Lord have mercy, I almost forgot! I promised another teaser today, didn’t I?

So, there may be a few new characters in this second book.  Teaser time.  (More than one)

“Bread’s fine,” Kiersten says as she walks through the front door…without knocking.  “I like bread.  French fries, too.  I just don’t eat things that are a result of unjustified animal homicides.”


And ANOTHER teaser:

I stand up and Sherry comes from the kitchen and holds out her hand.  I hold up my palm and she puts something in it and folds my fingers over it.  “If it doesn’t go the way you’re hoping, take these with some water. You look like shit.”


One Comment

Hahaha. I LAUGHED SO HARD I NEARLY PEED. AWESOME. Now we can both be famouse. And, so me!!!

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