What? Is this a BLOG post?

I’m putting the final touches on the last book in the SLAMMED series before sending it to my agent.  Hopefully will have all that done by the end of October and we’ll see what happens once it gets into the hands of my publisher.  If they decide to publish it, you’ll be the first to know. Then on to finishing my new standalone which I can’t stop thinking about.  I’m constantly, constantly thinking about it.  When I fall asleep, when I dream, when I’m awake, when I’m drinking diet pepsi, when I’m petting Hazel, when I’m driving, when I’m driving while sleeping, when Hazel is driving.  If you’ve been around me recently and I just smile and nod a lot and look clueless, it’s because I’m totally ignoring you and thinking about my book.




As for the last couple of weeks…they’ve been phenominal…ly tiring.  I had a freaking blast in Chicago.  Should I even mention all of the awesome readers/authors/other random people I got to hang out with?  For the sake of those who weren’t able to make it, I won’t talk about it.


Meh finally got tah meet thah beautiful JennAy from Australia.  Krikey!  That lass was a ball o’ fun!  I luv yeh Jennay!  And everyone else.  Mostly.

As for New York.

Ahhhh, New York.  Atria Books put us in a beautiful hotel and we ordered several of the thousand dollar caviar frittatas that were on the room service menu and charged them to my publicist.  (Just kidding, Cristina!)  ;)

Really though, it was a lot of fun.  I was worried the restaurants would be too fancy and I wouldn’t know which fork to use or how to order, but I think we did okay considering it wasn’t Chili’s.

We took a double decker to Brooklyn then couldn’t find a cab to get back to Manhattan so we just walked.  Little did we know once we would get back to the hotel, the elevators would be broken and we would have to make our way to the 29th floor via the freaking STAIRS!  (I thought I was going to die.  For real.  I was worried about who would finish these books.)

But while we were walking across the Brooklyn Bridge we passed some Harlem Globetrotters. They’re the closest to famous people that I got while in NYC. Here, I got a pic.  It took me a minute to get my phone out, so they were kind of far away.  But they’re the super tall ones with the basketball.  Obviously.

Then on Wednesday night I had my first solo book signing in Connecticut.  I had a lot of fun.  I want to do them all the time now!

Next up: A local one. :)  I’ll be at the Mt. Vernon authorfest on October 13th.  Next Saturday, I think.  Come!

That’s a recap of my trips.  Now I’m heading into the cave.

Haha.  Y’all thought I was going to leave like that?  Without giving away this Kindle Fire HD?  Y’all are crazy.  I hit 300,000 page views this past week!  That can’t go unnoticed.

In order to be entered into the drawing for the Kindle Fire HD, you must watch one of these two videos (preferably both, if you haven’t already seen them) and leave a comment ON THE VIDEO’S YOUTUBE PAGE.  Not on this blog.

Repeat: Comment on the youtube link of one of the videos, not the blog.  These two worked so hard on these videos and I want everyone to have the opportunity to watch them.  The first one is the SLAMMED book trailer that Tough Critic Book Reviews Made.  The second is one of the poems performed out of SLAMMED by the poet Marty Schoenleber.

Loved, loved, loved them.

Simple as that.  Comment on youtube=entry into kindle fire HD.  <3

Peace, Love and Words.



38 responses to “What? Is this a BLOG post?

  1. Holy freaking crap… how did I NOT know yet that you were working on a third book in the Slammed series?!?!? I mean, I seriously must have just skipped over this information in a moment of insanity?! I’m stoked!

    (You should come south… to you know… NE Louisiana – say…Monroe!) ^_^

    Awesome update & I’m so happy that you’ve got such amazing things going & coming!

  2. sounds like you had a few great trips! I was sad I couldn’t make the CT signing, hopefully you get to do a NYC one eventually……… on an odd note, i opened both those links at the same time and they started playing together the music in the trailer video syncs nicely with the pace of the reading :) The song even crescendos right as he starts to read the poem :)

  3. This is great news, Colleen! =D I can’t, can’t can’t wait for the last book in your Slammed series. I bet it would just be as beautiful as the first two books! I’ll be crossing my fingers until it comes out. And of course, I also m excited for your new standalone which you can’t stop thinking about. hahaha! The I-can’t-stop-thinking-about-it phenomenon also happened to me after reading Slammed and Point of Retreat. Looks like you’re gonna put me into another I-can’t-stop-thinking-about-it phase.. hahaha! ;D And looks like you had a really wonderful time too. I’m happy for you. More power to you, Colleen!

    Now I’m off to watch those vids! All the best! xD xD xD

    P.S. Tell Hazel I said hi! ;D

  4. Commented woohoo that’s awesome!!! Can’t wait for your next book to the slammed series and the sound of a standalone sound awessssooommmmeeeee!!!!!!!

  5. Wow! I can’t wait to read the third book and your standalone. Actually, all of your books, Colleen! Congratulations for being nearly done. And oh, don’t tire yourself too much. :D

    I’ve commented on both videos. I actually watched them before already. They’re pretty awesome. I’ve watched them more than thrice already! Especially the slam!

    Good luck and take care on your signings, Colleen. :)

  6. Cannot wait for the third book! It sounds like you had quite an adventure this past week! Wish I could have been in Chicago! :)

    Going to go comment on the videos now. Have seen them before! They are great. Love the slam!

  7. Whoo hoo! Sounds like a good time. BTW, a caviar frittata sounds dis-gust-ing. So glad you were kidding.

  8. I’ll have to check back with the videos. I live in the boondocks. Internet is sporadic at best some nights. Tonight is one of those nights. The video link I clicked on gave me the dreaded circle of circles while it tried to download. Am so looking forward to another book!!!! Can.not.wait.

  9. I have already watched both of these videos but I’m going to watch them again and comment ASAP! Thank you Colleen for these amazing giveaways. P.S. You are the funniest person I know and I really hope to meet you one day!

  10. I’m more excited about meeting you than winning the Kindle Fire HD (dont tell the hubby though because I’m hoping for one for Christmas) but I watched Marty’s video… Again for like the 5th time since you First posted it. Then I commented for the first time. He’s amazing! The other video wouldn’t open for some reason but I have watched it before and I loved the trailer. It was beautiful and made me wish, pray and hope that SLAMMED becomes a movie in the near future. I’ll try again later though.

  11. I love the job Mollie did with the Slammed video and Marty’s reading just sends chills!

    Yay! I’m glad you a great time in NYC and you’ve been busy, but it’s good to be busy. I’m looking forward to the third book. :)

  12. Done. Both are amazing videos. Marty’s video is amazing. The way he speaks but uses his hands and facial exressions too is just awesome!!

  13. Now that is great news at 07:26 on a Saturday morning in sunny South Africa! holding thumbs that we do not have to wait too long for the long anticipated Slammed book 3. Good luck for everything that needs to follow before we can envelop ourselves in Will’s mind.

  14. I can’t wait for Book 3!! :) “Slammed” and “Point of Retreat” are both too amazing that it’ll be a sin not to share it to others.. and so I did! And two of those people finished the books recently and they told me earlier this morning how they love your books! It’s my today’s sweet! ;)

    Thanks for sharing both of the videos! I love Marty’s delivery of “Lake”~ Made me love that slam piece even more! :D

  15. I can’t wait to read book # 3 , also looking forward to your stand alone :) . Any chance you’ll come to the UK any time soon ?

  16. i watched those videos after i read the books and i loved them. :) posted a comment.now i am so glad you had a good time in nyc. i live in brooklyn and people are always trying to get me to walk across the bridge to the city. i might just try it now :)

  17. You are beyond awesome! I’m so glad I was able to meet you. Continued prosperity, love and happiness to you and yours!! :)

  18. YAY !!! CANT WAIT TO READY WILL’S P.O.V , Glad you have been having an phenominal time, love the picture

  19. Omg, I didn’t know you were woking on a third book! I absolutely love Slammed and Point of Retreat. I can’t wait until the last book is out.

    Congrats on finishing the last book :Colleen and thank you!

  20. Hi Colleen…I am so far behind with e mails!!!! Anyway, I was wondering if you ever got the poetry book that I sent to you? Lynn


  21. Posted on both! (Nicole Wheeler). Cannot wait for the third book. I just bought your newly published ones and I have the old version with your autographs. =] Loved both videos. Hoping they make it into a movie sometime.

  22. I am so excited about the third book in the Slammed series and your new book. I have been waiting for you to give us a hint that it’s going to be done some time in the near future, I can’t wait!

  23. So glad that you are having a fabulous time!!! I commented on both as I really want a Kindle Fire………. :)

  24. Stoked about Book 3! I hope you do a signing/meet-and-greet in California one of these days! I’d love to meet you!!

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