See why I love Diego Boneta almost as much as I love giving stuff away?

***CONTEST HAS ENDED AS OF 07/26/12***


He’d make a GREAT Will Cooper.  Maybe not for everyone, and that’s okay!  That’s why Will is fictional.  We can all have our own versions.  But for now, mine is Diego Boneta.  I’ve tweeted him.  I’ve stalked his facebook.  I’ve begged him not to make plans for 2014 in the off-chance that someone decides to buy my film rights, and by the off-chance a studio picks up the screenplay, then by the off-chance Diego Boneta auditions for the part of Will, then by the off-chance I have any say so in the casting and Diego is chosen.

Check out his hotness and his facebook fan page here:

Perhaps psycho-stalking Diego Boneta is not proper behavior for someone in my position, but we all know I have no boundaries.

Now, on to less pressing matters.

This is the only blog I’m going to post this week because I’m caving it ALL WEEK LONG!  So if you don’t get a response to your emails, fb messages, blog comments…be patient.  I’m hanging out with my fictional peeps for a few days.  I never imagined all of the other “stuff” that comes along with writing, so I’ve been doing all this other stuff instead of writing.  But I love doing this other stuff and I love writing, but I haven’t figured out a way to do them simultaneously.  So I’m just going to alternate.  Brilliant plan, huh?  Yeah, I know.

Also, just found out the Kindle Fire 2 is coming out next month.  So…without further ado…who’s going to win it?  Comment here if you want it.  Will it be comment #4 or comment #400?  I guess we won’t find out until my next blog post.  Next week.  ;)

I just thought of a genius plan.  I wonder if Diego Boneta gets google alerts?  If Diego Boneta gets google alerts, I bet Diego Boneta will be notified by google that there is a post out there about Diego Boneta, so the more I say Diego Boneta’s name, the more chance Diego Boneta will see this post.

492 thoughts on “See why I love Diego Boneta almost as much as I love giving stuff away?

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  2. Brovo, great series so far. Can’t wait for Will, but now I want to hear more from Lakes perspective. Ahhh!!!! This is such a pain in the butterfly. (But seriously… more from Lake!)

  3. I love your series Slammed. I just love how much they love each other and how they conquer through all their situations. When i read the second book, I was so heartbroken when they got into a car accident at almost the end of the book. I would have cried so much is she lost her memories of being with Will, like she erased him from her memories because it was so painful. I was a eased everything was okay, but i was so sad to see what Will was probably going through, for him to think that he would lost her was make me so tearful. Okay getting to my point, I hope that you continue the series because i would absolutely buy your next book for that series. : P

  4. “If I were a carpenter, I would build you a window to my soul. But I would leave that window shut and locked, so that every time you tried to look through it all you would see is your own reflection. You would see that my soul is a reflection of you.”

    One of many favorite quotes from Slammed & POR. You are amazing! :)

  5. I cannot put into words how moved I was by Slammed. I stayed up all night to finish and couldn’t put it down. I related to the story since my Mother too passed from lung cancer and left me parentless. I just finished downloading book 2, Point of Retreat and I am hoping that Lake and Will can find harmony. Please, continue to write…I cannot imagine a voice such as yours could only have one story.

  6. I’ve never seen Diego before but i must admit he sure is nice to look at and would make a perfect Will.

  7. Your books are amazing and heartwarming and I like to pick them up whenever I am having a bad day! or a good day! or a so so day! And Diego Boneta would be an excellent Will!

  8. What I like about your books is the fact that people of all ages enjoy them. I know this because I love them and so does my granddaughter. :)

  9. Just finished “SLAMMED” and am definitely a fan! My vacation is coming to an end and I am glad Will and Lake’s story was part of it. Grabbing time to read a few chapters inbetween visits with my own cancer-ridden sister seemed to give me “permission” to shed the tears that so often just lay below the surface these days. So, thank you, Ms. Hoover for sharing you wonderful gift with me.
    P.S. This is the very FIRST fan letter I have ever written…and, just maybe, it may be your FIRST fan letter from a Catholic Sister!
    Looking forward to starting the next Lake and Will saga! Will love to watch on the big screen too!
    God bless…and Peace to your heart!
    Sister Eileen Spanier, GNSH

  10. You are an amazing writer.I can honestly say that I’ve never cried over a book, but when I read both of yours I was devastated and then happy. It’s rare to find a book that captures your heart the way yours did. If anyone asks me for a book recommendation, it will definitely be your books!

  11. Oh if only these books will turn into movies! I don’t have a specific someone for Will in my mind but Diego Boneta does look like him!

    and did I tell you how much I love the name Will?

  12. I am probably WAY too old to be reading your books (39), but i love them. Your characters are so easy to fall in love with– their bravery and honesty is refreshing– so hopeful and full of life. Thank you !

  13. Have read both Slammed and Point of Retreat in the last 4 days, I really cant wait for the next, I felt like I have been on a emotional rollercoaster and I THANK YOU! Beautiful writing!! (From New Zealand)

  14. Does Diego Boneta come with the Kindle Fire2 or will he be delivering said Kindle? Had to ask!

    Diego Boneta is wicked yummy as is Will Cooper so I think you made a good casting call!

  15. I have recently discovered independent authors and they have pleasently consumed my summer reading! I loved your Slammed series and I am eagerly awaiting the next book

  16. Thank you for the emotional rollercoaster over the last week! I loved Slammed and Point of Retreat! I also would love the Kindle Fire 2! hint hint

  17. Thank you for Slammed and Point of Retreat. I can’t wait for Will’s Story. Also thank for the book recommendations to keep us entertained while waiting for book 3.

  18. Any news about a movie yet? I strongly believe it will happen… The books were too good (no.. great) for there not to be a movie made! Move over Nicholas Sparks! Lol

  19. I just found your site after reading Slammed and Point of Retreat. I would love a chance to win the kindle fire.

  20. Thanks so much for a wonderful written book I just finished the 2nd book n look forward to the 3rd, and really can’t wait for a movie too! I think u made an excellent choice for the role of Will

  21. Hello! I just finished reading your second book and I loved them so much I decided to check out your website. Maybe I could get lucky and win a kindle also.

  22. I just finished reading Point of retreat and I must say I’m very disappointed… Because now I don’t have anything to look forward to during my “me time”!
    Your such a fun, spunky, clever author with loads of talent and I can’t wait to see what your “caving it” time will produce!!
    Thanks for being so much fun :)

  23. I couldn’t put your books down! Three days of working, caring for my son and staying up until 2 am reading…wow! I’m as exhausted as Lake and Will after 5 days in the hospital…minus the surgery. ;) Keep ’em coming!

  24. Thanks for giving your fans an opportunity to win. I love your books and have recommended them to all of my friends!

  25. There so needs to be a movie made soon about your books and Colleen you need to have a small role in it yourself …just like Stephen King did in several of his.

  26. Just read slammed and point on no retreat, loved them both. It’s wonderful storied like that, that break the boring cycle of my daily routine. Thanks!

  27. Yay on the stalking! I totally admire that. You are merely doing what you have to do to secure the right person for the role. As John Travolta’s character from ‘Carrie’ would say, “Get er done”! Yes, John Travolta said it first, not that Larry the freaker Guy.

  28. Will is one of my new favorite characters, and you, Colleen, are now one of my new favorite authors! I loved your book, and after I get a few things finished around the house that I neglected this morning for Slammed, I will be reading the next book! Thank you for sharing the story!

  29. I have just recently reconnected with my inner, voracious reader. The one whose disappearance my mother mourned decades ago as I moved into my young adulthood. The same one that still remained asleep as I tried to set a good example for my son with hopes that his teacher’s nightly D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) assignment would light the insatiable desire to read everything in sight. Finally, she has stretched and yawned and grabbed for the flashlight under the covers. Thank you Colleen for writing such an endearing story for me and my inner reader. I don’t know if I am #4 or #400, but I would relish the opportunity to read your next work on a Kindle 2.

  30. He is the perfect Will! :D…just waiting for the next book! I loved the story..its amazing and leaves a really good message!

  31. Yummy!!!! he is sooo cutee…. not my ideal will but verrryyy close :P i have just finished ur books about 2 weeks ago and OMG!!!! they were amazing <3 :D

  32. Yumkins! I can’t wait to read the rest of Will’s story. You have created such wonderful characters, you have a wealth of material from these characters alone to keep you on the NY Times Best Sellers list for the next decade at least! Brava! ;)

  33. I do believe that Diego Boneta looks like the perfect Will! He is how I imagine him to look! BTW, I think we should all work on this movie rights thing because this book and Point of Retreat both NEED to come to the big screen :)

  34. Just finished reading the Slammed series! What a great summer read! Came here to explore and stumbled upon a contest! …you never know…

  35. I think Diego would be great for Will. I would so love to see this on the big screen. I would also love to read Will’s point of view on a new kindle fire 2 :) I love your books sooooo much Colleen!!!! Can’t wait for the next.

  36. I’m having withdrawels….. will need to start re-reading again soon. Can’t butterflying wait for the next book ♥

  37. Found a picture to go with one of my favorite moments in the book…….


    “Okay would you rather spend the rest of your life with no arms, or would you rather spend the rest of your life with arms you couldn’t control?”


    What the hell?

    Had me laughing so hard…….

  38. Saw the great reviews for Slammed and decided to give it a whirl… LOVED it so much I immediately downloaded Point Of Retreat -I was so hooked I read them both in less than a day! Engrossing story with believable characters and very well written, all I can say is MORE MORE MORE!

  39. OMG!! I’ve read this book about 3 times and I still cry even though I know what’s going to happen. He is perfect for the part. Cant wait for your next book!!! Your a great author!!

  40. My suck of the day- its been raining all day today !
    My sweet of the- reading and finishing Slammed and Point of Retreat!!!
    I found these so sweet and romantic !! It sure en enveloped me until the end!! So believable and refreshing !! I hope someone soon. Jus the movie rights- so we can see a beautiful story come to life on the screen!!

  41. Diego Boneta would make a great Will and I really hope they make your story into a movie. I thought that the entire time I read Slammed and Point of Retreat!

    In other news, I’m yet another person who has fallen in love with the Avett Brothers since reading your books! I get to see them in Indy in September for my birthday. Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful band!

  42. He is def hot! I can picture him as Will….I can’t wait for more Will & Lake, I butterflying love you Colleen! Btw I hope it’s not too hard picking a winner, good luck

  43. I read both of your books last week and loved them both. That’s why I’m here! I am sort of a blog virgin, so that shows how much I loved your books and your own personal story! Any hoo, Diego looks like a great Will when ( not if) your books get made into movies.

  44. You write brilliant heart string pulling books, wonderful funny blog posts and are generous to boot. Geez Louise. What a package. Congrats on all your success. You have earnt every single fan. You are loved x Ps I sure hope Diego Bonita sees this, he will know he has an adoring fan in you :)

  45. DIEGO BONETA IS WILL COOPER!!! Colleen your books are phenomenal and I read both in 2 days .. . . . who needs to butterfly sleep! Kiersten is my new best friend!!

  46. I would love a kindle fire!!! I’m downloading books to my iPhone and reading them there!! I started reading with 50 shades and havent stopped reading since. I’ve read over 40 books since then including all of yours!! Excited about wills story and the other new one! Love series!!! They give me more which is what I crave when reading or watching movies. Just not ever ready to be done with the charachters. Thx!

  47. Just leaving a comment on the off chance of winning! I just finished Slammed and Point of Retreat. They were amazing!!! (to say the least) I can’t wait for Will’s Story. I’ve spread the word to my book loving friends that these are not to be missed. We have even planned a girls trip to come see you in Chicago at the end of September!

  48. Reading your Blog has become part of my daily routine! You’re a very inspiring person. I also completely agree that Deigo is will ( especially the second picture – looking all sweet and sensitive and HOT!) Oh, and a Kindle Fire 2 – its thanks to Kindle that I discovered you so yeah sign with me up!!!!!

  49. Diego Boneta is smokin! ;) I would love for Slammed to be a movie. I would be there on premiere night. lol I just recommened Slammed to my sis in law and she read it in one day and loved it. I’m definitely spreading the word on how great your books are!! :)

  50. The more I look at this fella, the more he grows on me. I tell ya what. I’d just be stoked for Slammed to become a movie though! Whoo hoo! Colleen Hoover: Screenwriter. I can just see it now.

  51. He’s hot!
    I have a confession…I am 36 years old and up until two months ago I had never cracked opened a book that was not force upon me by a teacher or was a part of a bible study that I participated in at church. Reading was a bore and not a past time that even interested me….until I read 50 shades (yes I worried this made me a pervert) I loved every min of each of them…I did not fall asleep reading them, in fact I had to make myself sleep. Since I finished that series I have desparatly been search for another book that I could get lost in…I downloaded many samples but came up empty u til I stummbled about a book called slammed, everything that took me away from me reading this book irritated me, including my children (haha) I finished it at 2am the first day I downloaded it. Oimagine my delite when I get to the end of the book and there is a sequel (clapping hands, jumping up and down). I finishedPOR the next day and have been stalking you ever since. I’ve told everyone I know about your books and they reply with, if I actually read something then they must me good. I even started the book you recommended on your blog. I have you to thank for helping me realize I am not just a pervert…I do like to read, I’m just a little picky about what I read! Keep your books coming and your re@ommendations coming…you’ve lit a fire in me mrs hoover and I butterflying love it.

  52. Oh my hell!!! Who is this Diego Boneta??? He’s beautiful and would make a great Will Cooper! I’m crossing my fingers that this book is made into a movie! Colleen, you could write about Will and Lake’s lives until they’re old and gray and I would read them!!!

  53. Slammed and Point of Retreat are excellent books!! I will recommend them at my library to other patrons because I know they will love them as much as I do.

  54. So I feel as if Will could be played by Michael Ealy if given leeway for differences. But this needs to be a movie…like now

  55. He would make an awesome Will. I read both Slammed and Point of Retreat in one weekend and loved them. They not only brought me out of a slump (my family is the poster child for Murphy’s Law – our AC went out in our house, our car, med bills, etc), it brought back a desire to fight back and also made me appreciate all the good things I have and the good things I love about my hubby —it ignited a spark once again between us during stressful times – who couldn’t read about Will and get all fired up!

  56. I just saw this post again, and saw that you said the new kindle fire is released in August, well August 1st is my 33rd birthday, so that would make one sweet ass birthday present, oh, and just a fyi~the avett brothers play on my laptop while i have been busy in my quilting room working on new designs :D

  57. Colleen! You must tell me to bring my drool bib along with me if you are going to be posting pics like that delicious specimen of yumminess!

  58. Have just finished reading Slammed & Point of Retreat…WOW!! Thank you so much for writing such wonderful books that have filled me with inspiration, not to mention introducing me to the world of slam poetry and The Avett Brothers. However, I’m now suffering from a book hangover – I can’t move onto a new book because i’m still living in the world of Will and Layken…your blog is helping to cure me though <3

  59. I have Nook buyer’s remorse (lots of indie books aren’t available through Nook, dang it), so I’d love a Kindle Fire. Love Slammed and POR, can’t wait for Will’s Story! :-)

  60. Diego Boneta Diego Boneta Diego Boneta Diego Boneta Diego Boneta Diego Boneta Diego Boneta Diego Boneta Diego Boneta Diego Boneta Diego Boneta Diego Boneta

  61. Perhaps they’ll consider your hopes and dreams when they choose the cast. I wonder who you would like to play Lake.

  62. Slammed the movie!! Well, that would make me a very happy girl! It would also we wonderful if you had some voice in the casting. Who would you pick to play lake?

  63. Loved both of your books! I hope they get turned into movies so we call see that hot man bring Will to life :-)

  64. I just finished reading the interview with Will and Lake. I love characters that I can relate too! I could not put either book down and laughed and cried all the way through. I may have yelled at my book a time or two as well. Thank you for great reading and a mighty fine specimen to picture as Will. Time to read again using this as my image! :)

  65. Diego Boneta looks like he would be a yummy Will! I’m very excited to hear about your hang session with the fictional peeps, I know good things will come of your time together! (even if we will miss you!)

  66. Glad I stumbled along your books last night. Read the book sample and bought both books immediately after. Obsessively finished both books all through the night, couldn’t put them down. Thank you for gracing us with your wonderfully captivating story and lovable characters. Looking forward to book 3 and whatever may come afterwords!

    p.s. I definitely wouldn’t mind staring at Diego Boneta for a couple of hours if it turned into a movie :o)

  67. I read ‘Slammed’ and ‘Point of Retreat’ within 2 days! It would’ve been a day had it not been for work, eating, sleeping and using the restroom – all things that got in the way, really. I enjoyed both so much and like most books I become attached to, I’m really sad it’s over! I look forward to Will’s story however! Diego Boneta as Will would be perfect!!! Crossing my fingers that these books become films and that Diego auditions for the part :)

  68. I agree with the comments about the long hair. Not a huge fan of the mop top he sported in Rock of Ages, but the shorter hair he had before that? Oh yeah…I can see Will. And come on, how could anyone resist those eyes!!!

  69. Loved Loved Loved both books. I read them both in one day. Your choice of Diego Boneta for Will is spot on!! Can’t imagine anyone else for this role!! Can’t wait for the next book.

  70. I’m not an actress, I’ve never been in a movie, much less auditioned for one. But if Diego Boneta is going to play the part of Will, then I would like to officially put myself in the running for the role of Lake. It would be a tedious chore having to look at Diego EVERY SINGLE DAY while filming the movie, but I would be willing to do it for the betterment of mankind. ;)

  71. He definitely has the looks. After I read Slammed my first thought was “This would be an awesome movie.” :)

  72. I agree Diego Boneta would make an excellent Will. I would love to see your books made into a movie. I have never cried so much in my life from reading and have told all my fiends they have to buy your books. You are a very talented writer, I will be watching out for any and all books you write.

  73. I miss Will, Lake and their family so much i will have to read Slammed and Por for the fourth time to tide me over untl the next book!

  74. lucky number 319? Can’t wait for more books written by you!!! Hope you’re almost done with Wills POV. :)


  76. Aii I can say ia Diego is butterflying beautiful. I could easily see him as Will. As long as he was manly, sweet, smart and loving he could be my Will

  77. Diego would make a wonderful Will! I really hope they make Slammed and Point of Retreat into movies. More importantly I hope they give it the budget it deserves so it can truly represent the books you wrote. Keep on writing; I’m going to keep on reading!!!!

  78. Selected your books by reading the reviews on Amazon. Devoured them both and was not disappointed at all. Would love to win a new kindle, I have one of the first versions. I agree, I could really see Diego as Will. Who do you think for Lake? Thanks so much for a heart warming story!

  79. Just finished Point of Retreat! Great story-telling! I was sitting in my stylist’s chair and got all teary eyed at one point. Awesome characters…thanks for sharing!

  80. I think Diego would be a cute Will. Awwww I just want to say that I am so in love with your characters!!! Anything they say to each other makes me melt. I don’t even have to imagine that I’m Lake to be in love. I fall inlove by just watching them! They’re THAT good!!!!! They’re butterflying GOOD!!!! I am impatiently waiting for your next books.

  81. oh Diego would make such a good Will. He is so easy on the eyes, just like Will should be – that calming effect he has on you, except of course that whole heart pounding thing when he’s near. Still a perfect choice :)

  82. Loved your books!! Found them by accident and sharing with everyone I meet from work to ladies at the pool( that I don’t really know :) ) I love Diego for the part of Will! He is perfect, and thank for putting that thought in my head. I think I need to go back and read them again now. Thanks for the teaser, can’t wait for more, your brilliant!

  83. Hmm… no quite how I picture Will, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers! ;) Can’t wait for Will’s story!

  84. I just finished SLAMMED and loved it. I am recommending it to ALL of my reading friends. I do hope that a movie is made of this book because your book really gives us something to think about as well as the encouragement to write poetry. I can’t relate to the Avett Brothers because I have never heard of them. I plan to log on to Pandora and listen because of the way you fit their lyrics into your book. I am purchasing the second book now and can hardly wait to read it. Thanks also for introducing me to Diego…perfect eye candy and another reason to hope for a movie. Your writing is fantastic! I love your voice and hope to one day have my daughter read it!

  85. Thankyou colleen you have introduced me to a wonderful book (Slammed), wonderful characters(Will and Lake) a great band (Avett Brothers) Fanatastic poetry (slam) and now a man worthy of gazing upon (Diego)

  86. Butterflying loved the books, ready to read it again a third time, i think the picture of diego is so Will, if that is how you see him then he is perfect. With that said i would love to win. Yeah love your books.

  87. I usually don\’t get lucky with this kind of stuff, but since I don\’t even have a kindle yet, the chances are that I may get one if I comment, right? Yeah. I like that you\’re one of the authors that communicates so much with your fans :) it\’s great! Your random ramblings basically always make my day since they\’re hilarious and cute :) By the way, I think he\’d make an awesome Will, so no need to stop the stalking :D ;)

  88. 2 wks ago I’d never heard of you or your books, until a friend recommended them to me, and boy what a butterflying discovery:) I read both books in 2 days and simply cannot wait for your next book on Will. I hope some film producer sees the potential of your books to be made into film! Diego is rather yummy….ooh yes…lol. By the way it’s great that we readers can talk to you like this and get daily updates on you new books. Luv u more for it….

  89. I probably won’t win but if I don’t comment then I definely wont win. If I win, I’ll probably lose it just like I lost my Kindle Touch and more recently my Fire. Lucky for me, I found both. Anyway, so I guess I have a chance at losing a Kindle Fire 2 before I’ve even got one. :-)

  90. Wow!! Just thinking of writing a comment makes me nervous. Even If you weren’t giving away the kindle fire 2. Its amazing what you write. I look at your blog like 2000 a day hoping you give a teaser and also to see your updates. Diego Boneta is going to make the best Will!!! By the way I actually plan on emailing your mom to the email address you gave us because i want her to know ur amazing even though she knows that already.

  91. LOOOOOOVED your Books! You have a great way with words. I can’t tell you how Butterflying Happy I am that you wrote Slammed and Point of Retreat…that is my Sweet. My Suck is waiting for more on Layken and Will!!!

  92. How crazy awesome would it be if he replied he actually read “Slammed” and that he’d be stocked to play Will?! It would be perfect! :D

  93. today I received me signed copy…………… I actually got butterflying excited to see it in my mail box. thank you so much!!

  94. Ok, so this dude is no slaboots ,but I still like my Shia Labeouf reco. He’s a hottie now don’t get me wrong, but I think he’s got the range to pull off Will. Although….the more I stare at this tasty morsel, the more he grows on me.

  95. I truly love your books. I believe they come from an honest place inside of you and that’s what makes them good. It’s just pure.


  96. I butterflying have not loved a book this much in a long time and i read a lot. I had so many emmotions through this and never wanted it to end. I feel like I know all the characters personally and am attached. You are an amazing writer to be ablentk execute all those feelings. Never stop writing you have a true gift. Cannot wait for more (:

  97. Such a big fan. I think Diego is a great Wil. Yummy! I think it would be stupid not to make the Slammed movie!!! :) Can’t wait for more great books from you!

  98. So love your books! Just discovered them a couple of weeks ago. I’ve recommended them to friends and my niece! You have a gift for making your characters truly come alive! Can’t wait for the next installment!

  99. I read both books in the past three days and I LOVE THEM! I can’t wait to get my havds on more of your writing and hope the rights get picked up because this would make a fantastic movie!

  100. I sure hope your books are made into movies!! I would hope Diego would play Will, our someone just as gorgeous! Plus, the movie soundtrack would be awesome!

  101. I would love the Kindle 2. A new version to read your wonderful books :-). I am totally addicted to Slammed & POR. Reading them again for the second time & will probably read them many more!

  102. Absolutely LOVE your writing! Can’t wait for more. Can’t seem to fill the void with anything else. Congratulations on your success!

  103. He’s toooootttttalllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy the Will I see in my head. Diego and the word “fire” all in one post? But of course! He’s friggen hot.

  104. Congratulations on both books making the NYT list… You most definitely deserve it!! Thanks for the teaser..cannot wait for the book to come out!

  105. Just want to say that I absolutely LOVED the books!!!!! I literally could not put them down!!!! And you are totally right, Diego Boneta would make a great Will Cooper!!! He is YUMMY!!!!!!

  106. Please keep writing!!!! I loveeeeeee reading your books I’ve read them too many times to count and i still laugh and cry and swoon over what you have written :) thank you! <3

  107. I can’t remember if I commented and I would love a chance to win. I am a mother of three and NEVER take the time to read but I read slammed and POR in two days. I love them.both so much and can NOT wait for the next one. Thanks for all the sneak peaks, its my sweet!

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  109. I never thought of him for Will but he would be pretty good! Just “found” your books on Monday and was done with both Slammed and Point of Retreat by Tuesday afternoon :) Loved them!

  110. Wow, he would be a perfect Will!….I’ve never heard of him before….I think I’ll go visit Google next…

  111. Colleen Hoover you have good taste in men. I’ll take some Diego Boneta any day of the week. Reading the interview with Will and Lake just got me so excited. Even better I’ll take Colleen Hoover’s books any day of the week! Colleen you are so talented! Uh, I wish my comment was #400 but maybe 227 counts too? Maybe because I said your name a few times you will see my comment!
    Lucky # 227!

    Thanks for the giveaway Colleen!

    Have fun in the woman cave!

  112. What happened to the post with the link to the store with all the slammed merchandise? I’m sorry, I forget the link.. I should’ve bookmarked it. :( still miss your crazy posts this week… Hurry back!

    1. Oh my goodness… I am so sorry for wasting your writing time to answer that question.. I need to open my damn eyes!! thank you so much though it would’ve probably taken me a while to realize there’s a link at the top. Lol :)

  113. Diego is how I picture Will:) so who would be Lake?:) there is an actress .. Sobieski.. I picture her as Lake:)

  114. Hi Colleen – this is really weird. I’ve never commented on a blog before. I found Point of Retreat on an Amazon list and then backtracked to read Slammed first. I blazed through Slammed, and I’m about mid-way through Point of Retreat now. And I’m trying to read it r e a l l y , r e a l l y s l o w l y . . . so that I can enjoy your writing for as long as possible.When my 16-year-old daughter finishes with her summer AP assignments, I’ll send her the books on her Kindle. If I send them now, I know she’ll never get her work done. Thank you so much for your beautiful, captivating words. Most sincerely, Diane

  115. Wow. I really won tonight. I discovered Colleen Hoover, Slammed. And. Diego Boneta all at once. So glad I happened this way. And congrats on your wonderful accomplishments.

  116. Okay …he is HOTT! I like your choice. :o) I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Slammed and POR made in to a movie.

  117. Amazing !!I know your teachers are proud of you…….This needs to be made into a movie… It is Perfect and so is Diego for the part of Will…

  118. Wow!!! You made it over 100,000 views :) Excited about reading Slammed and Point of Retreat. Just purchased from Amazon. Knew I had to go ahead and get the 2nd book from all the fabulous reviews of the first book. Would be great to read on a new Kindle Fire 2…. hint hint…

  119. Would you believed that I’ve only heard of Diego Boneta in this blog. (yeah, I’m a loser like that.) I actually googled him after seeing you want him to be Will. And after ogling his pictures for a couple of minutes *hours* I think I could agree. He could so be Will! :DD

    Kindle Fire 2? Wow! I don’t have an e-reader so I hope I win this one. Thanks for being so butterflying generous in giving away stuffs! LOL! :D

  120. Yes, I can definitely see Diego as Will; he has great eyes and the rest of him is not too bad also. I really enjoyed reading Slammed and POR. I have recommended these books to anyone asking or even not asking. Such a great read, I laughed out loud (Eddie parking) and of course tissue were nearby. Thank you.

  121. wow. thank you for reminding me of my love for reading… i just read both slammed and point of retreat within the last three days and just having finished the laat page , not only are my eyes swollen from all of the emotions i just endured , i want to go out and purchase a hard copy of both so that i can forever keep some of the amazing advice both books have offered me. your gift is truely inspiring, thank you

  122. It would make my year if Slammed was made into a movie! I can’t get enough of Will and Lake. All through my day, quotes from your books just randomly pop into my head. I cannot wait for Will’s POV!

  123. Diego is BUTTERFLYING perfect….and I hope that your dream of it being a movie becomes a reality because that would just be simply amazing!

  124. What a great face to add to my fictional Will crush. I just have to say that I devoured these books in under two days because of the imperfect perfection of the characters. Loved the books. Makes the top of the reading list. Anxious for next installment. But thankful for the picture to drool over while I wait :)

  125. I can not wait for another for another one of your books to come out. They were the. Est books I’ve read in a long time. I also LOVED Diego in rock of ages!

  126. I just finished reading both slammed and point of retreat THREE times! I cant get them out of my head! I fell in love and married my best friend at nineteen-which will be 20 years ago this Friday. Every time I read Will and Lake’s love story I fall in love with my husband again! Thank you for writing these books! I have read your first few chapters of Will’s story too. LOVE IT! Please stay in your cave until it is butterflying finished!

  127. Wow…just finished your book! It was amazing! It was full of twists and turns and had me laughing out loud and crying. Can’t wait to read more of your stuff!

  128. Who would you pick to play Layken (absolutely love this name btw), Eddie, & Gavin? & lets not forget Julie, Kel, & Caulder?… and Keirsten & Sherry? all such wonderful characters!! :)

  129. OMG i totally agree with you on this one! Diego Boneta would make the perfect Will Cooper! I’ve only just started reading Slammed but from now on Diego Boneta will be the one I’ll be picturing. I really hope they make a movie out of your book and cast Diego Boneta. lol i hope mentioning Diego Boneta’s name helped in ur hopes of him finding a google post on him! =) can’t wait to get on with my book and dream of Diego Boneta!

  130. Ok, I hadn’t seen these Diego pics. ugh, ok, maybe he’d be a better Will than Bryce. He definitely has the boyish charm thing working for him! Yikes, if HE had been my teacher when I was 18… yikes…

  131. I would LOVE to win a kindle fire 2!!!! so here’s to long shots! :) And can I say, Diego would be the PERFECT Will. I am crossing my fingers, toes and eyes that Slammed gets picked up to be made a movie. Oh, my heart flutters at the thought.

  132. You are freaking hilarious. Your posts make my day! I think Deigo would make a wonderful Will!!! Please keep stalking him. :)

  133. After thinking about it I can see Diego Boneta as will. I’ve started a reread and have now started to picture Boneta. It works for me. :)

  134. I totally dig Diego Boneta. He is almost what’s pictured in my head. Even though I remember the book saying he and his brother shared a cropped haircut, I pictured him with dark, floppy hair. A true poet hairstyle (at least in my mind). Can’t wait till your next book–cave it up!!

  135. I am officially obsessed with will and lake! I finished reading this weekend and can’t get them out of my head. I listened to the avett brothers a ton during my commute too lol. It is ridiculous! I think Diego is a great choice!!

  136. Wow! Diego would be a perfect Will – beautiful specimen! Have you already written a screenplay?! My friends are loving me for recommending your books – you are awesome!

  137. How fun. Didn’t even know there was a newKindle Fire coming out.
    And yeah, this guy is definitely hot. For some reason I had a totally different vision of Will but hey, he’s very, very sexy and my fantasies could be altered!!!

  138. I just wanted to say how much your books have touched me… I have never cried and connected so much with characters before….I really hope you release wills story…ill be the first in line for it… and its certainly appreciated how you Stay coonected with ur readers…its nice hearing updates and staying in the loop…. especially when they are snippets from wills story

  139. Diego looks like the Will I pictured, just needs a haircut… Who would you want to play Lake???? Just something to think about :) Write on!

  140. I just recommend both of these books to my bookclub, I know they will love them as much as I do! You are awesome! Keep on keeping on!

  141. oh & what happened to the blog about random things you hate? I’m only curious. I bet Nickelback is number one. hehe

  142. I agree with Trista I don’t mind who would play Will (well as long as he’s sexy lol) just so it becomes a film!!!! Cannot wait for the day you blog that the film rights have been bought!!! & I hope I win the new Kindle because I think I’m the only one in the universe that doesn’t own one yet. You are awesome.. keep up the good (no amazing) work. P.S. I will definitely miss seeing your crazy blog posts this week but it will so be worth it when your next book comes out. :)

  143. Wow. I read Slammed last week in like 3 days..and just finished reading Point of Retreat…and i was SOOO impressed!! I had just happened to stumble across Slammed and was thrilled when it turned out to be totally awesome!! And gosh.Point of Retreat was amazing!! I was reading the last bit of it earlier today at work and i had to stop until break because i kept on crying..Don’t worry – mostly happy tears…until the car accident!!
    Anyways, im glad i stumbles upon your books and now your blog! Keep up the good work and i’ll be crossing my fingers for the off-chance that someone decides to buy your film rights, and by the off-chance a studio picks up the screenplay, then by the off-chance Diego Boneta auditions for the part of Will, then by the off-chance you have any say so in the casting and choose Diego!

  144. Well OF COURSE a new one is coming out. I just bought a Kindle Fire version 1 for my daughter’s birthday next month. I was really hoping nothing new would come out before her birthday :-/

  145. I’m thinking we could start the STALKERS club…. We your fans can help you stalk Diego and spread the wealth by stalking possible movie producers …it’s all about getting the mission accomplished :)

  146. I love your commitment to your characters. I like Diego but again Casey Deidrick is my Will. I so hope a movie will be made. Please let us know how your fans can help.

  147. Okay, I could see Diego Boneta as Will. Actually, I really just don’t care who plays Will; I just want to see Will onscreen acting like Will, if that makes any sense. I mean I never thought Colin Firth was all that hot until I finally watch Pride and Prejudice, and now whenever I want a romance movie, Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy is the only one for me.

  148. OMG! He’s gorgeous! It be great to win Fire 2 since I have a super antiquated Kindle. It’d be nice to advance to the 21st century Kindle. LOL. MGonna miss your blogs, always look forward to reading them to boost my day. ;-)

  149. At first I thought you were crazy for thinking Diego Boneta would be the perfect Will!! (sorry lol) I have only seen him in student roles, so it was hard for me to see him as a teacher. I went to his IMDb (I guess my inner stalker is coming out as well) and when I saw his pictures it hit me. He is Will!

  150. I am a Diego “virgin”, but am happy to say that he definitely fits Will in my mind’s eye! And if Slammed is made into a movie…I will be the 1st in line to see it!

  151. Read the Slammed series yesterday…COULDN’T put those books down!! I was on the couch all day…only moving for bathroom breaks and eating. I Loved them! Although I’m not 100% sold on this Diego guy…seems more like he belongs on a High School Musical set…sorry dont hate me! :-) I want a Kindle Fire!!

    Oh and great blog…you have such a personality! No wonder your books are amazing. :-D Can’t wait until your next book comes out!

    1. Ok, so maybe Deigo looks a little better with shorter hair…still not completely sold though. ;-)

      Shouldnt have read those books a day before going back to work. Those characters are all I can think about…makes being productive a little bit of a challenge.

  152. I get the feeling we are related somehow :) I just love your sense of humor!! You created the imaginary will so you get to pick the face that works for you!!

  153. Wow, lots of comments on here! Love the pictures you paint in your books – looking forward to the next one! Thanks for sharing on your blog.

  154. Thanks for the perfect “retreat” from my crazy life! I devoured both books in four days. Cannot wait for Will’s story.

  155. I would love a Kindle Fire 2!!! That way I can give my Kindle Fire to my 4 year old who keeps using it! BTW, Diego Boneta is Will!!!

  156. Diego Boneta is hot! I would love to win the Kindle Fire 2. Thanks for such a great giveaway. I like reading your blog.

  157. Omg that would be AMAZING to have! I would LOVE to win this! If I do…ill help you stalk DIEGO BONETA!! The Kindle Fire 2 would be great for me writing my book reviews and having a place for all the ebooks that authors request me to review. Also, if YOU ever want me to review any of work, I would happily do it! Thanks for this opportunity!

  158. How could he NOT want to play Will? He would be just perfect.
    Good luck while caving it- I can’t wait to see the product of these sessions.
    Oh, and of course, I hope I win… Reading on my phone is not ideal…

  159. Now another Diego Boneta stalker is born!! Oh my God!!! I never heard of this guy before, and reading this post of yours, I immediately clicked another tab and searched for him!!!! I didn’t doubt for once your decision on this, he should be WILL!!! While reading Slammed I have various Wills on my mind but now I’m on the edge of wanting to reread it and picture Diego Boneta on it!!!! I do hope he finds this post of yours, you’ll be the luckiest girl on earth for that!!! Hope he finds this comment too, LOL!! And oh Kindle fire baby, will I be the luckiest fan girl of Colleen and Diego to win that one?? Fingers crossed!!! Have a happy week Colleen!!! Will be waiting here for your updates and posts!!!

  160. Yeah, I know him. I’ve seen him in 90210 and Pretty Little Liars.. But I have to disagree with everyone, I don’t think he would be a very great Will. I guess my Will just looks a lot different than yours Colleen, lol! (Guess I didn’t pay too much attention to his description in the book? Oops.)

  161. Yes!I LOOOOOOOOVE him.I’ve had a little(okay maybe not so little) celeb crush on him since forever.well if he does,maybe I shud Copy and Paste his name 100 times.hahah.and id like to be entered:D

  162. Well, if Diego Boneta gets google alerts, I’m all for helping the cause. Because Diego Boneta is perfect for Will IMO as well. (I’m considering re-reading the books with him in mind ASAP.)

    Hope the cave is good to you this week! Have a great one!

  163. Omo! who is that hottie i see.. aha this is the first time ive heard of him *don’t throw stones at me LOL* buy my oh my he is one yummy person to look at!!! DIEGO BONETA you will be added to my list of “MY BOYFRIEND but he has no IDEA”

    COLLEEN can’t wait for you next BOOK!!!

  164. You are cracking me up. I love your blot highly entertained here. Hes hot but that goes without saying ;-)

  165. I think Diego Boneta would be a great Will! I REALLY like that pic of him! And good luck with the writing!!

  166. I sure could use a Kindle..of any kind, I don’t have one, and I sure am missing out on lots of wonderful books :)

  167. WOW!!!!! So gorgeous. He would make the perfect will judging by looks alone.I could literally stare at his picture all day and that still wouldn’t be enough. Honestly I totally understand why you are stalking this guy. I’m not blaming or judging you on that one.

  168. I think having Diego Boneta as my Home screen saver for the past few months is breath taking but having him on the new kindle 2 home screen saver will just be absolutely mind blowing ;-)

  169. Great thing about your books is I could picture everything in my head down to the house shoes Laken wore, and the helpless gnome in the yard, I pictured WILL to be medium in height with brown hair , and a beautiful baby face “Diego Boneta” would make a great “WILL” , YAY back to writing? Can NOT wait for book #3, ILL MISS YOUR BLOGS :( , BUT HAVE FUN , :) :) :) :) :) :)

  170. He’s pretty close to the Will I pictured also! I’ll miss reading your posts this week but whatever it takes for us to get another installment of Will and Lake!

  171. So I know you created Will and Diego is gorgeous, but he’s not my Will, I just see my Will more beefy and bulker…I’ll just pretend I did not see the pic so I can keep my Will and live in blissful denial!

  172. Diego Boneta. He does have that “Will” look, doesn’t he? Maybe having Diego Boneta in the replies will also help get him a message. Hello Diego Boneta? Are you listening? :)

  173. Yes!!! Please get your writing on!!! I’m on serious need of my Will fix!!!! :)
    Also!!! Diego will be a gorgeous Will!!! Ahhhh he’s all that is beautiful. :)

    Have fun writing! I’ll miss your blog posts while your gone!!! :)

  174. I just really want a Slammed movie! I don’t care who plays Will (he has to be cute if course) i just want to butterlying watch it and laugh, cry, and hyperventilate

  175. Another giveaway! You’re pretty awesome, even if I never win haha. I appreciate it anyways :) And yes, Diego Boneta would be a perfect Will! Hopefully he’ll listen to you and keep 2014 clear! Have fun caving!

  176. I am so with you Colleen, Diego Boneta is quite the hottie! Make sure while in the cave you take sometime to look at some pics of Diego Boneta, just in case you need some inspiration, or not! :) I mean really – who wouldn’t Diego Boneta inspire??? Helping you out on that google alert for Diego Boneta! :)
    We will miss you while your trapped in the cave with Diego Boneta! I mean working diligently that is! ;)

  177. He has the perfect smile and look to be the Will I picture when I think of Will, therefore to me, he IS Will!!! Oh! But to be Lake to his Will. *sigh*

  178. He is gorgeous! ;) He would be the perfect Will :D Going to miss your posts but if its for writing than I’ll wait patiently :D

  179. I have a crush on him since I saw him for the first time in Código Fama and then in Alegrijes y Rebujos lol Back then he was known as Diego González lol No, I DO NOT stalk him… much ^^ He is the perfect Will!

  180. Oh 2014?? I guess that gives us 2 yrs to wait w bated breath. Congrats on being # 8 and #10 (or is it 9?) on Amazon. You’re moving up that list quickly girl!

  181. Holy butterfly…he IS butterflying hot! Do you really stalk him? That’s hilarious! Thanks for going caving this week…can’t wait to read more of your stuff…you rock!

  182. As always Colleen, I cracked up at your post! We will miss you this week but I am so happy you are writing more Will and Lake!! What about Bryce as Will btw!?

  183. ohhh what happend to that bryce guy?
    i mean..either way they are both hot. :)

    say hi to will and lake for me.
    i miss them.

  184. Diego Boneta is PERFECT. He is so Will! Have a great week! Oh & say hi to Mr. & Mrs. Cooper for me :)

  185. Diego isn’t my first choice although I hadn’t put a lot of thought into it either. I don’t see him as cute enough but now I’m gonna gave to put some thought into this more. BTW- loved the sneak peak into Will’s Story, its going to be butterflying awesome!!!!

  186. Diego Boneta is definitely gorgeous! I couldn’t see him as Will when you first mentioned him but now that I’ve seen all his pictures, he can most definitely pull off Will Cooper!!!

  187. Yummy! Diego Boneta is hot! Diego Boneta would make a perfect Will, I wonder if Diego Boneta has read Slammed? I wonder if Diego Boneta has read POR? I bet Diego Boneta would want to play Will, if he has read the books. Anyway, I hope he (Diego Boneta) gets to see the posts…Diego Boneta. lol!

    1. Tell me about it Eddie.

      I wrote her a poem called “Home Sick Home” for “The Road Back” (yes, she just LOVES to change titles mid-story). And I didn’t even get a thank-you. All she said was it made her uncle cry.

  188. I still think he’s a TERRIBLE choice, way too boring and was simply terrible in Rock of Ages. I think your second choice seems much better. I think there should be some a little broken about Will personally. Diego doesn’t have that to me. He’s just too pretty.

  189. I can’t seem to stop telling my hubby everything I read about you, your books, your success, or what I have read of you…………..LOVE IT ALL. SO THRILLED. omg THIS GUY WOULD BE KICK ASS…………….can’t wait to get my signed copy in the mail. AND I can’t wait for upcoming books. I hope you write fast. LOL

  190. New fan here…I’ve read both of your books twice in the last four days. They are my new all time favorites. I have been thinking about Will and Lake constantly and have emailed friends to tell them they have to read your books. Thanks for sharing your story with me and congratulations on your success!

  191. He is gorgeous and would make a wonderful Will. I cannot wait until the copy of Wills’ book is finished! or when someone finally decides to turn Slammed into a movie. It will be so butterflying amazing!! Love you Colleen! Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for being amazing!

  192. Diego boneta is butterflying amazing!! Re-reading POR for the 4th time. I love Kiersten!!!!! Can’t wait to read more!!!!!

  193. He really is quite handsome…I’ve read and re-read both Slammed and Point of Retreat twice in the last week….the hemorrhoid crack about Mrs. Brill made me literally LOL…haha…

  194. I agree Colleen, he would make a great WILL COOPER! :D Would be fantabulous to see him as Will if Slammed ever becomes a movie which hopefully will happen because I would be dying to see it ;)

  195. I don’t care who plays Will…I’d watch it no matter who plays the part!!! [although he would definitely make me want to see it even more ;)] I <3 Slammed!!

  196. WOW!! He is a hottie!!! Diego Boneta would be butterflying perfect as Will!!
    …and I would be perfect for the next winner! ;)

  197. I think he would….no, I mean he WILL make a great Will !!!! :). Oh, and I don’t have a Kindle Fire, I am still using the OLD version of Kindle, so I need to upgrade. And I never win anything either……..:(

  198. Ahhh! *stares at his beautiful face, mouth slightly agape, and nods head* Yep, I can totally see him as Will! Have a lovely week in The Cave!

  199. Earlier this week I was watching Pretty Little Liars and Diego Boneta was on it…. I might have had a slight freak out session because I remembered what you said about him being Will Cooper. (:

  200. ME!!!!! I WANT IT! I never win crap! I went to the casino with the parents and lost my rear yday. I never win dagum Raffles either. If it weren’t for good causes I’d never waste the money! I’ve played the lottery and scratch offs. That never got me anywhere either. :( I need it and would utilize in my daily living. Thanks! Love ya!

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