Did y’all hear the good news?

First, the Kindle Fire winner from the previous post.

Drumroll, please…

MANDY TROM!!!  Congrats!  Send me your address to colleenhoover@live.com

One just isn’t good enough, is it?  Okay, fine.  One more winner.  Samantha Donica Dean, you just won a kindle fire!  :D

Now for (more) good news.

If you haven’t noticed, which I’m sure you have…ATRIA BOOKS snatched up some pretty awesome authors recently, who also happen to be really great friends of mine.  Jamie McGuire and Tina Reber, I can’t even say how honored I am to be in the same league as you two. You think Atria Books has huge NYC Christmas Parties? (hint, hint.)

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and Love Unscripted by Tina Reber were both REALLY great reads.  And I know I have some BD and LU lovers out there, so these links are for the unreleased sequels to both books, coming out in 2013.  Lucky for us, we can pre-order our copies.  :D  Pre-order WALKING DISASTER HERE on Amazon and HERE on Barnes and Noble.  And LOVE UNREHEARSED HERE for Barnes and Noble and HERE for Amazon.  Then you can go on facebook and brag about it like I did.

And just twenty more days until paperbacks are on bookshelves for the SLAMMED SERIES.  So excited!  If you want to save a trip to the store and have them delivered to your door on the day of their release, pre-order SLAMMED HERE and POINT OF RETREAT here.  

I’m leaving in 48 hours for the Georgia book festival in Decatur.  If you’re going, we’ll be in booth 211, right next to the food!   Talk about luck.

So did anyone have any horror stories from the first week of school?  The transition has been pretty good for my boys, other than trying to get out of homework.  Cale came home after the first day of school and my husband asked him to get out his spelling words.  He told him, “I already did them a few days ago.”

Ummm…considering it was the first day of school, I’d say that was a butterflying lie!

21 thoughts on “Did y’all hear the good news?

  1. Have fun in Ga.
    No back to school disasters. My “baby” turned 19 this year so…. kind of sad actually. Oh well, life indeed does go on. Now if I could just get to be a butterflying empty nester. No tears here when it happens. In fact there eill be the biggest celebration party this little podunk town has EVER seen’!!

  2. I love Beautiful Disaster and cannot wait for Walking Disaster. This summer I have read more books than I have in many years of my life combined. I am so happy I found some great authors, you especially. I can’t wait for the paperbacks to be released to add to m classroom collection. I hope all of the authors I have read this summer continue to write more books for me to fall in love with. Wishing you safe travels!

  3. You are butterflying AWESOME!! =) Enjoy your trip, have fun, and come back safe.

    Weird first day back story? Here you go…I notice one of my fourth grade girls standing in the restroom looking at me funny. I ask her what is wrong, and from behind her back comes out her bright blue bra with green stars. She tells me it was bothering her and had to take it off, but can’t fold it up because her hands are dirty. She then shoves it in my hands so she can TUCK IN HER SHIRT and wash her hands. (she can touch her clothes, but not her bra?!?) Here I am, holding a bright blue training bra in the middle of a bunch of kids. I don’t know who was more shocked…me, the boys, or the bra. =)

  4. I haven’t read Love Unscripted but since it’s been taken up by the same publisher as your novels and Jamie’s novel, I pretty much know before I’ve looked at LU that I’ll love it.

    So I better get cracking then!

  5. Everyday I swear I’m going to start writing down the funny things my kids and students say. I juggle so many things, my memory has checked out!
    Anyhow, the year’s off to a great start here.

    Here’s my student quote of the day:
    I’m getting my class settled and doing some clapping pattern for them to repeat. One of my students keeps insisting on trying to do the clapping pattern so the students follow him. I finally tell him how it is…that’s MY job. He comes up to me, holds my arm and says, “I just want to be you, Mrs. Ortiz.” He said it with so much conviction…I died!
    I love my job…even though I’m butterflying exhausted!

  6. Congrats ladies on your win! Even though I’ve read your books twice, still can’t wait to purchase the hard copies. Also, just finished BD, and wow great book. Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. I’ll see you Saturday at the Book Festival! Are you all going to be there from beginning to end?? I would hate to be there early and the table be empty, haha. Safe trip!

    1. Wonderful! Can’t wait!!!!!
      And let me just say, that I absolutely LOVE LOVE your books. The poetry and the emotional roller coaster.. It’s truly amazing and pure genius. Can’t wait to read about them again.

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