72 thoughts on “Holy BUTTERFLYING CRAP! Watch this!

  1. Please, please, please will someone make this movie. I promise to be a complete fangirl and buy all the posters, t-shirts, and cheesy merchandise necessary :) P.S. All I ask is that you don’t put Kristen Stewart in it, ummkay.

  2. on.freakin.believable………..mollie, you rock! and colleen you rock even more for writing something that she could make this amazing trailer for :D

  3. DEAR JESUS! I am freaking speechless! I have to re-read, re-live, and re-cry this book again! Book or movie…either way, Colleen you have rocked my world with this story! Great, not freaking amazing video!!!!

  4. Whoa! My heart skittered watching that. It was just as I remembered. But better! Live and in color. Need for this to be a movie.

  5. holy hell! That is amazing, I don’t know what to say…. this so needs to be a movie and could they look anymore like the perfect Will & Lake.. We need a movie!

  6. i have goosebumps! that was brilliant! lake and will were dead on! and the song! my word…. love me some linkin park!!!! perfect song! my favorite part is where they are kissing and he pushes her away!!! brilliant! brilliant! brilliant! it’s like mollie was in my head when she made this!!!! made my day!

      1. oh, thanks! I didn’t go to youtube to watch the video so I didn’t read the description.

  7. It makes me want to reread the book again! Slammed and Point of Retreat would be the best movies ever! I would wait in line all night to see it and buy it as soon as it was out on DVD. Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love these books? There are no words efficient. I have talked about your books so much that people now expect me to relate every aspect of life to them instead of being surprised when I do. I cannot wait till Will’s POV!

  8. I butterflying <3 your posts… You are so outgoing and honest and its great!!! Your posts really do make my day. And this post was awesome!! :)

  9. That was AMAZING!!!!!! Wow I am so reading Mollie’s blog from now on!! I seriously hope and pray they make this into a movie one day!! I want to know where that footage is from!! Some of it was from the movie Remember Me, such as the fight scene. Anyone know where the rest was from? It looked like Jared Padalecki was playing Will. I have no clue who the girl was.

  10. This NEEDS to be made into a movie (or 2)!!! Pleeeeease! I’m continuing to spread the word about these books to anyone who will listen !!!! I LOVE THEM!!!

  11. This is incredible. I usually can’t stand book trailers…to the point of avoiding them altogether. This may actually be the first one I’ve ever truly appreciated. Not to mention that it totally smokes trailers done by professionals like VLC. She should consider making this into more than just a hobby (unless she already does).

  12. Oh hell yes! There is no way with the popularity of these books that they won’t make movies out of them. This blog is keeping me on this side of sanity as I’ve read the books twice in two weeks and am in denial that they’re over. Keep the posts coming!

  13. Ever since I have read Slammed and Point of Retreat I have checked to see if there were any trailers and didn’t see anything, and now watching this fan-made trailer, I really want to see Slammed as a movie. I would be amazing to see it on the screen. With the popularity of this series I can see without doubt that they will be movies coming out soon. ;)

    I love the trailer its butterflying bemazing. Now I want to go back and re-read Slammed and POR again (how many times will this be again? o.O >counting<)

  14. Holy cow!that was amazingly good.I pictured all the book scenes as I saw this video.totally loved it!:)

  15. Definitely need a movie now! The view of him standing outside the door… that was soooo the feeling of the book. It’s all right there, but just outside of reach. Sigh.

  16. That was butterflying amazing. It gave me goosebumps and I know I’m gonna be spending tonight rereading Slammed and Point of Retreat. The books are awesome and would make an amazing movie

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