I’m a loser.

In an active sense, anyway.  I lose things ALL THE TIME!  I’m the most disorganized person in the entire world.  In fact, I probably owe lots of people lots of books, but I either lost the emails/fb messages/etc.  So if you’re waiting on a shipment that you haven’t received from me, chances are I lost it.  Just email me a reminder to colleenhoover@live.com with the subject line: Hey dumbass!

Speaking of losing things, I lost my wedding ring about four years ago.  I hated that I lost it, because I had fashioned it out of my grandmother’s wedding ring and it meant a lot to me.  Not long after I lost it, I accidentally sucked my husband’s wedding ring up in the car wash vacuum.  He wasn’t that sad, though…he hates jewelry.

So I went to our local Diamonds & Designs and sat down with the jeweler, who was just the nicest man.  I told him I wanted a floating diamond and I somehow walked out of there having ordered THREE floating diamonds.  One for each kid.  Just got the ring back today and here it is!

I’m going to try not to lose this one.  It’s taking some getting used to since I never wear jewelry.  Thank you, husband.

And since we’re on the subject of losing, me and husband started Weight Watchers today.  My goal is to lose 25 pounds by Chicago, which is only 24 days away.  I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’m gonna try.  :D  Husband will probably lose 25 pounds by tomorrow morning.  Men suck!

57 thoughts on “I’m a loser.

  1. Very nice! I tend to lose jewelry, especially when I take them off to do the dishes. I bought a cute little box to put them in as to not lose any more.

    Good luck with your weight loss!

  2. Good luck with the weight loss! Weight Watchers is the best. I started two years ago and I’m way passed my goal by now and have kept off all the weight I’ve lost. It’s all about positive thinking and portion control! :) you can do it!

  3. I had lost about 20 lbs last year when I first started working out, I did a walking video, Leslie Sansone, it is fun to do also, I counted my calories at the same time, and I was so proud of myself, now I gotta get back to it again :D
    love the ring, it’s really pretty!

  4. Gorgeous ring and SO sweet that you got 3 stones for your 3 loves! As a fan of “the watchers”, you’ll do well! If you’re motivated, write it down, and stick to the plan, it works. Skinnytaste and Hungry Girl are W friendly recipe sites that are awesome.

  5. The ring is beautiful! I totally laughed at the weight loss comment about hubs. I joined WW May 19. I’m down 30 lbs. hubs started July, 23 hes down 40lbs! He lost 10 lbs the first week by cutting soda! Men!!! Good luck! You can do it! It’s hard but totally worth it when you get on the scale and see the #’s drop!!

  6. Great ring! Good luck with Weight Watchers. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t lose 25 lbs in 24 days. Any weight loss progress is good progress.

  7. #winning…that’s what you are doing, girl! Fabulous ring and still über jealous I can’t make Chicago. I’ve already asked Tressa to give you a hug from me an possibly hump your leg for a bit.

  8. Gorgeous ring! Hope the next thing you lose os the weight you’re hoping to …just not enough to loosen that new ring so that it flies off your slender finger! :)

  9. I love the ring! I’m a loser 2! I lost the diamond out of my ring …… it really sucked. I have 2 say ur replacement is much prettier than mine. I’m jealous! Good luck with weight watchers. Have u tried adovcare(sp)… with the challenge u could lose the 25 quick.

  10. Beautiful ring, and such a wonderful way to think of your kids throughout your day. Good luck with WW… I have always found that I do best with the dreaded word “exercise”, and then my eating patterns change, too. I’ve lost about 25 lbs since May-ish. Stay motivated, and half the battle is done! And you’re absolutely right, guys suck that they can lose weight overnight. So unfair!

  11. Beautiful Ring!!! And Weight Watchers is the way to go if you really want to change the way you eat and lose the extra weight. Good luck.

  12. I have been pregnant 7 times and needless to say, that puts a little weight on a person and somehow put weight on my husband, as well. :) I just had our last baby at the end of March and I have lost 69 pounds since. My husband has lost 76, but he has been dieting since November of last year. We both feel so much better, have so much more energy, and look a lot younger. My goal is to loose 36 more pounds. Good luck with the weight loss.

  13. It’s beautiful!!
    And about losing stuff, I think I’m de the only person who can lose her phone in the bed and find it days later IN the bed xD

  14. I know you can loose the weight but 25 pounds in 24 days might be over doing it a bit. I have lost 40 pounds since March. I started with weight watchers but got so resentful constantly logging my food and feeling like I was “saving” points for the good food. I will say it did put into prospective for me as far as portions go and how much we really need to eat verses want to eat. Ultimately for me what took the pounds off (besides chasing my 3 crazy kids) was READING! Yes sounds crazy but it really really did it. See I stopped reading a couple years ago when my third baby arrived – who has time right! Anyway so about a month after I started dieting I picked up 50 Shades of Grey and Slammed and the rest was history for me. Any, I mean any free time I had I would read (instead of needless snacking).
    So I thank you and EL James for putting those wonderful stories/characters on paper. Now I am sure if you and James publish one more book to each series I will loose my remaining 10 pounds to reach my goal!!!
    Btw sorry you lost your wedding ring but I love your new one!

  15. You’re ring is amazing!! I have floating diamonds too. Mine are square cut diamonds diagonally set side by side. I’m always afraid to lose them.
    About loosing 25 lbs in 24 days is a little crazy woman! I’ve lost 35 lbs in five and a half months so do it healthily! :D

  16. oh the ring is beautiful! i can totally relate i lost mine almost 3 years ago. took it off because it didnt fit while i was pregnant and POOF! good luck with ww! I love the program and if you are looking for good recipes this girl is amazing and not only has amazing recipes but gives you the points as well. never had any of her recipes fail. :) skinnytaste.com go ahead with ya bad self!

  17. Skinnytaste has great recipes! I’ve even done the never to be done, serving a recipe from the site without trying it first”, to guests. Everyone loved it so I was happy. (Lasagna rolls – tdf)

    The ring is gorgeous!

  18. I lost my wedding set for 21 months before I finally found it down inside my washer and dryer when we got a new one. Also, growing up I was notorious for leaving purses everywhere. Once at a fair, once at a hotel ( that one was a birthday gift and had all my birthday cash in it :(. ) so I’m a loser too!

  19. Good luck with weight watchers. Yes men butterflying suck when it comes to weight loss and then they like to rub it in. Don’t get discourage and I wish you the best.

  20. You can do it!you probably wont lose 25 pounds in just 20 days..but if you exercise you could be able to loose 10! Good luck!

    (I lost the necklace I bought with my bff – we both wear eachothers first letters- and I really really dont know where to look anymore *schame*schame*)

  21. Beautiful ring Colleen. I say you can lose about 20 pounds in 24 days. That is realistic on weight watchers. The first few weeks they come off if you remember to use all those points and drink tons of water. Men say they are going to go on a diet and they lose 10 pounds at just the thought. I hate them. Good luck!

  22. When my husband was dropping me off at work this morning he told me that I am the most unorganized person ever and that I lose everything. At work I’m super organized but at home I lose everything, including my mind. I’d probably lose my wedding ring too if I could get it off my fat finger! You aren’t the only one Colleen! I love your books by the way, keep writing!


  24. Love the ring…it’s butterflying gorgeous!!!!! Good luck with Weight Watchers, maybe I’ll join too since I could lose some wight. Can’t make it to Chicago but I’m hoping someday Houston will be on your signing list…you know since we’re practically neighbors:) (Texas)

  25. Gorgeous ring!!!
    I also know about losing weight. I try and try but nada. My husband walks in and says geez, these jeans are getting too big. Had to cut a hole to button them up tighter. Asshole. Did he want to lose weight? No. Did he even butterflying try to lose weight? No. Absolutely pisses me off!!!!!!

  26. As you know Michelle Pace and I are in the midst of getting our first book Fury published. I would absolutely love to own a kindle fire. That way I wouldn’t be so behind on reading all of the amazing books that are being offered by the Indie authors and such. Anytowho that is my sob story!!! Congrats on your success!! Toodles!

  27. The ring is beautiful! My sister and I’ve been wanting to design something for my mother for mother’s day, but we can never agree on the design. Plus my mother wants a say in how it looks too. LOL!

    Uh been there done that with the wanting to lose 25 pounds in a short amount time. The dog loses weight faster than I do. grr!

    1. I’m not a stickler for the rules of the english language. Sometimes I like the simplicity of the way things sound when said incorrectly, as you can see in the dialogue of my books. ;) To each his own. <3

  28. Good luck with the ring… And the wright loss! Want a piece of free advice? (whether or not you want it, you have probably already guessed that I’m offering it anyway) : download a calorie counter such as the one from fat secret or my fitness pal. If you can stick to (or below) the calorie allowances they recommend, I’m willing to bet you won’t be disappointed. I lost almost 30 pounds in about 6 weeks with the help of the good Lord and those programs.

  29. If by loser you mean author of the best books I’ve ever read? You’re right… TOTAL loser. I hope I can be as big of a loser as you one day :)

  30. Well, I just finished your book, “Slammed” last night and it was fabulous!! It was the quickest I’ve read a book in years, having 2 kids and working this past weekend!! I can’t wait to read more of your books, knowing that I picked it up on a whim by reading some great reviews on Amazon. Stay true to self, and don’t try to write to please others. I am already recommending you to my friends: )

  31. Love the ring!!

    P.S. Men do suck! I had a baby 11 weeks ago… I have 7lbs to go, and my husband doesn’t need to lose weight (he needs to gain muscle!!), but he some how lost the 7lbs I am trying to lose!!!

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