Author Meet & Greet

I don’t take a whole lot of things too seriously, but when a couple of readers asked me if I would come to Chicago and do a signing, I took it a tad bit too seriously.    I don’t know if they thought I would actually agree, much less invite pretty much everyone I know along with me.  So, if you’re going to be in Chicago and you’ve ever read any of these fab authors and would like to meet them, get a book signed, drink some punch, or get some swag then come on down to the TFEiC event.  We’ll be at The Palmer House in Chicago on Saturday, September 29th from 12-4pm.

  1. S.C. Stephens
  2. Tarryn Fisher
  3. Tracey Garvis-Graves
  4. Abbi Glines
  5. Stephanie Campbell
  6. Rebecca Donovan
  7. CJ Roberts
  8. Jillian Dodd
  9. J. Sterling
  10. Michelle Mankin
  11. Elizabeth Hunter
  12. Nicole Williams 
  13. Liz Reinhardt
  14. Colleen Hoover

65 thoughts on “Author Meet & Greet

      1. We just did a book club meeting about your books this past Friday. Would you think about going to the next one? My girls would be over the moon excited! We live in Rockwall, but we could come closer to you. :)

  1. I am so excited that I am going. I am trying to get as many friends I know to read your books so that I have a big group of girls to go with.

  2. You know, us west coast Canadians have been known to be quite hospitable and love our indie and up and coming authors… you know I’m just puttin it out there, just sayin ;)

    1. Yes Jenn, a world tour is a great idea! I’ve already told Colleen that the UK would love to meet you all!! Do it, PLEASE!!!!

  3. Aw lucky people :(
    I just read Rebecca Donovan’s Breathing series and really enjoyed it! Wish i could be there to meet both of you and many more!

  4. Oh! I wish I could be there to meet and greet all of you! Bummed that I can’t, but wish you success. On a side note: I just recommended Slammed to a fellow blogger [shocked she hadn’t read it, yet]. Congrats on the top 10 on amazon!

      1. Ah! I live in Corpus! My husband is a pilot in the Navy! Unfortunately, I just made my way up to Fort Worth to see my grandparents! I hope you are enjoying the beaches down there! ( I don’t think they are all that spectacular, but we came from Florida before we moved to Texas in April! Hard to compete with the emerald coast!)

  5. hey if you all come to california, come to sanfrancisco or closer north the books signings are always so far south. im here in santa Rosa california but i would defenitly go to Sanfrancisco!

  6. So jealous! That’s an awesome group! I’m planning to be in Decatur, GA for the book festival next month! I was thrilled to see you were going to be there. Now I really can’t wait!!

  7. Ok, i think a world tour would be great!! I live in New Zealand and i would soooooo love to meet you all, I have been reading everyones books and am so blwn wawy with the amazing talents you all have!! Me and my friends would be in awe if we were to meet you!!
    Hope you having a nice break Colleen :)

  8. I live in Atlanta and can’t wait to meet you when you are in Decatur this month. I absolutely loved Slammed and POR. I stayed up late on a girl’s trip reading them on my Kindle in the dark while my friends where all snoring next to me. Of course then I had to find out more about the mastermind behind these characters. You are such a cool chick which is just icing on the cake for this whole “Slammed” experience. So I just have to meet you! I’ve never been been to a book signing before and don’t know what to expect. But even if I have to wait 10 hours in line I’m coming!!

  9. I live in Albuquerque, NM, if you do a Dallas area signing maybe I can find a cheap flight and come!! I’ve gotten all my family and friends hooked on your books, they are truly BEMAZING!!! I can’t imagine anyone, no matter their age, NOT loving them!!! :-) Keep up the writing and blogging! You have a ton of people who love you…on a side note, congrats on the house with air contiontioning that runs all the time. I have a “story” similar to yours and can appreciate that more than you know!

  10. Wish I was American lol some of my fave authors and now some more names to check out too.. Hope it goes well for you all :-) in fact butterflying fantastic!!

  11. colleen, you are bad for my pocketbook! and my poor family suffers due to your recommendations. i’m reading a lauren oliver short right now, but then, right into the opportunist. i can’t wait!!! hahaha

  12. I live in Chicago so I’ve already decided that I’m gonna have to call in sick to work that day. Will there be books there to purchase for signing? Never been to a meet and greet before.

    1. do you work on a saturday? if so, YES CALL IN SICK!!! most of us authors will have books available for purchase that day! (a few are still checking and trying to get the OK from their publishers)! :) :)

      1. Ya usually work on Saturdays but that’s what sick days are for right. Thanks for the info.

  13. Times like these I’m sad that I live in the smallest state. No one ever comes to Rhode Island. Have fun everyone who is going! You’re awesome Colleen!

  14. Holy freakin shit! That’s like 2 hours away from me! If y’all come this direction I’ll provide the spiked punch! Lol..Oh, I’m gonna have to find someone to drive my happy ass in there! You already know you have achieved super hero status in my mind, that would be so butterflying amazeballs!

  15. I just read Slammed and Point of Retreat…I’m itching for another book to come out. You are an awesome writer with a gifted talent. PLEASE keep them coming!!!

  16. So stoked!!! I’m totally planning on being there :) Can’t wait to meet you Colleen and get my very own signed copy of Slammed!!! Are you selling paperbacks there?

  17. I’m from Chi-town but am soo bummed I cannot make this event! I am heading to Florida to do a 10 mile run that same day  So sad.. I would have LOVED to have met you and the other authors that day. Talk about crappy timing. Sniff sniff.

    I’m going to go cry now cuz I’m really bummed.

  18. I’ll be in Chicago the week before you’re there! I’m so mad I’ll miss you!! You should come to Phoenix :)

  19. Can’t wait! I live in Madison so this is perfect! I have most of these books on my Kindle. Maybe I should just have everyone sign that!

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