I’m in a giving mood today.

That’s right.  I know, I know.  Me?  In a charitable, friendly mood? (Shut up, Lin!)

So, while hell is still frozen over, take advantage.  I’m giving away 2 free signed copies.  I’ll even pay shipping!  If you want to be entered in my giveaway, just comment on this post with your name and I’ll pick a random # tomorrow and mail ya meh books! (Not on facebook, on THIS post.  It gets so confusing…)

Happy Monday!

(Edited)  Well, thanks to all the winners!  Tammy, Lori, Katie and I’m still waiting on you to email me Lacy! ;)

Do you see how it went from two to four winners?  I’m a sucker!

28 thoughts on “I’m in a giving mood today.

  1. I know I am WAY late and hate I missed it but I just wanted to say I just bought Slammed on my kindle and I’m sooo excited to read it!!

  2. so i don’t know if this counts, but murphy is my best friend and i love her tons!!!! and because she is your sister she gave me your first book and it was one of the best books ive ever read! and i really really wanna read your second book! BUT…. I love murphy because she is amazing, sweet, kind, caring, hilarious, the best person ever, the best video maker ever, she buys me hello kitty stuff, her boyfriend can talk basketball with my fiance, shes pretty, she drinks wine with me, she watches jersey shore even though she hates it, she listens to me, she gets me, she’s hilarious, she makes me laugh and she’s your sister. therefore she is cool! i dunno if this qualifies me to win your second book but at least she knows shes my BFF and i love her!

  3. Occasionally I come across a book that I will cherish and could reread over and over again, usually not the ones I nearly drown from my own tears. These are your books….holy crap the ride you gave me woman you cant put a price on. I could not put the book down just an fyi you should put a warning label on your books for readers with children……when I made pancakes for the children this morning I was so tired I drowned them in dish soap (the pancakes not the kids teehee) you shoulda seen their face……..thank you for Lake and Will what a gift.

    1. lol. I just commented on your post in Maryse’s fb page. That made me laugh so hard! It soooo sounds like something I would do (or have done.) Thank you so much.

  4. ew! ew! me! me! LOL I would love a signed copy of Slammed! :) I have both books on my kindle, but I would love to have a “real” book to have on hand! plus it comes with an awesome person’s signature inside ;)! -Megan Akins

    1. Would be cool to have a copy of POR or even just SLAMMED!! Lol Something about the feel of actual pages is kind of soothing… bended pages, book spine splint, gives the books Personality:) better than Touch Screen stuff lol

  5. I read Slammed and Point of Retreat with in a 7 hour time frame because I couldn’t put either of them down. Awesome books, Amazing Author! Can’t wait to read more of your work!

  6. I read both Slammed and Point of Retreat in two days! Loved them! I’m looking forward to reading more of your books in the future.

  7. Ohhhh. I have been entering every contest! I would love a copy of Slammed simply for all the Avett chapters!!!


  8. I so want to win a copy of Point Of Retreat! I absolutely LOVED Slammed, but my hubby recently lost his job so I can’t spend any extra money right now :(! But I will get it one day :)! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

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