I have the best readers. Ever. Period.

The BEST! Readers like our most recent winner of this post, Ms. Violet Kelley!  Congrats, Violet.  You just won your choice of a Kindle Fire or a Nook Color.  Just email me your address at colleenhoover@live.com

Now, onto the thank you’s…

When I first started writing (a mere ten months ago) it was a completely different experience than it sometimes is now.  I was never online, so I had plenty of time to write.  I had no idea what I was doing, how I would get the books into the hands of readers.  At the time I didn’t really care,  I wasn’t concerned about that at all.  I just wanted Will and Lake to be together, so I kept writing.  I didn’t write because I wanted to make money, or fans, or even for Tim Tams (although, I would TOTALLY write for Tim Tams.)  I just wrote because it’s what I love to do.  I wrote for myself.

Now when I try to write, sometimes it’s a lot trickier.  Knowing that people are expecting something from you really puts the pressure on.  I’ve read other books, I know what readers like, I know what they want.  It’s a different ballgame, now.  Sometimes I catch myself thinking, “No, don’t write that.  Remember that review that said they hated insta-love?”  I would find myself writing and re-writing and then trashing entire chapters.

And then I punch myself in the face and remember that  I can’t please everyone.  Not even close.  And if I write to please, it won’t come from the heart.   I have to remind myself on a moment by moment basis that, while I would love to write something YOU would want to read, I need to just write what I feel like writing and the rest will fall into place.

I was having an especially doubt-filled week this week, coming off the heels of Georgia and trying to get back into the mindframe of the story.  It doesn’t help when I read brilliant novels from David Levithan like Everyday that make me question my place in this profession.  (Just stating a self-observation. It’s all good. And you must go read his book!)

Sometimes, in order to get myself back into the right frame of mind, I go back and read certain emails, blog posts, reviews, etc. where the reader really “got” where I was coming from.  I truly appreciate these types of things and the time it takes to write up a review or send an email.  One will never know how much it can help a writer feel that their work is justified by hearing from their readers.

I have received some really, really, really, amazing gifts this week.  Gifts that I am still staring at in awe, floored that there are readers and friends out there who took the time to put these things together.  I want to share them with you, because I want you all to know how thankful I am to be where I am, and that I don’t take a single moment of this for granted.  These are cookies that were ordered by Sarah Augustus and created by Sweets by Steph. 

Of course they aren’t helping with the Weight Watchers, but I could care less.  They are beautiful and appreciated and I’m scared to eat them because they’re so damn cute!

But Sarah didn’t stop there.  Nope.  As you all know, I LOVE The Avett Brothers.  LOVE!  Somehow, some way, she pulled this off.  It’s just a pic, I know.  But a pic that means the world to me.  A pic that literally made me scream when I saw it.  A pic that proves that, although this entire process may very well be annoying the crap out of TAB, they are still amazing and generous enough to take the time out of their insane schedule to sign a copy of my own book for me.  That’s going in a glass case, for sure.  And speaking of TAB, their new album comes out TUESDAY! I listened to it on NPR and it’s unbelievable.  Go get it here!

And speaking of signed copies, I was left speechless again when I received this gift in the mail from Melissa.  Several readers mailed a copy of SLAMMED thousands of miles and took turns highlighting their favorite quotes in the book and making notes for me.  It was absolutely amazing, and I can never, ever, ever thank you all enough for

doing this.

Amanda, Tressa, Marlana, Amy, Melissa, Chrystle, Fred, Kristy, Melissa P., Stephenie, Lyndsay and Vanessa and Sarah….THANK YOU for all you’ve done!  From the bottom of my heart.  You have given me more inspiration than you know, and I’m going to channel that into my next book.  And although I wish I could say I was writing it for you guys, I’m going to continue writing for myself, and just hope that you love it.

Unless I get more Tim Tams.  But don’t do that, I’m trying to lose weight.


45 thoughts on “I have the best readers. Ever. Period.

  1. First things first, I CANNOT WAIT till I can get my hands on Tim Tams again, I couldn’t find them last season so I’ve gone TWO years without… VERY sad. Have you ever done a Tim Tam Slam?!??!?! If not, you soooo need to fix that next chance you get!

    Secondly, the best advice I ever got came from my daughters pediatrician: “Do what you feel is right, no matter what you do, someone will tell you your wrong.”

  2. I agree! YOur fans are totally butterflying awesome! That traveling book and those cookies – just WOW!! And of course, your beloved book autographed by TAB with a picture no less – you are blessed! Keep writing!

  3. Colleen, before Slammed I had never really had a book TOUCH me so much besides self help books like The Secret and stuff by Andy Andrews – honestly. You need to continue to write for you, because when you do it’s magical. We love you to pieces and see this FINALLY actually in YOUR hands has been the highlight my week <3

  4. Part of what makes you such an appealing author is that you are REAL! You don’t have an assistant or PR person masquerading as you ans posting to your blog or updating facebook. You are genuinely interested on what your readers and your critics have to say and you personally respond to your fans (your response to me posting on your facebook wall made my day!).

    Well, all that …. and your butterflying amazing writing talent! :-)

  5. No matter what you write your fans are gonna love it because you’re an amazing author. When I read your books I absolutely fell in love with them. Thanks for writing something I completely enjoyed reading.

  6. When you wrote for yourself, you created amazing characters, with fascinating stories.
    I can’t wait to see what happens next with them. So, just keep doing what you are doing!

  7. I agree with Amanda. We love the writer that wrote a story that she enjoyed and only intended on sharing with friends and family. That girl has us all mesmerized. That girl has us wanting more. You have a huge fan base and we are going to love whatever you write because it comes not only from your mind, but your heart.

  8. Nothing beats authenticity in a book, nothing and if you write from the heart, that is what you will get. Never mind who loves triangles, insta-love, angst, HEA…….that’s not important. Authenticity is and that is why I loved, loved, loved Slammed and POR. Can’t wait to read the next book!

  9. You should be proud of what you have accomplished and how far you have traveled in such a short time in this industry. What was great about Slammed was that is was YOUR story the way YOU wrote it without the worry of what someone would want to hear. Most of us has no idea who you were or your writing style when we started the book, and it is no coincidence that so many people have fallin in love with your stories.
    Never write to be read as a different author, never create to meet an expectation, never give your self to your work in hopes that the reviews of the past from other books/authors won’t haunt you as well.
    The butterflying beautiful world of literature is not about expectations but about expression. It isn’t about making sure your story doesn’t “sound like” or “remind me of”, it’s about you, as an author putting together what YOU would have loved to read and knowing that others will love it too.
    The pressure you create on your self only dims your ability to create an alternate reality for your readers to get lost in. Don’t let the light dim, there are many of us out there ready to flip the light switch and step into your written world l, even if it is just to escape our own reality.

    Have faith in your ability and remember to butterfly’em all when the world of “should I or shouldn’t I” plagues you during your time of creating :)

    Now get to butterflying work, I need a reality escape :)

  10. We LOVE what you wrote before you even knew that we loved you. Keep writing what you love write about. I’m positive that we’ll love your next book and your next…

    Man that was a lot of love..

  11. Straight from the heart. That’s where Slammed came from, you couldn’t miss that, as a reader. Keep yours safe, baby girl, lots of people gonna want a piece, but you’ll need it to write from. Love you to the moon and back!

  12. So happy for you… Just keep writing the way you always did, and I’m sure we will love your books. I’m just reading Slammed now and I’m falling in love with Lake and Will. It’s not just that you are a great writer, but you are also an amazing human being, which is what makes your readers love the person behind the books:-)

  13. I’m so excited for you! I think that it’s amazing that you are having the time of your life. It’s funny that you think we (the readers) are making your life better when each of us feel the same about you for introducing us to such lovable characters. Sooooo THANK YOU for being a GREAT writer and giving us reason to be great readers!! I’m looking forward to Chicago!

  14. Your readers are a reflection of your work. If you didn’t write the truly amazing stories you did, we wouldn’t have anyone to appreciate! Thank you for sharing Will and Lake’s story with us.

  15. As a fan I want to say please do write for yourself. That is what you did with Slammed and Point of Retreat and I loved them so much. But the most important thing is that YOU love them and are proud of them as well as everything else you write in the future. There will always be critics. But I (and as evident by the amazingly thoughtful gifts, many others) think you are amazing and we love your writing. Can’t wait to read the next treasure you publish!

  16. Such wonderful and thoughful gifts. You are blessed! And don’t worry about everybody else when you write. You wrote for yourself and look how well that turned out!!

  17. You are amazing the way you are! Write for you, if not, the book wouldn’t be “right,” you know what I mean? And for goodness sake crazy lady, don’t compare yourself to other writers, WE all love you and YOUR sense of humor! That is what got you where you are in less than a year! :) Always stay true to yourself.

    Maybe I’m just ignorant, but what are Tim Tams and where do I get them?

  18. Don’t over think it! I just read Slammed and Point of Retreat again (LOL!) and kept thinking, “it gets better every time.” You allow your readers to be a part of your world which is so meaningful, but I can see how it can get tricky. Don’t doubt yourself! Those two books are butterflying bemazing!

  19. YES! Please keep writing for yourself because what you write is amazing and you MUST continue! Love your work… However I can totally understand writing for Tim Tams!

  20. Writing for yourself has obviously worked out for you! Seriously, Slammed and POR are so butterfllying bemazing because of how you brought the stories to life. I wouldn’t have asked you to change a thing :)

  21. you DO have the best readers! that is what happens when the words you write inspire beauty in other people.. when the things you’ve written have touched them so much, they have no choice but to express that to you in whatever way they can. i love seeing how many lives you’ve touched with your words (mine included)… and i love having you as my author soulmate and friend. thank you for writing and putting your book into the world- it brought you to me. and i love you and am thankful for you. just like all your readers. :) xo

  22. Colleen i can honestly say slammed is one of the few (very few and one of them is forbidden by tabitha suzuma – highly recommend this one) books that really really touched me and all throughout reading let me ride this rollercoaster ride of emotions. I laughed a lot i cried a lot and laughed and cried again. Forget about what others might think about what you wrote. Keep writing f irom your heart and for yourself and im sure your next book will touch us the same or maybe even more than these books. I can tell you one thing and thats that reading slammed ruined all other books for me. Im still trying to find a book that will touch me like slammed did and that will me leave me empty feeling when i close the book.

  23. We love you, Colleen! No matter what. Whether you loose weight or not. Whether you need a year to write a book. Whether you put Will an Layken through hell anc back. In the end, if you’re happy, Will and Lake get their HEA and we get to read another wonderful book by you, we’re happy, too.

    And congrats to Violet :)

  24. I’m a new fan – not even sure how I stumbled upon your writings but consider me hooked. Your blog is so from the heart and I love that about you. Today’s posting really said it perfectly about perhaps writing for someone else and then realizing that wasn’t true to you. As an aspiring writer I could totally relate to that. Thank you. Really, thank you.

  25. You’re awesome Ms. Colleen! You deserved all that love :) And those cookies.. I’ll be more than happy to eat them for you :D

  26. Girl, you keep writing from your heart! That is what made these wonderful books worth sharing with us! Thank you for being brave enough to write and to publish. And for bringing poetry back into my life.

  27. You say you have the best readers, but really, we’re the lucky ones to know such an amazing author like you, Colleen. Each one of us may not know you personally, but we, or at least I, feel like we know you through your writing. I admire you for keeping such an amazing relationship with your readers. May it be through facebook, twitter, blogging, or your stories. I know it may be time consuming, but you have no idea how one reply, comment, retweet, facebook like, or blog giveaway can affect ones day, such as mine! Chatting with you through blogs, or facebook, is like hanging out with you over coffee. Just laughing and having a good time with a friend!

    While its awesome to connect with you through networking, or book signings (Chicago, baby! Can’t wait to meet you!), the best part of connecting with you is through your writing. No matter the style, characters, or situation, we will love what comes our way. I know I can’t wait to read what’s coming next from you! I’ll support it no matter what, as I’m sure will your MANY fans!! I cannot wait to meet my next fictional Colleen Hoover family!

    Thanks for all you do!

  28. i will read whatever you write. even if you chose to rewrite the phone book from the phones perspective because I know it would be honest, it would be sweet and it would be sexy. we love you.keep doing what YOU are doing and we will follow. xoxo

  29. You have the best readers because you also happen to be one of the best writers! That’s why! I absolutely love that picture of TAB with your book. Pretty cool! What those readers did about highlighting all their favorite lines from Slammed is pretty sweet too. Wow! Keep on writing, Colleen. Us readers can’t wait for your next works. More power! :)

  30. Hello İ am a reader form Turkey…I would like to thank you for such an amazing, wonderfull, emotionall, perfect books….I have just finished reading both of them within 3 days…Thank you, thank you,thank you……

  31. I just finished Slammed and Point of Retreat – loved them! Could not put them down and did not want it to end. Thank you for such a wonderful story and thank you for introducing me to the Avett Brothers. I had to check out their music after reading snippets of their lyrics in your novels. True poets! Colleen, you are truly gifted and inspiring…will be watching for more books from you.

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