The professional

This morning, my dear, sweet, caring husband asked me if I thought my blog was “professional” enough.  He stated the fact that my biography reads that I’m a ninja might turn people off.  He tried to sandwich this by saying that he loves my sense of humor, but now that people are actually reading my books, I might need to take a different approach to what I put out there for public consumption.  Comparing my site to other authors’ sites had him a little concerned.

I laughed at first, but then his words started to sink in.  What if I AM a little unprofessional?  What if my sarcastic posts DO turn people off?  I grabbed my laptop and was about to do some ‘research’ into perhaps creating a more professional feel to the things I’m putting out there for the public to see.  Before I ventured off into full-out author website stalker-mode, I decided to check my email first.  I couldn’t have made this email up, and how perfect the timing was.


The first 2 chapters had my heart fluttering. It takes a lot to do that. Layken and will > > You have such an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing it with the world (just don’t return to the world of ninja fighting anytime soon, I want more books!!!!). > > Sorry for being so demanding, I mean if you want to be a ninja instead of making my life better with amazing books then by all means.


lol.  What a perfect e-mail at a perfect time of paranoia.  Of course I read it out loud to my husband, and immediately thanked this reader for her sarcastic e-mail that saved me from the realm of professionalism.  ;)

Now, back to kicking bad-guy ass!


20 thoughts on “The professional

  1. you need to keep your blog you. if someone is turned off by your personality, shame on them!! I happen to love your blog, just the way it is. And your books are absolutely amazing! so kudos to you, and have fun with kicking some bad-guy ass :D

  2. I actually really love your blog the way it is. It has a very approachable/personal feel to it while still being a clearly professional site. And people obviously L.O.V.E. your books!! That’s the only thing that matters :)

  3. Tell your husband not to argue with success. I love your bubbly, improper, nickelback-dissing self.

  4. I love you the way you are! It makes you more approachable. You come off as friendly and realistic and I love that! You have replied to a few of my tweets and cracked me up and made my day. Never change ;o)

    That is so wonderful you husband cares. That was sweet of him.

  5. I love reading your blog. It looks great and not cluttered. I am not to keen on the curse words but that is just my humble opinion and who am I to say. lol If it is working for you and your readers love it then you can’t go wrong. The most important thing is to be you. Blogs do not have to be professional to be great. Tell Heath to go back to watching TV or whatever it is he does. Just joking Heath. Keep up the good work Colleen I am so looking forward to your new book.

    from one who loves your books,

  6. I like to read your blog. I think this is what will keep you grounded in your whirlwind rise to the top. Don’t try to be anything but you because that’s just who you are. If you decide to run for public office or something else then I will revisit my opinion.HEHE

  7. Men don’t know ANYTHING…especially if Michael Gilliland told Heath Hoover about anything about relationships….and Heath paid any attention… :)

  8. Do not change a thing!!!! I love reading your blog precisely FOR the sarcasm and wit….u always make me laugh :-D

  9. I absolutely love your butterflying behavior and sarcasm, without it you wouldn’t be you!!!! Don’t change a thing except for writing more amazing book to blow us away!!! No pressure!!! :)

  10. I freaking love your blogs! Please don’t change. It’s a relief from all the overly professional sites I just skim through. I don’t skim through yours ;-)

    Please hurry with the next book! I’m having Will withdrawals!

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