I’m so behind!

I’m pretty sure I already need another vacation!  Sorry I’m a few days late getting these winners posted.  It’s been crazy busy here, but in the best ways.  Tomorrow,  the Simon & Schuster ebook versions will go live on all platforms.  I’m really, really excited and will post more on that later.  But check out the updated covers!


I love, love, love all the book recommendations on this blog post.  Of course, I haven’t gotten around to any yet.  I was lucky enough to have a couple of ARC’s that kept me pretty busy.  Now for the winners of signed books.  (These will be the original versions, not the covers you see above.)  BUT!  If you are a winner, not only do you get SLAMMED, but I’m also throwing in POINT OF RETREAT!  Double the fun! (Or heartache, whichever way you look at it.)  :)

If you see your name below, email me your address at colleenhoover@live.com

Wendy Wilken

Terry Dabbs

Danielle Grater

Hayden Engstrom

Mika Adams (And your husband.)  ;)

Brianna Wormley

Sara Maddalena





Congrats!  Come back tomorrow for an even BETTER giveaway!!!  <3


31 thoughts on “I’m so behind!

  1. Read both books and loved them they were great!! When’s the next?? This series is awesome! Keep writing your fabulous !

  2. Oh shoot, I thought I saw my name here on the list of winners, but it was just the title of this post, aka, “I’m So Behind.” Honestly, it’s the only name I go by these days :-D

    Congratulations to all you REAL winners. And LOVE your new covers, Colleen!

  3. Love the covers! When are you going to visit anywhere near Mpls, MN??? I think you should take your next vacation here! Do you like to fish? :)

  4. Congratulations Colleen you totally deserve it! These books are awesome and i cannot wait for Will’s Story. I have told everyone about these books so your fan base will definitely be growing!

  5. The new covers look great! Congratulations winners.. I hope one day I find my name on a winners list!! Love your books Colleen. :)

  6. Loving the covers, and loving the quotes from Tammara and Jamie, read both of their books and they are all just awesome, so wish I had waited to get these covers but oh well :) Huge congrats, cant wait until the next book comes out!

  7. I bought both books for my sister for her birthday – was so exciting to receive them in the mail this week. Hope she enjoys them as much as I have!

  8. So awesome, and Colleen… you deserve another vacation! :) Can’t wait to read more of Will’s story. Please don’t put him back on the shelf. lol

  9. Thanks so much girlfriend! Your the best!!! <3
    p.s. I went to my first slam last night in Boston. I'm officially obsessed!!

  10. I just read both books this week and have already recommended them to 6 people. I love, love, LOVE them. I can no wait for Will’s Story!

  11. OMG I never win!!! I am so happy! I want to make this book my next Book Club Reading. Our meeting to discuss the book has to be themed around the story and I have been searching for Slam’s in the South Florida area to take them!

  12. Slammed is our book club current read and everyone loves it! Any ideas for discussion group for our get together…. Thanks!

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