If you read Slammed, you have to watch this!

So…I have the best friends in the world. Sorry, but I do.

If you read my book, you know it has a few slam poems in it. Well, there is a slam poet named Marty Schoenleber who….I…LOVE to watch on youtube.
Yeah. He read one of my poems. From my book. Because he’s awesome.

Check this video out. And did I mention I have the best friends in the world? Friends who could make magic such as this HAPPEN? I’m so blessed.


Hi Colleen. This video, I watched it over and over again. I love the poem. I love how he slams and make it so real.

I was talking to my mom earlier tonight and I was telling her about you. How YOU inspire ME. I was telling her that I knew no matter the book you publish, I can buy it and I KNOW i’ll love it. You have a way with words, a way to tell a story that connects with me so deeply. You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me hurt and you made me fall in love with Ridge.

You are an author who inspire me. WHY? Because of WHO you are. your GENEROSITY, your TALENT. your BIG-EYE videos, your cat (or is it a PIG?) Keep doing whatever you are doing because you are rocking it.

I wish you all the BEST and much more.

Loved the written version and loved the video too!

Amazing! I love your books and recommend them constantly! This poet really did your Lake Slam justice and I couldn’t agree more about him slamming all the poems! Thank you for sharing!! Cannot wait for “Will’s Story.” I hope that’s still in your “to do list.” Fantastic series. Thank you!

I love, love your books…to the point the last two books I started I ended up throwing back down….I just can not get Lake and Will out of my head. Seeing this poem come to life was AWESOME.

I loved it, I loved seeing your book come to life in that poem, my imagination of your book has just come to life now that I know what its like to see a poem being read like that – loved your book, can’t wait for the next one..

I can’t play the video… HELP!!!
I just finished your books… Loved it!!! thank you Maryse’s book blog for the recommendation. And of course, thank you for sharing this wonderful history with us… Looking forward to more Will… :)

I fell in love with Lake and Will’s love story. It made me laugh, cry, and really feel their love for each other. By far two of my favorite books. I wish you would somehow continue their story in another book and I wish it would be a movie because to me it would be worth seeing :)

I loved it so much that I had to post twice, it seems. ;)

Love, love, LOVE!!! <3

Love, love, LOVE!!!!! <3

awesome !!!

I wow. WOW. I just got shivers. That was amazing.

Thats AMAZING!!!

Don’t you just wish he would read my whole book out loud? ;)

I have to say your poem sounds so much better than it reads, not that I’m knocking the written version.

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