserved, just imagine how the Avett Brothers are reacting to this right now, do they know?

  36. I’m so excited… can’t happen fast enough! I was telling my husband about the video I watched the other day….the trailer for Slammed…..I will see this movie! And anyone else who is a fan of these books is probably just as excited to see it! Congratulations!

  37. Oh my gosh!! I was just thinking about this YESTERDAY!!!! I thought to myself “If Slammed ever becomes a movie I would do anything to be at the premiere!” YAYYYY Happy thoughts for you!! I’m so excited!

  38. OMG I’m so happy for you and so excited for you at the same time. That is wonderful. You’ll have to keep us posted on anything you hear about it–when they’re making it, with who, when we’ll see it, etc. Congratulations that is so amazing for so new a book(s)! You rock.

  39. *Imagine me in my room screaming and dancing and my mom giving me dirty looks because she thinks I’m crazy
    OH MY GOD!!! this really made my day!!!
    I think now is the moment for my to start stalking Diego Boneta to convince him to be Will

  40. OMG That’s is FANTASTIC news… They so deserve the big screen. Keep us posted on all the news.. CONGRATULATIONS Colleen!!! :)

  41. Ohmybutterflyinggod!! Congratulations! I knew it, from the moment I finished slammed I knew it’d make a KILLER movie if the right people just read it!
    So so happy! Day made lol xxx

  42. OMG!!! I feel like I discovered you by accident when your book was just starting out….. and now look at you!! you are all grown up!!!! CONGRATULATIONS

  43. Omg! That’s sooooooooooooooo fantastic! Oooooo….could we do a contest to pick actors to play roles? That would be so fun!

    Btw…reading the blog on a smart phone makes scrolling so easy! Lol!

    Have a great day!

  44. So now I can cross “I wish to see Slammed & Point of Retreat as movies” off my wishlist. SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to you!

  45. I read slammed in one seating.I love poetry so that was amazing for me.I loved the pink baloon one and the poem for Lake.I’m afraid to read the second book because I want Will and Lake to live happily ever after…Congratulations on the movie option,it’s gonna be a tear jerker :)

    This put a huge smile on my face after a VERY stressful day/week! Thanks!

  47. *jumps up and down while clapping her hands* HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost crying happy tears, this is such a great news! CONGRATS YOU AWESOME WOMAN!!!! x

  48. I am thrilled for you and thrilled for me. My favorite book as a movie…exciting! There is no way the movie will be as good as the book but butterflying awesome to say the least. Congrats to you and your family!

  49. Congrats Colleen! You wrote an amazing story, now I will be hoping they can make it shine on the screen!!! You are worthy! Enjoy! Cheers!

  50. YYYYAAAAYYYY!!! Congratulations!!!!! This makes me SOOO happy!!! I knew this would happen because your books are WAY TOO GOOD not to become movies!!!! Can’t wait! :D

  51. Omg!

    Congratulations Colleen! Awesome news. I absolutely love your books and would love to see Lake and Will on the big screen.

  52. Congrats!!! I love love love both of these books!!!!!! I have everyone I know reading and rereading them and they all love them as much as me!!!! Congrats again :)

  53. I’m so excited! I have to post another comment.

    This is Butterflying AMAZING news! I am so happy for you Colleen. Congrats!

  54. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait !!!!!!! I love both the books and congrats you truely are a very gifted author!!!!!

  55. OHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOD! That’s so fantastic and just totally made my Friday. Even as I read the book I was like, I REALLY! hope they make this into a movie. Girls NEED movies like this book…ok, as a stay at home mom.. I NEED MOVIES LIKE THIS BOOK! haha.

    Congrats!! But I have to honest, with your talent, I saw this coming… ;)

  56. That’s absolutely incredible! One of my first impressions of the books was how easy they were to visualize. I could see them working so well in the film format. Congrats to you!!!!!!!

  57. How freakin’ amazing! You’ll have to let us know when and where so we can stakeout production and plan premiere parties!


  58. O.M.G. That is the BEST BUTTERFLYING AWESOME news I’ve heard in quite a while! I can’t wait to see Will on the big screen. ( Zac Effron! Just sayin’! ) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  59. YAYAYAYAYYYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAY I’ve recommended these two books to so many people, I can’t wait to *SEE* it on screen. How crazy-awesome is this!?!?!?!?!

    1. I absolutely agree. I LOVED these books and the director, producer, actors and everyone else, need to give it the care and love needed to make it AMAZING! I would go see it, but I am afraid it will ruin the perfect vision in my head! But it is amazing news!! Congrats Colleen!

  60. OH MY GOSH! I am overflowing with excitement! That is totally AWESOME! Really COOL! I can’t wait! I super excited! Congratulations, Colleen! You did a really wonderful job! ;)

  61. You are too funny!!! And isn’t funny how even though you hate scrolling you will continue to do it because you want to know what is said or typed. Anywho, Congrats to you!!!

  62. This made me squeal, I am so excited. Tell us more when you can, we are excited for details! Congratulations. I knew these books would become movies for sure, and I cannot wait to see them. Butterflying exciting!

  63. OMG!! That is so freakin’ AWESOME!!! CONGRATS!!!! I almost stopped scrolling.. lol! So glad that I didn’t.. It is great to see so many of our fave books being made into movies! Love it!! Now, we just have to wait.. Patience is not one of my strengths. lol! Guess I don’t have a choice tho.. I can’t freaking wait! Will you have any input while the movie is being made? Don’t want those bigwigs in Hollywood to mess it up.. =]=] Again, so happy for you!!! :-D

  64. OOOOOHHHHHH MMMYYYYYY GGGGOOOOODDDD!!! How freaking butterflying fantastic is this!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Wooohhhhoooooo this is awesome. You ROCK COLLEEN HOOVER!!!

  65. OMG butterflying way this is amazing new , HUGE CONGRATS!!!!!
    This is awesome news !!!!! I hope they follow the book to the tea and dont change things …. Gyaahhhh i am so happy for you , you totally deserve it , slammed and point of retreat is my no:1 book for 2012 beautifully written.

  66. Whoa,Nelly! Colleen,that is GREAT! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer,funnier more talented person. Yea,YOU!
    I’m stoked.( I will tell others about your news.)

  67. Wow! That’s AHHHMAZZING news for you, and your fans (ME)!!! Congrats… Can’t wait To see Will and Lake on the big screen! More of the same awesomeness please!!

  68. OH MY!!!!!! I’m in shock… I always knew Slammed and POR were way good enough to be movies and I always wished they would be, but now to hear that they will be… I’m beyond happy, excited, elated!!!!!! Congrats! I can’t wait!

  69. OMG, I am so BUTTERFLYING excited. Just love, love, love the books, & imagining the characters. I was totally hoping for the movies, now i cant wait for it to happen. CONGRATS!!!!!

  70. That is so butterflying awesome I am jumping up and down. My husband thinks I just lost my mind. OMG OMG I am so excited for you and us to see the wonderful story on a big screen not just in my head.

  71. The Logitech wireless mouse on my MacBook Pro scrolls just fine, even through 285 Butterflyin’ awful comments from people who are unwilling to accurately identify themselves, i.e.: stand up for what they say.

  72. WOW – this is so awesome, definitely my sweet for today. Now we have to start submitting WHO should play Will and Lake.

  73. (-: ..CONGRATULATIONS x TWO.. :-)

    You’ll be so happy about the Mac, when you get used to it! And I’m telling you girl – the scroll function is one of the (many) things you’ll be SO annoyed about, if you’ll occasionally have to use a PC in the future ;-) Just wait and see ;-)


    About the film:

    OMG! It’s amazing! That’s so GREAT!!!!!! Woooooooo-Ho :-) Can’t get my arms down. I’m so much hoping the film will be available in Denmark, when it’s done!

    Lots of love from Copenhagen, Denmark <3 Love your work,


  74. I am flipping out right now!!! Don’t know if you remember the email I sent you with my picks for the cast of a potential movie adaptation…how exciting!!!!! Congrats!!! Thrilled for you

  75. OmCongratulations!! How exciting! This just made my day soo much better than if I saw a unicorn poop rainbows and butterflies! So happy for you and so happy for me that I will get to see this!

  76. WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I knew it was only a matter of time!!!! Just make sure you stay involved Colleen to keep it as perfect as it already is!!!

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