My blog is being transferred to another host tonight. Hope all goes well, but if it doesn’t we will just blame my cousin Amy. She doesn’t have anything to do with my blog, but it’s really fun blaming her for everything. Try it.

I’m still on our long drive home from vacation and I love my kids. I love them. I keep having to remind myself of this with every passing minute.

Things are progressing rather quickly with the Atria versions of Slammed and Point of Retreat. That means I’ve got a heck of a lot of self-pubbed versions of the books to give away. I’ll post winners from the latest giveaway once my blog has successfully switched.

I love my kids, I love my kids, I love my kids. Deep breaths.

23 thoughts on “Yo!

  1. Hah, love how you blame your cousin…we do that with one of our teenage sons’ friends..comes in handy when we can’t find something!
    Have a great time driving home – I think the younger your children are the louder their voices!

  2. I so remember vacations with my kids. Once I told my co workers before a long 20 hour trip to DC with the kids that we are leaving as a family but we may come back a couple. Just try to remember they are kids for such a short time and treasure every moment you can.

  3. I love your mind and your passion. I am spellbound by your writing. I wish I lived next door to Will & Lake!… Vicariously, I live the great love story… as a writer you have done your job, but you also have created a beast that must be fed! This reader is now hooked…

  4. I just found out about your book and can’t wait to read it.

    Believe it or not, the car kid craziness and feuding doesn’t stop with your own children. No. This behavior is passed down to grandchildren, too. When I took my three oldest g-kids to the movies recently, I heard the oldest say to the younger, just look out the window. This is the very thing I used to tell his father (my son) and my daughter when they fought. Hmm


  5. Kids certainly make life an adventure, right?? I remind myself all the time that I love them but man, when its completely silent in the house I’m in heaven!

    I’m not bashful, I’ll take copies of both off your hands! LOL The books are so darn good, I want paperbacks in my collection :-)

  6. so … I think we could all agree we’d love copies of the first two books, but I would love even more to find out when wills story is coming…. Im dying here!!

  7. Just finished reading SLAMMED and Point of Retreat back to back. In the space of 48 hours. What a treat! And to find a quote from my fave poet who ever came to my library woven into the story, EXTRA sweet. Now, a favor to ask : could you write a note to my boss excusing the nap I will undoubtedly take on my computer keyboard after swapping sleep for poetry?

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