Back to SCHOOOOL!!!

I don’t know about the rest of you mother’s, but tomorrow is a BIG DAY!  All of my boys go back to school and that means one thing and one thing only.

QUIET WRITING TIME!!!! Lots and lots of it.

There’s only one way to celebrate this great news, and that’s with an e-reader giveaway.  Are you in need of a Kindle Fire or a Nook Color?  Just comment here.  I’ll announce the winner(s) before I leave for Georgia this weekend.  You coming to Georgia?  Might want to bring an umbrella…


394 thoughts on “Back to SCHOOOOL!!!

  1. my cousin and fellow slut in crime, Tara Sivec, turned me on to your books and website. She is going to help me write my book! I have 3 of them inside of me. I was just looking at buying a Nook or a Kindle but can’t afford one at this point. If you pick me and I make any kind of money off my books, I will be donating money toward our local church’s food bank. ( check out my blog, Wooden Spoons and Chardonnay at I hope you like it and I hope you pick me!!

  2. My kiddos are already in school!!! Yay!! I’m happy you’re going to get some quiet time. I usually just shove my earbuds in my ears and turn on some pandora and tune out the world when I’m writing. Good luck!! I can’t wait for the third book :)

  3. I can’t wait for school to start for my 2 sons! I could use a new kindle fire. Love your books!! I’ve recommended them to lots of friends and they love them too.

  4. My son starts Kindergarten on Sept. 4th! and my daughter is starting preschool on Sept. 10. Would love to win the Kindle! I can’t wait to read the books! – mmalavec(at)med(dot)umich(dot)edu

  5. We start on Sept 4th here. I can’t wait. I’ve been counting down the day. I love my son I really do, but sometimes I can be a better mom when we have some time apart. :)

  6. I’m so excited for your new books! Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy some quiet time before all the craziness of the after school activities start back up. :)

  7. I would be ever so grateful to win one esp. since I was so excited about your recommendation of Seduction and Snacks and hurried home from work to buy it on my Ipad to find out…..I couldn’t, it’s only available in Kindle and Nook! Wut wut??

  8. Pick me!! :) would love a kindle fire! Just wanted to say Slammed and point of retreat is awesome!! It made me laugh and cry, oh how I cried!! Great book, love your writing and the poetry!! <3

  9. My kids went back yesterday. Unfortunately, my vaca is over too:(. Teaching high school English special Ed in the morning/afternoon, attending grad class in the evening, and helping kids with homework at night. Your books are what I look forward to after a long, long, day!!!

  10. OMG, I just butterfly luv Will and Lake & cant wait for the next book. I understand you need a break since the kids are back in school, i have kids too and luv the quiteness, but please don’t take too much of a My co-workers formed a lil book club & cant wait to discuss the next book instead of imagining whats going to be in it;)

    Also, please CHOOSE ME for the kindle, I am in school as well and totally need one so that i can read in class instead of wanting to take in

  11. Comment comment comment. No really, I may be out of the loop but are there any book signings coming up in the Midwest area?? I would do like to be graced with your presence lol

  12. I’m enjoying rereading both your books, and so excited to know another is in the works! I hope one day your new publisher (congrats!) will make an audible books version of all three. And then number four….???? Keep on writing, please, you rock!

  13. My boys will be starting in a week, year round schedule. But super happy that you’re getting some writing time:) will you be working on Will’s POV? Can’t wait to see you in Chicago!

  14. My son left for college 2 weeks ago, I thought I was ready but nope… :(
    That’s my suck! My sweet is my daughter made section leader for her school choir and got a part in the fall musical!! :)
    Happy writing and safe travels!!!

  15. You have become my favorite author. Love Slammed and Point of Retreat and can’t wait for more!! I would love to win an e-reader but regardless I will continue reading your books they are so AMAZING!! Have a fun and safe trip and Georgia!

  16. Hi Colleen! i would love love love an e-reader! i was supposed to get one for my birthday which was SUnday, August 26th (the same day you posted this..hint hint) but never received it :(

  17. I so did the happy dance when my step-kids headed back last week- 11 yo boy & 13 yo girl and it was time to get the gray mush back to work!! I love having them home ove rthe summer but man, those 3 months are not all fun and games. I need my quiet reading timem darn it!

    I would absolutely LOVE a Kindle Fire :-) BUT I would love a teaser from Will’s Story more, tough ;-)… puh-lease !?!?!?!?

  18. Is it just me, or does back to school time mean more paperwork for me than for my daughter? Thank God I have Slammed and Point of Retreat when I need a sanity break from all the forms. Your books draw me into another world — one where love and devotion trump the tedium of elementary school paperwork!

  19. School starts for all of us next week…bittersweet. The summer has been so awesome, I’ve gotten tons of writing done and worked on a book that will be published soon. I go back to school as a teacher and both of my boys are off to University. That’s going to be hard since the youngest is in his first year and the oldest in his fourth year.

    I’ve been cherishing every day with them this summer, quite conflicted about next week…my husband says we’ll have an awesome time…I’m sure we will once I’m used to it!

    Love your blog and your books! Have fun with your writing time! Can’t wait for the next book as I love to disappear in the world of books!

  20. The first day of school is always exciting for many reasons, but this year it’s because my daughter is officially in middle school. How did she grow up so fast!

  21. My girls started school two weeks ago. I’m not use to a good chunk of time to myself. I hope you enjoy your uninterrupted writing time. I hope it helps you to crank out the books because I’m dying for a new one from you! hahahaha

  22. I am in need of a Kindle!! I read on my Droid, super small print but I still love it, would love an upgrade :0)
    My kids went back to school today as well. My daughter started Middle school, gulp, my middle son started 4th grade and i still have a little one at home to keep me company (i get my reading in during nap time…hooray) Have fun in georgia.

  23. Hi Colleen,
    I have a nook (not color but thats ok) but I would like to give my daughter one. So I hope I win because I want to give her Slammed and Point of Retreat. I love them both.

  24. My kids started back Aug 9th and I started last Thursday! I wish I had some quite time but I am always studying and that usually is not quite! It consists of me yelling and pulling my hair out :)

  25. My only baby starts kindergarten next Tuesday. I’m happy that she is excited but sad that my baby is growing up :-(

  26. We started too, a little bittersweet since my baby is now in kindergarten! wasnt so bad when my oldest went since i still had someone to tend to at home, now I’m pining for a baby again, lol!! I have been doing a lot of reading and Im really hoping for a continuation the Slammed series, loved them both so much!!

  27. Love your books and want my daughter to read them and read more in general..Hoping a new e-reader would give her the incentive. Thanks!

  28. yay! Pick me..Pick me…..Pick me! (hand raised, jumping up and down) LOL back to school is the best time of the year! can’t wait for more great stories! keep them coming!

  29. First day back as a teacher, and it went well. I hope it was great for your boys too! Hopefully the quiet hours will help you be productive, becuase you know they will want all of your attention when they get home. Good Luck!!!! (and thanks for the well wishes) =)

  30. Ughhhhh, first day of highschool……the bottom of the foodchain………… at least I have your book to look forward to this year (I hope!)so I don’t die of bordom or stress. Plus, an e-reader would be great to keep me from having nightmares of math symbols all night(shudder), instead I could dream of hot guys in books(yay!)

  31. Sign me up for a colored nook!!!!!! Love your books… daughter loved them too…she’s telling her friends about them.

  32. Back to school officially tomorrow, too. In reality though, I have been there on and off for the past few weeks prepping for my 127 incoming sixth graders. I am excited to start a new year, but am going to miss having time to read like I do during the summer. :)

    Can’t wait to see whaylt you come up with next! :)

  33. Happy writing!!! I am a teacher so my days are getting even louder. But that’s ok because I have great books to come home and read(after my own goes to bed) :)

  34. Me, me, me!! I would actually give it to my sister – she can’t afford one and loves to read. If I could afford it I’d buy it for her but can’t. This would completely make her year!!!

  35. My kids are back at school which means my summer is over as well. I recommended Slammed to one of my teacher friends yesterday.

  36. My 8th grader starts volleyball practice tonight but school doesn’t start here (MN) until Sept. 6. My fingers are crossed for a Nook Color!

  37. i had the fun last monday of taking 2 of my grandbabies to their first day of school… seeing their classrooms meeting their teachers and getting to be there to here what they learned that day.. It was so much fun to listen to them sing the songs they learned and them tell me what they did… now that im back home I told them to call nana everyday so they could tell me how their day went!!!

  38. I’m a teacher, I spend this summer reading (your books included), but now it’s time for me to keep the students busy, so you can write more of those great books. Enjoy!!!

  39. Seriously I love my daughter and albeit I do love Christmas but the beginning of the new school year is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! More time to read!

  40. I received a Nook a couple of years ago for my Birthday and never downloaded anything on it until a friend had me read 50 Shades. Ever since then I have been addicted to reading! Slammed has been my all time favorite book by far! It has been a month since I read the series and I still think of the characters and the book on a daily basis. I want to shout it from the roof tops that everyone should read Slammed and POR! haha Anywho my little girl who started first grade a couple of weeks ago has been begging me to download her some books but I can’t give up my Nook to let her read them even for an afternoon! Im stingy when it comes to my Nook. I would love to give her mine and get me an updated one!!

  41. Have fun in Georgia! And good luck to your boys! Its my second day back to college and i already know its going to be a tough semester :(

  42. YES! YES, butterflying YES! My kids started 2.5 weeks ago and this year my little one starts preschool, so I will have about 5 hours all alone each week!! Five hours a week….I know, calm, the butterfly down, will ya. But I haven’t been alone in 8 years! I think the first thing I’m going to do tomorrow while they are all at school is pee – with the door closed…even though I’ll be all alone and there will be no need for a closed door!

  43. I love give aways count me in! Btw just started ready ding your recommendation for Seduction and Snacks and am loving it! Thanks!

  44. writing time!! i might be more excited than you :p …how awesome would an ereader be, i would give it to my mom. she’s been wanting one, i can surprise her :D

  45. I would love an e reader!!! I have read Slammed and POR four times all on my iPhone!! Would be much more enjoyable on a reader ;o). Love your books glad you have quiet writing time now!! Can not wait for Will’s Story!!!!

  46. So excited you get to write in quiet!! I am a kindle girl now…I would love to read your next book on a kindle fire ;) Happy Writing!!


  48. This is my kids 4th week of school already! I home school. So no break for me! :) Hope your quiet writing goes well! Have fun in Georgia!

  49. I still have one more week until mine go but this is the first year that both will be gone all day! NO MORE DAYCARE BILLS!!! Yay!!! Glad to hear you will have more time to write! Can’t wait for Will’s POV! =)

  50. I CANNOT wait for my beautiful children to start school again! Next week though.

    Anyway, please write! I am in desperate need of more Lake & Will. A new e-reader wouldn’t be bad either. ;)

  51. My two kids started on August 8th!!! Thank Goodness for School!!!! We NEED you to have Writing Time!!!! LOL I’m not selfish or anything ;) Can’t wait for you to take us on more of Will’s Journey! You are truly a beautiful writer… I loved reading the first part of Will’s Story. When I heard how he had described Vaughn’s eyes as being the color of the ocean it really “Slammed” the whole meaning behind the poem “The Lake” right into me…. The poem had so much more meaning to me knowing he was saying “Butterfly Off” Vaughn, I want Lake… ;) And I LOVED the You Tube Video of the reading of The Lake!!!! Happy Writing!!!

  52. Have a great week Colleen and a safe trip to
    Georgia!! Congrats again on the success of
    your books I enjoy hearing Great News for
    Great People!!

    Continued success and hats off to a new
    school year!

    Colleen Lacey

  53. September 30th is my daughter Grace’s 9th birthday. She wants an Kindle Fire so bad to be a big girl like me and read her books. Hope to win!

  54. I know what you mean about quiet time. I have five kids ages 9,7,5,2, and 5 months. I now have three in school that my 5 year old just started K. It is so calm here now, perfect reading atmosphere. :) I’m glad you have some quiet time so you can supply me with more of your awesome books. I’m in withdraw, I seriously need some more of Will and Lake and a new Kindle would be great too! :) Happy writing and have a great day!

  55. I hope all 3 of yr boys have a great yr. I am excited for yr new writing time, my youngest started school this yr and I am in need of some new reading material to pass my days of being home alone! Although I will ENJOY the peace and quiet! Shhhh don’t tell my boys!!! Have a safe trip my friend I am sooo proud of you!!

  56. My kiddos started on the 15th here (one started Kindergarten and the other pre-school). Let me just say I am so thankful for the QUIET!

  57. 2 of my nephews started kindergarten today! Can’t wait to talk to them after school today to see how their day went.

  58. Today was our First day of 6th grade for my daughter. A whole new year of D R A M A! My husband and I were going through the house singing ” It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. LOL

  59. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE….get inspired, motivated, meditative, comtemplative….you’re BUTTERFLYING AMAZING!

    I would love the opportunity to win an ereader….thank you for the consideration. Go write and GIFT US ALL with more insight into the characters we’ve welcomed into our hearts.

  60. My mom always sang, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” when school started. Now that i have my own kids, i find myself singing it to them – funny how these things make sense as you get older!
    And yes…I’d love a Kindle Fire. Would love to win one!

  61. Yes, please! A new e-reader would be butterflying awesome!!! Have fun in Georgia–if I wasn’t 8 months pregnant I would SO be there!!! :)

  62. My 5 year old just started kindergarten. I have to wait in the car line for 30 + minutes with my 9 month old and 3 year boys. I definitely would love to have one. Thanks!

  63. I don’t have any kids… when I was little, I loved back-to-school shopping! Now it just means crazy traffic for about 3 weeks until we all get into a pattern again :)

  64. My dad ended up with a signed copy of your book. I am picking it up this weekend to read. :-) Can’t wait!

  65. My ladies started last Wednesday! First full week having a middle schooler! The thought of quiet time was wonderful, until she found out she could have her cell phone in class! I get random “Hi mom!” texts during the day! I think it’s insane! Take advantage of your quiet time and get us something butterflying awesome out to read!

  66. I would butterflying love one :) school starts next week for us so we arw enjoying the last week and a half getting some r&r :)!!!

    Let me just say i loved both books. Finished them in 3 days. Looking forward to Will’s story :)

  67. Love u Colleen! Can’t wait to read more of your work, in the meantime, maybe I will read your books again on a kindle fire…. :)

  68. Today’s starting week 3 of Back to School for us! I teach first grade and it’s hilarious how many parents come in desperate for school to start…talk about teacher appreciation! This year’s monumental for me – my son just started Kindergarten and my daughters started 3rd grade. So now we can all go together to school! It’s been an awesome start to the year! However – my only “kid-free” time is my 30 minute “duty-free” lunch! LOL! I ask my kids for 5 minutes of silent time on the way home…just a small sanity break! Hope your kids have a great start to the year!
    Teachers butterflying rock!

  69. A kindle would make my long drive across the country so much better since my husband and I are moving to our new duty station :) have fun in Georgia. I’m currently in NC and we have been getting SO much rain lately!!

  70. I would love a new kindle fire to read your awesome books on! My kids are starting their 3rd week back to school…so we almost have our routine down. Whew…I’m exhausted already. And I live in Georgia! Definitely bring an umbrella and some cute rain boots : )

  71. 6 year’s out of school, I started last week, but hey never too late to decide what you want to be when you grow up!

  72. Mine go back tomorrow but for me it means homework, fighting in the am and more homework… But thats ok.. The years will fly by and I will be saying I wish I could go back. Glad it gives you time to write:)

  73. That would be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, darn, I planned on going to Georgia… maybe I don’t want to now LOL

  74. ooh..pick me, pick me! ;) My son starts preschool on 9/5..seems in NY we start later than some schools in other states. I think a number of schools start this week.

  75. I wish I could make it to Chicago in September to meet you! BUT I get to see The Avett Brothers in Indy Sunday night…it’s a decent consolation prize! :-)

  76. I would love an e-reader. Reading books like yours is how I keep my sanity with my 2 little ones running around!! Read both of your books 3 times already!

  77. I have to tell you my back to school story. My freshman year of high school my mom was the lunch lady. She decided to post a naked baby photo of me in her lunch line the first day of school. Talk about embarrassing… Anyway, just wanted to share. Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to win fabulous prizes! *fingers crosses it’s me*

  78. We start back to school next week and seriously, there’s nothing more that I would like more for this school year than a kindle fire!

  79. Yay for back to school and Yay for you having more writing time!! I can’t wait for Will’s book!!

    My “little” ones are starting sophomore year of college, junior year of high school and 1st year of preschool…yup I said preschool!!

    I love summer, but I also love back to school! ;)

  80. Congrats on having upcoming peace and quiet! I would prefer a Kindle Fire if I won this great give away. I can’t wait to meet you this weekend here in Decatur, GA!

  81. Yess! More time for Will’s Story:)
    I dont’t have any kids but I remember my mother doing the “happy dance” when the new school year started for me, so i know you’re excited.

  82. Did somebody say quiet time? My 2 older kids go back to school next week, and my little one will be starting a pre-nursery school for 7 hours a week. Finally a few hours to read, nap, do whatever the heck I want.

  83. My kids started new schools this week after a move to Florida. I always hate these first few weeks of adjustment. However, both myself and my daughter read the “Slammed” series this summer and LOVED it! Thanks for such a great story! We’ve already recommended it on Facebook and Goodreads, as well as to family members. We are excited to read more from you in the future :)

  84. I would butterflying LOVE one <3 :) i would be able to read and keep up with your posts all in one, WHOOO HOOOOO. Have a safe trip, wish i was going to Georgia too.

  85. I live here in Georgia very close to where you’re going to be next weekend! I’m really excited about going and maybe meeting you! I’m a teacher and we started school three weeks ago and since my baby is only one, I was really sad to come back. I could really use a Nook color, I don’t have enough space to keep all my books in paperback!

  86. Colleen too bad you aren’t going to be in GA when The Avett Brothers will be playing music midtown in September!!! Can’t wait!

  87. DON’T ENTER ME IN GIVEAWAY! I was fortunate enough to win your last one, I just wanted to say congrats on your kids going back to school, mine do tuesday, well, 2 1/2 of them, two go all day, one is going into preschool, and my oldest is homeschooled, but we are signing her up for electives at the local high school for business.
    so for me, hopefully that means more quilting time, and hope to make $ time :D I did however finish a quilt yesterday that I have to list for sale, it is a Christmas quilt that was my second magazine publication last year. WooHoo!! A one of a kind, hopefully someone else thinks so, and it has even traveled to Ireland.
    Now today I need to make a quilted bag for my now freshman daughter (oldest)

    now, don’t forget to party this morning when the kids get on the bus, after you cry that is, and then get to your many of hours uninterrupted writing time.

    and what I was making for *ahem yup YOU know what I mean, is almost finished, it looks butterflying amazing, I cannot wait until it’s perfect and complete, and send it to Youknowwhere, a certain someone is going to love it (I hope)!

  88. This week is going to be crazy, fun, happy, sad , and stressful for me. I am a teacher and we start back Tuesday in my district, but in all reality the prep, planning, organizing and all the other fun things that go hand and hand with being a teacher started weeks ago. :) my son starts school this Wednesday and my daughter will be going to daycare. Going to miss the summertime fun we shared but its time to get life at home organized and ready so my kiddos have a smooth transition.

  89. My boys start school today!! That means more time for me to read and workout at the gym!! Yeah.. But I have to say I will miss them a little.

  90. Happy Back to school day for you and your kids!! Can’t wait to read what you write next!! I love slammed and POR. Can’t wait for Will’s story. :)

  91. Good luck to your boys on their first day back to school! As a teacher, my readin has slowly been coming to a stop:( Weekends and holidays will have to do;)

  92. I Love you books. I have read them multiple times. I am excited that you will get lots more writing time b/c that means I get to read your brilliance.

  93. Our big day is next week, or I should say my big day. Nice quiet time for myself. Enjoy your time too and keep writing! I butterflying love your books!

  94. Yay for back to school time!! Mine started last week! It’s super wet here in Florida. I would love a kindle fire!!

  95. Well today is my big day. My daughter’s first day of Pre-K, my son is off to childcare, and I am returning back to school, to teach. I’ve been off long enough on maternity leave, so I guess it’s time. Though if I had any writing chops, I could write tons of crazy stories about my middle schoolers.

  96. Yay! My kiddos have been back in school for a month already! They only get two months off here. It’s been so quiet without them! Hope you get a lot of writing done. Can’t wait to read your next book!

  97. You know, I really would like a Kindle Fire or a Nook Color! {:||:} I’m gonna call that an attempt to make a butterfly – for how butterflying much I like the Slammed series!

  98. Today is the day I’m back to office after a week holiday, so excited…. and can’t wait for your slammed signed book that i bought, really wish this week could delivered to me

  99. I love back to school time. The neighborhood is quiet, the doorbell stops ringing incessantly, and I can go to the bathroom without someone standing outside the door impatiently. Awe, Fall.

  100. can’t wait to read something new from you :) and to read will’s story! I’d love to have a kindle since I don’t have one :)

  101. Not going to Georgia but I’ll see you in Chicago! My girls started school last Monday so now my schedule actually gets crazier! Time to ‘wing it’ again!

  102. So excited for you to have quiet time to write! It is the opposite for me as I am a school teacher. I would love a new kindle!

  103. Pick me…pick me…pick me!!! Colleen I love your books. I’ve been recommending them to all of my girlfriends since they are in desperate need of reading a GREAT book. I can’t wait for Will’s Story…please don’t take too long!

  104. Happy Dance! Love my boys but it’s time. I need my mornings. They start Wednesday. Let the craziness of the mornings begin!

  105. I can’t wait for school since I’ve been working all summer, although, there aren’t any classes I prefer this semester @ Uni, I’m still looking forward to it. Not that much time to read, but I’m excited to see everyone and get knowledge from somewhere else rather than the Internet or other social media channels :) Oh, and Colleen, good luck with your writing! Cannot Wait for Will’s story and get more Will&Layken time. Miss them, actually. A lot.

  106. My kids aren’t even in school yet, I have a 3 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. “Back to school” for me means yet another semester in college trying to further my knowledge in hopes of a better paying job someday. I would love to know that if something ever happened to my husband, that no matter what I could support my little ones. Good luck with your quiet time, and I would of course love a nook or a kindle!

  107. This is my first time commenting on your blog but I’ve just finished chapter two of Point of Retreat and when I was reading the letter left by Julia (through my tears) she says the most beautiful things. I was smiling a sad but happy smile and saying “oohh Julia” out loud. My whole family was looking at me like I was crazy. Oh well. They’ll know how I’m feeling soon enough cause I’m making them read these awesome novels. I know they’ll love it just as much as I do. Thank you for creating such a beautiful story. And the only reason I am still on book two is because I read lines over and over again smiling ear to ear and I’m trying to savor these wonderful novels because I don’t want them to end :'( But they will live on forever in my heart. Okay sorry for the long comment. Hope everyone had an awesome summer!

    P.S. Man, Will puts the butterflies in my tummy. I swoon with his every word.

  108. Georgia playlist to listen to before your trip:

    Midnight Train to Georgia – Gladys Knight and the Pips
    Georgia on My Mind – Ray Charles
    Why Georgia – John Mayer
    Georgia Rain – Trisha Yearwood
    Georgia – Elton John
    Georgia Clay – Josh Kelley
    The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia – Reba McEntire
    Sweet Georgia Brown – Um the Harlem Globetrotters??
    The Devil Went Down to Georgia – Charlie Daniels
    Tall Trees in Georgia – Eva Cassidy

  109. I just read both books this weekend and loved them! Will and Lake are such wonderful characters. Would love to read more of their story (on a e-reader would be really cool). :)

  110. I homeschool my 3 boys, so no break for me. But I was thrilled when the neighborhood kids went back to school, since they’d been practically living at my house all summer. The noise level in my house went way down. But I’m glad you’ll be getting some quiet writing time in. I’m truly looking forward to Will’s story. It’ll be just what I need to hide away from my kids after a long day of school ;)

  111. Oh a Kindle Fire would make my day. I have been locked in my house with 3 kids for 3 days as a category 4 super typhoon pummels us in Okinawa, Japan. Of course my husband had to leave on a military mission, so he missed all the “fun”. Mama needs a time out!!!

  112. Good luck to all the kiddos returning to school tomorrow and quiet time enjoyment vibes to all the parents. At least until the homework starts rolling in. LOL. Hope your writing goes well.

  113. Our kids don’t go back to school until Sept 4th (we’re Canadian). Unfortunately being a full time working mom my reading is from 8pm -2:30am (reading books takes precedence over sleep) most nights otherwise I would never get to read and that’s just not an option. Thanks for writing books worth staying up late for :-)

  114. Loved your books and have been recommending like crazy! You are so talented!! I can’t wait to read more of your work. I go back to work on Thursday, and will squeeze it in whenever I can!! Wish I was coming to Georgia. Have fin!!

  115. You seriously have the best giveaways. Your blog is literally the first thing I check everyday and even though you don’t update everyday, I still cant stop myself from checking. I would love to win this and I am happy that you you finally have some serious writing time planned because I am having Will and Lake withdraws. Can hardly wait for Will’s story!

  116. My kids started week before last and it is wonderful!!! Especially now that we are getting back into our routine! Can’t wait to see what your quiet writing time brings us!!!

  117. Mine started last week. Now just waiting for next year when they both have full day school. Having an AM kindergartner and an all day 1st grader makes for a long day.Enjoy you peace and quiet!

  118. My little one just started preschool! He has been home with my husband (he has osteoporosis) and I since November so this has definitely been a challenge! I need to keep myself busy and LOVE to read!!!

  119. You are by far the coolest author ever. You’re always doing these give aways! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL YOUR NEXT BOOK COMES OUT!!

  120. Just got my signed books in this week!! My kids go to a year-round school (I also teach there). We have been back for five weeks already. The upside…..we will be off for a week after the 31st!!

  121. Would love to have a E-Reader to put my favorite series on: Slammed/Point of Retreat, Thoughtless/Effortless, Beautiful Disaster and anything by RL Mathewson!!

  122. yay for quiet time! dont get much of that myself with a 3 1/2 year old and 9 month old, peace for 7pm at night haha,.. hope you have a great time in Georgia! so envious, thats what ya get for living in New Zealand! ha!

  123. Woo hoo, Colleen! I’m a teacher in Florida where school started last week. Hope your boys have a great first day! I would loooove a new e-reader. I keep having to reset my first generation kindle with an unbent paper clip!

  124. I just wanted to tell you that I shared your books with my 17 year old daughter. As a younger kid she use to love to read. Since she hit the teen years, I have struggled to get her to pick up a book. She wouldn’t even go for the Twilight series. I’m happy to say that she loved your books. She even called me at work to tell me that she couldn’t stop crying during “Point of Retreat” at a certain part and demanded to know what was going to happen! Thank you for your writing and for bringing the joy of reading back to our home. :)

  125. Back to school for us was first day of kindergarten for our oldest! Bittersweet day but since I still have 2 at home my days ate still really busy.
    So in love with th Slam series and can’t wait for Will’s story to continue!!!

  126. Awesome!!! My boys started on August 6th so we’ve had a few weeks to adjust to our school time schedules. I’m really looking forward to Will’s Story!!!!!! Here’s to a wonderful school year for the Hoover boys! 🚌🚌🚌

  127. My boys went back 2 weeks ago. I’m loving the quiet time. I’m getting lots of reading done:) I’m sure you’ll enjoy your quiet too. Can’t wait for Will’s story!!

  128. Can’t wait for your next book! I’ve been telling anyone who will listen about Slammed and Point of Retreat :)

  129. I could use an ereader. :). I have 3 kids going back to school tomorrow and my last one, the youngest, starts preschool in September. Ahhh, quiet alone time. I’ll be ready to read whatever your writing! :). Need a free editor?

  130. My son starts on the 5th. First day of high school and he is so nervous. Tomorrow is back to school shopping and this will be the first year when i have to buy only for one instead of three so yay for that lol.

  131. I don’t know if my other comment went through or not, I think I mightve hit the wrong buttom on my cellphone while trying to publish it. But, thanks for the amazing opportunity of another giveaway! It’d be great to win the ereader so I could put all my review requests on it! Thanks again :-)

  132. I love your books soo much! when all my friends stop by i tell them about you books they are amazing and I would really love an e-reader to read books on. Thanks(::

  133. I’m glad you’ll have what I call “ME TIME” now that they start school again, enjoy! I hope in you visit somewhere near NY in the future

  134. I am so excited for school to start I can not even stand it! Lots of reading time. The only thing that could make it better, having another book from you! :). You are awesome, thank you for your wonderful work.

  135. Oh wow! What an awesome giveaway! Thank you!!! My daughter started school for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It’s such a weird sad and happy feeling sending your kids off to school. Especially the first time!
    Thanks again for the amazing giveaway!

  136. your books introduced me to the music of The Avett Brothers and i been listening to them ever since (hubby’s complaining now thats all i listen to hehe).. but i really like to thank you for that and i am also sooo looking forward for more of your books.. slammed and point of retreat are one of the best books i ever read.. loved it! :)

  137. Another INCREDIBLE giveaway from the very talented and entertaining Ms. Colleen Hoover! I love your blog and I appreciate your giveaways. It’d be amazing to win an ereader. I am a single mom so all my money goes to my toddler daughter, it’d be nice to have something for me! I could use the ereader for all my books I review :-) thanks for the opportunity :-)

  138. I recently mentioned Slammed in my Facebook group of English student teachers… my professor said she read it and loved it! Your book will be on many student reading lists in the near future. Keep up the inspiring writing!

  139. The difference between parents and teachers reaction to school starting is always so funny to me! As a teacher, I’m going to miss the peace. As a parent, you can’t wait for it!!

    Secretly, I can’t wait for it either because I’m in love with your books and can’t wait for more! So, cheers to a great school year!

  140. OOOOO, me, me, me!!! I won’t be in Georgia, but I will be in Chicago not only to meet you, but also to see The Avett Brothers LIVE!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!! 1 month 2 days, Colleen!!! The. Countdown. Is. ON!!!!

  141. Enjoy your quite time! Mine started school three weeks ago. Lived your books. Looking forward to your next one.

  142. Enjoy your quiet writing time. I am a teacher and I started back two weeks ago. My kids started last week. Less reading time for me.

  143. Wooooohoooooo!!! I too am a mommy to 3 and while I’m not a writer I am a full time college student…which means I write lots of papers :) Wishing you a ton of fun in Georgia Colleen!! Happy back to school for your boys!

  144. Enjoy every minute of Colleen. My son graduated this year and I about broke down in Walmart when I seen the school supplies a few weeks ago. LOL! It seems like just yesterday he was in first grade.

  145. My son started last week so I’ve been enjoying the quiet reading time. Would love it more with a new e-reader. :) I “butterflyingly” love your books!!!!

  146. Ahhhh…. back to school! It happens for my three kiddies (& me) on Sept. 4 here on long island! My youngest is going to kindergarten. What will I do with myself!!!! I sooooooooo need a kindle….. reading on my phone is getting old! So pick me!

  147. Love your books! I’ve been recommending them to all my friends!! Hope you’re enjoying your new found piece and quiet!

  148. My kids also start school tomorrow, and my BABY will be in Kindergarten! I usually read on my iPad, but the kids have taken it over, so I am looking for an e-reader! Pick me!

  149. I need a kindle fire! My iPhone is low on memory because of all of the books on my kindle app! :/

    I live in Miami and we just had tropical storm Isaac passed by here. I must say that I am so grateful for wonderful books like slammed and point of retreat to keep me from going insane!!

    Good luck with the first day of school tomorrow!

  150. My kids started back last week. They have been wore out at night..quiet reading time for Mom. Lol. Have a great week. That transition back into school days..whew it is rough.

  151. Yes! Pweeasee? Would love a Kindle Fire considering reading eBooks from my iPhone is causing me eye spasms! Love from a Slammed and Point of Retreat fan :))

    Thank heaps, Colleen.

  152. I love it when the kids go back to school!!! Are u kidding me?? More me time! Me and your books!!! And I am reading on my phone so… I would love an e-reader!!! Cant wait till you come to GA!!

  153. Hi Colleen, I would LOVE a Kindle Fire! Thank you for these great giveaways. I’m hoping to come to your book signing event in Chicago at the end of September.

  154. I know what you mean about back to school.. My kiddos started on August 15th! Seriously, what happend to goog ol’ September? Geez… Anyhoo, enjoy your quiet writing time and if I were to win, I have to perfect person, who has been through hell and back that I would gladley donate it too :)

  155. My three went back to school on August 15th and I thought I’d get lots of things done around the house except I keep finding myself curling up with a book instead. Really…who needs a clean house, clean clothes and food on the table when I can get swept away by a great story or two or three! Lol

  156. Back to school time is next week! One going to 2nd grade, 1 starting kindergarten, and 1 going to 3 yr old preschool.

  157. Tomorrow is HUGE for us too! I have one going to the 8th grade, one headed into 5th and I am taking a big step tomorrow….and starting to homeschool my youngest (Kindergarten). We are bound and determined to make this fun and exciting. Although I am sure we will have our days. Congrats on your quiet time….I guess I have at least another year before that is possible.

  158. My kids started last Monday (year round school). Its a strange dichotomy. On the one hand I am excited they are out of my hair. And on the other, I miss them once they start.
    happy back to school to you all….
    Ps…. I’d love a nook color….

  159. Good luck to your boys and good luck to your writing time. Hope you can write a lot! :)

    I’d love to have Nook Color! You’re such a generous person. Keep safe! :)

  160. Last week was our first week back. As a teacher is was bittersweet. I love my kiddos and I love what I do but man do I enjoy vacations! Have fun in Georgia and stay safe!

  161. It’s so giod to have internet again so I can post comments on your blog!
    My co-worker cracked me up when she said that while most mothers are heartbroken over their kids going back to school, she’s doing the “happy dance” in her living room! LOL

    1. Love the first two books! Can not wait for the third and anything else you will write! Congratulations on your success. Contests are fun too …I would go for a Nook :0)

  162. Colleen–I just loved your books, can’t wait for the next one. I’ve been recommending you all summer and the reaction is always the same from my friends and clients–“Wow, what an amazing story…Left me wanting more.” My girls go back to school in a few weeks, but I have quiet reading time on the train as I commute in the morning. Your books, and the books of your fellow Indie (though many of you are signing!) authors keeps me going! xoxo

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