It’s Official!!! (Psst! There might be free stuff in here.)

Today is the big day! ATRIA BOOKS versions of SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT are now available as ebooks. Paperbacks will follow in September. Let me tell you, it’s been a crazy busy week for me, but I can’t imagine how crazy it’s been at the Simon & Schuster offices.  I’ve discovered the reason behind the New York saying, “The City that Never Sleeps.”

It’s because it’s true.  They never sleep!  They work, work, work all hours of the day and night, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the beautiful things they have done to my books in such a short amount of time.  Not only have they updated the covers to form a more cohesive look, but now I’m lucky enough to have quotes on the front from two of my favorite authors, Tammara Webber and Jamie McGuire!  OMG!  How butterflying cool is that?

AND the editing.  Wow!  Just…wow.  I think I expected an edited manuscript returned to me that pointed out my formatting and punctuation errors and that would be that.  But no.  They went above and beyond.  They pointed out things that I never even thought about.  Here’s a little “behind the scenes” example:

In the poem “The Lake” where Will says something about “In-N-Out” burgers, they pointed out that there aren’t any In-N-Out burgers in or around where Will lives, so would he really use that restaurant as a reference in the poem?  Of course, I couldn’t change it because for one, we have this performance by Marty Schoenleber where he recites the original, so I didn’t want to make it different.  And two, because In-N-Out burgers are just really, really good.

I’m getting off subject here.  My point is that it was obvious they really took their time (albeit, in a hurry) and I appreciate them for that.  A HUGE THANK YOU to Judith Curr and Johanna Castillo for making me feel so welcomed into the Simon & Schuster family.  And to my amazing agent, Jane Dystel, for her tireless dedication to not only me, but all the authors she represents.

It’s people like this that make me even more stoked that I made this decision.  ATRIA BOOKS has been an absolute thrill to work with. And the best part?  You know these giveaways I like to do?  Yeah, well…they’re gonna let me keep doing them.  And the bester best part (yes, I said bester) is that I’m doing one right now!  And the winners of THESE signed books get the beautifully edited and signed publisher’s editions!

When a publisher takes over a self-published book, a lot goes into the process of uploading the new books to their platforms.  The issue that arises is that there is no way to transfer the ranking from the self-published version to the published version, so the published version essentially has to start over.  This is where your chance to win comes in.  I’m going to post links here for the new versions on all platforms, so share them wherever you want.  Twitter, Facebook, on your blog.  Let me know where you shared in the comments and I’ll enter your name into the drawing.

I think another random kindle fire giveaway on top of the S&S versions of the books is the perfect way to celebrate! :) THIS GIVEAWAY ENDED 08/14

Wrapping up, if you want to be entered into the giveaway for the official published editions of SLAMMED and POR, or you want a chance for a kindle fire, then repost this new link and come back and comment that you did so.  If you are a blogger and have the old link, simply replace your link on your review with one of these, then come back and let me know in the comments.

I just (gulp) unpublished the self-pubbed versions of these books and they soon will no longer be active.  Once again, thank you all so stinkin’ much for everything.  From the amazing reviews to the word-of-mouth.  I will never, ever forget the readers that are the driving force behind the success of these books.  As always, y’all butterflying rock!

Here are the links to all platforms:


Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your
blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

Shared on facebook and twitter you are amazing and I love your books x


Posted on my Facebook. I have not had the chance to read the books yet, but I am so…looking forward to starting them soon. I have heard wonderful things about the books.


Posted on my Facebook and twitter! LOVED the books, so happy for you!

Hi Colleen!

I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed Slammed and Point of Retreat! I’ve already recommended the books to all of my friends that read. My cousin is currently reading Slammed and constantly telling me how much she is enjoying reading it! I also felt so moved by the books that I posted about them on my blog! ( Although I’m not poetry writer I have become more interested in SLAM poetry and maybe, one day, I’ll be brave enough to do one!

Again, GREAT BOOK! Keep it up! (=

Hey, Colleen! I bought ‘Slammed’ in amazon kindle store on 10/8/12. It was by then #2 in kindle paid!!! I read it last night and COULD NOT STOP till the end. Talk about blocking your characters’ bliss and making readers feel pain and passion!

This morning (in Australia) I was back in the kindle store and could not see Slammed anywhere – odd – even when I searched. Hence I came to your blog to answer the mystery. And so now I have posted your new links in the writers’ forum I’m in, and also on fb and in fiction writing group there. 1) cos I’d love to win a kindle fire!! (or your books, of course) 2) cos I want everyone to have that great reading experience 3) cos I’m excited for you and your success/journey!

Congratulations and so very well done.


Congratulations!! Im so damn happy for you. Thank you for staying so connected to your fans even with all this craziness going on! You are amazing. :)

Tweeted again! My original link posted incorrect so I fixed it!

I posted the link for Slammed on facebook. I can’t wait to read Point of Retreat. If the story is told as well as Slammed, I know it will be a great read!

I posted on Twitter! So excited for you!

Sooooo exciting! I posted both on my FB page for all my peeps to see. My fav books ever!

I don’t facebook or twitter but my book club read slammed and I went on to read point of retreat. By far the best books I’ve read in a while. Keep on writing looking forward to more stories with characters like Lake and Will. It made my butterflying week!!

Colleen, I finished reading Slammed and Point of Retreat this weekend. I really enjoyed both of them, and I shared your new Amazon link on my Facebook page. I’m not a blogger; so, I don’t know if FB is atisfactory for your contest, but regardless, I wanted to share how much I liked Will and Lake!

I posted this on Twitter!! LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOUR BOOKS COLLEEN!!!! Keep ‘em comin’!!!!

CONGRATS! Colleen!!! I don’t blog, facebook or twitter :( but I’ve tried my best to get my friends to post on their accounts about your amazing stories! Would LOVE to win the books or the fire!
THANKS for the chance to win! And wishing you continued success nyour new venture!

Posted on my twitter :) heres the link- I really really enjoyed these books, cant wait for Wills side!! :)

Colleen, posted on my facebook: “For all of you looking for a new book to read: Slammed and it’s sequel, Point of Retreat. Soooooo butterflying good!! If you have a teen girl in your life, get her to read it too.”
I hope I win the signed books. I plan to give them to my niece Madison, whom I wish one day gets her very own Will, as I am already lucky enough to have a Will of my very own.
Thank you for this beautiful cast of characters. <3

Shared your new link!! Good luck :)

Congrats! Reposted on facebook and twitter!

Posted to FB & Twitter! Soo excited! I hope I win! I try every time you have these contests but I never win :( I want to read and review these books so bad but all my money goes to my kids so I haven’t been able to buy them yet. Thanks for another opportunity!

I shared via Facebook- Christina Imajicasnow Cessna
Shared via Twitter- @imajicasnow
Also did Pin- Imajicasnow aka Christina Cessna
Hope it helps
Also liked both on Amazon!

LOVED LOVED the series, it was soooo good and I have shared my review of Slammed still need to for Point of retreat ! Ok I shared on FB,FB book page and twitter and will re post on WP as well:)) Congrats one everything love;))) ~bella

FB book page link:




YAY thanks for this as well:)

I am so happy for you!!! Your such an amazing author and I love how you are so involved with your fans. Of course I shared your books again!!!

Oh I love Will and Lake! And I’m so excited for you. I posted a link to the book on my blog:

Just posted on Facebook!!!!! So excited for you!

Colleen, this is such great news!! I updated my book links on our Author Spotlight here:

The covers look BEMAZING!!! XD

Posted a few days ago…dont know why I didnt post on her to say you are my idol and you rock my face off!!!! Cant wait for Chicago!

I posted on my website
about your newly published editions of the already butterflyin’ amazingly wonderful books. And congrats on being #5 on Amazon. It’s all just so cool!! :) You are a brilliant author and I can’t wait to read more of your work in the future!

Just posted on my facebook!

I love your books and would love it I could get the signed ones!!

I just posted the links on my Facebook wall! I loved these books! I can’t wait for the next one! I want all my friends to know how great these books are. How beautiful Will and Lake’s story is! Thank you for these books!!

I butterflying love these two books!!! Can’t wait for Will’s version. I laughed and cried through both books. My mom died of lung cancer 6 years ago. I felt Lakes pain! My new favorite word is butterflying! We are starting to do suck and sweet time at our house! Please write faster…… LOL I posted the links on my Facebook. Congratulations on 2 awesome books!!

Just read the first one – Slammed! I loved it! it actually made me cry! trying to buy the second one online and for some reason is unavaiable! sooo depressed! hopefully it will be avail soon!

So happy to post this link! Everyone should read these novels!! Posted on my FB

love love love both books!!!! posted on twitter and fb

posted on twitter and facebook. You’re a rock star Colleen!!!!!!!

WoooWhooo! This is just soo exciting! I’ve been super busy getting my classroom ready for a new school year, but just had to check in! I don’t blog or facebook, but have emailed my friends and have been recommending them to everyone! Do I still get to play? Congrats, again!

And to all my teacher peeps out there…here’s to the start of another wonderful school year! Let’s go teach our butterflying hearts out!

Bought SLAMMED Thursday, neglected my household responsibilities to finish it this morning. Loved it. Downloaded POINT OF RETREAT only moments ago and will neglect everything tomorrow too. Posted a review on FB: Thanks for sharing your talent!

I posted both links on my facebook (click on my name to go to my wall)

On FB and pinterest. Amazing books! I think I’m going to have to reread them! Missing Will and Lake! Congrats on all the success!

I love your books and that you are so involved… Congratulations for everything and hurry up with the third book! :)

Geez, after all of my gushing I forgot to put the links:

I think I over did it on Facebook:

Obsessed with this book!! Congratulations on your success! Posted to my Facebook page!!

I keep getting more and more of my friends to read these :) They have all loved them!

Posted the new links on my wall

Posted on Facebook

I just want to say that you are amazing and I am so excited to get to meet you next month in Chicago at the Author meet n greet!!! I don’t think I have been this excited about anything ever before!!! Thank you for just being!!!

Congratulations!!! I love your books and I’m sure many more will too now.

I’ve tweeted the new links :

Just tweeted the new addresses! Congrats on all these good things happening:)

I posted both links on my facebook!! I recommend them to anyone that will listen:) Love the new covers!

Posted and shared! :) Yay for published copies!! :)

Hi!! I have been a fan for FOREVER NOW! Haha I am really happy for all your progress! I posted the links on my Facebook- Tamara Beard. And I set the post as public so everyone can see =)

Posted both to my Facebook. I can’t wait until I have the hard copy! So excited for you and all your success with these amazing books!!!

Congrats Colleen, you deserved it! Shared this great news on my facebook account.

Hey Colleen thats totally a big bews!!! Posted it on my twitter @akeiscool!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Colleen, I posted the links for both Slammed and POR in my Facebook page. Thank you for writing such an amazing story. I am so looking forward to reading more of your books!!! Congrats!

I just posted the link to my FB and Twitter! ;)

Btw, congrats!!! Your books deserve it!!!

I shared on Twitter

I want EVERYONE to read this book!! Seriously one of my favorite of this year.


congats i post the links to my facebook page

just shared on my fb account. and of course you can count on me to spread the news to anyone i encounter. best of luck with the republished versions, i’m sure they will do really well!

Congrats! Shared on my facebook!

Congratulations Colleen !
I shared this awesome news on Twitter and Facebook both.
Wishing you the best always with love…
Ildikó from Hungary :)

Congratulations Colleen !
I shared this awesome news on Twitter and Facebook both.
Wishing you the best always with love…
Ildikó from Hungary :)

I have posted the two links on my Facebook page. I have already read both books and loved them. I have already got 3 work colleagues to read them and they also loved the books. I have shared the links not to win anything but because they are such good books and more people should read them. Can’t wait for your next books!

Posted on my fb page. Congrats and In n Out does have the BEST burgers ever!!!

Congratulations Colleen !
I shared this awesome news on Twitter and Facebook both.
Wishing you the best always with love…
Ildikó from Hungary :)

Congrats!! This is awesome!

I tweeted the new Amazon links for both books on Twitter @christinafiorio and I also tweeted about the giveaway

Posted on Facebook with the new Amazon links (Christina Rita Condomaros) and I also posted about the giveaway

I commented yesterday with all the links, but my comment is still awaiting moderation so I think I did something wrong – sorry about that! So I figured I’d comment again.

Thanks so much! I’d LOVE to win:)

ccfioriole at gmail dot com

I posted the links on tumblr with a short review. In the next coming days I’ll be making a proper review and posting it on my group’s blog.

As for In-N-Out in Will’s poem? Okay maybe there aren’t any in his area, but he could have had them on vacation! I’m glad that they caught that, but let’s step back for a minute and imagine Will and his family taking vacations. Is it possible he would have had it in 4 of the states they are located in? Yes very much so.

Happily posted the links on Facebook and Twitter (@Mspirit13).. Both books were awesome!! I just might have to read them again and again and again and again!! =]

I love these two books. It was such a beautiful love story. I can’t wait for the next book. I don’t like to read, but I could not put these books down. When I was at work, I couldn’t wait to.get home so I could read more about Will & Layken. I love her name.

Congrats Colleen!!! So happy for you! Shared on my fcbk pages and twitter! Commented in the morning but it still says my comment is awaiting moderation. Hope this one comes thru! You rock & thanks for the giveaway :)

I just posted your link to Facebook and I was thrilled to do it! I have been recommending these books to everyone who asks me for suggestions. Thank you for your generosity with this giveaway and congratulations!

Hey there Colleen,
Congratulations on all your success! I have posted the links on my facebook and twitter accounts. Thank you so much for including the link to the unlisted Marty Schoenleber YouTube entry I had been looking for that!

Congratulations Colleen! You and your books rock so you more than deserve the success. I can’t wait for my friends to read your books too! Anyway, I shared this awesome news on Twitter :)

I am so happy for you Colleen. Your an amazing author and I can’t wait to buy your next book. I shared the links again for you!!! I have had a lot of friends tell me that they read your books and they really liked them and actually thanked for me recommending them. lol

I shared both links on my facebook page. I don’t twitter, pinterest, or blot. But I have sent over 50 text messages to friends & family! I hope those count for something! You soooo butterflying rock! CONGRATS

Read your books this week and can’t say enough good things! Would LOVE copies of the books! Posted it on my Facebook page.

Congratulations again, Colleen! I posted on Twitter. My handle is @AnnaLiisaLand. Not only do I love the books but I am so fascinated by the story of YOU and how you crafted and self-published these books while being a working mom and having a busy, full personal life. So many of us wish we could craft our own careers and get our writing out there–you are living the dream and that is inspirational!

Congratulations again! Shared your link on fb! Loved these books and can’t wait to read more!

Congratulations on Colleen! I’m glad your books are given a chance to be even better and to reach more people. Enjoy your success! I posted the link on twitter:

Tweeted and posted (fb)!!!!

You’re awesome! Congrats on all of your achievements Colleen :D

Congratulation!!!!! I have shared this wonderful news on Facebook and you can go check it out for yourself here….. I just want to say that I’m really proud of you and hope that you get even further in life than you are right now. Thank you for this opportunity. LOVE YOU!!!!!

Congrats! Loved these books and recommend to everyone & anyone who will listen.!/gindy.reese

I have shared these books with a bunch of ppl, they love it too!!

I shared both on my Twitter as well as my Facebook! Both are such great books! I read the sample on my Kindle and had to have more! Read both books in 4 days and have already been telling family, friends and clients at work to read them!

Congratulations, Colleen! I am so happy for you….and Will….and Lake…and Eddie…and all the rest!

Shared on Twitter! Congratulations Colleen. All you success is very well deserved.

Posted to my twitter: serenityblue
Will try to remember to post to my blog over the weekend. Thet’re beautiful books and I’d love to win one! And I wouldn’t turn down the kindle either! CONGRATS!

Shared on Facebook! So excited to share this book with other friends!

I can’t wait to meet you in Decatur! I tweeted, blogged, and facebooked the new links.

Hi Colleen–Congats on the release. I love your books and the Avett Brothers. Did you know they have a new CD coming out in Sept? The have a song on it called Pretty Girl from Michigan. HMMM I wonder if her name is Lake,

Updated the buy details for both books on our Blog & shared to Facebook :) Congrats!!!
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

love reading your are so fun! loved both of your books and CANNOT wait to read will’s pov. posted both links to twitter. t_barnett18 :)

Shared on Facebook Congrats!!!! Would love to be ‘in to win’ anything!! Haha have an awesome weekend! Be number 1 in no time

Colleen, I could never stop pimping your book, I think it comes up in conversation at least once a day and you are butterflying awesome!!!! I shared it again today, so proud of you!!! :)

Congratulations Colleen! This is so awesome and so are you! Thanks for the giveaway!

I posted on my blog :D
here’s the link in case you want to read spanish ;)

I posted both (though I know I have shared them before as well!)

Congratulations! What a HUGE accomplishment :)

I finished Slammed in ONE day after my friend recommended it to me. Absolutely loved it. I am in the middle of Point of Retreat right now and and enjoying it just as much. Thank you so much for the beautiful story of Lake and Will.

I posted both links on my Facebook and pinned the books on Pintrest in my I Love to Read board.

Now, back to reading…

Posted on FB!!

You know I love you too much to just update my blog postings…You get a whole posting series on them today!!!!!

I shared them both on Facebook!!!! I am so butterflying happy for you Colleen!!! Now let’s see your novels come to life in theaters! Fingers and ties crossed 😉

How do I get a signed copy of Slammed and Point of No Retreat???? Can we order them?

Shared both links to all my facebook friends! Congrats!!!

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! I posted to Twitter. :)

Congrats again!! I posted both books on my Facebook status. Looking forward to following you on your future endeavors.

Congratulations!!! Truly awesome news—the books ARE GREAT!!! I shared both links on facebook

Those covers look so pretty! This is so exciting. I shared the new links on twitter.

Posted both links on Lover Of Paranormal Facebook Page :) So Happy for you!

posted on goodreads!!!!

Congrats!! I just tweeted about both books.

I’ve posted it on FB and Twitter of the Avettbros fans site!!

This is seriously awesome news. I had no idea these books were being published. I live under a rock I guess. lol Autumn insisted I buy them months ago. I love seeing great books get published. Congrats. :o) I shared on FB and I’m about to tweet this post when I’m not commenting.

Congratulations! I will gladly promote these 2 books all day long. Everyone needs to experience Slammed and Point of Retreat. I posted links for both books to Pinterest, Google Plus, and Twitter:

Posted on FACEBOOK!!! Awesomeness!!!

I think I did it right this time. posted both links on my facebook.
Congrats again Colleen. Absolutely Butterflying love your books!!!!

Congraulations! I posted the link to Facebook.

I shared!! I really need to read SLAMMED before my friends give up on me. But first I gotta find time inbetween reviews O.O

Thanks for your story of Layken and Will. I LOVED them! I posted your link on my FACEBOOK Page. I want their story to be read. You’ve made me appriciate the card I was dealt in life. Thank you for the reminder.

Congrats darlin!!!! They look gorgeous and I couldn’t be happy for you!

I posted on my facebook…. books are so GOOD!!!! Can’t wait until next book. (:

I cant wait for the next book. Posted this on my Facebook page so all my nurse friends can get involved. Good books spread like wild fire around the hospital:)

Shared the link on Facebook!!/janet.b.watts Congrats Colleen!

Just finished reading Slammed this morning. Your writing mojo amazes me and inspires me to go for it myself.
I posted a review on my blog, Staying Home and Staying Sane as well as sharing that review on my blog’s FB and Twitter.
Here’s the main link
Pumped to have found a new author to stalk….I mean follow.

Just posted to my facebook! I am constantly telling everyone I know to read your books.

Done and done! I posted the link for both books on my facebook wall! :)

I shared on Facebook! I would share your book contest or no contest. I love the books and love spreading the love.

Such awesome news! Congrats to you & sending much love your way for providing us with the beautiful story of Will & Lake! FB’d, Tweeted, & Blogged! Here’s my blog link in case you feel like reading what I wrote (in your spare time…LOL!). Posted on fb. Love this series cant wait for Will POV. Thank you for such an incredible read.

Both links are posted on my facebook page. I love love love your books and can’t wait for more from you.

Happy to post this site! I’m on it enough! Great job, colleen!

Posted it on Twitter and Facebook:3

done! and congrats for your butterflying success!

Shared and congrats to you Colleen ;D

I just posted both links on FB! I LOVE these books & have recruited a many very happy reader to them. Thank you for these great stories. I laughed, cried & felt so connected to these books.

Oh! And got my reviews in for the new pub version. Yay!!

I posted your link to my facebook @
Can’t wait for Will’s Story :-) Congrats!

Shared on my FB page!!! Congrats Colleen. I couldn’t be more thrilled for you!

Whoo hoo! Fantashtish! I’m so glad all these good things are happening for you. The books are wonderful and I’m so glad that more people will know about them now. Congrats, really! I feel like I was part of some inner circle bc I read them a while ago before they got all huge and stuff. I’m privileged to have that honor. I shared on FB.

Of course I posted the link on my facebook page :) Anything to help spread the word! xoxo Congrats!

I posted the link and I have to tell you that you are amazing! I love these two books so much and again want to ask when are you coming anywhere near MN? :)

YAYYY Congrats!! I LOVED your books!! and shared the link on my facebook:

Congrats! Now I’m anxiously awaiting Will’s story (and hopefully new signed copies of Slammed and POR! :)) I shared on my twitter (@lizn117).

I shared the blog post and both book links on my facebook page. Congratulations!

I reposted the link on my FB page!! I absolutely love your books. I am going to hold a book club at my house for both books!!

Officially shared on my Facebook! So excited to see it hit #5! Great work deserves great rankings. Congrats!

Hi ! Just liked the new site to my blog :

Loved these books! Congrats and I am spreading the word I have 13 people reading it now :) and we all love Will ! Congrats!! Xoxo

Shared both of the links on my Facebook page! I loved these books and can’t wait for the new one!

Shared on both links on Twitter and FB! Love them both and congrats!

I shared on fb an twitter. So happy for you! Love these books and my new favorite band I found because of you. Congrats!!!

It is a llllllll over my twitter now! Yayyyyy!! Have a butterflying awesome Friday!!!!!!!

Shared on Facebook !!! Yeah !! So excited !! I have been giving copies of slammed out as gifts to my girlfriends this summer!!

Congratulations!! I posted the link to my twitter account (@LindzeeG28) Have a great weekend!!!

Posted the links on my Facebook page! I have a lot of friends who love to read, so I’m hoping they consider your books for their next read :) congrats on all the success! When I was reading your books I couldn’t put them down. They actually became part of my childrens bedtime stories just so I could continue to read lol luckily the kids didn’t seem to mind since they are little ;)

Congratulations once again Ms. Colleen! I think that it is butterflying amazing! You deserve all of it. Thank you for always thinking about your readers, and for staying as nice as you are to us. Thank you for the awesome-sauce giveaway! I so want those signed copies! I’ll be thinking about it everyday. You rock!!!

April David @Books4Juliet

oops. P.S.
I shared it on Twitter and Facebook :)

More power! God bless you more in many ways.

xoxo. April :)

Linked to Facebook (can’t grab the URL but it’s there on my page) and Twitter ( Congrats. I butterflyingly loved Slammed and can’t wait to finish POR!

Congrats!!! You asked and received. I changed the links in both posts on my blogger and wordpress. I changed the book covers to reflect the new cover art, I hope you don’t mind. I also gave each post a tweet.

Congratulations! Your books are absolutely wonderful! I work in a salon and every person I talk to I just rave about both of your books! I read both of them in one day :-)
I posted this to my facebook! Congrats again!!

Congrats on your awesome news. I love love your books.
I posted on facebook :)

Congrats Colleen! The books look beautiful! I shared it on my fb page so count me in!

Shared on facebook !!! Congrats !! Can I please win a sign copy !! LOL One day I will!!

Colleen, the biggest Congrats!!! I’m so happy for you!!

Shared it on my twitter:

I posted to Facebook and twitter!! Love your new covers and so excited for your success, it’s a pleasure to read!!

Congratulations! Looking forward to your next book!

I am so butterflying happy for you. I love your books so much I have told my daughter, cousins, and aunts all to read them. We are avid readers and when we get together books are what we talk about.

I posted a special to post on Facebook and Twitter today with your links. It is gonna be a great day.

So pat yourself on the back and relax you deserve it!!!!

Congrats Colleen! Well deserved!! =) Your stories are butterlfying AMAZING! I’ve read many stories after reading Slammed and POR, but nothing compares. Nothing even comes close. Your stories hit all the right spots at exactly the right moments. Un-Fbomb-believable! =) (didn’t know if I can say the f-bomb here)

Anyway, I posted both links to Twitter and Facebook and let all my friends know how amazing these are! I also spread them in my office. hahaha =)

Congratulations! :) I LOVED Slammed and currently in the middle of POR which is amazing as well! I’m just sad that I have to put in down to work today. I can’t wait to read more of your work and can only hope there are more books to come in the Slammed series!

I shared the link to Slammed with all of my friends on my Twitter page!

Things like this butterflying confuse me at times….I shared your link on my facebook and will do the same for twitter when I sign on…haven’t butterflying tweeted since I signed up, but will do to share this wonderful news!!! Thank you for your writing and look forward to many more!!

congrats!!! Shared on my facebook page!! I am a Mom of a 19 & 11 year old and LOVED these books!!!!!

Congratulations Colleen!!! So happy for you! Shared the links on my fcbk pages and twitter. Here are the links:

Thanks for the giveaway:)

Shared the link because I LOVED theses books and everyone needs to read them!!!

I posted the link for Slammed on my
Facebook! I never enter contests like this because I never win anything but I love these books so much that I figured I would try!

Congratulations to all your success thus far! You butterflying rock!
Posted ur link on FB and shared with some friends via email! =)

I shared on my Facebook! :) congrats on everything! I butterflying love these books and talk about them constantly! cant wait for the next book!

Congratulations, Colleen! The new covers looks great. I’m so happy you have a publisher. I’ve shared both links on Facebook. Can’t wait for Will’s Story!

That’s too funny about In N Out I knew that but they are so darn good they should be everywhere. Congrats on this amazing thing

Kristie Wittenberg August 10, 2012 at 8:54 AM

Colleen- that is fantabulous news..Congratulations! I have shared your links on my facebook page. So happy for you! Enjoy every minute of it!!!

Congratulations! I shared the links on twitter :)

posted about your books, both on my fb and twitter. I am so glad amazing things are happening for you and your family! Hope you had a good vacation

Posted to Facebook and Twitter! and Anyone that will listen! I butterflying love these books. I would love signed copies even though I have read them! ;) So happy for you and all your success. These are great!

I also posted the links to facebook. I think it’s great that you followed your dream and they’re all coming true! To continued success!!

Posted both to my facebook! And I have been talking about you and your two AWESOME books to anyone who will listen ever since I read them a few days ago!!!

Done, shared both links on my Facebook. I would luv to win signed copies, especially since ur books are not yet available in the UK. I read them on my kindle. If I had the hard copies I could lend them to my friends….can’t wait for will’s book!

I really don’t know what I’m doing…I think I posted it on my Facebook page, but I’m not seeing it! Enter me in the drawing stuff please:)

Congrats! I’ve been telling everyone I can about your work. I know someone will want to make the movie versions soon. Shared your entire post on Facebook.

I also shared on the “What To Read After Fifty Shades of Grey page!”

I shared on my FB and on my Book Club page! I have also sent out a mass email to all my friends and family:)

I posted the links to Facebook !! Thanks for the giveaway, you’re butterflying awesome !!!

I posted both links on Twitter (@MsMooWat) and Facebook (Monique Harrell-Watford). I’m so excited for you!!! I hope everyone else that has not read this book enjoy it as much as I did!! I believe it was your book that had the best “first” scene EVER!!! Really felt REAL! :-) I loved every minute of it. Congratulations!! You have gained a fan for life!!

P.S. Thank you again for introducing me to TAB!!!


I’ve put it out on my FB and @MLE2001 on Twitter – I think it’s absolutely incredible and SO well deserved that all of this has happened for you!!!!! Now if we can just see that movie…. :-D

Congrats. Posted on facebook!

Congrats Colleen!!! Both links have been shared on my Facebook!!

Posted to Facebook! Congratulations! I am SO excited for you and SO excited that many others will get the opportunity to read your awesome books! :)

Congrats Colleen!!! I posted the links on twitter! Here is the link to the tweet:

christina von hagen-viera August 10, 2012 at 8:12 AM

Congrats Colleen!! I posted both links on my facebook. Since I read the series, I have been telling all my friends and family that they must do the same! :-)

I posted the link to my FB page. I am such a fan of your work and love the fact that you are so involved with your fans…..butterflying awesome!

Congrates & I posted on facebook & in a group of readers on facebook ( Romance Novel…. my daughter was looking for something to read so i said here read this one which was of cause :)

Just shared on facebook! Congratulations! You need to come to Philly!!!!

Congrats Colleen! I selected slammed for my book club this month. I bought your books on my kindle before I realized you can buy signed copies. (would have liked signed copies) Anyway, I posted both links on my Facebook!! :)

Hey Colleen, So happy for you! I reposted this link on my facebook.


Not sure if I posted it correctly, but I posted those links on my facebook page. Congrats Colleen, I’m happy for you!

Good Luck on your continued success. Great reads, posted links in Facebook.

Congratulations again on your well deserved success. I will continue to recommend these books to everyone. Happy to share on twitter.

Shared both links on twitter! I LOVED both of these books and can not for the next one!

I shared the links on Facebook – congratulations on seeing results for all of your hard work! Looking forward to the next book! :)

Posted on both facebook and twitter! Yay!

You are on fire girl!! WooHoo!! I just shared on Twitter & as soon as my FB desides to cooperate I will share there too :) I have been wanting a Kindle Fire so bad but just can’t spend the money for one, you will have one happy fan when they win one! Get it girl!!

Reposted to Facebook! I randomly stumbled upon your books while browsing books on my nook last weekend and finished both books in two days! They’re excellent! Thank you!

Yay!!! Congrats again, Colleen! I updated the purchase links in my reviews here and here. And I also tweeted and facebooked!

Happy re-release day!!!

Oh I a over the moon excited for you! I just shared your link on facebook! Cannot wait to see your success grow! I must ask what does this mean for the next book? Will we have to wait longer? I am crossing my fingers that we won’t. ;)

Yay I’m glad your reviews transferred! Woohoo!!

YAY congrats Colleen!! so wonderful and exciting! I posted the links on twitter here

I also reposted this to my blog :) with the link you included


I’ve posted on Twitter

Yay! Congrats! What an accomplishment! I shared on Facebook and twitter.

Posted to Facebook! Congrats!!

I posted the link to Facebook! :)

Congrats!! This is awesome!

I tweeted the new Amazon links for both books AND about the giveaway

Posted on Facebook with the new Amazon links AND the giveaway

Thanks so much! I’d LOVE to win:)

ccfioriole at gmail dot com

Shared on fb! Yay! Congrats!

That’s Fantastic! Shared on my blog, twitter and Facebook! I have tagged you along in them :D

I shared your link!!! :) and I am so excited for you! I absolutely loved Slammed and Point of Retreat! Hope there’s more to follow, good luck and congrats!!!!!

DONE! SOOoooooooooo happy for you!!! :-D

So, so, so exciting!!!!! I love the example of In n Out Burger!!!

Cannot wait for book No3!!!
Posted on twitter!

So happy for you. I shared on facebook, pintrest and twitter. I also have encouraged some of my friends that teach English for high school to pick them up to use for poetry lessons.

Congrats Colleen! Just posted on my fb page!! :)

Congratulations! You must be butterflying excited!

Amazing books…just posted both links to my Facebook. Congrats!!!

I’m so so happy for you Colleen. I’ve got chills every now and then whenever I’ll be checking your spot in the New York Times list. And now having seen the covers of both books bearing the title that you are officially (is that an appropriate term for here? LOL) a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, I can’t help but feel truly happy for you. really. I am so overwhelmed that I’ve read both of your books and even got a signed copies of it. You are so blessed and this is just the beginning :)

Shared on my FB (where I recommend your books time and time again) and Twitter!!! Congrats!!!!

Reposted the links to be entered to win!!! Lived both books!! So happy for you!

Blogged, Facebooked, Tweeted and Google+ed! Congrats on the next great step!

I posted the links on my Facebook account. My friend insisted that I read the book,because she loved it so much and then when I read it, I couldn’t put it down. After I finished it, I immediately got Point of retreat :)

Just posted the link on twitter. So excited for you and all the good things coming your way!

So amazing! Congratulations! I just shared this on my FB page!

Colleen you are so awesome! I cant get enough of Slammed and Point of Retreat, i feel like the characters totally came part of my life, and i cherish them so!! I shared on my facebook… and tagged you in it! :) Have a beautiful day! xox

I shared on facebook!!!!! My friends think im nuts because I cant stop talking about these books, but I love them so much. I just hooked another fan yesterday… she stayed up all night reading :)

Congrats Colleen!!!

    that’s exactly how I’ve been with her books. my friend is having her 15 yr old daughter read them too. the morals of Will are amazing

I just posted both links on my Facebook account and gave you a shout out! :) LOVED both of the books. They are two books that I have read this summer that I think about often. They really are gems. :)

I posted the link :)

Posted to Facebook, of course! I am SO excited for you! I think a great editor can make all the difference in the world…I can’t wait to read the new versions!

I downloaded both to my Kindle about 3 weeks ago and finished both in a weekend. I would be honored to have a signed copy. I have since shared your books with a few friends. thank you for the loving story of Will and Lake. I shared your links on Facebook, Twitter and in my office. :). You’re an amazing author and I can’t wait for Will”s Story.

Shared, Posted and THRILLED for YOU! Yippee!!! I do have one quick question though….will my ebooks of the self pub version still be readable on my kindle??

I did it for both books… I hope I followed it correctly… Congrats on the success.. I LOVE the story

I love both of these books! I have shared both of the lins from Amazon on Facebook, as well as the blog post above. Congratulations Colleen!!!!

Will you be doing any book signings in New York/ Long Island?

Congratulations Colleen! So awesome! I posted to both my twitter @n_wheeler and my facebook. So excited!

You are so awesome. It’s so nice that you do these giveaways. I won a signed copy of Slammed about a month ago and it is literally the best thing I have ever won. Thank you so much! xx

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