Signed Books

Now that the books are in paperback, I have had a lot of questions and requests regarding how to get signed books.  At one point, I had the option to purchase signed copies on my website, but that is no longer available due to the difference in the way things are set up now that the books are trade pubbed. But, I would love to continue offering those of you who want signed copies this option.  So here’s what I can do.

If you purchase copies of the books from bookstores and want them signed, I’ll be happy to sign them and ship them back to you.  Media mail for the US usually runs me about $3, plus packaging.  So for $5, I’ll be happy to sign the books and mail them back to you.  Just send the books to:

PO Box 1400 Sulphur Springs, Tx 75483

You can either paypal the shipping costs to or send it along with the books you want signed.  Be sure to include a slip with who you want the books made out to, and the address you want me to ship them back to.

If you are internation, just email me and I’ll get you a quote for shipping.


31 thoughts on “Signed Books

  1. OMG Colleen! I could practically drive to Sulphur Springs to get my book signed! I live in Greenville! Don’t worry I won’t stalk you anything but I just couldn’t believe it. It’s like learning my favorite celebrity lives next door.

      1. That would be absolutely fabulous! I’m a little star struck right now and I know how busy you are so even you suggesting it made my day but just name the place and time and I’m there. Is my email.

  2. You are awesome! But I have a question. I’d like to get both books signed for myself and my mother as a gift. So because of the weight, should I send 10$ (total it will be 4 books)?

    1. Tammy, you can buy Point of Retreat at Barnes and Noble or whichever bookstore her books are being sold at. Then you can mail her the book at PO Box 1400 Sulphur Psrings,TX 75483 with like three bucks (cost of shipping for one book-I think) and she will mail it back to you. You just need to provide the return address and who you want the book made out too.

  3. Oh very cool!!! Question – what about us folk that live internationally?? What cost would that be?? I really wana get 2x Slammed and POR signed for myself and a friend. Would love to just jump on a plane and come over and meet you and get them signed!!! Oh dreams are free – One day when i win lotto!!!!

  4. How long will you be doing this? I’m picking up the books next week but I REALLY want them both signed! Also, do we need to include more money for both books?

  5. I could just have you come to school one day or just pull the bus over on the side of the road and walk up to the house:) How would you like to set a booth at Fall Carnival? I think that would be really neat:)

  6. I purchased your self pub version of the Slammed and Point of Retreat. Can I send those to be signed or does it have to be the Atria books version? Thanks so much!!!

  7. Colleen, thank you so much for doing this! I finished reading Point of Retreat last night and I’m kinda sad it’s over. I butterflying love these books!

  8. Hi colleen! My sister (Jemie R. Baldivino) just received the signed books! BUTTERFLYING THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for being so awesome!!!! Best birthday and advance christmas gift ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU TO THE BITS!!!

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