There is a contest held by Amazon every year called the Amazon Breakthrough Novelist Award. They accept ten thousand entries. There are four rounds to the contest and the winner gets a publishing contract with Penguin and a $15,000 advance. The first round is based off of your ‘pitch,’ which I posted here about before. The results were posted today for the second round qualifiers and I MADE IT! They choose 2,000 pitches out of 10,000, so that means I beat 8,000 other entries. Un-freaking-believable. I was so sure I was out of my league, I didn’t enter until the last day because I wasn’t going to ‘waste my time.’ Now, round 2 consists of a sample of your manuscript being read by judges. Not sure what happens after that round, but again I’ve got that same ‘out of my league’ mentality, so I haven’t even researched beyond that. I do know towards the very end, the winners are chosen by reader votes. So, if by some miracle I make it even further, be prepared to vote if you read my book and liked it! But that isn’t until this summer. What a long, drawn-out contest. But a contest I’m still a part of. ;)



Way to go Colleen!

Not thinking your that good is what makes you that good! You rock. God’s gift to you was your writing skills. And WHEN you get to the voting stage of this contest, you have my vote!

ok, NOW it’s time to remove the “(debatable term)” from your About the Author title!! 8-P

Congrats – You shoudn’t be shocked – you rule.
I was passed over by the butterflying butterflies again…
Oh well, you get famous first and I’ll ride your coattails, I’m comfortable with that :)

Yes what Tammy said!! You have a wonderful talent! Good job!

Awesome news! That is great! Hang in there girl and let us know when the voting begins!

Believe MORE in yourself. You are very talented! I’m not a reader at all, but was captivated. That’s all, carry on. Tammy

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