It’s almost two in the morning, what better time for a TEASER?!?!?!

You’ve all been so patient for so, so long while I went about my regular life.  I was able to sit down tonight and finally cross the threshold into 36,000 words…which means I’m closer to the last word of the book than the first word.  #Progress

And, now for your teaser.

Layken: “I’m serious, Will.  The entire band of Nickelback were riding on top of the tour bus like idiots and an electric wire slashed all of their vocal chords simultaneously!”

Okay, that wasn’t really your teaser.  I’m not injuring Nickelback in book two.  That will come later.  Now for your REAL teaser.

Will: “You mean you’re leaving me for an Avett Brother?  What kind of tramp ARE you, Lake?”

Okay, cruel joke.  Not in book two either.  Here is your real, very real, authentic teaser.

“Lake, it’s nothing.  I swear, it’s nothing.”

“I saw you, Will!  It wasn’t nothing!”


(What not nothing did Lake see???)



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