One signing down, hopefully a million to go.

Do you ever have those moments late at night when you are feeling particularly emotional or artistic and you write a mind-blowing letter to someone that you know is either going to change the world or make them love you so much harder?  But then the next day you wake up and re-read it and you think, “What the hell was I thinking?  This is a pile of mushy, embarrassing shit!!!”

That’s how I feel about the horribly long blog post I just deleted from my drafts.  So, I decided to summarize it for you, in order to save lives.

1) Georgia will make you sweat your balls off, even if you don’t have balls.

2) Liz Reinhardt and Abbi Glines are two of the funniest people to hang out with, but hanging out with them while their husbands are with them somehow makes them even greater.

3) Liz Reinhardt loves to make out.

4) Rebecca Donovan is perfect.  So amazingly perfect I had to punch her in the face a couple of times just to make myself feel better.  I’m so glad I stalked her this summer and forced her to be my friend.

  • 5) I love readers/fans/bloggers and everyone else that loves reading as much as I love writing.  This was my first signing and I was paranoid that no one would show up, but I was pleasantly surprised.  So excited for Chicago and Connecticut now, and everything else beyond that.  Thank you to each and every one of you who got out in that humidity, walked miles to our booth and even went through pure hell getting there.  Just check out this blog to see what I mean.

6) I realize how important networking is in this industry, but what I didn’t realize was what I would get out of it in return: Friends.  Really great friends.  Friends who drink on the job with you…

Friends who aren’t too good to pose with other friends books at Target with you:

Friends who aren’t afraid to be mushy…

Oh, btw…I have an extra kindle fire sitting at home, waiting to be given away.  I’d like to give some love to my bloggers today, so post in comments what your blog site is or what your favorite blog site is so we can share some followers and you can be entered to win the fire.  Here are six to get you started.

It was great.  Just great.  Now I’m sitting at the airport, hoping Jason Castro sits next to me again on the flight home.  This time I’ll ask for his autograph, or at least inconspicuously touch his hair.


Glad you had such a good time! I was blessed enough to meet Abbi Glines, Tammara Webber, and Fisher Amelie at a book signing this summer and they were so much fun! They got there early so we spent a while chatting. I can see why you had so much fun with Abbi. My fave blog (besides yours) is (awesome for teachers!!!) and

HI Colleen! I commented a couple days ago, but it isn’t showing up tonight. I am sorry if this is a duplicate, but I wanted to be sure to share my favorite blog and get a chance to win your generous gift! and

Thank you so much! Thank you for your books! A real time account of her determination to turn the discovery of her husband’s four year affair into the best thing that ever happened to her. Great writer, and sometimes the comments are AMAZING! Reads like a book.

Glad you enjoyed your first book signing. I can’t wait to see you in Chicago! The blogs that I use the most are and

My friend and I are avid readers and want to start a blog of our own. We are currently ironing out the details.

Well this really bad bit yours must be my favorite since it is the only one I read……

aaahh all my favorite authors in one place!!!!! i love reading your blog its always a fun read,,, hahaha… i also love and
Hi Colleen! I first started following this blog about 18 months ago when I was forwarded a prayer request from a friend. I had planned to only visit once or twice for updates on the baby boy I was praying for. However, there was something about his mom and the way she told their story that drew me in. I felt as though I knew Miller and found myself with tears and so much emotion. Miller passed away and since then, they have started a foundation to raise awareness and money to find a cure for SMA. Her blog has done and will continue to touch the lives of strangers (like me) and those affected by SMA. Out of unmeasurable sadness, immense good has come. I would highly recommend you checking out her blog, but be prepared because just like your books, once you start reading it is impossible to stop.

Thank you for the chance to win!
Ashley Rasmussen

My fave blog to read is yours… Mostly bc it makes me laugh… And a girl from high school, Britney, bc she moved to Canada and has this perfectly cute little life. As I’m on my phone I can’t tell you the addresses lol and my blog isn’t exciting (mostly bc I forget to write except like every 4 months or so)

Literati Literature Lovers are excited to host Colleen Hoover Day on October 11th! We’ll be doing a read along of Slammed starting Sept 30th:

I love Mollie’s blog. She’s one of my favorite reviewers because she never holds back. Love her. And I’m partial to

A blog you didn’t mention[that I’m totally not looking through the bajillion comments to check] that I really like is

They’re pretty awesome.

I love The indie bookshelf. I look forward to new posts and stalk that site like its Ryan Reynolds. :-)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your books and blog. I only follow yours and because I have sadly become a book groupie or is it groupy, either way, it’s sad. LOL!!!!

I’m not much on blogging, but I love time to tymes blog. always new things. i read it cause it posts notices on my facebook. I also read alot of your blog as well. I probably dont fit the criteria to win but I love your books and will buy every one you write anyways!!

there is a few but my fave recently is ms.mollie

so if I cannot say my blog is my fav ;) then I guess I am gonna have to say Globug&HootieNeedaBook. I heart those 2 girls something fierce and I am a tad bit jelly of Gloria getting to rub elbows with you crazy ladies this last wkend.

Come to Miami next!!!!

give my a glance…..
I’ve just started to follow yours! Tara Sivec is my cousin and fellow partner/slut in crime. She is going to help me write my books. I have 3 inside of me dying to come out.

Most of the ones I love and follow have been entered above. However, I love Airicka Phoenix and her site. Here’s her link:

I follow several and love them all. This one just popped into my mind first :)

Hi! my blog is :D
It’s been a while since i post something because of college but my friend keeps it up!
Hope u see it ;)

And my favorite is Mollie’s blog!

…and understand spanish :3

well kinda new to all this reading blog stuff.. but since being on GoodReads I have started following a lot of my fav authors (Colleen one of them) and was introduced to the following blog which I love, its a combo blog among a few authors regarding YA

GREAT reads recommendations/reviews and just overall enjoyable

Really wish I could have been in Chicago!! I would love LOVE a Kindle Fire!!! =)

I <3 Ana's Attic! She is funny and Enjoys discussions! ;)

I’ve only just started reading some blogs, one which I like is

I LOVE – after all, it was Maryse’s review that led me to buy Slammed!

I’m so jealous about Chicago. Seriously. Pouty jealous. Ok…..I’m sure I will get over it.
I love Jenny & Gitte at . My Kindle would be less empty without them. For that, I’m forever grateful!

Well I just created a blog: so I have to say that’s my favorite one! lol
Have a great day! :D

My site is:

I do a lot of YA reviews on there as well as some other things. Politics, muusic etc.!

You are just so sweet and so giving Colleen!!!! My blog is, my favorite bloggers to work with are Totallybooked & Tough Critic Book Reviews, and my favorite blog to get suggestions from is Maryse.

I am new to the blog life to be honest. But I found one I like so far.

One of my favorite blogs is non book related…its The reads on there are amazing!

You = bemazing <3 My blog is It's been lonely since I've been writing haha, but that's it!

i love reading jill shalvis’ blog i cannot believe i missed you in georgia this weekend!

…one of my favorite blogs is, but it’s a secret…

Actually yours is my favorite blog. It’s one of the few I read. I do read Debra Webb’s on Goodreads. Love her FoE books. I want to start a blog but wordpress and I didn’t seem to mesh. Or more likely I didn’t understand what the hell I was doing!!!!

My favourites are Maryse and Tara Sivec. Oh and Colleen Hoover of course!

Love Mollie as well. I also enjoy recommendations from

I’m so excited to see you in Chicago!!! I hope the weather will be better for you than Georgia! Although, it has been kind of unseasonably hot up here. Of course you are going to be in a hotel, so I would hope they would have air conditioning. As far as blog spots are concerned, I love Julie Kagawa’s blog @ She is an amazing writer and such a down to earth person and she makes me laugh. See you on Sept 29th!!!!

Lisa’s Reads…found this a couple of months ago. Really like to check here for new good reads.

I love – thanks to seeing you mention her on here!

I love your BLOG! Sorry can’t help it and I keep asking and will keep asking: When will you ever come to MN for a signing?

I’m SO happy that I got to meet you and hang out with you this weekend! We should make it atleast and annual event. :)

I definitely love which I discovered thanks to you! I will have to check out the additional blogs you listed. Thanks!!


I’m so jealous of the people in the US that get to meet you and the other authors! <3 Looks like you had lots of fun! I love Liz Reinhardt and Abbi Glines too, they write amazing books and they are seem like great, fun people too!:D I hope you'll have a blast at your future events as well.

Best of luck with your new releases!

I blog at and I love to follow and
They both share my love for your books and anything New Adult and Contemporary Romance. :D

Come to the Arizona!
One of the blogs I like:

I know these comments are supposed to be about blogs we like to view but it’s an emergency and have to say or write certain things. I usually don’t stop by to comment because I feel like I don’t make sense. Lol. But I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your books! I think I’ve read each one more than 20 times and everytime I read them I feel the same emotions! I check your blog more than 10 times a day! Freak right! Lol but Im always checking for updates and news! I hope I get to read the third will story!! I’m very excited!!!!! Us as readers appreciate writers like you because you give us stories that make us feel like we were with the characters in the scenes and it’s an awesome feeling! Im very excited to read all your upcoming books! Thank you for your books and for your time!

I love readingeatingdreaming, maryse, toughcriticbookteviews, and lisasbookreviews! :)

Here’s my friend’s awesome blog!

Hope to see you in NYC!

I dont have a blog but I have a facebook page dedicated to reviews on books Ive read which I try to update but I am very far behind…. When are you coming to NY? hopefully soon.

My favorite blog is definitely I love you and I am so upset that I couldn’t come see you guys in Georgia. I really hope that one day I can meet you all. That would really be amazing. Thank you for this opportunity … Bye!

I was just going to buy Abbi Glines “Existence” series and you get to hang out with her?!? Lucky! I wish I lived closer to the signing cities. I’m out in the boonies in New Mexico.

My favorite blog site is . She’s a wonderful Canadian blogger and she primarily blogs about YA books with the occasional adult book thrown in there.

Love this post :) Can’t wait to hug and hang with everyone in Chicago!
p.s. My vote is for Mollie Kay too! <3

I love I will be in Chicago and can’t wait to meet you. I have recommended your books to EVERYONE!!!

I just want a signed book. Wish I could go to one of your signings.

I just joined Romantic Reading Escape blog/fb page and I love it. They always have news on new books coming out, which helps guide me on the next book to buy/read.

Definitely love and I follow those all the time =)

I follow everyday, but I also follow your blog, Jamie McGuire’s webpage, Rebecca Donovan’s page, etc. Love you, love your books and wish you the best of luck!!!!

My TBR list has grown exponentially since discovering the TotallyBooked blog! Love the ladies, their humor, reviews, and recommendations!

I am so honored that you mentioned my blog. You are so much more sweet than my sucks!

My fave is! Her blog is where I was introduced to your books and so many other great authors. OH and of course your blog is one of my favorites also! :)

My favorite is definitely but I also like and

I LOVE your books and can’t wait for more! :)


Your posts always make me smile! I’d love to come visit you when you’re in CT. What event will you be attending? I’ll bring Colleen Hoover groupies. I just converted another friend to Team Will Cooper today!

I love these blogs (sorry I couldn’t pick just one): – That’s What I’m Talking About – Totally Booked Blog – Romance Around the Corner – A Little Bit of R&R

And I’ll be sure to post my reviews of both books on a new blog which will be launching soon:

Thanks for the giveaway.

I love the ones listed above, but I also enjoy

Oh my BUTTERFLYING goodness!!! Thank you so much for listing my blog. I was thrilled to meet you and get the paperback copies of your books. Thank you for being so generous. I’ll let you know when my blog is having its giveaway of your Best Selling books :)

Glad you enjoyed your book signing…and made friends in the process!

My 2 favorite blogs are and

Wish I were there. I kind of have an idea about that whole GA humidity thing, considering I live in Bama. You get used to it!…..or die miserably. I really dig Miss Mollie.

I don’t have a blog but am a full time student who loves to read maybe a little too much!

Whoops it didn’t highlight.. sorry!

Maryse & Mollie are two of my favorites but also J & G from! :)

I always appreciate so much your gratitude and humble pie. You’re truly one in a mill. That’s why so many freaking awesome things are headed your way! :)
All the best,

One of my favorite blogs right now is She cracks me up and inspires me to get my workout in, even when I don’t want to….which is always.

Maryse is my favorite!! Love her! is one of my favorites!! Love the book reviews and interviews!! Simply awesome!

I follow a lot of the blogs you listed already but I also like

Glad your first book signing went well! Would love to see you in FL too!! Can’t wait for Will’s story & Fall Together.

Love the

I am glad you had a great time in GA! I was very excited to get a kindle graph from you over the weekend thank you!

I started a blog on Friday because of how much I love to talk about my favorite books but can’t talk to people because they haven’t finished them yet!!

Really hope you can make it out west some time Colleen! Our blog is where books are HOT!

Dont guess I really have a fav blog , But while sittin outside with the kids on this HOT HOT Monday, I felt like my balls were sweatin off, even though i dont have any either :) Glad you had a BEMAZING Time at Your book sigining, LET ME KNOW IF YOU EVER COME TO TULSA :)

Haha, the heat really was awful. It’s the main reason I want to move back west after college. But it was great meeting you all and getting my signed copy of Slammed :) I meant to ask, but completely forgot to, did you write the poems you used in the books yourself? Safe trip!

I actually don’t have a favorite blog but if Katy’s blog from the Lux novels, written by Jennifer L. Armentrout were real…. That would be my favorite. =)

OMG! Thanks so much for the shout-out!! You are butterflying amazing! :) Getting to meet you and all the other gals has been the highlight of my blogging “career”!

Obviously I spend most of my life on Silver Wings Reviews (so much so that sometimes I forget to feed the family!!).

When I’m not there I’m stalking The Story Siren:, Jean Book Nerd: and Bewitched Bookworms:

I’m hoping to make it the CT singing, sounds like it will be a blast! l love, I get so many great reading suggestions from there! I’ve passed that blog on to all my friends who read too!

Well, I love Maryse and Mollie; I follow them both, but what kind of person would I be if I didn’t mention my own? You are pure butterflying awesomeness, and I adore you! I’m ready for Will’s story, too!

Considering that book signings can go so horribly, pitifully wrong, it’s wonderful to hear that you had such a positive experience with yours. Viva Chicago and Connecticut!

My little piece of blog real estate, “Scribbling Outside the Lines” is over at:

I really like visisting these sites:

I’m already finding some new sites to visit from the comments :)

Looks like Georgia was a bunch of fun wish I could have gone but I’m in NC. I’m not really much of a blogger or looking at blogs but I just started and it just so happens to be Ms. Colleen Hoover’s blog. After reading the books I just had to follow you on your blog and it’s a great way to getting to know you! Maybe by next year I will be inspired enough to start my own blog!

Aww….I love this blog post. Can’t wait for Chicago.
In addition to a couple that you’ve listed above, here are two more of my favorites: Great blog site. Just commented onto Slammed with great reviews! So glad you had a great experience in Georgia, now come to Philly!

wish i had a blog site but oh well. cant wait for you to hit nyc :) will be there!!!

I’m so glad you had fun at your signing!!

I like and I also like The she doesn’t review books but she’s a writer and is so funny.

Are you saying that you sat next to Jason Castro and DIDN’T touch his hair?!? You are a stronger woman than I…..I probably would have been escorted to a new seat or restrained my an air marshal. He is butterflying beautiful and such a great musician!

Congrats on your book signing!! Hugs and kisses!!

So excited for you! Looks like so much fun! :) I like I need an extra push to even think about starting a blog of my own. And I have no idea what that push would be! Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished and the endeavors you’re setting for yourself.

I love Jason Castro! He was my favorite in that season of American Idol.
I don’t have a blog, I was told I should, but I’m don’t think I’m good enough, but here are two of my favorites:

Under the Covers-

Riverina Romantics-

I follow maryse her blog and

Any chance that you’ll be in the DC area anytime soon?

Love the blog Madison Says :)

I follow Maryse and Mollie. They never steer me wrong! Will you ever be in Kansas?

Good luck with your new home! I follow:,, and

Will you put your books on the Kindle Fire? Please. :-)

I so wish I could have been in Ga this weekend! It seems that all my favorite Authors were there. I don’t have a blog yet but would really like 2 get one set up. But I do enjoy and www. I have found a lot. Of the best reads this summer on them. And by the way I’m dieing to read Will’s Story and Fall Together! Wish you lots of luck and a million more book signing! Hopefully one in Florence AL!

Congrats on your first signing…hopefully you’ll make your rounds to NYC. I enjoy reading your blog and Tammara Webber’s:, because this summer I’ve become a fan of your books! Now please…..go write some more!

I love hopefully soon, I will have my own blog up and running. I am a pile of nerves getting it together.. Congrats on your book signing. I am hoping you are able to make you way out west to good old Sacramento, Ca or even San Francisco, Ca..

Looks like everyone had a great time. I’m still fingers crossed that you’ll come to Cali. :)

You’re such a funny person! I’m so happy for your signing experience. I bet a lot of people asked for your signature! And I’m so sure there’ll be million to go for you. ;) I’m praying to meet you soon! :D

Here are some blogs I love:

Come to Miami!!!

I so wish I could have been there! You gals look like a hoot and a half!

I have a little blog that’s a mix of everything from my favorite reads to my obsession with my dog. :)

Thank you for your generosity!

It’s been great to connect with you, Colleen! I’ve just started my own blog at Good luck to you and congratulations on your success so far!

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