Just a boring update. Seriously. It’s very boring. I wouldn’t even read it if I were you, it’s so boring.

Okie dokie.  August 31st-September 2nd I’ll be at the Decatur book festival in Georgia with Nichole Chase, Liz Reinhardt, Abbi Glines, Rebecca Donovan and Sarah Ross.  We will be in booth #211.

Then comes Chicago, September 29th from 12-4 at The Palmer House Hotel.

I’ll be in New York City the first week of October and there’s a chance I’ll be doing a book signing one evening that week.  I’ll update more on that later.

As for future books, I’m working on Will’s Story and another standalone that isn’t part of the SLAMMED SERIES.  Just wanted to update everyone who is asking about release dates.  I had originally stated a Fall release for Will’s Story, but now that I’ve traditionally published the first two, things may change.  I won’t get new books out as soon as originally planned, so I appreciate everyone’s patience.  In the meantime, you can pre-order the new published paperbacks of SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT from Amazon and Barnes and Noble here.  They’ll be in stores September 18th.

That’s all.  Told you it would be boring.


48 thoughts on “Just a boring update. Seriously. It’s very boring. I wouldn’t even read it if I were you, it’s so boring.

  1. too bad Maine is too far away from all those places. and i am patiently awaiting your future books, i can find other books to read to get me by :D oh and btw, i got my husband hooked on the avett brothers, actually we are listening to it as i am typing this!

    and boring is the new in! haha.

  2. I’ll see you at the Decatur Book Festival!! Please tell me you’ll have books there for sale!!! I NEED a signed set! I’m going to enter my own giveaway if you say no! JK!!

  3. I am really hanging out for Will’s story!!! Any chance it will out by Christmas?? You should come to Australia to promote your books and sign them as well..

  4. I can’t wait to get the published paperbacks! I’ve been holding on to a B and N gift card since May….gonna use it just for Slammed and Point of Retreat!
    Hope the writing’s going well and glad you came out of your writing cave to tell us such boring news!!!

  5. Here’s the skinny….we are all SO flipping excited that you are getting published that we will put our disappointment about “Will’s story” being delayed aside and suck it up! :)
    2. We are always excited to get a blog post from you…you crack us up!!! AS IF YOU could be boring!!!
    Finally, get your butterflying butt back to writing! ;) lol Hugs

  6. I’m sooooooooooooo sad I don’t live in the States. -.- I love Europe FTW, but there are so many events I’d liek to attend. Still hope all of the fans get their books signed and you get to meet all of the amazing authors including Colleen :)

    Oh, and Colleen, I was wondering. I was one of the winners for the signed Slammed (and PoR) books in this post http://colleenhoover.com/2012/08/09/im-so-behind/ I sent you an email, but I didn’t get a response. Is it because you don’t have the time to answer or did my email not go through? If it’s the first one, no biggie :) I know you’re a busy bee and I can’t wait for Will’s story, but if you didn’t get my email with my address, I’ll send it to you again.


  7. Wow, you’re right. That WAS really boring. You know what wouldn’t be boring? If I was able to come to one of the events! But I’m too far away. :-( Oh well, maybe next time!

  8. I will patiently await to hear of a signing in New York as I have become in love aka obsessed with the slammed series, I will also patiently await Wills story! Thank you for the vested love inyour fans I check your blogs regularly… you simply rock coleen!

  9. Colleen, for the Decatur Book Fest, do you have specific times you will be at the booth or will you all be there at the same time? Just curious as I am local to the event and would love to meet you.

  10. OMG……The Fault in our Stars has to be one of the best books I ever read. I had tears all over my kindle! Thanks for the recommendation!

    I just started reading books by Monica Alexander. Broken Fairytales & Buried Castles was a really good love story. Although I’m really just trying to fill the void of having to wait longer for Will’s Story :-)

  11. Omg! I Don’t think that’s a boring update !!!! Your going to be in Decatur YaY!!!!!! I had no idea about the book festival, I’m so there!!!!!!!! Thanks :-)

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